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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 5, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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thursday, may 5th
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a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to ppy in-state tuition at marylann colleges... could be signed &pinto law as early as next
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week..buu that is not stopping opponnnts from ampaigning to block ii.megaangilliiand is live with more on a petition now cirrclating. good morning patrice,this iss thh online versiin of the peeitton..pponenets nned to collect more than55-thousand pignatures by late june... to have have any hance at pvvrturninngthe contrrversial bill. 3those signatures would put the issue on the bbllot for voters election. again, we're talking illegal immigrants too ay in-state tuition rates at maryland olleges.right now, they pay out of state tuition, which is three ttmes more dwyer) "just talkiig to &ppeople in the district around the staet, people are outraged that we've ctually passed & his legislation so i th putting the petttion in he panner so we can get it filed." petitiin drives have not been - very ssccessful.a imilar
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efforttto repeaa a bill legalizing spped cameras... fell short two years ago. ago.yooucan find a link to the online petition ann learn mmre about the tuition battll at fox baltimore dot com.just lookkfor illegallimmigrant tuitiin on the hot topicc tab. pppnnnts, now have less than . &pfour weeks to subbittthe firs batch of signaturessto thouuand... one-third of the 8- total amount eedee. eggn gilliland, fox45 morning news. the death of phylicia barnes has officially been ruled a homiccde.the chief medical cause offdeath... but is not rrleasing those details yet. while viiitinggfammly in last montt in the susquehanna river... near the conowingo dda. "the investigation is progressing it is moving forward..maryland state policc homicideeinvestigators continue to work side by side with baltimore homiccde &pdeteetives along with -&page
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3 3 today... ppessdenttobama will visit ground zero... the site of theeworld trade center attacks on 9/11. 9/11.the move comes days aatee the death of osama bin laden... the reportedd mastermind behind the attacks. the president is expected to pisit nee york'' engine 54 firehouse... wheree 5 pirefighters weer killed that &pday.he's also expected to mee with victims' families... and ceremony. bii laden's death is opening pp the debate over enhanced interrogatioos of terrorr ssspects.information obtained at guantanamo bby as far back as 2004 led investigators to bin laden's hide out. government sources have mohammed al-qahtani... mmy have ppovided some of the couriir... who eventually leadthe c-i-a to bin laden. al-qahhani waa held at
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guantanamo in 2004... he time interrogatiiosslike waterboarring were taking place. rumsfelddsays: "i thinkkthat anyone who suggests that the ennanccd techniques-- lets be blunt -- waterboarding, did nottproddce an enormous amount isn't acinn the truth. c-i-a.. leon panetta.. is also techniques with producing ion - useful innormatioo. the white out the connribution of those &ptechniques in the misssoo to kill bin laden. veteranss recently returning from the wars in iraq and afgaanastan will have new housing options howard. joellh- d. smith is live there now to showwus how this ambitious new community could transform the way veterann are helped acrosss the nation. good morninggjoel d ood morning patrice, (ad ib)
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3 a warning this morniig... cure sexually traasmitted diseases.the ffd-a s seeding selling these items... is againnt the aw.theeagency says the products could actually be hurting cussomers. schaeffer ssys: "one they'd be diagnosing themselves. two, thhy'd be delaying actual good treattent for themselles after being seen by a physician and phhy'll also likely pass on online. commanies are now d - being old they have 15 daas to voluntarily comply with the phe sureeknows how o steal
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the show... evee if it's just screaming nats schoollwere strutting their k the poppstar heeself... jumped - in.the studentt houugt they were making a dance video for miihelle obama's flash dancee workouu.but what they didn't know was that beyonce was makinn a guest appeaaance. 3gonzalez says, "" ttought it &ppas fake... someone with a wi on but then i saw her and kept &pchancing laaghing excited." -bbtt o-collier sayss "i was still doing the danne and ii turned around and i saw her i was screaming." screaming."a teacher says tte plan was for beyonce to just say "hello"... but she changed her mind and decided tt join &pin on the dance.afterwards... &pthe students got innplenty of pictures. 3 &pon american the too
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5 take on songs from "now and then..."eacc singer had to belt out two hits: one classic and oneecurreet. purrent.singing nats natsjammssdurbin sang as hhs "now" pick...and later sang arry nilsson's "without &pyou."aad the judgessthink bot sonns edggd him cllser.. to the title of the next american idol. we talked aaouttwho's gonna take it youve bben showing us u want it and americas feling it nd we're feeeing it right h. hereefind out whoogoes home when american idol contiiues tonight.and don't miss when judge jennifer lopez takks the
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hoo it'' done. it's all happening tonight at 8 right here oo fox45. commng up... sony has ome answering to &pdo... after a cyber attacc that put the personal infoomation of video gammrs.... at risk.what question congress you''e watchiig fox 45 morning news.. ll local.. all morring. ((bump ouu)) ((break 1)) 33
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úúúo histooy this other's day.the
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&paanual historiccharboo house tour offfells pointtis taking
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beautiffl homes, gardens, and designs.meteorooogist emily gracey is live with he details n this mooning's hometown hotspot. hotspot. the hhstoric haabor house toor is in fells
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5pm.for more infoomation, log on to ox baltimore dot com plash morning.
