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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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jerry springer here for liberty ford randall's town. you're about to hear exciting news from the folks at liberty ford. if you're shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, pi attention. here's exciting news from liberty ford. >> this is it, the event you're read about in the supervises and heard -- in the newspapers an heard about on tv. a liquidation at libertity ford
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with low market pricing available and guaranteed automotive credit, an event so big it could literally paint the quality of life for the better. if you want a new car, if you need a new car, i urge you to pay close attention. have you ever been dolled you're upside down with your current car or truck, that you owe more than it's worth? then today is your lucky day. during this total wall-to-wall automotive liquidation event, when we make a deal, we'll pay off your trade, no matter what you owe. incredible but true. best of all your new monthly payment could be less than you're paying now and your new car or truck will come with a lifetime engine warranty with no mileage limitation, none. effective middle east, you will be automatically enrolled in liberty's lifetime protection plan. your tires will be protected for as long as you own the car. a new and important way to protect your new car investment. have you ever been rejected for automotive credit due to bankruptcy, divorce, medical bills, low pay, no pay? then today is truly your lucky
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day because you can be approved for automotive credit at this dealer-authorized liquidation going on now at liberty ford. i urge you to stay tuned and we'll tell you how to get the keys to your new car with absolutely no money down! >> hundreds and hundreds of people, your friends and neighbors are now driving the new car of their dreams! they simply made one toll-free call and were approved for audit motive credit and saved thousands at the same time. hundreds of new and pre-owned vehicles will be sold at low liquidation pricing. this is an event of unprecedented magnitude. an event where you should expect very significant savings, low monthly payments, and even buy with no money down during this cereal-authorized liquidation. your credit is guaranteed. when you purchase any new or pre-owned vehicle, you get the full factory new vehicle warranty. the remainder of the pre-owned vehicles' manufacturer warranty
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and liberty's lifetime warranty, with no mileage limitations. now, you will be enrolled in liberty's higher protection plan. who else gives you all that? as a special incentive to act now, we'll make your first two payments on select new cars and trucks. that's like driving free for two months! that's right, we'll make your first two payments. >> we want to be your credit lifeline. we're able to help just about anybody get the new or pre-owned vehicle they need, the one they deserve. thousands have to depend on the bus or taxies to get to work, the super market or friends. if that's you, grab the liberty lifeline. pick up the phone and call now for your guaranteed automotive credit. >> i have been seeing it on tv and in the newspaper. i needed a car bad, but after an ugly divorce and unpaid bills, my credit took a hit.
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i have been everywhere. no one wants to give me credit without a co-signer. where was i going to find a co-signer? this morning, i called the 1-800 number, and they told me i was approved and to come in and pick out my new car. can you believe it? this one, mine! >> let me ask you a couple of questions, do you want a new car? do you need a new car? do you think you can't afford a new car? do you think you might not be approved for automotive credit? well, i'm here to tell you, think again. if you have a job, you can buy a new car, and you can be approved for automotive credit, even with past or current credit problems. this is the liquidation event you've heard about on the radio, the one your friends and neighbors are talking about. liberty ford in lain -- randallstown guarantees you automotive credit. >> i ask you to pay close attention. i'm going to tell you how you can buy a new or pre-owned vehicle at our lowest possible price. how to get a low monthly payment you can afford and how to buy
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with no money down. right now during the total liquidation event going on now at liberty ford in randallstown, when you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, you will be entered into our liberty for life program, a warranty program that allows you to drive worry free as long as you own your vehicle, included with your purchase. there's absolutely no additional cost. >> liberty for life gives you an engine warn warranty for a lifetime, oil changes for a lifetime, tire rotation force life, safety inspections for life, even car washes for life. now, you will be automatically enrolled in our lifetime higher protection plan. most important, guaranteed automotive credit. guaranteed automotive credit. you heard me correct. >> this is a liberty ford offer available now during the giant dealer authorized liquidation. call the number at the bottom of
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the screen to register for the event and get guaranteed automotive credit. pick up and call 1-800-848-1000 now. it's free. >> call 1-800-848-1000 now. our helpful credit advisory will answer your call. you will be able to select from hundreds of available new fords and pre-owned vehicles. choose from lexus, bmw, honda, infinity, acura, toyota, cadillac, even jaguar. our storage lots are packed and packed as tight as possible and with new vehicles on the way, we must make room. do you want to save money? do you need a car? don't miss this wall-to-wall inventory liquidation event. absolutely no reasonable offer will be refused. certain unreasonable offers may be accepted. experience saving up to 60% off original msrp.
