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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 9, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 &p3 map 50 map 3 charres ccold be filed today against the driver who police university stuuents over thee weekend ... and then just drove off.some students say from the inttrsection where it happened... witt more on thhir conditionn ann what some say neeed to be done to stop this from happening again.
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&pagain.gooddmorning patrice, &pp3 -3 3
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3 as poliie search for her - kiillr.... ffiends and familyy &pphylicia barnes. barnes.her funerallwas held - saturday
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in conners, georgia. church eaders and meetors spoke about phylicia ... remembering her inneeligence and talent.phylicia was aahigh school honors student ho vannshed before shh coull graduate.... so hhr high schhol resented her motter -3 wwth a gift. 33 "in recognition of psb academic exxellence i'd like to present to youuphylicia's high sccool diploma (clapping).. relatives innbaltimore when - pllst month., her body wwa found in thh usquehanna rivee near the conowingg dam. memmrril service for phhlicia barnns here in baltmore is set for ssttrday.p3 a college student from prince george's county issmissing. missing.27 ear-old ali khaddr nearly two weeks ago... afterr --3 aattnding classes attstrayer memberr are doing what they cannto find
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posters. khadar... who is diabetic... left behind everything... eeen his meddcatiin. "he takes innulin like 2/3 timessa day, so he left fridge. heeleft his llptop. he 3 books, you now, so that got us worried a little bit ssying 3 somewhere."family members hhve bben monittring khadar's bank far... noohing has 3 this year's kentucky deeby winner has a strong conneetion to maryland. natssaaimal kingdom" won 3&pdown the leaders inn heehome -3 stretch.the winning hhrse trains ii fair hill in cecil coonty... and is expecttd to return home along ith its trainer tomorrow. 3&piin cue: this is an 3& amazing horse...nextt.. have
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tooask barry hope return to maryland... outcue: get to ppmmlco pimilco 3& trainer graham otion says aaimal ingdom will deeiittly run in the preaknees if the horse is heallhh. 3 it's not the story one reporter had innminnd.. when &pheading out for the day. day.i've nevvr done thhs beforr.. i haven't either. 3 nats!daniel miiler was out covering the news... when he -3 came acroos 111duckllngss.. stuck in a storm grate.up top... the motter duck was puacking for help.miller &plowered himself down... in an attempt tt scoop them up... but t wasn't easy.finally... after several attempts....the ducklings were pullee to safety... and reunited with their mmm. 3 coming up... released... from osama bin -3& laaen's coopound.why the c-iia pays it's unlike any ssized before.
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you're watchhng ox 45 morning news.. all local.. all &pmorninn. & 3 ((bumm out)) 3 ((break 1)) -3 3
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3 3 3 map 195 mappfiber mmp
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3 providence map iberty 3& you're goinn to hollywwodd hhllywood!you cannexperiencee the american idol finale live in-person. all you have to do is watch fox45 beeween 7:55 aad 8 p-m all this week and look for thh 'idol legend' of morning news the next eekday. -3 3 you coulddwin annidol collector's kit and quaaify for 4 days in hollywood and pickets to the american idol finale ... courtesy of airtran airways.stay tuned for your &pchance to win. 3 coming up... jury selection begins today...
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accused of killing herrtoddler daughter.whaa caaey anthony could face... if convicted. 3"there is no way he could have -3 been there wwthout some help froo pakistani officials.// somebody in that government had to be allowing to ssay there. " 3 but next... growing ssecclatton... over osama bin & laden's ties tt pakissaa.who the obama administration... is 3 news.. all loccl.. all morning. 3 ((break 2)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 prrsident obama is peaking out... about osama bin & laden... and the supporterr he had in pakistaa. as julie banderas explains... the president says it's not yet cleer whether officials in the pakistani government were involved. involved. 33 aaweek after theedeeth of usama bin laden... president
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3 call it "going organic" ... or aybe getting -3 desperate.... 3 starting to grow their ownn food. it's one ay to groceries these days ... 3 joee d..smith is livv
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&phow áyouá can get started. & gooddmorning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib) 3 &
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,3 & p3 comiig up... & 3 shocking new videoois released... frommosama bbn 3 says it's unliik ann
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seized before. 3 but nexx... math that doesnnt add uupwhy creeping higher....even though 3 morning ews.. all loccl.. all mmrning. &p3 ((break 3)) ((bump in))
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the u-s mission that killed president obama international explains... what happens if thh u-s economy doesn't improve? improve? p,
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,3 coming up... 3 gas prrces neer an all-timm high... don't holddyouu breath just yet.... but how soon back down. 3 ((megannlive teass))you're watching fox 45 morninn news.. pll local.. all mooning. 3 ((break 44) &pp3 3 3-
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3 3 p 3 map providence map
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3 a hit and run crash at johns hopkins university sends two studdnts to the hoopital. today, cchrgee could be filed & against the ddiver.megan - gilliland is live from the intersection whhre it happenee... where students are saying there have been too .. and nowwthey're demanding chaage.good morningg
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3 3
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3&pcourt resumes today for a man already coovictee of illing a &pccild, but now.. he's asking for a new triaa based on new vidence. pinckney junior is enteeced toolife in & rison ffo the 1999 beating
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3 step e's asking -3 for the judge to revvew new make him free man.the babyy died aater blunt force trauma to his head. attorneys say it -3 happeeed whiie innkney wws baby-sitttng at his home on -3 east llobard street.pinckney's -3nee evidencc innludes, &ppathologiits who say, thh baby's fatal blow could not - have happened hile tte child was in pinckney's ccutody.the &pbaay's mother... wants him to remainn... in prison. & 3 & p3 ttey may not be willing to release imaaessof his body...but theeu-s government pisá rellasinn somm eye- opening new footage of osama bin laden. -3 3 these videoo show a relaxed -3 bin llden... watching media reports about himself.the ffotage was taaen ffom bin - laden's compound during the paring navy seal raid that &pstripped away the audio before releasing the five video
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& clips... is senddng a message & byyreleasiingttem. p3 they want to ssow that they have it, they're nncontrol and hat it will e released at a time of tteir choosing tended his public image...he said to mmllah omar he leadee of the taliian..90 percent of my battle is connucttd in tte media 3 allnggwith the ideos... thee &pc-i-a saas thh amount of intelligence foond in tte &ppompound was hh most signiffcant ever ound with any single terror figure. 3 two imams...oo their wy to a conneeence n - "islamophobia"".. are pulled oof a flight becaass of how they wereedressee.the imaas... dressed in trrddtionna mmslim &&pclothing....wereeboarding a pella flighh ffiday... when the plot decided to rrturn to &ptte gate... to havv them - ressreennd at security..he mee &ppassed securiiy a second & time... and despite having no &pallow them back oo the planee 3 "ww let them check our stuff, and our uggage our bag, our few inutes. then they saidd -3 pokay, you guus are good. you 3 the plane, the supervisoo, mr.
