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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> chris: nascar on fox, live from richmond, virginia. kyle busch less than 48 hours from his 26 birthday pulls in victory lane. krista voda is down there for the celebration. >> krista: there is something about this racetrack in the springtime. for third year in a row, kyle busch made victory lane his richmond address. we knew you had to battle your teammate an that you were close on fuel. you were late getting here because you needed a push. >> late for the celebration but the boys are never late to any celebration. this is awesome. they're pumped up about it. i can't thank m&m pretzels enough, the guys at m&ms here with us tonight. he's so fun to win the sprint cup races. thanks to sprint for their support. can't do it without interstate batteries. toyota camry was awesome tonight. we've got friends from gillette. and marquee jet and the energy drink. the fans.
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but the marsh associates and employees. fun to work with and handle with. this race was a good one. we had a really good car. we knew if we played through traffic better than the 11 we'd have a shot at the win. we did that. >> krista: the battle with your teammate, was it the difference, the battling through the traffic? >> i learned from denny hamlin last year. i have won't say what i learned but he might know. we did a good job of doing what we needed to do early in the run. once we got out and had to go through traffic. the traffic fell our way. we were able to pick our way through there. we didn't get held up through there. but i can't say enough. dave rogers and the m&m team did a phenomenal team. we just, we were the best of it here this weekend. proud of the guys for digging in deep and pulling it out today.
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hopefully we'll keep the momentum rolling. you know, go through darlington and get to charlotte. one of my favorite. >> krista: short track, long at success. wins at richmond. steve byrnes is where his teammate. >> steve: denny hamlin needed a good finish. a tough start for the season but how important was it tonight? >> very important to have a smooth race, nothing go wrong or anything like that. a good pit stop late in the race. got beat by the teammate. we're so equal and he was better on the restart and table to get out there -- and he was able to get out there and set the pace. he drove a great race. i thought he'd burn up so we sat back there riding but if he wanted to go, he could pick it up. the cars were dead equal for the most part, we just got beat. >> steve: can you build on this for darlington next week? >> i think so. this is what we need with the fedex race team to get back on track.
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can't say enough for gibbs to stick with it. >> chris: thank you. for the fourth time, first and second place finish between denny hamlin and kyle busch. they split those so far. denny won the previous two. kyle gets him this time. last fall, kyle said i learned from him. not going to reveal what he did but it was the other way around. look at the unofficial results from a wild night in richmond. >> jeff: look at how the teammates are running. all toyotas at the top of the list. kasey kahne with a great run. this is what mike ford needed. and denny hamlin. shut everybody up as far as how they're working together. >> chris: hamlin led 48 laps but of the 400, kyle busch to lead 235 laps. really, the last 84. not much in doubt. >> jeff: catch me if you can. >> chris: his favorite movie kyle says is "days of thunder." felt like that tonight, nights of thunder in richmond. get final thoughts from larry, darrell, mike, from the booth. guys?
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>> mike: how about personal best? best finish of the season. second for hamlin, third for kasey kahne, fourth for david ragan. seventh for allmendinger. 13 for blaney. that is important. >> larry: that is huge heading to darlington. dave blaney and the team will be locked in the top 35. think about david ragan, he has not had a top five finish in over 2-1/2 years. we talked about what the doctor ordered for joe gibbs and what the doctor ordered for tony stewart. the first top ten finish in a while. >> darrell: we worry about the crew chief change. change on 11 and 20. what are they going to do? they answered it tonight. the 11 is happy. i saw mike ford give denny hamlin a nice pat on the back. good for them. i thought tonight was interesting. we talked about it in the opening. comers and goers. guys that needed good run. personal best. they got them. >> chris: tenth, one-two finish for joe gibbs racing who thoroughly dominated here tonight. on to darlington, next saturday night. >> chris: that will showtime, southern 500. you will see it saturday on
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fox. another baseball nascar double header. nine races, the quarter pole of the season, jeff. we had 17 races until the chase. third straight race here now that carl edwards has maintained the top spot. kyle busch jumps up three to the third spot. >> jeff: you have to watch kyle busch. he is sneaking up there closer and closer. jimmie rebounded after starting off slow. top ten finish. with the points are becoming more and more valuable each week as we go deeper in the season. >> chris: saw a.j. allmendinger up to 11. greg biffle, 14. denny hamlin talking about the night he needed. coming in second and heading to a place he had success before. in darlington. jamie mcmurray, great success last year. looking for the first win this year. check in with steve byrnes who is with kasey kahne who led 29 laps tonight. >> steve: a good night for kasey kahne. coming off another knee surgery. how do you feel? >> i feel great. it never thought about it throughout the race.
