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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 3, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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her fate will be decided today. what american student amanda knox will have to do.. to get her murder conviction overturned. winning nats natsand... the ravens break records in their dominating win against the new york jets. how many wins in a row this makes for the purple and black.. over the green and white. 3 3 today is monday, october 3rd.
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police shoot an armed man in south baltimore after they say, he refuses to put down his weapon. joel d. smith is live at the home where it happened with more on why police were called in the first place. good morning joel d. 3 good morning megan... we're here in the 3600 block of saint victor street, and the shooting happened in that home over there. police say a resident in there called police because his roommate was armed and he was concerned for his safety. now that armed man is in critical condition. police say they were called to this home around 8:45, and when they got here they found a man between 40 and 50 years old with a gun. they say they attempted to end the situation peacefully, but the man would
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not let that happen. 3 1727 officers identified themselves, asked numerious times that he drop the weapon, the suspect did not cooperate with officers commands, turned towards the police officers, at which time they fired at least one defensive shot, the suspect was shot once in the upper body, transported to johns hopkins bayview hospital, where he is currently listed in critical condition, :13 :13 after the shooting, homicide detectives were called to the home. this is protocol for any police involved shooting of this nature. the man shot has not been identified as of yet. once again, this happened around 9:00 last night a double shooting in annapolis remains under investigation this morning. it happened in captains circle. 33-year old
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guan brown and 30 year old james donta wilson... were shot early saturday morning at the admiral oaks apartment complex. police say brown was struck several times... he's now listed in critical condition.we're told wilson was hit in his leg... he's in fair condition this morning. 3 police need your help this morning finding the suspects involved in a shooting in north happened at the intersection of the alameda and belvedere avenue just after 6:00 on staurday. a 54-year old male was shot in the knee. he was transported to an area hospital.and at last check he was in stable condition. anyone with information is asked to call police right away. trial begins today for a man accused of killing a fellow patient at a state mental hospital.jury selections begin for el soundaniel- wahhabi... also known as saladin taylor. he is charged with killing 45 year old susan sach last year at clifton t. perkins state hospital.police say he entered
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her room, kissed her.. then strangled her.both were committed after trials for murder. a baltimore county man dies after eating cantaloupe contaminated with listeria... and now his family is suing. suing.87-year-old clarence wells ate the fruit just days before the nationwide recall . his family is suing jensen farms and frontera produce...the farm and distributor tied to the tainted cantaloupe.but well's daughter says... what's most important is that her father's story is heard. lloyd says: "it would give a little bit of meaning, um, (long pause), to his passing away if we could , we could help somebody not get sick." 3 at least 14 others have died and more than 80 are sick from the outbreak.the bad cantaloupes are now off shelves, and regulators urge everyone to throw out old cantloupe at home. governor martin o'malley takes
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a jab at new jersey governor chris christie.during an interview on 'face the nation' over the weekend... o'malley said the rumored presidential candidate has failed as governor of new jersey.citing the state's downgraded bond rating... and high unemployment rate.o'malley says new jersey didn't create any new jobs last year and its schools are not performing because christie cut funding for education. o'malley says: "i think whatever entertainment value gov. christie might bring to the race--and certainly there will be tremendous entertainment value especially if you like don rickles. but when it comes to being effective at creating jobs, improving schools, expanding opportunity his record in new jersey has not been a record of effectiveness." effectiveness."o'malley also said the confirmed g-o-p presidental candidates are "pandering to the tea party to be the mad hatter." testimony resumes today... in the involuntary manslaughter trial of doctor conrad rick vincent explains... murray was with michael jackson when he died
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at his los angeles home in 2009... and has been blamed for the pop singer's death. death. week two of the conrad murray trial is expected to pick up right where week one left off --with testimony from the emergency room doctor who pronounced michael jackson dead.on friday, doctor richelle cooper testified murray never mentioned he'd given jackson propofol -- the drug blamed for the singer's death."were you ever told, at any point in time, about any medications by conrad murray other than the lorazepam?" "no." prosecutors are trying to prove murray misled paramedics... not just about what drugs the pop star had been given, but how long he'd been unresponsive."did you ask dr. murray how long the patient had been in this condition, how long the patient has been down?""i did ask him that."what did dr. murray say in response to that question.""it just happened right when i called you."but prosecutors say murray did not have someone call 9-1-1 immediately.instead, they say
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he gave himself time to clear away potentially incriminating drug vials from jackson's room. once paramedics arrived, they tried for 42 minutes to revive the pop star.testimony today is expected to detail the attempt later at the hospital to bring jackson back to life. i'm rick vincent reporting. the defense has argued that jackson gave himself pro-pofol. they also say that murray was not responsible for the delay in calling 9-1-1 because that task had been left up to jackson's chef.the trial is scheduled to resume this morning at 11-45. nearly 7-hundred protesters were arrested over the weekend... for demonstrating against the nation's financial system.officers used bullhorns to warn those participating in the so-called "occupy wall street" protest... to stay off the brooklyn bridge.when the crowds started moving onto the bridge... police began making arrests.the protests are seen as a movement against wall street greed.they've been
