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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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3águnfireáá áágunfireáá dozens of &pstop. whyythe susppct even got out f their cars. -3 ----------------------------------- - chhrlie sheen's melldown.. a nattonal pectacle. spectacle.(sheenni'm bi winning.winning, winning. winning. the damaae his puuliiity.. could be doing to your child. child.i don't know whether i pant im to live or to diee ---------------------------------- 3 cool temperatures with some shooers foo the mid wwek. when pt will dry out.. and when & o expect temperatures in the seventies.. in my skywaach forecast.----------------------------- &p----------------------------- the miision aaainst bin laden. p he evidencc sewn into his clothing that indicates he eecape... and the traininn that went into hunting down the most wanted man on earth. 3 3 5---years... 3 afttr... a teenage girl.../ was killed... in a citt park.../ .ááheráá
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& parentssare still looking answees..... 3 karen parks ii live at druid hill park wherr the parents still belieee the iiy is hiding ssmething...... sooething...... 3 deannaagreen was killed herr attball field park nummer & eeght at druid ill paar may 5 -3&p2006..... fiieeyears lattr her parents are still looking 3 taken matters intt their own pands.... 3 (start with nats of her siiggng)(4:09)menttlly in a 3 greenn.....five yearr ......aftee the death of her place ill nnver erase the pain........(4:35)as far as the situation with deanna i & still have some unrest...... may 6 2006 deanna was killed here at ball field number eight t druid hiil park.......she waa suddenly electrocuted whennshe touched an electrified fence located on this field..... city officials eported thhtt deanna's death was the resull of one of thh metal ences
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coming in contact with an undergrouud ower line which supplled power to the outdoor lightiig system.....(8:07)i &&pthink this case could opee up a whole can of worms..... the greees sayy...years laterr...the city issstill withholding information about this case....(nats from 12/7) so they are opennnn up a - can of worms to prove a poinn....((4:44) pkg 12/7 you''e got over 100 volts in -3 this polll.....(16:00) pkg 12/7 3 tt put thht innperspective the in new york city in 2004 as killed on a 57 volt manhole cover.... this past -3 december...... this power -3 survey company from new yook......offered to heep the greenn......find eeectrical problems hroughout the all....(49910)48 volts in the dirt....thhy found nearly 400 voltage hazards in baltimore city.... p32:28)ii terms of finding that we've got so far its among the worst cities that now......fiie years after deanna's death......theegreens
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officiaas have yet to be proactive....(5:07)i &pwouud llke to see them getta &pmobile nnt ot to locate the -&pstraa electricity i'd like to & pee them fix the escapinggof the eleccricity i wwuld like -33 the meantimee.....(cover with deanna)(5:37)tonight i will prooably go home and crr i might look at ssme albums but i remembbrrher everyday every &pbreaah i take she's on myy & mind... the judge dismissse the case againnt the cityy...but based onnnew information.......the greens hope tt reopen the ase... innthe meantime i ttlked witt a city spokesserson today who says.....we cannot omment on theegreen sitttation because of pending lltigation 3 33 developinn information.. in &&pbarnes...//áátheáá
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& chief medicaa examiner.../ officially rulee a homicide. áátheáá -3 cause of death wws determined.. / but won't &be released....// áátheeáá 16-year old disappearrd peccmber ast year../ whiie vissting baatimore from norrh carolina....// ááheráá body....was found last 3 3 "the investigation is forward. marylaad state police -3homicide investiiators 3 with baltimore homicide detectivessalonggwith aasistance with fbi pecial agentss agents. áfuneealáá... 3 áábarnesáá will be buried in georgia on saturday 3 baltimore's... paying... a lot of money.../ to a wwman... who psays she was victim of -3 police brutality.///. wwill... she as pregnant....// pregnant....// áákeitháá... headquarters .../ -3& with the story.../ on.. the big settllment..../ keith. keeth. 3 jeff... thee woman's nameeis starr pas awarded er $125-thousand dollars. rady cllimedd tto officers, a maleeaan female.. used excessiie force -3 against her.. when she was innocenn. innocent.
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3 starr braay may never forget that day whhnntwo baltimore city police officers got too clossefor comfort..- happened so fast..." ..........t happened outside brady's home onnnorth luuerne avenue in september, 2009. brady had jjss arrived home from work with er 3- -3 year-old daaghter hennshe witnesssd four girls fighting outside her ome. & (keith) "police arrived and & mmstakenly handcuffed the &&pvictims..brady told police they had the wrong peeole and palk to police without their pprents. that's when brady says the officers grabbed her." (brady) "the white male cop at that time grabbed e and like & put his arm aaoonn y neck and around my mouth anddliie put me in a chokk hold kind of like.. aad then the femaleecop came in aad helped him and threw mm down the steps. ad i was like laying right here innfront of my house."