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coming uu.... &pa shocking crime... eaves one man withh he wordd"rapist"....
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&ppattooed to his forehead.who' acccsed of doing it to him. but next... we're earning more... about the final poments of bin aden's life. what new detailssare being're watching fox p5 mornnng news.. ll ocal.. ((break 2)). ((bump in)) ((break 2)). (([ male announcer ] this year, et the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands, which have up to 40% sand, sawdust, even gravel, turf builder has no filler. it's 100% food, for a deep feeding you can see, feel, and enjoy. for a lawn that can't be beat, get a fertilizer that can't be copied. scotts turf builder. now is the time to feed and kill dandelions. use scotts turf builder plus 2.
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for you. check out the new john deere 100 series lawn tractor, at a lowe's near you. choose special financing for 12 months on purchases $299 or more on your lowe's consumer credit card. president obama will visii grrund zero today to meet wwth peoole whooloottloved ones in &pthe 9--1 comes jus days after u-s forces killee osama bin laden. ann as tommm house s now saying it has no plans to release photos of the slain terror leader. leader. p did ou see the picturess ánotá be releasing pictures showing a deaa osamm bin laddn. president obama tolddcbs' "66 minutes" there is nn doubt the releesing the gruesome piitures could be risky. it
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is important for us to make suue that very graphic pphtos of somebody who was shot in the head arr not floating around as an incitement to additional violenne. as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are.even after the decision, somm lawmakkrs are dividdd.. it would be better to release thh photographs, to let everybody mooeeimportantly, itts important for all these terroristt to realize we're going to huun them my enddservvd by releasing a picture of omeone who as are learning more aboot thh final mmments of bin laden's pife-- shot in the chesttand forehead. he diid n the upper fllor of this pakistani commound, toward theeend of the 40-minute raid.while not armed, weapons wwre apparently
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understanding is hh was ight there nd gging to get those prmm.the nnvy seal team that took out bin ladee issback on and president obama is headed meet wiih famiiies of victims and first ressonders of the 9-11 attacks. i'm tommy andres, reporting. commng up... sony has somm exxlaining to do... aftee a massive cyber attack.what question... congress wants answered now. &p"go easily from countertop to table top." top..and later... they promise to make cooking a reezz.buu do these food ccoppers really do the trick??onsumer reports puts a ozen brands to the &ptest. you're watthing local.. all morning.. ((break 3)) (bump in))
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job maaket..he dow lost 83
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points to end at 12- thousand-723.the nnsdaq and s&p 500 alss endedd wringer oo capitol hill overr after declining to show p to - a hearing wednesday.the cyber attack."but llwmakkrss - accusee ii of responding too slooly.the price of gas may e high, but exxon says so are its taxes.the company claims in the first three months of this yearrit paid half-a -billlon dllars more in taxes ttan it made in profits.but ccittcs saa it innludedd paaroll taxes and sales taxes in that number, whicc don't really affect the omppny's bottom line.president obama is pushing to end four-billlon- dollar a yeer in tax breaks ffr the is expected to stay top dog in tte app market.a new report from i-h-s screee iiest says the company will take in about two-ppint-nine biilion dollars in app sales this year.that's
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a market that includes google, nokia and research in motion. for business brrif, 'm p younn man i speaking out... affer a brutallattack that left him with the word he descriies the terrifying moments. petitioo circulating arouud a your block the billlthat allows illegal &pimmigrrnts to pay in-state tuition.i'm megan gililland, what happens f those get enough signatures... and mosst importantly how it will affecc you. ((joel live tease)) you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morningg ((break 4)) this is the aircraft logbook.
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map w2 map 3
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the ontroversial bill pay in-staae tuition at maryland colleges... could be next week.but, until that pen actually hitt the pappr, can to block it.megan gillilaad is live ith more on a petition now circulating. pood morning patrice,this s the onlineeversion of the petition here...opponents need to collect more than 55-thousand siinatures by latt oveetuuning this bill.
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if ttey get enough signatures, it would put the issue on the pallot for voters to decide in we're talking aboot a bill -3 that woold allow illegal immigrants toopay in-state tuiiion rates at maryland colleges.right now, they pay out of state tuitton, which is three times more expensive. opponentt admit hey arr facing an uphill battte officials begin ssrrtiniziig all those siigatures. "the peeple, the citizenn have the right to sign a petition to put his iisue on the ext electtoo cycll's allot." (dwyer) "they're going to survee those with a magnifying glass and try to disqualify as many of those signatures as &pcan."in the past,,statewide petition drives have not been very successful.a similar effort to epeal a bill legalizing speed cameras... fell short tto years agg. can find a link to this online petition and learn more abouu the tuition battle look for illeeal immigrant ust tuition on he hot topics tab. weeks to submit the first our
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batch of ssgnntures to qualify...that's more han 18- total amount needed. megan lnd, fox45 morning news. - a violent robbery... caught on . pamera.a woman says she as you're looking at surveillance 3 immges from the ime of the haapened tuesday... around 3 -am.police describe thh suspects as two black males... one weariig aablack hooded sweatshirt... te other wearing a camouflage hooded &pwearing a black hooded infoomatiin is askeddto call police. five years after a teenage girl was kklled in a city park... her parents still want answers.and they believe... deanna grren was killed at a paseball fiell in druid hill pprk in may off2006.she was plectrocutee when she touched an electrified fence on the fieldd city officials fence coming in connact with pn underground power line
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which supplied power to the five years affer deanna's ... - death, her family says city officials have yet to be proactive.... stay with fox 45 morning neww foo conninuinn coverage of this toryythe parents of peanna green willljoin us live ii studdo.that's ccming up... in our 7 o clock hour. a brutal attack in oklahoma... leaves one man with the wood "rapist"... átattooedá to hii f. forehead.stetson johnson says he made pllns to hang out with a girl heemet online.he says the giil innited him over to hang out with friends... but phe end of the night turned intoosomething outtof a horror movie. johnson was everely beatenn.. and woke up in the both the females. ttey both - - tased my genitals. johnson says he remembers four tatooing his forehead... nd suspects claim he tried to rape them... but there's no ppoof that actually happennd.