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it was more about the car. the team did a nice job. red bull team. everybody ran great. a good night. we have had three bad ones in a row. so to come back and have a solid top five tonight and lead laps. i have fent like we were one of the better cars. it was good. >> steve: see you at darlington. >> thanks. >> chris: if you tuned in and thought you'd see episode of "cops" instead the richmond race. but juan pablo montoya did not want to comment. we'll see what justice is handed out by nascar. you heard comments from ryan newman heading to the nascar hauler after the race when he said he would settle things. the coach, hall-of-famer, joe gibbs. celebrating with kyle busch. check in with steve byrnes who is running around and caught up with the points leader. >> a physical race out there. it went through ebbs and flows. a strange night. >> it was wild. worked hard. the scotts fusion was fast. i have thought man we're going to get a win here.
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we got the fuel mileage. got fuel. i thought they'd run out of gas and david ragan got by me and i came to grips that he would win the race and they made it to the end. >> another good point tonight. >> leading the points. that is good to wake up tomorrow and have the feeling. that will be nice. >> good run. >> thank you. >> chris: thanks, steve, carl. we'll hear from more drivers, look at where the season stands at the moment as we head to next saturday night. darlington. you are watching nascar on fox. kyle busch is your winner tonight. curtis: welcome back to geico it's savings, on the radio. gecko: and the next caller is doug from chico. doug: oh...hey there hey...! gecko: you sound like a happy man. doug: yeah yeah! i saved so much by insuring my motorcycle and rv with geico, i wrote a song about it. gecko: alright, let's hear it! curtis: yeah jam session! doug: one, two... ♪ (singing) i got my motorcycle ♪ ♪ and my rv now i gotmore money. ♪ vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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22 pulling his weight. be careful with it. >> keep doing that. he will give it up. >> i don't know what he is doing. >> he tried to crash us. that's not cool. >> crash behind you. not clear. >> back in front of you. back it down. aural over the place there. >> i think we're done, dude.
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>> i know. >> live in richmond, aerial coverage provided by direct tz. call 1-800-direct tz. helping us with the radio remix. we heard people called idiots tonight. we saw ryan newman when malt matt caught up with him afterwards. 105 tonight, newman comes up behind montoya. >> jeff: he stuck his nose there. because of that, he feels like he owes ryan one. he definitely escalated. i think from there. both of the drivers were upset. >> chris: montoya didn't want to talk. hands off, whatever you call it here. do you think they will punish them? >> jeff: maybe one could have backed off. ryan could have given him more room. that is the argument for juan.
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he says have at it, boys. i got back what he gave to me. that is the problem. >> chris: this is where you settle these things. >> jeff: you go to darlington next week and it could continue on. i'm curious to see what nascar tells ryan. ryan in his mind feels like when i get to darlington i have to settle this thing. >> chris: be careful what you say. >> jeff: i didn't say anything. >> chris: ryan newman has to be careful. i want to know if montoya will get punished. >> jeff: no, he won't. >> chris: we have more in a moment. [ male announcer ] you gotta love sunday. it's like everyone came together and said, "if it's good, let's save it for sunday." the best games. the best papers. the best times. ♪ we're kfc, and we're offering you the ten buck sunday bucket. 10 pieces, 10 bucks. any recipe, any way, every sunday. the best day of the week just got better.
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promotional considerations provided by -- >> chris: so kyle busch who started 20th ends up driving to victory lane in a race he
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dominated. and at one point, looked like he'd pull away from the pack. but his teammate denny hamlin finishing second. kasey kahne, third. coming up, the late local news. "fringe." 30 seconds -- we're working on that as well. next saturday night, it's night before mother's day. don't forget mom. we have a double-header with baseball. 1:00 eastern. 12:30 eastern. we moved it up a half hour early because at 7:00 eastern, pre-race show delivered by pizza hut will come to you from darlington, south carolina. that is the track with the great nicknames. >> jeff: too tough to tame, the lady in black. one of them places that you don't look forward going to. glad to see in the rear-view mirror. >> chris: you heard denny hamlin won it last year and said we're in good shape. see if me and kyle busch will battle again. or if ryan newman and juan pablo montoya part two takes place. for jeff hammond, i'm chris myers. thank you for being part of
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nascar on fox. nascar on fox. see you next week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ good eeening, 'm jeff ab.
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