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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 19, 2011 11:05pm-11:35pm EDT

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diamondbacks. to win the world series over the yankees, against rivas. strike one poured in from jason motte. as schumaker takes over in right for berkman. motte has been virtually unhittable. this post season. he makes the play. on young. rocket to first. one out. >> tim: get the radar gun out. the throw to first base in the low 90s. i mean he throws a seed to albert pujols. >> joe: former catcher. he's got a great arm, obviously. can touch 99, maybe 100 on the radar gun. beltre. that's a foul ball. now they're not saying foul
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ball. out. the home plate umpire never made the call. right now they've got two outs on the board. >> tim: the famous play in 1969 world series. when earl weaver -- check it out. it sure looks like it hit his left foot. >> joe: the first replay looked like it missed him. >> tim: you know what, joe? a batter can't act that quickly. here it is on our unusual camera. it looked like -- i don't know. it did nick him. it did. a hitter cannot react that quickly. if he feels the ball quickly, he doesn't run the ball out. if he doesn't run the ball out, to me that is the best evidence for umpire.
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if he didn't see it. obviously, it was not seen from the field. just off the left toes. but you can't go down like that. you are not doing an acting job. your job to get on first base. nobody can think that quickly. >> joe: take another look and see if there is anything that lights up. off the tip of the show. >> tim: right off the toes. it's out number two. >> joe: that is right. a big bat is gone for the rangers. now two outs. one hitter -- >> tim: one hitter in the rangers line-up has two hits tonight. beg your pardon, ian kinsler also. one of the two just made an out. >> joe: here is a guy nobody
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could get out the las last out. wearing tiger uniform. nelson cruz. 1-1. six homers in that alcs. drove home 13 runs. cardinals are one out away from taking game one of the 2011 world series. the 1-1. ball two. motte didn't get his first save until 28th of august. cardinals went from one closer to the next, to the next, to the next. motte has the best stuff of all of them. strike two. >> tim: again, staying away from cruz. >> joe: a season that started with a blown save, game one of the home opener.
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it's taken to the new closer around here. >> joe: outside. full count. >> tim: good call by jerry layne, the home plate umpire. >> joe: cruz trying to tie it with one swing. or just get napoli to the plate. who has homered tonight. 3-2 pitch. fouled straight back. what a rip by cruz. >> tim: what a rip, and mistake. i think motte wanted to step away. came inside. you can see molina setting up a way, the ball drifting back to the middle of the plate. cruz misses.
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>> joe: chanting "let's go motte." >> joe: he throws a cutter, he throws a slider. nelson cruz the most feared hitter in the texas line-up right now. waits for the 3-2. and coming to get it to end the night is holliday. the cardinals win game one 3-2! [ cheers & applause ]
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>> tim: the last pitch, 3-2. a cutter. just off the plate. and cruz hitting it on the end of the bat. to left center to give holliday a chance to drift under it. >> joe: and the cardinals who crashed the post season party and just will not go away. lead this world series one game to nothing. the best play of tonight's game brought to you by the audi a-8. true greatness should never go unrecognized. just out of the reach of nelson cruz in right. the game winning pinch-hit single. for allen craig, and he is with ken rosenthal. ken? >> ken: thank you, joe.
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first and third, two out in the sixth. alexi ogando on the mound. tell me about the at-bat. >> player: he is tough. he came right at me with fastballs. i missed the first two. the last one i was trying to get the barrel on, the defense, make a play. and cruz made a great out. that was a great game all around. >> ken: what did you know about ogando coming in? how much video had you seen? >> player: a little bit. he confirmed that when i was in the box. he brings that up pretty good. he has great stuff. >> ken: talk about carpenter tonight and also the bullpen. >> player: carp, he does what he usually does. he was the leader out there tonight. went out there and threw strikes, got early outs. he led us tonight. great. >> ken: thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: thank you, ken. we'll take a break. we have more to come from st. louis. what a good start to this world series. game wise, well-played. tight. more like the regular season. better pitching. offense was down. in the end, the cardinals win
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>> chris: welcome to the world series post game show on fox. a chilly night, city of st. louis, cards take game one of the best of seven series. 3-2, your final. hi, everybody. eric karros, white sox world series championship catcher a.j. pierzynski, i am chris rose. e.k., in the pre-game show, one thing we talked about was the chess match between ron washington and tony la russa, not only how they use the bullpen but the benches as well. >> eric: a great
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illustration, bottom of the sixth. tony la russa got in an opportunity to drive in a run with his ball club. got a runner out of base. got allen craig. this is your one shot. you are going against alexi ogando. he has thrown two fastballs, this one and a fastball. allen craig drives in the runner. la russa's one shot, goes for the big one. allen craig, pays off. now ron washington, top of the seventh. he has runners out there. and he pinch hits craig gentry. i get that. then next, esteban german. he hasn't had an at-bat since september 25. no at-bats in the post season and you have yorvit torrealba on the bench, 4-12 in the post season. experience. you are carrying three catchers. that was an opportunity for ron washington to tie the ballgame. he wasn't able to do it. >> a.j.: you make great points about the bench. we talked about the bullpen and starting pitching and which would use the starting pitching. chris carpenter quality starts. six innings, two runs.