6:36 am
ppoice arrested all four suspects... who now facc several chargess taking better care f our heroes. that's the main goal of a new housing project in fort howard. some of thh preeiminary work on the site is happening now.... &p and joe &pd..smith ii live there to sho us why hii ork could be an example for tte rest of the nation. good lib) 3 3- 3
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p,3 coming up... they promise to take the burden out oo cooking... "go asily from coontertop to table top." too."but are thhse ppoducts themselves?consumer reports has the ansser... next.
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you're watching fox 45 morning (((d lii meteorologist))
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hospital.taken to a bbth men were rivvrddlleroad. parkway near car.. on the men were shot in a police says two dooble shooting. followwng a been closed... riverdale areaa has parkwayyinnthe washington baltimore-a portion of the this 33 of tte baltimore-washington - pas been closed... foolowwnn a double shooting. ppliceesays two men were shoo in a car..
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road. both men were taaen to a &phospital. general motoos is reeclling more thann150-thousand chhvrolet cruze cars... due to steering wheel problems.the canada.aafecttd vehicles can -3 be broughh to deallrships ponees wiil also be sent ted. appleeis making changes toothe i-phone... following concernss bout priivcy.thee company has been facing backlash... since research showed surveillance technology is allowing apple to ssy on pts users.the company says ii's updating theephone... tt reduce the amount of information that is stored pboot its usees' whereabouts. new video s being released from inside the reactor building.... of the dai-ichi nnclearrplant in japan.a robot that weet inside found radiation lleels much higher company that owns the plant... says it is installiig speciil fans with filters to reduce that radiation. ew detaals continue tooemeege about the u-s raai
6:49 am
that took down osama bin laden. rreoots suggest it wws oneeof osamaas but what led the u-s to d - phattcourier? ... some are detainees who were the subject of enhanced interrogations at guantannmo. talk show host and former police commissioner ed norris joinn us, for this weeks fox ccmpletely clear hoo thii all unfoldee ....but if enhanced wortt having in our arsenal -thh president sttpped it when he took office
6:50 am
...-waterboarddng was one of the most populaa ...but was &pone of the -waterboarding was ooe of the most popular
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youucaa hear ed norris monday through friday on sports radio
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105-seven 'theefan' from 5 to p0 a-m. coming up... they promise to do these food choppers really - doothe trick?consumer reports puts several brands o the doothe trick?consumer reports puts several brands o the & hotspot... take a walk through &phistory..hat treasures you'll pind... at thh historic arbor house're waaching fox 44 morning nees.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7))
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the bullet exppess processoo . left testersswith whole peas - not pura)ed ones. (natsot: -& bullet express chopper pura)ed very well, but when it came to chopping, it llft chunks of nuts and lots f almond ust. chopper handled chopping andd pura)eing with ase, and it grated cheess as well as top- but f you want a food prrcessor for bigger joos,, testers recommend cuisinart's pour testers loved the larger - bowl, the widerrfeed tube, and there's even a drizzle ole for aking things like pesto, mayo, or hummus." (v/o)this is james andrews. cooinn up in our 7 ooclock hour... proddcts thattpromise to cure ((megannlive tease))there's a 3 petition circulating around your neighboohooo... to bllck the bbll that allows illegal
6:57 am
immigrants to pay n-state what hhpppns if those get d, - enough signatures... and mmss you. &p((joel live teass))you'ree aal locall. all morning. pntire prove yourrmood tte - 3
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electrocuted y a fence in druid hill pprk. park.but i remember her pveryday every breath i take she's on my mind... live in studio... 5 years - after their daughter's death. death.faae cures.. for s-t-d's. whhre they're being sold... and thh serious dangers theyy cculd cause. cause.a middle school dance class.. becomes the oppprtunity of a lifetime. lifetimeescreaming/dancing nats in the dance.. anddwhy he students never missed a beat. beat.mmre dancing nats full 3 &ptoday is thursday may 5th.
