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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 18, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 "just watched a van pull out offthe citgo gaa station. a girl is riving it and herrdad is driving it out of the citgo gas "just watched a van pull 3 3 "just watched a van pull out of the citto gas station. a girl is driving it and her dad is drunk and he's in the passenger". and... a nine year old designated driver.the surprising person who ppt her in the driver's seat because they were too drunk to drivv. 3 33 - inner harbor today is tuesday, october 18th.
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3 p, map fiber map
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the search for ... 11 year old montgomery murdered last weeek.... is getting moreefocused. joel d. smith is here now to show us how his search has taken pollce from germantown... to north
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carolina, and backkagain. 3 paarice, this search is now making national news as investigators try to find williammmcqqain of geemaatown. for about 2 weeks. we want to show you now how this search has unfolded. it started in germantown, where jane mcquain was found ddad last wednesday in hee home. her car was missing, and amber alert for her son, the car was found inn north carolina thursday charlotte. there, - william'' step father, curtis lopez was arrested and taken into custody. áaccording to a warrant obtained by a charlotte tv station, in that hotel room, police found a credit card belonging to jane mcquain.... nnne 00 dollar bills, a bookbag and a purse. then over the last few dayssthe investigation haa returned to montgomery couuty. 3
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police have been in clarksburg, wiih search dogs in the woodssbehind an empty office builling, hoping for aaclue. then yesterdayy pollce moved to anothee location behind an offfce complex near i-270. nothiig has turned up yet, put police seee determined to area.nue their search in this - i can tell you that its not a hunch, aad its not a guess. itts based on investigative leads. lopez spent time in prison before. in dduphin county &ppennsylvania, 1987-2000 after crime. a friend of jane mcqqain says in recent weeks she was scared of what lopez might do. lopez has waaed his extradition hearinn, so he could be returned to montgooerr county any day now.
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but police insist, what's more impootant than that, is finding william . we now kkow theeidentity of phe woman foond dead in a dumpter... at a downtown apartment complex. complex.21-year ood emily hauze'' body was ounn at the botttm of a trash chute n sunday morning at thh park charles apartments.police beeieve she landed there afterr fflling throogh the chute.they say thhre is no evidence of fouu play. this isn't the first time that's happened there ... last august a 30 year old man fell at least 20 flooos through tte trash ccute and died.thaa incident was ruled an accident. but many residents say they cannt understand how this could happen... twice. they say the trash chute just isn't that wide. it."> police went aaound knocking on apartment doors ... asking tenants if they saw or heard
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&panything suspicious. meanwhile... ffiends are remembering emily hauze... a recent grrduate offloyola uniiersity.they want to know exactly what happened leading up to her death.the incident is still under investigation. 3 we have more inffrration on a peveeoping story out of fire broke out at aa apartment. apartment. flames broke out about 9-30 last night ... at the two-story complexxon thorndale officials say a 54-year oldd maa wasstaken to shock trauma... after he jumped from a second fflor window to escapeehe didn't suffer any burns buu at last check was took 40 firefighters to bring the flames under ccntrol. seveeal apartments sustained water damage.the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the man suspected in the disappearance of a maayllnd woman is waking up behind bars again this morning...after his attorney's fought for him to be released. garr giordano appealee an order that keeps
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his second failed appeal. police believe giordiano had sometting to do withhthe disappearance of his travelling partner ... 35-year fredericksburg.giordano maintains his innocence and says gardner was swept away while snorkeling. marylann's special essionniss headingginto its second day with a final vote on congressional redistricting. redistriccing.last night the state senate gave goveenor martin o'malley's plannto re--raw maryland's eeght congressional districts preliminary approval. re-districting is requiree pvery ten years tomake sure &prepresentee.governor qually o'malley's map preservvsthe state's two minority districts...including the one &pheld byccogressmaa elijah cummingss but reeublicans say the governor'sppan wouldd reduce maryland's g.o.p. membees of congress...from tww (governor) "i think he rrsponse to that is found in the vast majoriiy of others who lookeddat this map and found it to be fair aad balance" balanced." (pipkin) "there are three differenn maps that show you an create majority minority districts througgout
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&pthe state, preserve the rural parts of the state as well nd have a very compact and maps that make sense, the governor didn't doothat.. the sennte is expected to give its final approvaa this morning... sending the bill to the house of delegates. goverror o'malley says he support's a hike in maryland's gasollne tax. a blue-ribbon transportation panel rrcently recommended 15-cent increase in the gas tax over thrre years.the governor says some type of increase is necessary to help paa for rad and bridge repairs.but legislative leaders say raising the gaa sellto the public. (miller) "noomatter ow hard you explain it, no mater how much you talk about it to put people back to work, it's a quality f llfe issue, it'' an economic development issue, we're among tte most &pcongrested area in the whole united states, peopppe do not like the gas tax." tax." lawmakees will be briefed today on the options for raising the gas ttx.but no deccsions will be made until the regular session his wwnter. get ready for a showdown
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tonight.the eighth republican presidential debate of the pear is just hours awwy.greg black has a look at what to expect. 3 the tage has been set...and tonight he gloves will be off. seven republican presidential pandidates will debate tonightt &pin las vegas.that's one less phan usual.jonnhuntsman is boycctting the nevada debbte pushed itsscontest ahead of new hampshire's primary."the viability of new hampshire as the first primary state in america must remain a tradition.""he debate is also cain.he's been rrsing in man - popularity...and in controversy --catching heat for comments about keeping illeeal iimigrants out of the &pcounnry with a deadly fencce along the mexican's going to have barbed-wire on the top. itts going to be &pelectrocuted -- electriffed. and there's going toobe a sign pn the other side that says, 'it will kill youu'"he has since saad he was only joking. "i apologize if it offended anyone. mea culpa, mea culpa,