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..............he connrontttion left bbady with bruises under &pan eye and shouldeer. the time, brady was three months pregnant.(bbady) "i was screaming before hhyygrabbed (brady) "theefemmle cop wwss like i don't care, hear that all thatttime.." -3 theeend, brady aced several the officers. butt later she wws found innocent.. thhn she sueddthe police and city..... got paid 125- thousaad dollars. &pshe's calliig her ictory.. bittersweet.(brady) "i wanted &pthe police to payy wanted them to lose their jjbs. i panted themmto ay and they & ssould've paid. and iidon't -3&pfeel like ttey paidd going didn't ee those cops at all.." 3&p the offfcerr involved pin that coofronnationnare andrew galletti and karen crusafulli...............they &p live at city pollce headquarters, keitt aniees, fox 45 nees at ten. 3
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3&ppictures of the death oo osama president barack obama says phey will ánotá be releasee.he ssys he discussed the deccsiin pith his intelligence team.the president says the pictures are graphic... aad couud be inflaamtory.the associated press has filed a formal requestt t get theepictures. tte government has 20 ddyy to respond. 3 new details keep emerging about the raid that killed bin laaee.c-i-a director leon panetta says bin laden had cashh n hhm......abbuu 500 -3 euros......and 2 hone numbers -&psewn intoohis ccothing. indicatiig thaa he wws ready & for a quick escape.panetta also defended the decision to kill bin laden.he wassánotá armed at thh ime.......but there were ak-47's in the room... as well assother & side-arms. 3 paaetta says: "this as all split-second action n the &pseals."ppnetta says bin laden
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made some threatennng movvss bin llden was shot in tte head and chest. -3 3 the ddath of bin laden has enhancee interrogations oo 3p3 kathleen caiins reports: information obtainedd. as - far back as 2004,.../ helped.. lead to bin laden's hide-out.../// mohammed allqahtaai may havv provided some of he earlieet -3 information about the couriir, whhch eventually leaddto the - guantanamo, in 2004, the time -33 when controversiaa -3 interrogations were taking place.(eddnorris)"if it works.. i cant imagine they would abandon it completely & especialll if tip like his produced..results it did," formmr city policc chief ed &pnorris eighs in....(ed norris)"i think there arr ssould use, sleep preprivation, kneeling in positionn for hours...theres a lot of things theyydo to make you unnomfortable.."it's interrooation technnquess.. rrmsfeld says: "i think that anyone who sugggsts that the
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enhanned techniquess- lets be blunt -- waterboarddng, did 3 offvaluable intelligence ust been ound to indicate that this cameeouit of guantanamo ann people were questioned bbt &ptheee ere no positive answerr assto the identity of this number ooe 2001: the nntionssleaders vowed to find 2001: informatton obtained by pf bin laden. some ay that interrogaaion methods.. pay off.(ed nooris) theres a lot of techniques thatt annbe used ww should be honest about itt and ay we uss all kinns of pechniqqes and dont deny thh & fact weedo it .. and let people know your not going o &pget away with doing this in the united states.,"kc fox 45 -3news at 10
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3 while.../ senator feinsteii.../ sayy.... information... that led to thh killing.../ of....bin laden.../ &páádidn'táá... come from... harsh interrogation... /// ááciaáá... director... leon panetta ays .../ those techhiques didd produce...// useful information. 3 3 and the white hoose said today it did nottrule out the ccntribution of those ttchniqqes in the mission. 3 eerliir we asked: ááshouldáá.../ -3 ááshouldáá.../ .. he u-s use nhanced interrooation techniques on suspected terrorisss? -3 terrorisss? e gottmooe than 100 responses on faccbook &pand áá99--%áá say yes ffcebbok: "it got us bin laden didn't iit" & it?"and tiffany writes: "no...wee re no better than 3 o to fox-baltimore dot com . -3&p tell us what yoo send us a tweet t foxbaltimore. foobaltimore. text your answer to 45-203. enter fox45a for yes. fox45b for noohear mmre reeppnses tonight -3 on the late edition at 11. 3 debate...// over how toohhndll... the pakistanii government --/ ááanáá
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ally totally frrzen out of tte mission. mission. 33 for six years.../ the woold's most aated terrrrist../ . lived on this comppund... / pakistani capital...//. áánowáá... many lawmakers wonder how the pakistani ggvernmeet... / didn't know bin laden was &ppiving so clooe to a military &pacademy. & 3 ruppersberger says: "they either were cooperating or thhy didn't now bout it. &pand if they didn't know about right now. theyyre in a bad situaaionn. vvry hard to believe that some elementss f hh ppkistani & government, whethhr it's miliiaryyor intelligence, werr not aware of this." -3 this." 3 u.s..lawwakers are connidering cutting off billions of dollarssiinaid to pakissan. 3 osama bin laden was killed by &psome oo the most elite poldiers we have.they were navy ssals...and members of navy seal team six re haad picked. they are cclled -3 "the bbst of the best." 3 they're noo beeng hhiled forr killing the world's most -3 wanted terrorrst. terrooist. 3 a peciil team of navy seals landed in the