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megan, you're talking with what looks like very satisfied buyers. aim right? >> you bet. let me ask this lady. what do you think of the giant automotive liquidation event? >> you've heard the expression everybody needs somebody sometime, take my word for it, it's true. i got laid off, never saw it coming, fell behind on my bills, pretty much screwed up my credit. i'm working fa at a new job and can afford a new car. but i don't get automotive financing before till i came to liberty ford. my monthly payment was very affordable. it's easy and i was treated with respect. if you have past credit problems, believe me, they can help. i tell all my friends, come to liberty ford. >> all she had to do is make one simple call to 1-800-848-1000 and he she was approved for financing at liberty ford.
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you can be approved here, too. >> jerry springer here. every day i talk to people with problems. if you have problems buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, don't call me. call the folks at liberty ford. liberty ford is the place for instant automotive credit. at liberty ford, you will get $5,000 guaranteed for your trade. plus, liberty for life savings, all free for life. got a problem getting a vehicle in call liberty ford randallstown now. >> excuse me, sir. what brought you here to liberty ford? >> the savings, of course. i shopped many other dealers around the beltway. dealer after dealer kept telling me i was upside down, i owed more than the car was worth. i got here, liberty ford paid you have my trade in full, even though i owed a lot, and put me in a new ford for less than i was paying. don't make one more payment on a car you hate. tell them to give you the same deal they gave birdie, and you will be very happy, believe you
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me. >> i encourage you to think big, big as in $95 million to lend, big as in rebate and discounts up to $14,000, which means you can drive away with no money down. big as in zero percent financing. that, over the course of your loan, could save you more than $11,000. big, as in ford dealer authorized liquidation. some vehicles will be sold at below-dealer cost, and when you buy any new or pre-owned vehicle, you will automatically be enrolled in our liberty for life program, which entitles you to a lifetime warranty at no extra cost and guaranteed automotive credit. understand this, with liberty for life, when your factory warranty runs out, you will still be covered for as long as you own your vehicle. liberty ford in lain dalestown is -- in randallstown is one of the mid atlantic's fastest growing ford dealerships because
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they stock more new fords in the area and sell everyone of them for much less. we'll beat any competitor's price by $500 or we'll give you the car free during this dealer authorized liquidation event, you will save even more. when you call to register, you can get guaranteed automotive credit even if you've been turned down by other dealers. 1-800-848-1000. pick up the phone and call. you will get a $10 gas card with your credit approval. just announced, consumer reports rated four vehicles ahead of toy owed, lexus and mercedes benz as some of the best built cars in the world. no longer do you have to pay luxury car prices for world class cars and trucks made right here in america. american' built cars and trucks now compete favorably with the best of the best. during this liquidation event, you can drive one with no money down. just sign and drive. it's that simple. if you want a new car or truck
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and want to save big money, call 1-800-848-1000. it will be one of the single most important calls i've ever made. you have my word on it. this event is about price and selection, the vehicle you want at a price you can aford. don't make one more payment on that car you're driving now. push it in, pull it in, tow it in, get it into liberty ford and get a $5,000 guaranteed trade alallowance even if it doesn't run, for almost any car or any truck. just get it in, incredible but true. i ask you, do you know any other dealer anywhere who can deliver what liberty ford delivers, including liberty for life? simply put, liberty ford gives you more. >> i got lucky. i turned on the tv the other day and started watching this program. i had been out of work or a while and got behind on