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we talked off-camera earlier, this was huge for the cardinals. why? they have their ace on the mound and he did it tonight. he was awesome. chris carpenter you stepped up big-time and got a win if the team and for the st. louis cardinals. tomorrow it's on jaime garcia to continue. if cardinals lose tonight, they are in serious trouble but they won. we'll have a great series now. >> chris: the bullpen was huge. five games came out of the pen. three scoreless innings, allowed one hit. a few moments ago, our ken rosenthal caught up with the new version of the beard in the 2011 playoffs, jason motte. >> ken: thanks. jason motte, first world series, first world series save. what was it like being out there on the mound? >> player: awesome and even better to get the win. just good, the fans were behind me the whole time. hear them cheering and going. let's go cards. i'm saying get out there, mike. same thing, go out and make the pitches. that's what i tried to do. >> ken: now, the at-bat with beltre. did you hit him?
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>> player: you know what? i looked at the ball to see if i got the shoe or the scuff or something, all i had was different on it. it looked on the mound hoping it didn't have anything else on it. but handed it to the umpire and he said no. good for us. >> ken: in the nlcs you only had to protect a one-run lead in one of your games. tonight, very tense. what happened here tonight? >> player: i don't think we look at it different if it's one run or no runs, one run or however many runs. we go out there and the job is not let them score. job is get people out and not let them score. for me and the bullpen, it doesn't matter how many runs we're up by so hopefully we'll do it by three more. >> ken: you are hot, jason. thank you. back to you. >> chris: thank you very much. not as scragglingly as brian wilson but as effective. nine innings in the post season allowed one hit, no runs. >> a.j.: is that the new thing? the closer -- >> eric: he is not the
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closer. >> a.j.: sorry. >> like you're going to hit fourth in the line-up but you're not the clean-up hitter. >> chris: look ahead 24 hours from now to the pitching matchup. colby lewis has been nails for the rangers the last two years in the playoffs. # 4-1, and er -- 4-1 rand era under 2.5 going against the left-hander jaime garcia. is this all on colby lewis? >> eric: it is and it isn't. he has given them the only quality start but more on the rangers offense. they have to put pressure on the st. louis cardinals. there with pressur -- there wasn'. they are taxing on the opposing team pitching staff. rangers have to be better offensively. >> chris: i agree. >> it's on the rangers' offense. the pitching was great. three run against this line-u line-up. the cardinals dominated them. they tried in the first inning. molina throws him out stea
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stealing. then play, and carpenter makes unbelievable play to keep them offbase. from there, they didn't do much other than napoli's home run. they have to find a way to play their game and get on base, put pressure on st. louis to make their bullpen work. >> eric: you know, you mention at the top of the show. three and four hitters for the rangers, hamilton and young, 0-8 tonight. >> chris: anybody else's teeth chattering right now or just me? throw the coats on, see you again tomorrow night. coming up next, except on the west coast is your late local news. join us again tomorrow night for game two of the 2011 world series. right back here in st. louis. our coverage begins at 7:30 eastern. 6:30 pacific. pardon me, 4:30 pacific. only on fox. promotional consideration paid for by the following -- for more information on tonight's game and latest in major league baseball news,
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log on to msn the favorite sports site. for joe, tim, a.j., eric, and the rest of the fox crew, i'm chris rose saying so long from busch stadium in st. louis. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ ttouble for maryland horse
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