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3 3 3 33 3&map voomap fiber a bill that would llow
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illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at marrland &pcolleges... could be signed into aw s earlyyas next week. but that is nnt stopping opponents from campaigning to block it.meegn gilliland is live with more on a pptttion now circulating. good morning atrice,this is the online veesion of the peeition.opppnenets need to collect more than55-thoosand signatures by late june... to have haveeany chance at overturniig the controversial bill. those signatures would put tte issue on the ballot for voters to decide in the 20-12 electionn again, we're talking
7:04 am
&pin-state tuition rates at maryland colleges.right now, &pthey pay out of state tuition expensive. rre times more - (dwyer) just talking to peopll n the district around the staet, people are outraaed that we've actually ppssed this legislation so i think puttinggtte etition in the hands of people in a timely fiild."in the past, statewide petitionndrives haveenot been very successful.a similar effort to repeal a bill legaliiing speed cameras... fell short two yearr ago. caa find a link to the online petition and learn more fox balttmore dot com.just tuition on the hot topics tab. opponents, now have less than four weeks to submit the first patch offsignattres to thousand... one-third of thh total amount needed..megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 3 &ptoday... president obama will visit ground zero... thh site
7:05 am
of theeworld trade center attacks on 9/11. 9/11.the mmve comes days after the eath of osama bin mastermind behind the attacks. the ppesident is expected to visit new york's engine 54 pirehouse... whhre 11 firefighters were illed that day.he's also expecttd to mmet atteen a wreath layiig recently returning from the nss wars n iraa and fgahnastaa will haae new housing options soon ... thanks to some oo the work being done today in fort h. howard. joel community could transform the way veteeans are helped across tte nation. gooo morning joel d goodd morning patrice, (ad lib) 3
7:06 am
7:07 am
3 a violent robbery... caughh on . camera.a wwman says she was attacked by massed suspects... . happened tuesday... &paround 3 -am.police describe the suspects as two black males... one earing a black hooded sweatshirt... the other wwariin camouulage hoodee jjcket... aad a black woman... wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.anyone with informatiin is skkd to call the deethhof phyylcia bbrnnss has officially been ruled a examinerrhas determined a cause of deaah... but is not rrleasing those details yet. carolina disappeerrd last year while visiting family in last month in he susquehanna
7:08 am
river... near thh conowingo damm "tte investigation ii progressing it is moving forward. maryland state police homiccde investigators &pcontinue to work side by side with baltimore homicide dettctives along with assistance with fbi speciaa age. aggets.barnes wiil be buried in geoogia on saturday. &pfiveeyeers afttr a teenage answwrs.ann hey believe... nt the city is hidiig something. deanna reen wasskilled at a &pbaseball field in druid hill park in may of 2206.she was an electrified fence on thh field. city officiaas reporttd ... deanna's death was he result oo tte metaa fence coming n contact with an unnerground power line which upplied power to the outdoor lighting five years after deannaas death, hee family says city officialsshave yet to bb proactive.... i would like to see them get a mooile unit out to locate the stray electricity i'd ike to see themhe lectricity i would
7:09 am
po see them monitor for the ele. december...... a power ssrvey tt help the greens find ffred electrical problems throughoutt 400 vootage hazards in baltimore city.... the judge ddsmissed case the grren's brought against the city... buu bbsed on new information... the greens are hopinggto reooen t. a city comment on the case because oo penddng litigatiin. stay with fox 5 morning new for cootinuing overage of deanna green will join us live in studio.thaa's ccming up... later this hour. coming upp.. &p ill it affect your weekend - forecast... next. watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal morn day.the annual historii harbor
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house tour oo felll point ii taaing place...and youucaa see beautiful hhmess gardens, nd p detaals on this morning's hometown hotssot. hotspot.
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tte historic harbor house tour is in fellsspoint on suuday from 11am to 5pm.for more pnformation, log on to fox baltimooe dot com slash
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3 33 map video map fiber pap 195 map
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still ahead.. new video is released of the it sheds light on the amount why it's not good news.d out news. you're watching
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feeding pays. president obama is visiting the world tradeecenter site in new york city today . he'll also visit the families oo the reported mastermind bbhind tte attacks, was killed earry monday at a compound in pakistan after firefight. sandra endo joins us ive from more.sandra? sandra? suggested questions::- whaa went into the deciiionnto not releasee
7:20 am
the pictures of a dead bin what elss have they found?on sayycomputers and hard drives taken from from the reerieved phones, audio vvdeo equipment and paper documents.
7:21 am
3still to come.. drug makkrs are making changes medications in order to protect your kids!finn out tte . young girl.. killed by and ntt - plectrically charred fencc in us...what thee wann the city oo baltimore to do... next. you're watchinggfox 45 morning ews.. all local.. all morningg
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7:23 am
new viddo ii being released from insidd the reactor buiidiin... of the dai-ichi nuclear plant in japan.a robot that went insiieefound than expected.ttpco ... the - says it ii installing special &pfans with fflters to reduce that radiatiin. p inna move tt prevent pverdoses of pain medications in infants and children ...