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russell, he said, 'mister rahman, i'm orry, i waa pleading to tte pplot o let you go on this flight. bbt he -3 is not llowing you to go." 3 p federal regulatioos give aspects oo a flighh... includinn who mmy board he aircrafttthe imams ere inviteddiito deltt's sky -cluu... as tthe waited for the nexttnon-stop flight... ssx hourssafter their riginal - flight hhd been scheduleddtoo piams ere onntheir wwy to a cooference... aaout thh problem of "islammphobia."" --3 3 that brings us to our queetiin - pf tte daa:shhuld piiots be allowee to refuse serrice to 3 security screeeings?we'll be taking your calls in our 7 o'clock houu. 3 ffx--altimore dot com and ell uu what you thinkk.. or soundd off hrough faaebook. send us &pa tweet.. t foxbaltimore. and you caa text our answer
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to 45203. ennerrfox45a for yes.. or fox45b for nn. high priccs & for fruits and vegetables hhve &pconsumeesslooking for aaswers. and for some, that answer lies within. &p3 joel d. smith is live -3 in carroll county to show us how average people ae &psttrting tt grow thhii own food.. ggod morning 3 3 3
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3 coming up... they're back at & it again... simon: it's dejevu ann i decisiin 3 what made paula bdul a cleaa -3 frontrunner... for simonn -3 cowellls new showw.. "theex factor." 3you're watching fox 45 morning
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news.. all local.. all mmrning. 3 ((break 5)) @x@x@xfx@x@x@xfx@xfx@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@xfx@x@x@xfx@x@x@xfxfxfx@x@x
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map ffber map
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tune-up.that's a 6- dollar savings. just go toomy-mmbideals- dottcom to gee started.. or look for mobbdeals on yoou smartphone. smartphone. mobideals is a product of our parenttcoopany.. sinclairr brooadast roupp 3 coming up.... the case of cassy 3 daughter.wwattshe could 3 3pp and some good newssfor drivvrs...hhw soon your pain aa the pump... ould start tt eass..ou're watching fox 45 - morning news.. all local.. all morning.. 3& ((break 6)) 33 ((breaa 6))
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ú &pnew thhs mmrning... jury & selection begins today... in 3 accused of killing herrtoddlee daughter.casey anthony is ccaaggd in the death of her & pwo year-old daughter, fouun in 2008... not far from &where the littleegirrllivee. anthony faces tte death penalty if coovicted of first- degree murder charges. 3 gas pricee iich closer to an pll-time high.the lundbeeg surveyyfinds the averageepricee
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for a regular gallln of gas hit four dollaas on may 6th. than the higheet gallon price average... which we hit n pit of good news... eeperts -3 say gas priies may sttrt to &pdip... as we near mmmorial daa. 3 a familiar face 3baltimore. clerk & latest to announce he will be &pseeking the city's top spoo. conaway has a long &phistoryywith he city .. & having served as it's of delegates ... anddmost recently as clerk of courts. he'ssalso run for mmyor & thhs would be hiss5th ttempt. 3 mayoral us this morning with a look aa his ampaign and plans for the & city.-why run for mayor-what -3 are your issuessread a quote from last year whhn yoo were "this will be myylast ime" ....wwat chhnged your ind -several unsuccesful are you changing to be more -always meemoable your campaigns .... &p-segwayssand cameeas .. don't - say shoot .....van-mama bear, papa bbar, baby bear
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,3 pcming up... it's like -&ppammrican idol" all over again... -33 simon: it's dejevu nd i think we made theerightt decision 33 why simon cooell choseepaula abdul... for his new show "the x factor." derby winning nats pats and this year's & strong ties to maryland.where "aaimal kingdoww" trains. & you're waachiig fox 44 morning
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- news.. all local.. all 3p3 ((bbeak 77) 3 p(bump in)) 3
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3 simoo coweel and paula abdul are together again. canddce old explainssin the lowdoon. & well...they are áworkkngáá ttgether again this &pweekknd, fox confirmed ttat 3 vocal talent on fox'ssupcomiig show ""he x factor" hhre's recently teaaed up in los angeles. -3 anggles. siion together taking photos/ from ooay) trak: after -3& onths of speeulation, it's &pofficial, paull abdul and simon coweel are now backk togetherragain. nat pop: (paula and simon roll / from todaytrak: the former idol 3 recorr producer antonioo .a. reid and british pop sinner
6:55 am
cchryl cole o begin he judging processson their ffrst stop in los aageles. snd ite: 3 it's dejevu and iithink e 3&pthe laat few
6:56 am
3 "the x factor""will ebut on ffx his fall. & fall.i'mmcandacc doll ann sometimms you don't need hiibrow comedy.. you just need a laugh. &pmight find that innthe fflm " idiots". slackers cause headaches for the deaa of their college in india. but when pne of them falls in love with & the dean's daughter.. hings really get out of control.
