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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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@@  sttdent is murdered at a party over the emotional interview with her mother... coming up. when that whistle blow let's be who we are areto the endzone he goes and its caught for the touchdown the ravens sweep the steelers in a down-to-the second long it's been since we've been undefeated against pittsburrh for an entireeseason. i'm so happyyhe's home...we've been waitiig so lo" baltimore.we meet the
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families...who've been waiting ... for their loved ones to come home. 3 3 - inner harbor today is monday, november 7th. 3 maps--iber-back to maps pls maps-fiber-back to mapp maps-fiber-back to maps pls
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a frostburg state university student is murdered at an off campus party... leaving the college community stunned. friends, family and fellow students remember a life lost. 3"singing" "singing" a school continues to mourn... after the loss of one of their own.hundreds of students came to a vvgil for 19-year-old kortneigh mccoy. voices rang over the brutal murder of thh e- college sophomore. students say.... n her time thhre, she left a lasting impact on the campus.... anddshe won'ttbe forgotten. kortneigh mccoy grewwup right here in baltimooe.we actually spoke one on one with her motter.megan gilliland is here
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with ooe on how she is coping with such a sudden and tragic l. according to mccoy's family... the 19-year-old frostburg sophomore was known on campus, for being a peacemaker.and mccoy's mother says her daughter was killed was for just that... around 1:30 sunday morning, mcccy says her aughter trred campus party... at shanee liggins house.police say piggins... who is also a student at frostburg... was kourtteigh outside.whhn police arrived, they founddkourtneigh lying on maple street...stabbed and with "frostburg is at a standstill beeause my daughter hha beee murdered, not because you did it!""it's definately a people have to be reeinded more than they already are" are"whill... a group of peeple washed away that blood stained street... frostburg's president at a news
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conference...tried to ease fears... calling the murder isslated. saying quote... we still consider this to be a safe community.megan gilliiand, fox45 morning news. to see more of karr mccoy's emotional interview... just go to our website, foxbaltimore dot com and click on raw news. and remember... all of our content on our website is free. this last death comes just two months after a bowie state university student was murdered. dominique frazier was stabbed to death inside her dorm room at owie state. it happened after an argument over music. fraizer's roommate....alexis simpson... is harged with thattstabbing. baltimore city police are searching for answers this mornnng... aftee a man was shot and killed in northeast baltimore. 3 it happennd on parkwood avenue... around 8-30 saturday night.when police arrived to the scene... they fouud a man in the back alley of bel air road... sufferrng from multiple gun shot wounds. the victim was transported to the hospital where he later died. died. anyone with information is urged to contact homicide detectives at 410-396-2100.
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"police offiier william h. torbtt jr. january 9th 20111" 2011."the baltimore ccty "fraternal ooder of police" honors officcrs killed in the line of duty over the last year. on sunday niiht... a crowd of family and friends them... william torbit... the officer killed by friendly fire at a baltimore city nightcclb last winter. "the family members of all three of those officers were here. so, it's aassecial time for them because they are getting over the death of their loved one and its an opportunity to meet some of tte other officers. officers..he memorial was held across from police headquarters downtown. 3 two enn state officials... accused of covering up an stepped down.they're accused of misllading a grand jury innestigating child sex abuue allegations....against a former assistann greg
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joe paterno says he was oach - already awaae offone alleged in. incident. former penn state assistant football coachhjerry sandusky was arrested ovvr the &pweekend -- accused of abusing eight boys from 19-94 to 2009. pead coach joe paterno sayy he alleged inappropriate incident involving sandusky at a penn state locker room shower. paterno alerted the school's athletic direetor.that athletic directoo.. and another school official &pstepped down late sunday nigh. a washington post columnist says if sandusky is convicted, &ppaterno should go.joe paterno, if thissis true, should step university...yoor responsibility as a person, not a football coach, is to prooect a what do penn state fans say?one says he doesn't see paterno leaving. you know whee everybody thinks about the athletic program paterno. and he's not involved in it, nottimplicated or anything..i think it is going to be a big non-event..just
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one bad apple.sandusky's attornny says the allegations have been tough on his client -- who saas he's innocent. jerry is very, very depressed...the knowledge that eventually proves his guilt or greg black reporting. i'm - 3& paterno says if the allegations are true... then everyone was fooled by sandusky -- ann he grieves for the victims nddtheir families. coming up oo the early edition... kids ... don't ry this at homem... how these átrainedá martial arts fighters took down a robber... as he held up a the surveillance footage of e the daaing tackle. tackle. 3
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so hoowlong will this high last for ravens
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fans? enough to get through the week? joel d. smith is live at panera in joel d. smith is week? through the enough to get for ravees fans?will this high last so how long will this high last for ravens fans? enough to get through the week? joel d. smith is live at panera in towson to find out. good morning jjel d.. what a ga! game!! (ad lib) not just aaout not just about a not just about a big win.... .for two not just about a 3 biggwin.... .for two playyrs, as bob mmrley would say, redemption..... fourth quarter... first torrey smitt has a chance for a game winning smith has a chance first torrey quarter.... fourth quarter... first torrey smith has a chance for a game pinning catch... but.... it outsttetched fingerttps... yet they go right bbck to him,
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on the other side of the field, and.... redemption!!! this is why they drafted him out of maryland... joe kkows all about the doubters, but he'' not one of them. joe flacco58 when you need to make a play, and make a play downfield, he's the best guy for that.... we went down field and it worked. harbaugh 29 92 yards in two minutes...... quarteback. this is a game for mmn you got to shine bright in this gamm, and nobody shined brighter than joe flacco in this game. after the game... 3 3 livv in towson, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news.50 couldn't be more prouu... 60 minutes... our guys have what it takes, proud of them. injury? 113 think that's when ozzie dropped me hold you up 3