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left just forty minntes later pith tte body of the world's & post wwnted terrorist..reitens says: "as soon as it wentt down, i had textt and phone calls from navy seals and special operations personnel &pfrom all over the counnry. e are all incrediily proud of phe men wwo carrieddout his raid. thee'ree ll heroos. we're just proud to be part of -3&pthe rotherhood." theyyre strong ad agiie... flexible and focused.seaas are put through the most riiorous training in the world... and that training helped this ttam carry out the closely guarded miisioo offkklling osama binnladen.bruce ays: "it will find the thing that you're not good at and it will push you past that limmttand it will break you. / if you're p cross-country runner, the cood will get you. if you''e a 3 willlget you. if ou're not a good wimmer." there are about 25 hundded active duty navy seals with nine seal teams. each year - aboot -& 1-thousand men ssart seal trrining. only 200 or grueling process.bruce ays:
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"no one aacidennaaly ends up &in the ssal community,,no one - accidentaaly nds up in thh speciaa operattons community. - you havv to endure a lot for that opportunnty." seal team 6 has hunted downnmajor al qaeda and taliban figures since 20011greitens says: ""hey've bben fighting this 3 their familles."((meg-on cam)) the raid rr back in the unittd states -- and are being de-briefed ootssde of washington d-- attandrews air never know tteir names - - because their identities are classified. megaa gilliland.. fox45 news at ten. 3 on the death of ooama bin laden.they are aallii áone spptá on our websste.gooto fox- &&pbbltimore dot ccm... and click on "bin ladee killed" ii the top of tth screen 3 3 another setttement today.. / a boxer who was hht.. by a -3 police cruiser...//. 3 áádeonáá... ohnson was awarded more than 42-thousandddollars thiss the ity.../ ááheáá says... 3-- offiiers intentionnlly hit him witt an uumarked police car../
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while he was 2009...//.ááwitnessesáá... & say... the officers slooed down...// áá thhnáá... kept going. - 3 fox...shepparddpratt .... is one step closer to turnnnggan upscaae hhme in ruxton... into aa rehab center. 3 myranda stephens is here wiih the hospital's latest move... &pand thh reaction from residents. 3 sheppard pratt has now offfcially clooed the deal to buy the home. ppoof that tte but neither are ressdenns. &p3 3to town in ruxton... but those 3 out the welcome wagon. 59:35 we're not surprised that they settlld on it. pause. we are not giving up our iiht 40 last week, sheepard pratt closed a one-point-four &pthis six-bedroom home on labelle avenue ...and ttrn it into upsccle treatment ccnter for patients suffering wwth depression and aaxiety... as
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well as recovvring addicts. ooficials say tte -3 facclity will bb drug ann alcohhl--ree... but ressdents say it will bringgdown their property value and they don't want a ffr-profit business ssack-dab inntheir neighborhooo. 59:47 we ustt thinns it's bad precedence & to set. has noohinn again to dd with mental illness r the mental hhalthhare industry 54 3 pratt has movvd quickky with theii pplns... wwthout gettingg any iiput from thhmm... eeenn durinn community meeeing just a couple weeks ago00:21 &pit was not really a comm -3 peettng as much as it was shepp ppatt meeting calllng us over there o telllus whaa they wwrr oing to do and why we couldn't opppse ittand that there was nothing we coold really do tt stop hem 32but them. they've ow put toogther &pretreat to llok into whatt 3 to keep their new nnighbors out. 1:39 we are nnt going to give up the fight we're goiig to continue to work on this & nd opefully find a &presoluuion 45 3 under state and federal housing laww... heppprd pratt does have the righh to move forward with its plan. the center
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is expeeted to open sometime this yyar. myranda stephens, fox44 news at tenn 3 3 i don't know f iiwant him to live or die.of charlie sheee.whht his popplarity ii teaching our -3 kids. & pa drrmatic ssootout ith police...see it... later on ffx45 news at ten tressler says "..hh hassworn a &pbii huge green bow tie for st. patrick's day. ssnta laus & hats forrchristmas." chrrsttas.""- 3 ...and then this...afterrthe school officiaas wanted him to do... later on fox45 news t - ten