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3 idiots is on 3 foo sent us copies to give away. away. the 4th -3 and 5thhcalllrs at 410- cooing uppin our 7o'clock -3hour... 3 pesidents are lloking foo river risee to record levelss & how soon t's xpected too crest. 3 ((megan livv tease))you''e paaching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all mornnng. &p3 ((breek 8))
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melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. 3 today is monday may 9th. 3
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3 -3 3 3 mappfiber map 3 33 chhrggs coull be filld oday -3 against the driver who police &psay hit two johns hopkins
7:03 am
univerrity students over the drove off.some ssudents saa trend.meggn gillilanddis livv -3 from the inttrseccion wherreitt &phappened... ith more on thhir conditions and what some say needsstoobe ddne to ssop this &pfrom happening aain. again.good morning patrice we're live attthe intersection - of st. paal and east 333d street.around 2 am on & saaurday... chevrolet impala came plowing through... hit thhn sped off. off.ambuuance siren raccel ohen were both ushed to the hosptial.we're tood pt one point, but was laaer friends ssy, rachel ssstill in the ospital with a brokee leg.the river responsible... -&ppas aarested just a few llccss awayypolice aae lookingginto whether he was drunk at the time.chargesscould be filedd against the driver today..his &pprash, has students arre - pemandinn thht security be
7:04 am
stepped up around campus. hey say in tte paat few yearr... there ave been oo mann hoorific accideets involving hopkins students. p3p"tth last three people thatt -3 have gottenn it, haae all been people i knew, it's ust really upsetting because wwthin this past semester, one person gotthit by a bus one person gotthii whhle they were &&pon a bike, they're braindaaaged, they're in a coma, this is riddculouss pidicuuous"mmny f the accidenns have all happened within a mile radiuss in additton to sattrday's 33rd...there was another... in & ctober 2009.20 year oldd miriam frankl was killed when she wasshit bb a truck at stt paul nd february, nathan krasnopoler was hit by an 83 year ld west university. nattan is the pne who suffered perranent brainn amage... his famill 3 says he doess't appeaa to see or hear them or show aay awareeess. 3 after this recent hit and run... olice did set up a thaa night.the unviersity says they're going to do itt jhu, meganngillillndd ox45 morning eess. 3 someeresidents in linthicum
7:05 am
stop near their homes. they say they're fed up with crime. neiggbors say muggings have become more commonnanddmore &pviolent... pointing to a rrcent case wheee the culprits &pviolently attacked a victim. some light rail riders admit... even they ddn't ffel - 3 "there's just no liggts at - all. it'' very scary coming -3 aroond theehill, you know." -3 know."authoritiess avee - responded by increassng pox.theyyhope to ccrb rimee.. pithoot causinn an inconvenience to riders.thhss who livv near the linthicum 3 their neighborhhod back. 3 a college student from prince &pmissiig.27 year-old ali khadar nearly tww weeks agoo.. after attending classes at strayer 3 dding what ttey can toofind him... makinggt-shirts and posters. kkadaa... who is mediiation.
7:06 am
3 "he takes insulin like 2/3 timms a day, so he eft everytting behiid in the fridge. hh left is laptop. he &pleft his eye glasses, his books,,you kkoww so that got ussworried a little bit saying &psommwherr."fammlyymembers have beennmonitoring kkaddr's bbnk - accounts and sociillneeworking 3 turned up. 33 p foomer national security agency worker is in hot water &panddfacing jail time, for -3 falsiffing timm sheets.federal prosecutorssssyyann warwick of columbia lied on documents for more than 155 daas and days, shh didn't work.she pleaded guiltt and faces up &pto fivv years n prison. gas prrces inch closer to ann all--ime hhgh.the lundberr suuvey finds the average pricc foo aarrgular gallon of gas hit four dollars on maa 6th. that's just 11 cents lower... thannthe highest ggalon prrce averrge... whhch ww hit in july of 2008.but there is a biitof good news... xperts say gas ppices may start to
7:07 am
ddp... as we near mmmorial dayy 3could some good newssbe on the 3 have dropped dramatically ... will gas ppices dd the same? 3 weecould evvnnsee prices 50 -cents cheaper byysummerrtime. buu... don't expecc it 3 3 right now ... drivvrr in maryland are sselling out 33 week it was 33ddllars aad 95 & ccnts.last year... we ere paying just 2 dollars and 90 3 average sits at 33dollars and & 977cents. & and remember ... ww can help you find the cheapest ggs in your aree.just go to fox baltimmoe dot commslash pump patrol. 3 call itt going organic" ... or maybe getting despeeatee... but more and more people are sttrtinn to grow their own ffod. itt' one way tt & cut doww n theehigg price of joel d. smith s ive in carrol couuty to show us how áyooá can get startee. good morning
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joel d. good morning -3&ppatrice, (ad llb) - 3 3 3 patrice, (ad lib)good morning patriie, (aa lib) -3
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3&pccmmng up... 3 ... itts fun for everyone! we're taking yoo to crossroads &at 5 ommunity celebration...nnxt in your 3 hhtspot. you'ree 3watchinggfox 45 mornnng news.. & all llcal.. ll mooning. - ((break 1)) 3
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3- 3&p3 map fiber map 50 at 97
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3 -3p3 still ahead.. 3 new numbers releases showw shocking informatton aboot the childdee.find ut what the study reveeled. revealed.and.. yyu're taaing a expected to crest soon.. & cauuinn even more widespread -3 flooding damage.we take you &pliveeto the froot ines oo the
7:16 am
flooding.. next. you're watching fox 45 morning 3 morning. - 3 ((breekk2)) 3 &p ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ ♪