7:24 am
some medication companies will make changeesto their formulas. johnsoo &&johnson is among several companies that will switch tooa ssngle poncentration of acetaminophen medicines. under the movee n drug makers will voluntarily discontinue the more coocentrated infant drops and sell just aasingle concentrrtion of infants' and children's medicines containing acetaminophen. 3 5 yearrshave ppssed since a electroccted aa a city park friends. deanna green died affer touching aametal &pcontaat wwth an nderground pooer line. her green ... say all this timm later, ttey're still waiting foo answers from the city .... -what kind f answers are you looking for -yoo think the city is hhding something-you
7:25 am
7:26 am
conducttd your own survey of the city and found several judge dismised hout the citt-a why-what do you want tt ee . happen now p, 3
7:27 am
7:28 am
a bunch of "single ladies""ses - nats!!!find out wheee she stole the show! you're watching fox 45 morning news..
7:29 am
((ad lib hhroscopes))ng. -3 pntire prove yourrmood tte - 3 3
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3 3 , 3
7:32 am
mappffibr map map fiber map
7:33 am
thh contrrversiaa bill allowinggillegaa immigrants to pay in-state tuition at maryland colleees... could be signed intoolaw as arly as actually hits the paper, oppenents are doing all they can to block it.megan &paapetition now circulating.
7:34 am
3good morninn patrice,this is thh online version offthe petitioo here...opppnnnts need toocollect more than overturning this bill. by late - if they gee enough signaturrs, it would put the issue n the b the 20-12 election. again, we're talking abouu a bll immiggants to ay ii-state &ptuition raaes t maryland polleges.right now, theyypay out of state tuitionn which is phree times more xpeesive.. opponnnts admit they are &pfacing an uphill battle all those signatures. ns -offi "the people, te citizenn have the rrght to sigg a petition (dwwer) "they're going to survey those with a magnifying ggass and ry to disquallfyyas &pmany of those signatures as they can." caa."innthe past, statewide petitton drives have not bben pery successful.a simmlar
7:35 am
efforr to repeal a billl legalizing peed cameras... fell short wo ears ago. & can finn aa ink to this online petitiin and learn more about thh tuitton battte at fox bbltimore dot commjuut look for illegal immmgrant tuition on the hot opics taa. ooppnents have less than four &pweekk to ssbmittthe iist batch of signatures to qualify...thht's more than 18- ttousand... one-third of the tottl amount needed. megan gilliland, fox45 morning neww. 3 today... president obbma will 9/11.the move omes days after laddn... the reported mastermind bbhind the attackk. tte ppesident is expected to vvsit new york's engine 54 firefighters wwre killed that day.hees visiting the day release photos of te saaa bin laden's dead body.hee
7:36 am
says.. itts in the bees interest of the country. it is important for us o make sure that very graphic photos pf somebody who was shot n the head are not floating arounddas an incitement too adddtiooal violencee as a propaganda tool. you know, that's not who we are arrtoday, he's alsooexppcted to meet with victims' familiess.. and attenddaa wreath laying ceremony. taking etter the main goal f a nee housing project in ffrt howard. some of the preliminary work on the site is happening now.... and joel d. smith is live ttere to show example for the rest of thee nation. good morning joel d. d.good morning patriiee (ad &lib)-3 3
7:37 am
7:38 am
&p 3 3 and update now on a story youu saw... first on foxx.... sheppard pratt is one sep closer to turning an uuscalee home in ruxton into a rehab last week, the center closed a deal to buy this home on labelle avenue... and turn it into aahhgh-end treatment depressson ... as well ass reeovering addicts. but ressdentt don't want the center in thhir eighborhood. and theyysay they're not
7:39 am
giving up tteir fight. 00:00 we put ttgeeher an organization called o retreat, that is working pegally and in other ways to &pcombat this, and look into what can be done to stop putting a commercial hotel, basically, structure into a residential area 13 13under state and feddrrl &pporward with its plann the center is expected tt open sometime hissyeer. a warning his morning... about products that claim to cure seeually trannmitted diieases.the f-d-aa i sendingg ccmpanies... tellinggthem that selling these items... is against the law.the agency says the products couud aatually be hurting customers. schaeffee says: "one they'd be diagnosing themseeves. tww, theyyd be delaying actual good being seen by a physician and they'll also likelyypass on dissaaes to thhii paatners. " &p"most of the items are sold online. ccmpaaies are now being ttld hey have 15 days to voluntarily comply wtth he
7:40 am
aw. ily comply wtth he she sureeknows ow to steal a school performance. screammng natts-&natt ore than &p"single ladies" in a new york school were strutting their stuff to beyonce's hit... when the ppp staa hersslf... jumped mmchelle ooaaa's lash dance -3 workouttbut what they didn't knno was that bbyonce was makingga guest appearance. on but then i ssw her and kept chancing laaghing excited." -butt to-collier says,,"i was turned around and i saw her i &pscreaaing."a teacher says he say "hello"... buu she changed her mind and decided toojoin in onntheedance.afterwards... pictures.ents got in plenty of 3 it's getting own to the wire 5 take on songg from now aad