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payments. i didn't think it was a big deal, but apparently it was. i needed a new truck for work, but when the dealers looked at my credit report, they shook their heads. not here, i made one call, got $5,000 for my truck that had more than 200,000 miles, i was approved for credit on the spot. but i got more. i got liberty for life. now i drive worry free for as long as i own my truck, and that's going to be for a long, long time. i can't believe all my oil changes are free, and i can't believe my tires are covered from any road hazard. >> if you have been turned down for automotive credit by other dealers or offered you credit with a high finance rate of 19%, 20%, 23%, make the phone call nowvment you see, we have more than $95 million to lend and that's a lot of money. come on, get your share of our very low rate, a low as 0%. at liberty ford, we stock the area's largest inventory of
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ford, an outstanding selection of pre-owned cars, trucks and suv. >> jerry springer for liberty ford randallstown. liberty ford wants you as a lifetime customer so they're giving you liberty for life. you get engine warranty, tire protection, oil changes, tyrotakes, safety -- tire rotations, safety inspections, all at no cost and guaranteed credit. call now, liberty ford, randallstown. >> the big difference between liberty ford an other dealers is here you get the liberty for life warranty at no additional cost, plus, with our low liquidation price and highest trade-in alallowance, imagine, a full factory warranty and liberty for life both at no additional cost. drive for as many miles as you want, you're covered. if you're a contractor, plumber, farmer, landscaper or
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electrician, during this ford dealer authorized liquidation at liberty ford, you will choose from hundreds and hundreds of tough, dependable ford trucks and vans, all at low, low liquidation prices and every one comes with a full factory warranty and the liberty for life warranty. imagine how much you will save with our low liquidation pricing and our long-term engine warranty and no extra cost for oil changes. it could be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. come see for yourself while savvy truck buyers buy only from us. >> before you buy anywhere else, ask another dealer if their cars come with lifetime engine warranty, oil changes for life, safety inspections for life, tire rotations for life and car washes for life, and a lifetime tire protection program. ask if they guarantee you automotive credit, then ask for a low liquidation price. i know what you will here -- no, no, and no.
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but during this special event at liberty ford, we'll say yes, yes and yes. >> the only thing that's stopping you from sitting behind the wheel of a car like this is a phone call. so 1-800-848-1000. credit specialists are standing by waiting for your call. >> the call is free and confidential. you will be treated with the utmost respect and can be approved for automotive credit. go ahead, pick up the phone and call, 1-800-848-1000. >> i assure you, this will be the single best call you will ever make because at liberty ford, we finance your future, not your past. air credit approval center is open 24-7, so if you call today, you ride today. the single goal of this telecast is to inform the buying public of the easiest way to obtain a car or truck and the lowest financing available. you will learn for liberty for life which offers lifetime prosteeks on new and pre-owned
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vehicles. a special intent toif act now, we'll make your first two payments on your car or truck, meaning you drive free for the first two month. >> jerry springer, you've heard what we have been saying. liberty ford can get the job done for you. give them the call. doesn't matter if you want new, pre-owned, good or bad credit, liberty ford is waiting for your call. here's more. >> i just finished school and starting my first job, so reliable transportation is pretty important to me. i came to the sport event looking for a late model, low mileage, pre-owned vehicle i could afford. at liberty ford i saw pre-owned cars for under $5,000, everyone else wanted $15,000 to $20,000 for cars i liked. i found less than i was looking for and paid $5,000 a day. the low-cost liberty for life warranty means i will be driving worry free forever. this is my first car. i'm excited about it. they took good care of me here.