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new this morning... jury peleetion beeins today... in -the caae of a fforida wwman accused of illing her toddlee caylee....whose reeains were whhreethe little girl lived. anthooy ffces theedeatt &ppenalty if convicted offfirst- degree murder chaages. 3 ressaarhers believe tte numberr 3 áhiighrá than we think.that's accordinn to a nnw tudy american journal of psycciatry. -3& phe study also found that more previously thought. tte approach is new .. as reseerchers had previously áonlyá looked at children known toohave autism or who were at high rrsk of
7:19 am
3 aboutt1 percent of children &pit's important to nntee... the -3 study doess't necessarily mean ttat suddenly more kids hhve autismm rather, it justtmeaan they werr neverá diagnosed &pwith it. & the mighty mississippi &pcontinues to gush throogh parts off ennessse as it peaches nearly 8 feet,,less than aafoot shy of he record level set in 1937. the river is expected to crest tuesday - nighh, ann residentssare moving into shelttrs to stay aaay from rising waters. &p3 holly firfer joins us live prrm memphis , tnnessee with holly? 3 - tell us more
7:20 am
3 about evacuationss beall street is an iconic touriit attractiin.. and issffooded. what about he rest of the ciit? ii ii vulnerableeto floodinn?- a ig annual ,,3 about evacuations- a big annnal evacuationsaboot - tell us more flloddngg- tell us city? is t aboot the rest of 3 of the city? is it vulnerable to ffooding?- telllus more about - tell uu more
7:21 am
3 about evacuutions- a big annuaa festtval in memphis is &psuppossd to be thhs week. is it still happening? 3 still to come.. 3 information founn in osama in laden's compouud .show an oo the 10tt anniversaryyof he terrorists attacks...find outt what this means or us...noo ... -3 ...and later... she's back!
7:22 am
psimon cowell's new ox how.. "thh x factor."..the important role she'll play. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. allllooal.. all -3 morning. ((break 3))
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7:24 am
t's beenna 3 week ince u-s forces killed osama bbn ladee ... tte terroriit bbhind the deadly &pp-11 aattcks. in the raid on hii compounn ... they wwre also aale to retrieve computers, disks, dvdds .. all loaded with -3informationn bout the al-queea network.. ammng theeinformation analyzed ss far ... were plans oo another attack this september 11th ... the 10 year anniversary. annivvrsary. fbi agent and current diiector - of the homeland securityyand criminal justice instituue at -&pannnearundel community joins &us ttis morringg-hoo &psignificann is the information 3 computers, disks ... etc.
7:25 am
-found out aboutt , 3 upcoming 9-11 trainnattack-3 --ideo of in laaen aatack
7:26 am
upcommng 9-11 ttain attack -video of ii laden rellased ... whht --ideo of innladen 33 released ... what doos that importantly .. hhs followers -u-s eaddrs are saying the -u-s leaders are
7:27 am
3&psaying the pakistan & governmentt nvolvmeet waa either duullcitous ... or -pmcompetent .. hich is it 3-what kind of retaliation retaliatioo should we be - prepaaed for-doee hii death weeaen he al qqeda network or ii omeone else ready tookeep -3 it going 3 3 3 3 &
7:28 am
3 coming up.. 3 paullabdul comes back to fox.. &pfactor. ,3 you'rr waaccing foo 44 morning news.. allllocal.. all mooning. - 3 ((ad lib oroscopes)) -33 3 ((break 4)) 3 tuuning? hhee tips for a
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3 &p3 3 &
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3 3 fiber map 3 ffber map
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a hit and run crash attjohhs - hopkinssuniversity sends two today, chhrges could be filed against the river.megan & gilliland is at the inttrsection where t happened... where students are -3saying here have been too mann accidentt liie this one .. and now thhy're demanding change. change. -3
7:34 am
7:35 am
3& two olice officers aae peeovering this morniig, after p otoocycll crash in anne -3 prundel hhppened 3 linthicum....while the two officers were riiinggas paat -3 of an escort deeail.the unidentified officersswere 3 225 and interstate 195, when they hitteach other.both &pofficers were takeento the -3 hospital, but weee latee &pcourt resumee ttday for a man alreaay ccnvictee of killing a -3 child, but now.. he's asking pinckney 3 prison for thh 1999 beaaing death of his five month old step grandson.nnw he's asking for tte judge o review nnw & eviddnce , he believes coold makkehii a free man.tteebaby & died after blunt fooce trauma toohii head. attorneys say it haapened while pinckney was past loobard ssteet.pinckney's newwevidence includes, testimony from two forensic
7:36 am
pathologists who ssy, the - baby'' aaal bllw couud nnt have happened whhle the chiid wws in pinckney's custodyythe 3 3 (shawntellmmther) "the timm i - had to sit and holl him.. his lasttcouple of breathes that & he had, to know that he was not going to beeheere no more.. and to see thissperson & death hat's trring to get over it, no, you need o sttyy where you aa.." at.."courttresumes today at 8:30 a-m. &3 some bbltimore county residentt are connerned with a 3&pfrom rrcreation centerss.. and put them back on thee & strrets... due to budget issues.the county currently & as nine police athletic league ccnters, or "pal" centers.the officerr are stationed in theepal centees to dter fights..vvenwithout the ooficers... the centers will rrmain open aan offer he same roggams... but resiients
7:37 am
33 they may not be willing o body...buu thheu-s government áisá rrleasing some eye- opening new footagg of osama bin ladee. 3 these videes show a relaxed bbi laden... watching media reeorts about himself.the footage was ttken ffoo bin llden's compound during the the u-s gooernmentt.. wich stripped away he audio before releassng the ffve video clips... is seeding a messaag & by ellasinn them. 3 thhy want to show that they have it, they're in control and that ii wwll be released at a time of their ccoosinn tended is ppulic imaae...he -said to mullah omar the eader &pof the tliban..90 percent off media &p 3 aaonggwiih the viieess.. the c-i-aassys the amount of &pintelligence found ii the & compound wwa theemost significanntever found wwth - any single terror figure. & 3 pwo imams.. on their way to a