7:41 am
thhn..."eech singer had t belt oot two its: ne classic and one curreet. current.singing nats pats jacob usk struggled thrrugh hhs "now" hit...ann riee to classic song "love hurts." singing natsshow hii singing super high note at eed
7:42 am
pndbut was it enough to change minds? this is what good.. first song wasnt liking but you redeemed yourself i could be &pwrong but that was highest note ever sung on crazz.find ut who goes homm &ptonight.and don't miss when judge jennifer lopez taaes the stagg to show he conneetants ow it's done. it's all tants here on fox45. 8 rrght stiil to ccme.. itts gonna e a soggg weekenn! find out whee the rain'' neighborhood... in your skywatch weather forecast... ne. next. you are taking a llve look of 695 at harffrd rood..a hectic &pride here and ttaa's not the
7:43 am
clogged.i'll show you whatss happening on 295 coming p.. you'reewatching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 5)) ((buuppii)) ((ad lib meteooologiit))
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map video map fiber mmp we're looking for the best mmm innbaltimore!and we think we've found weeks ww've been asking you o tell us hy your mommis baltiiore's best...and hundreds of you wroteein.everyday this week we'll reveal a ffnalist.. until we reveal the grand prize wwnner friday. friddy.baltimore's best mom will in a trrp for four to bay point marriott award-winning resorttin panamm city beacc, florida.the winner aaso gets he title of baltimooe's best mom. mom.all ur finalists will is a winner.o see if yoor mom coming up.. kids are the futtre, and it's aaparent's yoo take action ... re helping we have an expert live in our studio taking your alls abouu give us call at 410- 481- - 4545.or senn us aatteet at
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7:53 am
-how do you explain ittin a way thhy
7:54 am
uunerstandteach beyond the 3 aater he break, curtis pope with pncwill be back to take your calls about ccildden ndd finances. if yoou have aaquestiin ur phhne lines are open now at 410- 481-4545. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimorr....or gg through our facebook page. ou're watching foxx45 morning news.. &p((breaa 7))
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we're back with curtis pooe from ppc. he's taking your calls about childrrn and finances ...for our take action thursday. thursday.if you have a questiin... our phone lines
7:57 am
are open now at 410--88-4544. you can senn us a tweet at fox baltimore... or go throuuh our raymonn- bmore bmoree bmoree- "shoulddi open a credii card
7:58 am
in my child's name?"-mallory child how to budget?"" michael & 3
7:59 am
peach my child how o budget?" - michael 3coming uppii our 8 o'clock mariia carey reveals her twins &p names...nd she likes the petter "m".finddout wwat they aae! ou're watccing fox 45 morning news.. all -poc [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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3&fake cures.. for s-t-d's.wwer they're being sold... and the serious dangers they could caas. pause.a middle school dance ppportunity of a lifetimm. lifetime.screaming/danning nats nntsthe superstar whh joined innthe dance.. ad why the
8:02 am
beat.moreedancing nats full fullyou'll never guess.find out what mariah carey named her twin babies. pork for uiznos. &pquiznos.and whht happpns.. &pwhen i put in a days work.. i food industty. 3 thursday, mayy5th we love our viewers here on fox. fox45...but we also love our feature one of ouu facebook to3 fans on the morning news "like" you too.'s fannof he day is newbin ueen.she says " i feel like i'mm heatinn on u. been stuckkwatching anothee news phannee cuz i can't fnd the &premote. it''sjust not the same. this newsscaat is theeexcitementtof the wbff - team to keep my ride alive." alive."if youuwant to becooe a
8:03 am
fan.. just gooto our facebook page and click "like."facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. 3 3 map fiber map
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8:05 am
therees a petitioo circclating around maryland... to block immigrants to pay ii-state ttition. oppoonnett would need to the controversial bill.the nd 3 &psignaturesswouud put the issu decide in the 20-12 election. right ow, illegal immigrants pay out of state tuiiion,, whicc is three times more expensive. (dwwer) "just taaking to people in the district around this legislation so i think -d - putting the petitiin in the hands of people in a timely filed."in the past, statewide petition drives have nottbeen very successfuu.a simillr effort to repeal a bill legalizing speed cameeas... fell short two years ago.
8:06 am can find a link to the online petition and learn more about the tuition battle at ffx baltimore dot com.just tuition on the hot ttpicsstab. p violenttrobbery... caught n . camera.a woman says she was attacked by maaked suspects... youure looking at surveillance imaaes from the time of the & happened tuesday... the suspects as two black hooded sweatshirt... the ther wearing a camouflage hooded jacket... and a bllck woman... wearing a black hooded pnformation is asked to calll police. the eath of phylicia baanes has officially been ruued a hooicide.the chief medical yet.ttee16 year-old from north 3 ccrolina disappeared ast year while visitinggfammly in baltimooe.herrbody was found last month in the susquehanna river... ear thh conowiigo dam.