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i think i'll get my next car here, too. >> this is a dealer authorized liquidation of new ford cars, trucks, suv's as well as hundreds of pre-owned lexus, toyotas, mercedes, even jaguars. all must be liquidated immediately. all comes with a full factory warranty and every used vehicle comes with the liberty for life warranty at no extra charge. we have 0 pi financing -- financing available which could save you thousands and you the customer get a rebate. we offer a $5,000 guarantee trade allowance even if your trade doesn't run and automatic guaranteed credit. during this event, no credit rejection. starts with a free phone call and your new or pre-owned vehicle comes with a liberty for life warranty at no extra charge including an engine warranty for
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life, oil change force life, tire rotation force life, safety inspections and car washes for life and a lifetime tire protection program included and guaranteed credit. we'll pay off your trade, mo matter what you owe. come in and all our tow toll free credit approval hot line at 1-800-848-1000 right now. currently, we're experiencing a strong demand for quality late-model cars. we need your trade, so we're willing to offer you up to 125% of kellie blue book value for your trade. we'll give you cash on the spot for your car even if you don't buy one of ours. here's what you should expect and nothing less -- one, to be
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treated with the utmost respect you deserve, two, to receive guaranteed automotive credit, three, to get the exact price you wish to pay and not one penny more, four, to get a new liberty for for less than you're paying now, five, to be able to buy with no money down, six, to save thousands with 0% interest-free financing, and, seven, a total buying experience second to none. if you want a new car, if you need a new car, then head straight to liberty ford on liberty road in randallstown. liquidation pricing must end soon. 0% financing won't last forever. if i told you, you could be driving a new liberty ford by about $5 a day, would you call right now? then pick up the phone and call 1-800-848-1000. you can drive out in a new ford for about $5 a day. >> let me tell you something, if you've ever had a credit
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problem, you know the difference between good and bad credit is the way that you're treated. tell me, brian, how was your experience at liberty ford? >> well, if a dealership thinks you may have bad credit, they will spend very little time with you, am i right? it wasn't that way at liberty ford. i was treated with respect, approved for automotive credit, a low payment, liberty for life warranty with no mileage limitation. i ask you, why would you buy anywhere else? if you want to save big money, make the call like i did, you won't be sorry. nobody treats you like liberty ford and no one saves you more. >> jerry springer for liberty ford randallstown. if you need a car, call liberty ford now. liberty ford is the place for instant automotive credit. at liberty ford, you will get $5,000 guaranteed for your trade, instant credit approval and liberty for life savings including engine warranty, oil changes, tire protection and more. all free for life. that's a deal you can't beat.
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1-800-848-1000 now, liberty ford, ran -- randallstown. >> that pretty much says it all. the liberty ford philosophy is simple, more for less every day. better prices, better service, never any gimmicks. special discounts for state and federal workers, military personnel, firemen, police, teachers, senior citizens and all union workers. show us proof of i.d. and we deliver what we promised. the lowest price. with truckloads of fords coming in, we have to make room. we're under ford authorization to liquidate immediately with little regard for profit or loss. we have been instructed to accept all reasonable offers without exception. you've never bought this way before. to accommodate an expected buyer demand, we'll be open late every night. an unprecedented event, your
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credit is garn teevmentd zero turndown. past credit problems are in the past -- bankruptcy, divorce, chargebacks, late payments, medical bills and first-time buyers, doesn't matter to us. a you will get a lifetime warranty with the purchase of any new ford or pre-owned vehicle. it covers your engine life, lifetime oil changes, safety inspection, tire rotation, even free car washes, and, now, also, the lifetime tire protection program. during this special automotive liquidation savings event we're offering a $5,000 guaranteed trade for any vehicle, regardless of condition. push it in, pull it in, tow it in, just get it in to liberty ford for a $5,000 guaranteed trade-in. there is absolutely no need to drive all around the beltway looking for a great deal. during this authorized
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liquidation event, our best deal and your very best value is in randallstown at liberty ford on liberty road, home of liberty for life, a lifetime warranty on new and pre-owned vehicles. we offer guaranteed credit. when we make a deal, we'll pay off your trade no matter what you owe. >> give me liberty or give me death! give me liberty or give me death! >> don't let another minute go by. make a call that will change your life for the better, 1-800-848-1000. call now and get a $10 gas card with your credit approval. >> remember, the call is free and can confidential. you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. right now, you can get guaranteed credit and liberty ford. we have 0% financing, more than $95 million to lend, and you, the customers, get the rebate.