7:38 am
conference on - "islamoohobia"... are pulled & oof a flight because of ow they were dressed.the imams.... dreessd in traditional musllmm clothinn... were boarding a delta flight friday... whee the pilot decided tt return to thh gate... to haae hem rescreened aa securiiy.thh men passee seccrity a sscond -3 pime... andddespite having no issues... he pilot would not allowwthemmbackkon the plane..- "we let them check our stuuf, and our luggage, our bba, our &pbody, everything they did n &ppew minutes. thee they ssid ''kky, you guys are good. you pan go.' when we ere entering & thh plane, the supervisor, mr. - russell, he said, 'mister raaman, i'm sorry, i was you go on this flight. ut hee ps noo aalowing you to goo" - 33&p federal regulaaions ive -33 tte captain aathority over alll assects of a fllght.... &&pinnluding ho may board tte inviteddintt della'ssskyy& club... as they waited for the
7:39 am
nexx non-stop flight... six hours after heir original -3& flight had been scceduled to ddpart.iionically... hh wo 3 conffeencee.. about thh proolemmof "islamophobia." 3 that bringss s to our quustion of the day:should pilots be allowed to refuse servicc to passsngees who pass airport security screenings?phone lines are open now.the number to call 410 - 481-45455 3 you ccn also go tt -3&pfox-baltimore ddt com and ell us what you hink... or sound - off through facebook. send us & a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you an texx your ansser poo45203. enter ox45a for & yes.. or foxx5b for no. 3 high priies for fruiis and vegetables havee & consumers lookiigg or answerss some, hat answer lies wwihin. &p3 joel d. smith is live in carroll county ooshow us hoo average people are & starting to grow their own &pfood.. good morning joel d. 33good mooning patrice, (aa lib)
7:40 am
,3&p3 aarice, (ad liibgood
7:41 am
3 3 paula abdul and simon cowell - are together aaaiinthe former pameriian idol" juuggs are &preunitingg.. ffr fox's the two wwll wook with former pussycct doll nicole -3 sherziiger ... who will act as &pone of the show's co-hosts . - competiiors will vie for a 5-million ollar music recording contract. contract."the x-factor" debuts this can watch it right ere... on ox45. - 3sstlllto come... p3 ... it's fun foo the whhle ffmilyy!w're taking you live - in ourrhometown hotspot. hotspot. you're
7:42 am
3 watcchng fox 45 orning news.. 3 p(breek 5)) 33 ((bump in)) &&
7:43 am
morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
7:44 am
mmssc, food, and un.there'ss something for the whole family at theebaltimore crossroads aa 955community celebration! & deeails on thissmorning's hometown hhtspot.---eel us what's 3 goiig on at thii eeent--how is -3 golden ring middle school ,
7:45 am
3 invooved?--is there something - foo the 3 whole family? familyy 33 baltimore crossroads at 95 pommunity crossroadssat 95 baltimore crossroadssat 95 the rossroods vvllage center in middle river n saturddy from 10am to 3pm..or more & information, log on to fox baltimore dot ccm slash morning.
7:46 am
7:47 am
((toss to weatherr) 3((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 mettorologist)) 3
7:48 am
3 & 3 meteorollgist))((ad lib ((toss to weather)) 3&p((ad ib meteorologist)) p3 map fiier map
7:49 am
,3 provindecce map llberty 3 coming up.. - 3 two muslims re pulled off a plane.. becauseeof thier traditional dress... but the & atch... ttey passed security... twicee twice!that bringg us ooour 3 pplltt be allowed to refuse servvce to ppssengers who pass our phoneelines are open now.. 410-481-4545. you're watccing fox 45 morning news.. &ppll local.. all morning. p(break 6)) 3 ((question of day aaimaaiin))
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[ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money. see what a complete view of your money can do for you at ♪ ♪ pnc bank. for the achiever in you. 3 they were pulled from thier della flight ecause of thier dress... but they passed seeurity screeningss.. two times. timess 3 ttat brings us to our questiin of tte day.should pillts bb -3 allowed to refuse ssrvice to passengers who pass airport -3 security
7:52 am
scrrenings?our phone lines are ooee now.. 410- 481-4545. & jamal- bmore 3 ron- pasadena
7:53 am
acceptable. as longgas nothingg illegal is beinn carried on the flight, the pilot shoold haveenn just cause to eject matterrwhat thee're wearing." weariig."bryan "yee. i -& beeieve heedid the riiht thing. who knows how otherr passangers would of reacttd. &phe was looking oot for ssfety & of passengers and creww" cooing up in our 8 o'clock hour.. thh winner offthe kennucky derby has a tie maryland.find put the connection. connection.but up exx, changes are happening in thh city ... for police officers. they undergoinn a traaninn make over after plain clothes officer was shot whhle out side a night club. investigativv voice weighs n -3 oo the new rules. & morning. - 3& ((
7:54 am
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3 changes are underway or thh city policeeddpartment's educatioo 3&p several of he top training staff have been reassignnd to district or investigative units. is the shake-up & related to a call for new ttaining .. following the shooting death of aafellow officer outside nightclub? 3 janis with nvesttgative oice joinssus his morning.-who is being moved and why-is ttis 3 aad sean gamble
7:57 am
3 -disagreemmnt beeween mayoos office and police eparttent -3 pver training straaegies-what is diamond
7:58 am
3training trainingto read more 3&paboot this storyy.go to fox baltimore dot coo... and click onninvestigative voice. p3-& 3 3 3 cominggup in our 8 o'clock pourr. 3&pjury selection begins he ccse of caaey &panthonyy.. the mother accussd of killing her toddler -daughter.the punishment shh cculd face... if convicted. convicted. ou're 3ccnvicted. convicced.she could face... if the punishmenn daughter. toddler of killing hhr mother 3& pase of casee begins jury election o'clock our.. 3coming up in ouu 8 3 3 3 33 voicee investtgative com... and cllcc on baltimore dot - story..go to fox about thhs ssory..go to fox aatimore ddt com... anddclick on investigaaive voice.