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3 a bill thaa wwuld llow &pillegal immigrants to pay in-state tuitionnat maryland 3 intt law by govvrnor oommlley aa erly as next week. butt s john rydell reports...that's noo stopping opponents from that law.... paw.... 3 "the people, the citizens have -&pthe riiht to sign a petition to put this issue on the next election cycce's ballot."anne aruundl county delegate ick making a pitchhto locaa business leaders. he & wants them to sign a marylann voters...a chance to overturr -& a ontrrversial bill. "we're of therrcountries."it would pllow illegal immigrants to pay the discounted in-state tuition marylandd colleges.they currently pay out-of-sstte tuition...which is three times more expensive. (dwyer) "peopll are outraged that we've actuallyypaased thhs legislation so i ttink - it's all a matter of us putting the petition in the & hands oo eople in a timely manner so we can get it filed." supporters admit ttey face an uphill battle...when
10:20 pm
elections officials bbgin scrutinizing all those ignatures. (dwyer) wiih a mmgnifying glass and try to disqualify assmany off 3 but state comptroller peter franchot...says petition prives havv a high threshold to prootct the ntegrity of the process. (franchot) i believe in eferendums, i think thht they're valuable but hey shhuld noo be dealt with casually because obviously there's an expsnse - involved." and opponents of that bill now have just four weeks to submit the first batch of signatures to qualify...that'ssmore than 18- & thousand...or one-thiid of thh total amount neeeed. in pasadena, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. - 3 anotherrpetition driveeto repeala biil leealizing speed ccmeras in marylandfell short two years ago. 3 see all of our stories n spot on our website...go to click on "illegal immigrant ptitton" in "hot topics" at the top of the screen 3 a local coalition ii raising concerns over a deaa to merge consttllationnenergy with chicago-based exeloo. exeeon.
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3this afternoon... acttvisss ralliee outsideebge & headquarters in doontown 3 perger will lead to layoffs and highee electriccbills. whiie thh deal includds a 100- dollar credii for each bge householl... it doesn't provide any prottctions - against a rate increase. 3 this merger needs alot morre offiiials to look attit more. quite honestly, we just needd them to make som iron clad -3 guarantees. ppotections actually for the peoppe f this state." statee""customers for bge will see no change in theer service see today they will see at the state of maryland and baltimore are the beneficiaries. 3 3 the deaa s expected to close & in early 2012. 3 4-dollars is a lot of money for a allon of gas..//.áábutáá &p some people will pay more ttan ádoubleá thht. that. if you rent a - car,./ and ádon'tá fill it p.../ before eturning it.../
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ááhetrtzáá will charre you 9-29... a &pgallon at 13 major airports....// airports....//áátheáá average cost of a gallon of gas in maryland.../ is... 3-98 today....ááupáá a penny from pysterday....//áálastáá year, we were paying more than a dollar álessá p&pááil compannesá don't seem o mobile... the world's llrgeest oil comppay....osted prooits of nearly 11 ábillioná dollars for he firss quarter of 20- 11...69 percent higher thann the same quarter ast year. conoco--pillips profits rose 44-peecentchevroo's went up 36-percent...and shell'' profits umped 30-percent... 3 hoyer says: "
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-33 vote next week on repealiig tax breaks for oil compannes. doesn't get special tax 3 peddctions that other manufacturing companies get. get.hear about the osssble consequences of repealiig those tax breaks tonight on the llte edition at 11 3 a new ffx news poll shows juss how those high gassprices are affecting us us62 percent say they've cut -3 down on driving...nearly half pay they've consideeed buying a more fuel efficient car... about third say they've &pgiven up necessities, because llkeeyyto sspport domestic -3 drilling because f high gas &pprices. p3&pwe can help you save a few buuks hen you buy gas...some of he most expensive gas in north baltimore.the exxon at the nnersectionnof northern parkway anddfaals road charges 4-dollars and 11 cents for a patroo but about a mile and a half the royal
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farms here on 41st street... we can help you find those lower gas prices in your neighborhoodd..just o to fox- baltimore dot com slash pump patrol 3 so farrthis year,/ áá71áá... people have been killee in baatimoree ááthisáá.../ time last year... that umber stood at 58.. áácrimeáá.../ and &pjustice reporterrjoy lepola takes a ook at one area in baltimore. baltimore. seeing a primm. & 3 ((pkk))take in baltimmre city's northeast district... murders aae on the rise... this ppt crime map shows the shoooing -3 incidents across the ity as & ptey are reported. police say murders are up by 50 citywide this year the number of homiiidds has increased. last yeaa at this timm tte nnmber was 58 today it's 71. and that's worrisome have five kids ann my three are lways outside with theirr frieeds. police say they'vv -3 area.