8:07 am
"the invvstigation is progressinggit is moving forrard. maryland state police homicide investigators continue to work ide by side wwth baltimore homicide detectives along with assiitaacc with fbi special aae. agents.barnes will be buried &pin georgia on saturdayy 3 today... presiddnt obama will visit ground zero... the site of the world trade center attacks on 9/11. 9/11.the move comes days aftte the death offosama in laden... the masterrind behind the attacks.the ppesiient is eepected toovisit new ork's pngine 54 firehouse... where 15 ffrefighters were killed thht day.he's aaso expected to meet with victims' families... and attend a wreaah laying ceremony. veteraas recently returning from the will have new housing options work being done today n ffrt h. howard. joel d. ssith joins us live from there to show us how this ambitious new communnty could
8:08 am
transforr the way veterans are helped across the nation. 3 good morning joel d gooddmmrning megan, (ad lib) 3
8:09 am
a warninggthis morning... about products that claim to cure ssxuully trannmitted disea. diseasss.the f---a is sending letters out to a ddzen companies... telling them that &pselling thhse items... is against theelaw.the aaency says the products could actually be hhrting ccstomers. schaeffer says: "one thhy'd be diagnosing themselvvs. two, treatment for themselves after
8:10 am
being seen by a physician andd they'll also liiely pass on diseasss to their partnerr.." "most f tte items are sold online. companies are nnw bbing told they have 15 days to voluntarily ccmply with the law. mmriih carey and husbann nick cannon are revealing the names of their newborn twins. twwns.the babies re named "moroccan" and "monroe."the couple says baby monroo was nammd affer mariahhs inspiration... marilyn monroe. the "morocccn roomm in proposed to her. -here ick - 3&pcoming up... ttey're singing
8:11 am
at fame. fameesinging nats nats ccntestants... perforring on "american idol." you're atthing ffx 45 morning news.. all ((bump out)) morning. ((break 1)) 3
8:12 am
8:13 am
take mom n a beautiful tour of homes and gardees this mother's day.the annual historic harborrhoose tour of fells point is taking placee gracey is llve witt he details on this orning's hometown hotspot. hotspot. 3
8:14 am
tte historic harbbr house tour is in fells point on sundayy from 11am to 5pm.for morr information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3
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3 3 map video mapp ffier
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8:18 am
cooing up... it's a performance they'll never forge. &pforget.screaming natt natswherr beyonce stopped "single ladiis." funny nats natsbut neet... when it comes to lunchh.. there's no essing around.howwi fare workiig at quizos... when i'm put up to the challengeeyou'reewatching looal.. 3
8:19 am
8:20 am
it's a shame when you eat out at a particular place so often .. tte employees saa ... hee you mmght as well ork here. p ut ttat's what happened to me. whhn i see
8:21 am
&pa ááuiznosá ... i stop.... i can't help it. the sammms and salads re dellcious ... and the people are so friendly. so for this starttng making it instead. ((takk pkg)) there's no qqestion i like eattig quiznos ...but &pworking there is a different story. if you haven't had food experience before ii could be a little challlnging for you so when the owner of the owingg mills quiznos asked mm ... it was aachalllnge i waa ready foo. im gonna have you prepaaee hem, send them through the ovenn finish aad top them off ann serve the to the ggest. do i get to taste test everything i do .. bye foo i'm coming to work for quizzos. first thhngs first .... i had to get my uniform .. i have my own nametag and get cleaned up .. before heaaing in. this s our prepare subs .. you say hi is theeordee ffr here or to go. this wws gonna bb so easy... we got
8:22 am
pne of thh employees to let me mam, welcome to quuznos, how are you today ... one very important thing you nned o know ... immmessing up ... you get 20 secondd . 20 econds to greet thh cussomer, cct the pread, put sauce and vegetabbe on t let me do this fasterr.. what' up lady.. whht you want ...aughhng ok .. did eed tt piik it up. one plng. white or whhat she gets one turkey preweiihedd.. fluff it .. pluff it like my pilloe slidding ittinto the oven way longer than 20 seconds, that probably took like three minutes turns oot i had no choice but to o aster .. i looked up and the lunchh crowd wws in. oh wow, now there's a line haa cheese and special seasooing
8:23 am
i was going faster but doing sub the wrong cheese. ok time to get better at thii... what woull you like .. italian on sammi me pointing at cheat sheee i for ere or to go
8:24 am
satisfied customees ..., lee's see if the owner was too. i think you did wonderful job patrice actuallyy for youu first day on the job i think you did wonderful sounds good to me ... but it taste's even better. 3 if you'd iie to challeege patrice... go o fox baltimore dot com sllsh chaalenge. ccoiiggup... it's mooe than just a performance. performaace.singinn nats natswhy the songs chosen by some "american idoo" contestants... had a deeper meaning. screamiig natt girls ill never forget.wheree beyonce stoppee byy.. to dance with some "single ladies."
8:25 am
you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morningg ((break 3)) [ male announcer ] baltimore. a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion.
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from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
8:27 am
in more communities across the country, you can helppmakeesure that baltimmre reads."books foo yyu can donate to the book d diiector of book bank operations for baltiiore readss joins us this morning with more. --oo books for kids day, people are invited to donate newwor gently used books. hoo mann areeyou looking tt collect?--what are some suggested donattoon?--are books for adults also welcome?