7:59 am
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8:01 am
33 now on foox5 morning news... & 3 aapilot doesn't let two passenggrsswho were screened twice byyaarport securitt... -3 on to his flight. flight.i was pleading to tte pilottto let you go n thii fllght. but he is not allowing 3 3 whh they weren't allowed to board.. and where they were headinn. heading.derby winning nats natsthe winnerrof the kentucky derby's strong maryllnd. - impress the ladies.thii suavee -3 criminal'' romantii reason.. for keeping thhs pet alliiator...anddhe'ssnow ffcing criminal harges.
8:02 am
3 monnay, maa 9th 3 - 3 3 p3 &3 3 mapmap fiber
8:03 am
8:04 am
3 map fiber mapp- 33 charges could be filed who police say hit two johnss hopkins university students -3over the weekend ... and drove off. off.ambulance siren ssrennt happened around 2 a-m saturday... at the - intersection of st. ppulland - paat 33rd ssreet.a chevrolet iipala ccme plowing ttrough... before hitttng two students... bothhrushed to the hospitall.. &pwhere heyyare said to be doong o-k.the rivvr just a ffw locks away.police are now looking into whetherr hh was drunk at he timeethis &pcrash has stuuents demanding -& that security be steppeddup around campps. they say in the past few years... there have been too many horrific students.
8:05 am
3 "the last three people that people i knew, it's usst really upsetting bbeause -3 wwthin this past semester, one & person got hit by bus, one person got hit while hey werr on aabike, they're ccma, thhs is rrdiculous" ridiculous"many offthe accidents hvv all happened --3 within a mile addition tt saturday's accident at st. paul and &p33rd...there was nother... in & octtber 2009.20 year ool &&pmiriam frankl as killee whenn she was hii by a ruck at st. februarr, nathan krasnopoler was hit by an 3 year old womaa whill ridingghis bike on west university. nnthan s the one who suffered permanent brain damage... his family says he doesn't appear to sse &ppr hear them or show any awareness. -3 awareness.after this recent hit and run... policeedidd et up a traffic checkpoint in the & rea that night.the to do it agaan this eekend..- 3
8:06 am
3 releaae images of his body... but the u-s goverrment áisá releasing someenew eyy- opening footage of osamaa in laden. &&pthese vvieos showwa relaxed & bin laden... watching media reports bout himself.the footage was taken from bin laden's compound during thh -darrng navy seal raiddthat lead to his death.analysts say stripped away the audii before releasing the five vvdeo clips... is sending a message by releasing them. 3 they want o how that they have it, ttey're in control and ttat ii willlbe released at a time of tteir hoosinn &pthis is a guy who carefully tenddd his public image...he said to mullah omar the leader of the taliban..900percent of my battleeis conducttd in the 3 aloog with the videos... the c-i-a says the amount of innelligenceefounn in the -3 compound was tte most significant ever ffund with & any single terror ffgure. & 3 two imams.. on their way o a
8:07 am
-3 conference on "islamophobba"... are pplled & pff a flight because oo how 3& dressed in traddttonal muslim & clothiig... were boarding a delta ffight friday... when theepilot decided to return too - the ggtt... to have them -- rescreened at securrty.the men passed security a second - time... and despite having no issues... the pilot would nott alloo them back on the plann. 3 "we let them check our stuff, and our luggagg, our bag, our body, everythinn they did in a 'okay, yoo guys are good. you can go.. whee we weee eetering the plane, the sspervisor, mr. rahman i'm sorry, i was yyu gg on thhs flight. but he ii not allowing you to go." 3 federal regulations give the captain auuhooity ver all aspects of a flight... including who may board the -& aircraft.the imams were invittd into delta'' sky
8:08 am
hours after their oriiinal flight had been scheduled tt depart. 3 gas prices inch closer tooan all-time hiih. hhghhthe lundberggsurvey finds regullr gallln of gas hit four dollars oo maa 6th.thaa's just 1 ccntt lower... than phe ighhst gallon price average... which we hit in july of 2008.bbttthere is a 3& say gas pricessmay start to dip... asswe nearrmemorial ddy. 3rrght noww... driverssin - marrlanddare helllng out 3 - gaaloo oo regular. just last week it was 3 dollars nd 95 cents.and lastt ear... ww & weee paying just 2 dollars and 900cents a gallon. 3&&p the lass of 2011 willl graduate with mmre debt... than any class before. 3 that's according to the wwll street journal... which fiids the average colllge senior wwll oww 22-thousand 900 -3 dollars by the ime hh or she graduatts.ttat's up 8-peecent
8:09 am
say innthe lng run... the 3 call it gging ooganic" ... or mayye gettinn but morr ann more peeple aree food. it's one way to -3 put down on the igh price f groccries these daas ... 3 joel . smith is llvv in carrol county to show us how áyouá can et starttd. good morning 3 joel d. gooo morning patrrce, (ad lib)
8:10 am
,3 3 && patrice, (ad lib)good morning -3 good mornnng patrice, (add lib) 3 this yeaa's keetuckk derry winnnr has a strong connection to aryland. maryland.derby winning nats pats"animal kingdom" on
8:11 am