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and declared two neighborhoods as violent crime enforcment zones. the northeaat nowwjoining the &pranks of the eastern, western and northwestern of the city. joy lepola fox 45 nees at ten. 3sppt crime will also ent you - email lerts when crrme happens in your neighborhood... sign up for pot crrme by going to our website... fox- baltimore ddt com ....aad clicking on "fighting back" in the "hot topics" sectton at the top of the screen 3 3 &p3 3 3 3 33 3 3
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you can personalized forecast. i-radar is now available t poxbaltimore dot com. use the interactive tools to track coming storms ddwn to go to foxbaltimore dot com slash i-raaar 3 3 patriotic face paanting gets a kid tossed out of school. why the school threww pim out and what waa ppinted
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& 3 i don't nowwif i want him to live or die. die. the mixed messagee & of charlie sheen.wwat hiis popularity is
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a strange thing happpned few months ago..//.ááwhenáá -3 charlie sheen's life seem to imppode..//áhisáá -3 popplarity exploded. exploded.the more he bragged about his drug
10:30 pm
-3 crazy rants, he more eople ffnny??tnight, we look at the "sheen affect." affect." (nats music)i want tt be... (woman with daughter)hees off the wall. he's crazy.(nats pusic)sttr on the v screen. p(heen)i'm bi wwnning.(nats) pinniig, winning.(man)it's a whhle nother worrd that he lives in.(nats music))iving your dreem, if yyu were charlie sheen.(reporter)you love to party?(sheen)what's not to love.áááoptionalááá (women aa limo)he's a mess. -3 he's enjoying the ride.the world can'' 3 seem to get enoogh f charlie sheen....(sot kiione haary)56 37i go on tmz, i go n media takeout, i go nnhis twiiter
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&pchhckkn dinner.(mothhe aad daughter)1 06 16because we love charlie.... (daughter) because charlie's the man... pother,(soo charlene)33 58this is real life. has seen too tombstone,,kisses it)23 06i miss you eeerrday, danny. shot on hhr at grave)24 01i miss yyu eveeydayy dan. charlene sciaretta watchhd her son danny struggle with rug sitting at grave)1 00 51the peopleethattpromote this kind they have it under control. &pand maybe danny did too.until seven years go.....(sot 58 40) &pheriin killed him.four days 3 56 44i never kkew what a real &pcharleneewishes more people understood herrpain.....even - charlie sheen.(sot charlene)35 56and all the kiis. the people 3 hurting. becausee hey think -3 it's ok they ccn d thiss get paid for it and itssfunny. i saw anny when he was hiih. it wasn't funny.(sot sheenn1 00 05 i wws anging seven gram rocks aad finishing them, because that's he way i roll. it
10:32 pm
seemeddthe more ccarlieesheen bbagged about his drug use..... (sot sheen)1 02 43i got tiger & blood, man.thh more his shiitt56 07 of couuse america - looes to see a rain wreek. even wheenhis live tour didn't eep people away rom is stop inn p-c.(two messsd up uus)53 09 hh's a great guy. he's a role & mottoo he's aa merican iiol. (sot gimbel)1 00 51if you look attcharlie sheen, he bareey rewarded.(2 58)wwat does that say to the kids?(sot other) my daugther to have fun.(sot women t imo)i think it's the parents responsibiiity to parent their chiil, not 07 26we've already heaad it, said it ddne it, so why not 3 don't knoo whether i ant hii whht message do we wann the 3 (charlene-reflectionnin stone)
10:33 pm
54 48this was the nly thing - that i ad leet.the final - message, lies here.(soo charlene-standing at gravee27 22i never tthught i woold have to e standing here to spend time wiih my son.a messagg, & sse wishes charlieesheen understooo.(soo harlene)33 40 i'm justtshocked that he';s still promoting it and saying its ok. (sottcharlene tight ) 33 35 danny was good guy, we taught..him right from wrong, it wass't a moral failure. he & just made a mistakee and hh - suffered foo t..nd now a mother, suffers every day. (charllne)40 25i miss you danny, every day.(sot & danny. (((ad lii--woww what a powerful storyy))) story..))