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mea culpa." a recent c-n-n/o-r-c poll finds cain nearly tied with frontrunner mmit romney for the distant third.if anything, the numbers prove that right now this issstill anyone's race. &p the iowa republican party ha made it fficial... its caucuses will now be held on tueeday, anuary thirdd.. instead offin february.the move comes after florida oved its primary to january 31st. iowa repuulicans say they had no choice but to move theirs up too... since iowa is the first state to hold caucuses. a colorado couple is facing charges....for leaving their baby in a car... to go gamble. the baby was discovered byya man named sammy kent... who was walking through the paaking ggrage... to get to his caa.when he looked over into the car next to hii... he was startled to see a baby &pinsiie. casino seeurity used the intercom to announce the license plate number... looking ffr the driver. kent says he was astonished by what
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"sheecomes walking out and she says, 'is there a probbem?' and i said, 'is this our baby in the car?' and the police offfcer says, 'yeah, is this your baby?' and he says, 'yeah.' and then he handcuffed her and put her in the car." car."police believe the baby was left alone in thh car for about an hour.the parents now face child abuse charges. walmart's layawwy prrgram has officially begun.customers can ccoose o pay the items .. - off between now... and mid- pecember.under thh plan... items must cost ore than 15- to spend at least 50-bucks at the store.there is also 5- dollar service charge for layaway.othee stores....such as toys r us... are also offering layaway for the holiday season. arrested at an "occupy" protest?there's an app for that.a developer hasscreated the app foo android userr... wwth one touch... it sends out instant messages to friinds,
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famiiy and your lawyer... if you ccoose... lettiig them know you're ff to jail.this might come in handy for the thousands of protesters &pcampaigning against corporate ggeed. coming up on the early edition... tired of ttose overage charges each monnh on your cell phone bill? bill?"it wasn't one particular phone call. it was multiple &pphone calls a minute hereeande therethe new changes cell phone carriers are implementing... toohelp keep wallet... ((breaa 1)) ((bump in)) 3 ((buup in))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map old court map 175
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3 &&p 3 3 still to come... rim is trying to tell it's
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customers " i'm sorry"... after the blackberrr blackouts last week.the services they're offeriig for free. free.then once you go over you get charged with for even i think nightly rates, weekend rates, all of the above." above." but first...paying out extta... for overage chargee... the new system aimed to stop that from happening... next.
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it's what every cell phone user dreads... getting their bill each month and the amount cllmbs higher and higher because oo overage charges... us... there's a new plan to ls - help people avoidda huge shock bill. --reporter pkg-as follows -- (nats)arlington, virgiina a lot f time on her cell wedding. when she wnt online recently she was shocked to see a more than 200-dollar monthly wireless bill (reporter: "that's almost be payinn, issthat right?") to - communncatiins commission calls it bill shock - when consumers triggerrhefty charges as they exceed heir cellphone lan."it wasn't one particular phone call. it was multiple phone calls a minute here and there. then onceeyou go over you get charged with
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for even i think nightly rates, weekenn rates, all of year found one in six americans hhd eceived higher than exppcttd wireless serviie bills. 7 ercent of ttem had unexpected charges of more than 10 dollars. 20 percent were more thaa a thousann dollars. fcc chairman juliuu genachowski ssys that has to stop."there's always been a simple technological solution to this. send out alerts, text &por voice, as a consumer is approaching their limits and let the consumer panage theirrbills."the fcc has been looking into the issueefor the last year and establishing a new mandatorr rule for wireless carriers. but under a new agreement peached with the industry, carriers will volunnarily notify consumers when they are getting close to exceeding -&& free text or a voice message.
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"the idea is for texting, alert bbfore you reach your n limit and once you've reached your limit. and for international roaming, you'll get an alert once you've gone international and yyu'll be rooming on the network." rolling out the free alert system within the next year... all four alerts must be operrtional within the next 18 months. "so tterr arr 4 alerts- one each telllng you are getting close to your limit for voice, text aad data, and a th alert for internntionallroaming. those alerts will beebott before and after your have exceeded your plln's total. lisa sylvester, cnn washinggon." straight ahead.... volatile economy...the latest retailee to fall ictim... and how many obs they're cutting. cutting.pluu... blackberry users are getting freebies. it's rim's way of making up for the outages last long you can cash in on their pistake. ((break 3)) 3
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apple sells more than four-s. and as liz macdonald explains... research in motion still trying to patch up a majorrmess-up. mess-up. &pa tale of two tech giants. apple seeing no shortage of ddmand for ii's latest i-phone...selling more than 4 million offthe 4-s model in ii's first 3 days on the at.meanwhile research in wice motion still trying to patch up a major black eye.the company hhping a month of free games and tech servvce will hell blackberry customees forgive them for last week's worldwide network failure.but news of that offer not helping the stock....down over ssx percentt in fact ost stocks taking a hit...hopes of a quick fix for the european
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&pdebt crisis hitting a sag.bu keep n eye...on i-b-m.after the bell on monday, the tech financial outlook for the restt of theeyear...big blue looking for big business spending. and a home improvement giant... &pclosing 20 stores in 15 states...cutting almost 2 thouuand jobs in the move.the retailer saying worries about consummr demand. that'' pusinnss. i'm liz macdonald. coming up... beaten....and starved... victims... held captive in aa filthy philadelphia basement speak out.the message onn of them has for thier captors... who held them in deplorable con. conditions.and the search for a missing germantown boy now reeurns to marrland. i'm his step father remains a prime suspect.
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of he d-c sniper sseaks out. how she mooed on 3 inner harbor 3


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