saturday'ssrace... by chasing down the leaders ii the home strrtch.the winning horse & county... aad s expected o return home along iih its traaner ooorrow. iin cue: this is annamaziig have to ask barry hope return to marylandd. outcue: gt to ppmilcco pimilco 3 trainer graham otion says aniial iigdom will deeinttly horss is healthy. 3 coming p... 33 pt's an event the whole family will enjoy. enjoy.what you''l find at the - baltimore crossroads at 95.... 3 3 you're wwtching 3&fox 45 morning nees.. ll local.. alllmooning. 3 ((bumm out)) ((break 1)))-
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8:13 am
8:14 am
,3 p3 itts a perfect way 3 to ssend a un-filled day with the family.headdout to the -3 baltimore crossroads at 95 community celleration!sharoo on this morning's omettwn &phottpot.--tell us what's goiig - golden 33 ring middle school involved? 3 family? 3 3 bbllimore
8:15 am
3 crossroads t 99 community celebration is at the crossroads village center in & middle riier onnsaturday froo p0am to 33m.for mmre information, llg on toofox ballimore dot coo slash 3 3 & 3 map fiber maap 95 map liberty
8:16 am
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8:18 am
3 3 coming uup.. maybe yyo've heard the expression "well- bbhhved women rarely makk history."nnxt... uthor kellyy cutrone tells us why thht's true... in hee new book &"normal gees you nnwhere."
8:19 am
3 will dooanything to impress the his pet alligator... got him into ssme trrublee yoo're watching ox 45 morning news.. 3 3 ((breakk2)) p(bump in)) &p(((patt))
8:20 am
8:21 am
3 it's a no-holdssbarred book to awaken ouu souls and kicc us into kelly cutrone is out with "normal gets you nowwere."hhrperone s making her aaailaale to talk with us &pthis morning.--this is based on the premise that
8:22 am
3 history is full offsuccessful people can you giie us some changing themselves?--this ii rettink who they value, and -3 whht they wwnt from life... hhw should ppople reinvent themsleves?///tag///kelly putrone's
8:23 am
8:24 am
3""ormal gets you nowhere" is onnshelves now. 3 coming up... jury selectioo begins tooayy.. in the case of &pkilling her toddler dauuhter. what casey anthony could & face... if convictedd &p3 nd the number of &pchildren with autism... could beemuch higher than originally -&pthoughh.what evidence... reseerchers now're &pwatching fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning.. 3 ((break 3)) 33 (((ump inn))-
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
of more than 3 ecades of helping homeless women and & their children.the women's housing coalition provides safe and affordable houssng... and more to ttese - can celebrate the ccaaitioo's 31st anniversary. jjann levy, executive director of the wommn's housing coalitton, &pjoins us this mooning with &pmore.--what's thh 3 women's housing coalition's missson?
8:28 am
3 --how has the coalitton evolved froo its inception 31 what ddes the coalition ppovide?--hhw maan people are does tte coaliiion hell? --what's goinn on hat does the event beneft?--how d you get tickett?
8:29 am
for more information aboot the womenns housing coalition, log on to fox altimore dot com 3 coming up... 3 an unusual friendship... bbtwwee a dog and an oranguttn. & how thess two met... and became tte best of friends. -3 33 3 you're watching fox 45 morninn morning. ((break 4)) 3 ((open)))-
8:30 am
8:31 am
3 3 -flooded memphhs
8:32 am
3 -flooded memphis from thh mississippi river & 3 & p3 3 33 & 3 3& p piber
8:33 am
3 map p3 courr resumes todayyffr a man alreedyyconviited offkillingga
8:34 am
3 for a nee trial based on nne evidence. pinckney prison forrthe 1999 beating &pdeath of hhssfive month old step he's askinn -3 foo the judge oo eview nee evvdence , he believes could make hii a free maa.thh baby pied attr blunt force trauma - to hhs head..attorneys sayyit past lombarddstreet.pinnkney's new eevdence includes, -3 testimony from wo forensicc pathologgsts who sayy the baby's ataa low could not - pave happened whileethe child was ii ppnckneyy' cuutody.the - baby's mother... wanns him to p3& (shawntel/mothhr))"the ime -3 haddto sit and holl him.. his - last couple of breathes that he had, to know that he was more.. and to ee this person &pthat ggt convicted for his death that's trying to et over it, no, you need toostay where youuat.." pa.."coort reeuues today at 8:30 a-m..- 3 pury selection bbgins oday... in the case of aafloridd woman the caseeof a begins today... & in jury selection 3 today at 8:30 a-m.court
8:35 am
resumes today at 8:30 a--. 3 jury selection jury selection begins today... in the cass of a florida wwman accused of killing her toddderrdaughter. casey anthony is chaaged in the death of her two year-old dauggter, caylee... whose remains were found in 2008... not far from whereethe littte & girl ived..nthony faces the death penalty if coovicted of fiiss-degree murder charggs. 33& researchers believe the number of children who ave an autism spectruu dissrder is much áhigheeá than ww think.that's accordinn tooa new tudy 3 americaa joornal of sychiatry. the studyyalss found thattmorr & pirls had autism than previouslyythought. the approoah is new ... ass researchers haa previously & áonlyá lloked at childrenn -3 known to have autism or who were at igh risk of about 11percent of childden 3 high pricee por fruits and vegetables have consumers looking ffr answers. and foo some, thha answerrlies within. jool dd ssith is live in carrrll county to show us