8:28 am
--how can people donate? donate? 3for morr iiformaaioo on ooks baltimore dot com slashhfox - mornnng. coming up... president obama visits ground zero... daas after tte ddath of osama bin laden.whoohe's expected to meet withh you're watching ,3&fox 45 m
8:29 am
local.. all morning. ((break 4))
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3 3 3 map video maa fibee map
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8:34 am
3 toddyy.. president obama willl &pvisit ground zero... the site &pof the worrd trade center attacks on 9/11. 9911.the move comes days after the death off ssma bin mastermind bbhind the attacks. theepresident is eepected to visii new york's engine 54 firefighttes were killed that pay.he's also expected to meet with victims' families... aad attendda wreath layyng ceremony. p3 veteran recently returning from the wars in irrq and afgahnastan soon ... thankssto some oo the work being done today in fort h. howard. joel d. smmth isslive there now to show us how this ambitioussneww community could transform the way veteeanssare eeped aarrss the nation. good morning joel good morning megan, (ad lib))-
8:35 am
8:36 am
3 3 3 3 it's ggtting downnto thh ire 5 take on songs frrm "noo and then..."sooeach singer had too current.singing naasne classic nats inner carrie underwood witt phe dol star's current hit "fllt on the fllor."and tten wwnt a completely different direccion with the classic song... "unchaineddmelody."
8:37 am
singing ats patslaurrn said he sang the song bcause it as er mom pnd dad's first dance sonn... and the judges loved it. nothing to judge hereeit was a beautifullsong sang beauitful by you nothiiggto jduge ii was beautiful beautifulfind outtwho goes contiiues tonight.and don't miss when judge jennifer lopez takes the stage to show the cootestants how it's done. it's all happening toniggt at &p8 right here on fox45. watch an up and cominn band up close and personal.april smith performing at wess mount veenon place toniiht.april and the band join us this morning witt more. --whyyare you playing at west
8:38 am
mount vernon place tonight? --you have been busy latell, what hhve you been up to? --describe your music for uss-pm 3&see aprii smith and mounttvernon place ttnight at
8:39 am
8:40 am
log on to fox e information,, 3
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3&she sure knows how o steal the show... even if it'' juut a school performance. screaming nats nats more than one-hunnred "single ladies" in a new york school were struuting their the pop star herrelf... jumped pn.tte studdnts thought they were making a dance videe for pichelle obama'' flash dance workouu.but wwat they didn't &pknow was that beeoncc wass gonzallz says, "i ttought it wassfake... someone wiih a wig on but thhe i saw her and keppt chancingglaaghing excited." pbutt to-collier says, "i was still doing the dance nd i turned around and i saw her i was screaaing." screaming." 3a teacher sayy the s
8:44 am
for beyonce to just say "heeloo... but she changee herr mind andddecided to join in on the dance.afterwards... he in plentt of - p(toss tt weather)) &pmeteorologist))
8:45 am
8:46 am
3 map viieo map fibee map liberty map
8:47 am
we're looking orrthee est mom we've found hhr.for weeks we've been asking you to tell us why your mommis baltimore's wrote in. in.everyday this week we'll reveal a finalist.. unnii we reeeal the graad prize winner t. wiil win a trip for four to
8:48 am
pay point marriott ... aa city bbach, florida.the innnr bbltimore's best mom.o moo.aal our finaaists will stay tuned to see if yyur mom is a winnee. coming up... alarming news... about a populaa dietary supplement. whichhpillsscculd be puuting yyuuat riss... of a hearr attack. and ine on a dime... at breezy point seafooddhow &pyou an score aagreat meall.. 3watching fox 45 morning [ female announcer ] most women in america
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8:51 am
mother's day? day?
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offfdot com right now.they are - coming up... up...your risk of heart attack take a certain dietary ssuplement,.we'll ttll you all looal...all morning. mary! hey!
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pust into our newsroom... news baltimore county police aree pnvestigating a bomb thheat at the circuit court and district couut inntowson.someone called the courttouseeat 8:35 nd said the bomb would go off in 45 minutee.the coorthouses are being evaauatee.. we have a cree on the wayyto the scene and will bring you more information as soon as ii pecomes available. a popullr dietary supplemmnt has been linked to heart -&att everyday. &p lower third (fade in): "dr mallika marshall" calcium women take them to ward off suggests calcium suuplementssh may increase heart ttack risk byyas much as 30 percent 01:00:7:18to01:00:08:30dr mallika marshall transition 01:00::8:30to01:00:12:20full screen graphicc (medical practice symbol) ith textt american workers pooled the results of 1 clinical trials mallika: new zealand and american researchers pooled theeresults of 11 cllnical trials in hich 2 thoussnd
8:57 am
assigned to take eiiher a milligrams of calcium a ddy for an average of almost 4 years.lower third: dementia can affect anyynemallika: in whicc 12 thousand eople ver 40 werrerandomly assigned to take either a placebo or at least 500 milligrams of offalmost 4 years.the ratt off hhart attacks was small- 01:00:24:10lower third (faae in):2.7% ent into cardiac participants taking calcium went into cardiac arrest, 01:00:29:04lower third:2.2% went into cardiac p, poming uu on good day baltimmre... a shoccing crime... leaves one man with the word "rapist"... tattooed to hs foreehad.who's accused of doing it to him. you're watching fox 45 morning ,
8:58 am
my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today.
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