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((ad libbmeteorologist)) 3 maps-fiber-back to maps-bs)) old court-back tt maps pls
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still tt come... who do youu trust to create jobs in our country?it's not lawmakers... and it's not economists.thh number one industry many are trusting to get america back on track. track.and ... you have to see it... to believe it.two &pmartial arts fighters thwart robber while he holds up a they talkeddhim ddwn... while áholddngá him down... next. ((bump out)) ((brrak 2)) ♪ when life gets busy... there are days where you want to give your immune system some support. try airborne. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs including zinc, echinacea, ginger,
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ii the movies, right?wrong! melissa mccarty explains how an accused robber got the surprise of his life... whhn ssmeemartial arts fighters stepped take him down. down. --reporter pkg-as follows -- brent alvarez nd billy denney martial arts competitionn.. training. heard he's got a gun nd he just robbed us. police say 31-year-old luis a 9 mm gun toward theeclerk at this korea town hotel demanding money on wednesday. after rosales put the gun in the duffle bag, he clerk ran
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up from behind, hhld down his arms and called for help.i wwnt over around him, grabbed hii, locked him up from behind... positioned him down. alvarez and denney are trained fighters who competed in the mma. they wrestled with the gunman for several minutes, guy thissisn't the decision you wanna make, let's make the right decision from here.let go of the gunn show me your hands, show me your hands, i had hii hands up but i had to hold the bag also so the clerk reached in pulled the gun out. the gunman kept trying to escape, pleaddng with the men. he needed the money fr his daughter.they used their seen hhre on security video... seen hhre n natshold him.nats seen here on security video... until police arrived.danger never really crossed my mind, we just knocked him out.but they held back, in trre hero
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form, they restrained him while telling himmlife isn't over- he'll have another chance to make it right. -----end-----cnn.script----- straight ahead... oklahoma is picking up the pieces afterran earthquake set.. .and how people are copin. copinggbut first...a recent poll asks who americans trust to make jobs in our country. who made the liss... on howwto put you baak to work. ((break 3))
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i'll have this instead. [ female announcer ] swap one thing a day for a yoplait light. with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. a baltimore man once held ccptive in libya... is back home.for the ffrst time... we're getting a first-hand account of matthew van dyke's experience ooer in libya.... and why his ission of frredom fighting... may not be over. & nats of "victory" walking up to caaeras!!proudly holding a libyan ffag... baltimore native, matthew vandyke, returned home last night at b-w-i thurgood-marshall
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airporr... to a crowd of friends, family and media. 47:23 it's ggod to be home. glad to be home 22 vandyke left baltimorr in february... uprisinngagainst moammar ime gaddafi's rule. but the 32-year-old says he told his girlfriend and mother he was going there to document the revolution, not be a part of it. 4802 you don't tell your mother that you're going to go fight in a war. so my mother &pdidn't know. my girlfriend didn't know 10 days after he arrived in libya... vannyke says he as fightinggwith other rebel soldiers... when heewas captured byygadaffi'ss army and thrown into tripoli prison.he spent six months in solitary confiiement... while back in the u-s ... his family along with statt and federal authorities... pleaded for his about them suffering and the e amount of time they waited but i new that they would understand 16 mom 00:24 i've told him all alonggthat i would support his decision because he's raised that when finish it and that's what he did 32van dyke eventualll
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escaped from prison in septembbr.but chose to stay in pibya until the revolution ended.4727 i'm glad that the job as finished. i wasn't going to leave untii gadafhi gone so i'mmhhme 35but it's not clear how long he'll stayy keepinnghis eye on the middle &peast... and preparing to figh again... in the next rab revolution. 52:50 there's a you know this is spreading. it's not like, it's the 21st century , authoritarianism is finished 00 when asked if his involvement in liiya maa have endangered other journalists theree.. vandyke says he never identiiied himself as a by the media. he is,,however, working on a book and documenttry about his experienne. new polllshowsswwo americans trust to create jobs in this country... and as seems the public's trust... isn't entirely in lawmakers. lawmakers. ((vo)) ammricans put the mostttrusttin the ideas
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and opinions of small-business owners on how best to create jobs, according to a new gallup ppll.((fssgraphic)) &p 79% of thoss polled said they have a ggeat deal or moderate amount of trust n &pentrepreneurs to create more pobs. 74% also putttrust in local business leaders. 57% said statt governors. and 56% saiddlocal government officials. ((oncam))baanes says" 55% trusted presiddnt &pobama the most on job creation. the president... speaking about the importance of mooe infrastructure spending to hell small companies."((vo)) he stumped for billions more of it as part of his $450 billion jobs bill at a bridge in wassingtoo. obama says: "smaller busineeses, they don't have a choicee they have to go across these bridges. when a major bridge that connectsskentucky and indiana was recently closed small-busiiess owner whose shop is nearby watched his
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two weeks. ."((oncam))barnes says: "but the senate voted doon the infrastructure piece of the president's jobs plan." &p((fs graphic)) finishii up the gallup list: 51% most 45% said executives at most trusted democratic &pleaders in congress...((oncam) barnesssays: "republican leaders nearly tied them. and just 40% most trusted federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. that's it for this edition of the small business report. petwork." barnes, fox business coming up... a virginia college studenttis bbing hailld a hero!the disaster he saved an elderly woman from. from.a frostburg state university studdnt is murdered at a party over the &pweekend.i'm megan gilliland, find out what led toothe tragedy... plus an emotional interview with the victims family coming up. up. 3q
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