8:36 am
ssarting to grow theii own food. gooo mornnngg joee d.. &pgood morning megan, (aa lib) 3
8:37 am
8:38 am
3& some guys will do anyyhing to & impress theeladies... even if pt'ssillegal. onn man n illinois learned the hard pay... that justtbeeause it'ss cool to have a pet alligator... oesn't mean ii's legal.aathorities arrested was sttaving his et &palligatorr.. and forcing t t toll authoritiis he kepttthe it imppessed women... and that & hh purpossly underfed it... so phat it would remain smalll enough to fft in he tank. it's the tale of a remarkable friendshippbetween a dog nn & an ooangutan.surria wws out foo a walk one ay when he 3&pnoo, you can read all about it ii a book called "suryia and roscoee the true story of an unlikely friennshhp."heery -3 holp aad company is making puthorrdoctor bhagavan "docc antle availaale to talk wiih
8:39 am
this morning with more.--what happened 33 whhn the two animals met? --what inspiree youu ,
8:40 am
3 to share thii storr?--what is & a typical day like for suryia - and roscce?--ttll us about the bbok. are there pictures?--you -3 are part of an organization cclled t.i.g.e.r.s... what is that and what is our role ttere?///tag///suryia and roscoe,
8:41 am
3& heetrue story of an unlikely friennship, ii on shelves now. 3 3 it's a disease thattaffects more ttan fveemillion amerrcans a year.whaa you can do... o reduce your riskk f deveeoping alzheimer's. 3 you're watching 3& ffx 45 morning news.. all 3 ((breea 55)
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3 ppovidence ap fiber ap 195 3 you're going to hollywwod! holllwood!you can experieece in-perssn. aal you have to - do is wwtch ox45 etwwen 7:55
8:48 am
and 8 p-m all ttis week ann pook for the 'idol legend' of -phe night. then wwtchhfox45 morring news thh next weekday. &pyoo could win an idol collector's kit and qqaliff por 4 days in holllwwoo and ticcets to the american idol finale ... coortesy of airtran airways.ssaa tuued for your chance o win. 3& more han 5 illiin americcns suffer from lzheimers diseese. & 3 but next... dine with the -33 stars.where you can go... to be served by celebrrty waiters. you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. ((break 6)) 3 ((bbmp in)) ♪♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
8:50 am
pou got servedd..byy -3 celebritiee.well, you ácaná, anyway, aa morton's the steakhouue.ravens centtr matt biik is traaing in his ersey
8:51 am
-3 for an apron... to host aa celebrity server nniht for good cause attmortoo's the &psteakhouse.ned mirkovic from mortoo's the steakkouse joins & us thii morning with more. --what s the hiiee & oundatton and here do tte ppoceeds fromm his evvnt go? 3 ttere?--what's on the menu? cclebrities... here are also auctions with memooabiliaa- memmrabilia
8:52 am
8:53 am
,3 for mooee nffrmation on ceeebrity server night tonight at morton'' the sttakhouse... aad a recipe or morton'' two- fisted bacon cheeseburrer, log on to foxxbaltimore dot om slass morning. p3 coming up... &p3reduce youu risk of alzheimer's disease..hat you can do tt looer our hances. 3 and in our hometown hotspoo... 3 entertainment.what activities you'll find... at thee baltimoreecroosroads at 95 on. you're all locall. alllmorning. &p3 p(break 7))
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
3 some memory losssis normal with aging. but accelerated -3 and ermannnn forretfulness is alarming. as dr. mallika 5 million ammricans suffer from alzheimers diseaae.... and there are waysstoohelp reeuce your risk of demmntia. 3 3 01:00:00:11to 01:00:05::5lower third (ffde & is the mostt ommoo nd widely &pknown type of eeentia. but fooms. 01:00:06:22lower third (fade in):problems with at least 22brain functionspeople -3 wwo suffer from dementia have problems with at least tww 33 lower third:memory llss and &pimpairee judgmentfor eeample, & memory loss and impairedd judgment..1:00010:08to 01:00:11:23lowee third: african-americans and hispanics are most at riik mallika: afriian-ameeicans and hisppnncs are most at riss. 01100:14:08to00:00:16:13lower 3 anyonemallika: but,,ii can affect anyonn. yet you aa lower yyur chance of alll oo often affects us as we 3 ppople who get moderate - exercise may help decrease mediteeranean menu: it'ssbeen touted for itt heart benefiis. but the diettrich ii ooegaa3
8:57 am
maintain a healthy brain. 44- pitammn d: reseaacheesssay it's cruciaa to brain health. - peopleewith loo leeels showed 3 ovee a six-year study, in):1// more likely to have & trouble planninggand orgaaizing and were a thiid more likely organizing than those wwo had sufficient levels. -3 01:00:40:24full screen - graphhi: medical practice symbol with text overlay:theree areemmre than 100 studies related to dementta & underwayyheree re more than pementia 01:00:43:24to 00:00:46::4full screen graphic: medicaa practice & puild:there are more han 100 studies elated toodementia pnderwaythis reseercc may help shed newwlightton this disease underway ann ssiennists believe this research will shed new light on the disease. i'm r..mallikaamarssall coming up on good ddy baltimmre... 3&pn-l-f star a-jjhawk... is pig ggys... to have small dogs. p3 yyu're wwtchingg 3 fox 455mmrning neww.. all
8:58 am
8:59 am
3 3 3 monday may 9th -3 3 & 3


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