10:34 pm
3 and no onn's saying thaat charlie sheen is irectlyy - responsible for anyone's rrg use.but an interesting study -3 came oot last week, in canada pre glued to their pomputers.... are 0 perrent more like to engage in risky behavior, likk drug use. - chhrlie sheenn by the way pas mmre than 3 millionn followers on twitter, and mooe & 3 3 tressler sayss"..he has worn aa &pbig huge grren bowwtie ffr ss. pattick's dy. santa cllus hats for christtas.. chhistmas.""- 3but this is hat he wore... after the ddath of osama bin landenwhat school officials - wanted him to do... next on fox45 news at ttn 3 ...and a dramatic shoottut with police...right after the breek -3& 3 3
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3 p dramatic dash cam videe released oday clearss wisconsin police officers... & the video shows twenty-eight-year old seth mccloskey opening fire on & police during a traffic stop on april 22nd. after the &pshootout with ooficers, his vehicle. today the ddstrict attorney announced -33 theeshootiig was justified... a pennsylvanii woman.../
10:41 pm
is ad affer her son --3 is told to remove face painn... arking the death of osama bin laden. ladenn. jennifer tresslee says herrfiith grade soo ponnor paiited a flag, ../ 3 u-s-a on hii face...../ & ááwhenáá... connor got tt - school,.../ áá administratorsáá... said it violated the student dress code...//. áájenniferáá... -3 yanked her son... out of 3 ttessllr sayss"..i askedd conner anddhe said nobodyywas laughing. they were talking class thought it was great. -3 ann the teacher, from what i hear, also didn't have a 3 it." & 3 the a--c--l--u saas.../ hh districc 3 3 3 ...and a bbg priie cutton the nintiendo wii...the thing 3 for... in tonight's word on the web... after the break -3& 3 childree.. never o into debt
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-3as adults.
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ñpñq=ñ 3 3 the wee.../ is... getting a price utt.. cut... in tonnghh's word oo the web, juuy kurtz reveals why gamers may wanttto wait before uyinggnintendo's popular ggaing onsole. judy? 3 3 3 don't bby that wii justt yet...nintendo says its ssashhng the price oo its motioo controlled syssem by 50-
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bucks. 3 starting may 15th a wii will cost 150-bucks. and another changg. tte conssle will come &pwiit the super opular mario &ppart game.mario kart will peplace theepreviously included wii sports aad wii sportssrrssrt amesif you've waited for a wii for while now could be the time to buy. but if yyu want he latest gaaing systtm,,you might wann to wait. gaaees are buzzing that thh price rop may mean a -3 new product froo nintendo is product at a video game & conference earll next month. 3 3 i'm judy kurtt and that's tonight's word on the web. 3 & 3 marylaad's terrapins lose aa major contributor...bruue cunningham has details next in sports unlimited... &p3 3
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[ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited when southwest announces a new nonstop. [ pilot #2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. we have the best window office in the world. and the best job -- making sure people get where they need to go faster and better. [ laughs ] nice! [ ding ]
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3 .the orioles look tt counce bacc aater two consecutive deffats.. defeats.. 3 bruce cunningham jjins us now witt sports unlimited... unlimited... 3 3 3 &p3&p.coming up tooight oonsportt
10:49 pm
unliiiied...orioles-royals higglightssfrom kaycce... 3& .lots of othee news, too... jordan williams has officially &pput college park in the rear view mirror..we'll have full ddtails..coppin state's legeedary head man will bb back for at leaat the next coupleeseasoos...we'llltell &pyou all about fanggmitchell's unlikely success story for morgan state's placekicker.. morgan adsit haa that story... ssorts unlimittd starts right now... 7, the oriiles have hit aa 3&pfound themselves in a tto game losing streak...looking to -3 turn things arrunn, the birds took on he royals in game two of their series in kaycee... & kaycee... 3 and the birds got oo the board early...botttm 2nd, alreedy p-0...nick markakis singles to to sccre...but wait, they wave he has no chance...but it was 2-0 o'' aater 2...


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