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it doesn't get any better. if you're a butcher, baker, candle stick maker, if you have a job, during this dealer authorized liquidation event going on at liberty ford, you can drive the new car of your dreams. i personally invite you to visit my friends at liberty ford on liberty road in randallstown. mention you saw this program and you will receive this 30-piece emergency roadside safety kit just for filling out a credit application. you will want to take this emergency roadside emergency kit with you at all times no matter where you go. it can save your life. it's free. consider it a thank you for attending our giant liquidation savings event. people all over maryland are saying give me liberty or give me debt! hundreds and hundreds of people responded to this liquidation event. buyers from everywhere, they come here to get guaranteed
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credit, where all you need is a job, pay stub or proof of income. it's that simple. >> zero down, zero interest, and virtually zero turndown. it's really just that simple. the dealer has specifically authorized the liquidation. you will save money. the goal, to sell our entire new and pre-owned inventory immediately. these new and pre-owned vehicles are available to the general public, some below dealer cost, some up to 60% off. register by phone for this special automotive savings event by calling 1-800-848-1000. the over the phone application takes only a few short minutes. you will talk to a knowledgeable and friendly loan officer on site. their sole mission is to get you approved, get you the financing you need, that you deserve. the only thing keeping you from the drivers seat is the phone call to 1-800-848-1000.
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some cars will be sold under $5,000. choose from ford, lexus, bmws, mercedes, cadillacs, hondas, toyotas, nissans and jaguars. we have $90 million to lend now. you can make the automotive deal of a lifetime. we offer a $5,000 guaranteed trade. so push it in, pull it in, tow it in, do whatever you have to, just get it in to liberty ford for a $5,000 guaranteed trade. remember, during this event, everybody rides and nobody walks. because liberty ford is the walking man's friend. time is running out. ford dealer authorized liquidation pricing may be withdrawn at anytime. 0% financing could disappear. i encourage you the act right now. call now, get your loan approval i.d. take advantage of 0% financing. get a rebate. we will get you approved. if you're looking for the automotive deal of a lifetime, take my word. this is it.
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pick up the phone and call our loan approval specialists at 1-800-848-1000 for your loan approval i.d. do it now. get a $10 gas card when you pick up your credit approval. >> all pre-owned vehicles will be offered at wholesale prices. the public with pre-owned prices starting at just under $5,000. these are late model, low mileage vehicles that are almost impossible to tell from new. imagine with this new pricing philosophy, how much more car you can drive for so little money. almost wholesale prices to the public are another example of getting more or less now at liberty ford. >> thanks for watching. >> say it with us. >> give me liberty or give me debt! >> we open early and close late monday through saturday. call 1-800-848-1000 for guaranteed automotive credit. pick up the phone and call now. >> tell them rich and megan sent
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you. >> that's our hoe shore food. thanks for your calls. what about you? you haven't called yet. you've seen the information, have the number and you're this close? do it. make the call that will get you a vehicle today. call liberty ford. i'm jerry springer. tell your friends the great liberty ford news, and thanks for watching.
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great is god [affirms] he is great and greatly to be praised yes indeed well i have an announcement to make spirit of
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god gave this to me on yesterday as i stood to greet the people there at east city and the announcement is simply it is a new day [affirms] it is a new day for every last partner of this ministry everyday prior to this day is considered old there's a new day as it relates to your bigger your faith your desires your dreams your aspirations it's a new day new mindset that you ought to embrace and enveloped yourselves in things that you once thought may not
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come to past are the very things that are coming to past [applause] ah man go back and again grab those prophecies that have been spoken to you over the years past all of those words and little comments that registered to you, you ever just had someone around engaged in some small talk and they would say something that would register in your spirit that would connect with something you've heard last week are you hearing what i'm saying to you go back and grab all of those things now see listen to me you've have to hear what i'm telling you, you can no longer sit there listen although that announcement was made unfortunately everyone
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will not participate in the announcement you cannot forgetful hearers you can't let these words just fall to the ground i see some of you with pens out and your writing some of you are not going to this cd some of you not going to get the dvd some of you not writing you're not being good students and stewards over the words that you are hearing and that's why the enemy can constantly snatch things from you and you have not placed those things deposited those things in your heart so you can see the manifestation of it the days of old relative to how you receive and how you've come into this setting they have to be over along with those old days if it's going to be some new days it's going to have to be some new things and so let me admonish you over and over


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