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taking place in cities all across the country. a football game in california... ends with an all out brawl between rival mcclatchy high school and kennedy high school. school."get back, get back" back"you can see officers on the field... trying to break up a fight.shoving and punching... no one was seriously hurt... but a coach says he was punched in the face.the game was suspended because of the fight and now a criminal investigation is underway. 3 3 the ravens earned another "w" last night.. over probably their biggest rival... other than the steelers. steelers.they took on the jets inside m and t bank stadium. with so many former players and coaches in new york... "gang green" was once... "purple and black."the ravens scored three touchdowns on defense... all off turnovers by new york jets quarterback... mark sanchez. jarret johnson scored on a 26- yard fumble return... and lardarious webb put the ravens up 34 to 17... in the third
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quarter by taking an interception 73 yards into the end zone.and that was the final score... ravens win. the big reason the win over the jets is even sweeter this morning.. rex ryan. was the match up everyone was waiting for... jets head coach rex ryan versus his former team.ryan spent 10 years in baltimore as a defensive line coach and then's because of that past relationship... and a few former ravens on the jets roster.... like derrick mason, bart scott, and jim leonard....that the jets verse ravens game has gotten a little was there 7th straight win over the jets... the most against any team. coming up on the early edition... american student amands knox's fate hangs in the balance... hopefully it will go over well. well.the conditon her parents say she's been in.. since being convicted of killing her roommate... 2 years go. go. ((break 1))
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will resume assesing the damage to the washington's been closed since the earthquake back in august that rattled the east coast. the quake caused several cracks to form in the 127 year old monument. an inspection for earthquake damage was postponed on saturday and sunday because of wind gusts. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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still to come... the obama administration is appealing to the supreme court to make the health care constitutional...when we can expect the court's final decision on the controversial l. i think it's going to be very heartfelt, and it will be truly her. and she's been convicted of killing her roommate... now áshe'sá fighting for her life. the statement amanda knox is expected to read... pleading for ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol.
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is. she's been thinking about it for well over 3 months. so i think it's going to be very heartfelt, and it will be truly her. and hopefully it will go over well.(nats)the american exchange student was convicted in 2009 - along with her italian boyfriend, raffaella sollecito - of killing her 21 year old british roommate. the body of meredith kercher was found, half naked, in their perugia apartment, drenched in blood. police found dna evidence - now undermined by independent experts - connecting knox and sollecito to the crime. the couple were also spotted shopping for underwear, and kissing during the investigation - deemed callous behavior. at trial in 2009 there were lurid allegations of satanic orgies fueled by drugs in which meredith kercher had her throat slit. knox and sollecito denied
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involvement, but were sentenced to 26 and 25 years behind bars. prosecutors, and lawyers for the kercher family, want that conviction upheld. they are asking the court to confirm the truth. and the truth, as we always said, was found in the first trial.throughout this murder appeal knox has looked pale and stressed. her parents say she can hardly sleep, anxious as she prepares to learn her fate. -----end-----cnn.script straight ahead... the fate of the health care reform law... is in the supreme court's hands. hands..."there is much more bad than good for small business in this law the key thing that has the obama administration taking it to the courts... and why some lawmakers aren't happy about the law to begin with. with.and later... a nine year old takes his parents' car on a joy ride... then crashes into a tree!where the boy's
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parent's were at the time of the crash.. and his current condition. ((break 3)) starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope, just having some tender chicken and some tasty noodles. let's see...south western vegetables...60 calories. ya' know those jeans look nice. they do? yup. so you were checking me yup. out? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. being sent to the back of a freezer.
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the obama administration is appealing to the supreme court to declare the health care law constitutional.... peter barnes tells us when we can expect the court's final decisi. decision. the obama administration has asked the supreme court to declare health care reform constitutional. a key provision in the law is the individual mandate... the requirement that everyone get health insurance or pay a penalty. in august, a federal appeals court in atlanta declared that requirement unconstitutional. some small business advocates cheered the ruling. harned says: "there is much more bad than good for small business in this law and as the earlier reports showed they are very disturbed by the
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fact that the individual mandate in it requiring all of us to buy health insurance or pay a fine starting in 2014 really opens the doors to unlimited congressional power over all of our lives and purchasing decisions going forward. but other courts have sided with the administration on the legality of health care reform. so it appealed to the supreme court to settle the matter. the justice department says time is of the essence because all of the major players in health care are gearing up for the changes ... and need certainty as soon as possible to move forward with their plans and implementation. carney says: "not only have lower courts upheld it's constitutionality, but the fact of the individual mandates being both constitutional and wise policy is an opinion shared across the ideological spectrum. the administration hopes the supreme court will issue its decision by next june. that's it for this edition of the small business report. i'm peter barnes, fox business
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the state is analyzing b-g-e. on fox45 news at 5:30.3 3 3 3


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