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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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that's some bad hat, harry. fashion.. promoting an illegal . act.11:07:23 these kids are doing this more than their parents know bout it. it. the secrrt inside this bracelet.. that has anti-drug advocates warning parents. -------------------------------- death of pop superstar michael jackson. how long doctor conrad murray could go to prison... and the warning the judge gave to jurors abbut trying to make money off the case. -------------------------------- another day with high's in the - 60''.when rain could move into forecast. giving up the "hon" trademark as hollywood takes over hampden. the most difficult kitchen nighs nnghtmares how a celebrity chef
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is rebuilding a hampden reputaaion... and the first glimpse inside the new "cafe hon" thanks to the show "kittcen nightmares". a... mmn... is at shock trauma.../ ááshotáá several times... by.../ howard county police. police. officers sayy they were forced to shoot him after he terrorized a neighborhood and refused to drrp his weapon. weapoo. keith daniels, live in hanover wheee police opened fire.. keith. keith. jennifer... it's calmed down a lot here tonight.. but earlier this was a very active scene...... several patrol cars..... police with their guns pulled.....gunfire..... and no one inside these buildings really knew what was going on outside. it all unfolded t about 3 o'clock toddy.. just short distance away. away.
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it was a police ended withhone man shot several times. hooard &pcounty police say it all started in this hhnover avenue at mound street... someone called 9-1-1 after hearing guushots on the block. when police arrived.. they ssw a man alling with aa handgun.(mr. vaughn/neighboor "nobody likes a gunman in the neighborhood and we don't have that too often. accually, never thatti can remember around here. but it's a sign of the times." .........investigators say they oodered the mmn to drop phe weapon.. but e refused. they say he started walking down some railroad tracks.. policc followed. the pursuit ended in the industrial park on coca cola drive at hi tech driie.. behind a distribution business... where more police in patrol cars.. were waitiig for the suspect.(llewellyn) "tte confrontation took plaae in the parking lot herr in the industrial aree. .and ultimately the officers fired multiple shots attthe suspect striking him.."
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back in the neighborhood.. people hearddand saw the commotion.(brinkman/neigihborr "all the sirens, eard a couppe shots, but we really didn't think it was like gunshots or nothing like that, you know."(ms. clemmer/neighbor) "but if hees in a residennial neighborhood with a gun refusing to drop it, they don't have a whole lot of choice. i mean it's hard enough to be a police officer in this dayyand ge." (ms. clemmer) "i mean it's a shame somebody had to get shht, but there are children 3 tonight, police are working o learn the suspect's identity anddhis condition at the hospital. meantime, they saa no officers were hurt. live n hanover.. keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. aa.. frostbbrg ...state university.../ student.../ is held...without... bail...// ááaccusedáá... of... murder.../// 23-year-oll... / sha--nee... liggins.../ is... fatally stabbing...// court-ney... - mccoy....//// ááwitnessessá... say...// a...fightt.. broke-out...//
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at... an... off-campus... ááligginsáá... is... aacused of stabbingg../ ááligginsáá...// says.../ ooe... of 3--men.../ in... the fight.../ stabbed her.. 3"singing" "singing" hhndreds of students.../ filled this auditorium.../ to pay... respects.../// áásingingáá... and... tears.... / shared... // p by loved-ones...// of.... mccoy...///.áástudentsáá say.../ courtney... will... never.. be forgotten. courtney... mccoy...// spent... ámostá of her liff...// here./ ááannáá... is... a graduate ..../ iin.. orth baltimore...///. baltimore...///.áájaniceáá... pprk.../ has... reaction...// from... her.../ ááitsáá -'w...// you're...seeing...// first on fox. fox. jeff,kara mccoy says she's still in pisbelief...that it's her daughter that was stabbee.she did the interview ith that people would know ttaa her daughter was a peaceful person...and she believes it's theereassn kortneigh lost her l. liie. 3 "you know it's intuition...i couldn't sleep"kara mccoy's motherly instinct was around 2 am...that her 19 year
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old daughter kortneigh had &pbeen stabbed: stabbed:"my daughter is a ray pf sunshine to everyone she meets"mccoy says since herr daughter's days growing up in her days at frostburg...her daughter was a peaceful person.she believes her daughter was trying to break up the fight...that ultimately led to her death: death:"she went in it with the idea of creating peace...because that's what beautiful person, and whoever murdered her...doesn't know what a beautiful person she is" according to courr documents released today...mccoy suffered a 2-3 inch stab wound that penetrated an artery.friends say ttey held her .as blood covered the sttee. the days videos created by her friends have flooded the internet.and for a mother...still in disbelief... "we just had that discussion...we'rr supposed to bury our parents...not the
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other way around"mccoy says she isn't a vengeful pprson...and she hasn't thought much about shanee liggins.her thoughts are only about her little girl...who very nd: end:"but to see she's tooched so many people's livessin such a positive way, it does myy &pheart good... it shows she wa listtninggand that she cared" kortneighhs old classmates here at poly have used round evvryone at the highschool at the nd of the far...almost 300 people plan on attending. janice park fox45 news at ten. see... more of this interview... fox-baltimore dot com... slash raw news.../ &páájustáá like... all the other stories.../ on... our's... áfreeá across the nation,college campuses have seen a spike in
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violent crime in the past campus incidents... the victim knows the attacker. attacker. students at johns hopkinn university ááánowááá... she wassmurdered in 2005... the cause of deathh aaphyxiation... campuses are no strangers o violence. brandon malstom was fftally paak. brannon carroll was fatally shot.. and 19-yeaa-old kortneigh mccoy: fatally stabbed at frostburg state universityy dominique frazier waa fataaly stabbed with a pair of scissors in a dorm room t bowie state. and baltimore native yeardley love fatally beaten at uva. (former police officer/campus ecurity) ""everyone has to take some protection"stephen tabeling has ore then 4 decades of law (formmr police officer/campus security)"patrol officers should be aware of the neighborhoods thht border the
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college.. for people coming on the college campus" ucrime-dot-com is a website that tracks violence on college campuses. a quick look at umbc... for example.. shows.. there haae been no thhre have been plenty of assaults.. robberies &p a federal study f college - campus crime shows.. one-third of all atttcks on college campuses.. are related to intimate relationships. and ooe forth of the violent aatacks... involved non traditional weapons.. somethinggothhr then a un oo knife. meanwhilee. campuues have beefed up security during the past deeade... beetee lighting and more surveillance cameras: (former police officer/campus security) "students dont like that a lot of times.. they feel like big brothers watching em but its for their safety"still, cameras are no longer n optioo.. they are the norr. in balt kc fox 45 news at 10 the federal study that examined college campus violence.... ffnds the
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majority of aatackers were men...ranging in age from laayers.../ for... george huguely .../ will... get to... look at .../ yardly love's... mmdical record. records.huguely's... accused of killing... the cockeysville native.../ last year...//áábutáá his... attorneys say.../ she died... from... an... irregular heartbeat... / triggered... by... prescription... adderall.../ and... drinking alcohoo...//. áááisáá... trial... is set.../ foo february. 33 you... can,... sign--up.../ for the nation's... most popular crime website,.../ with over ...300- thousand... subscribers...//. ááit'sáá spot crime.../ ááandáá it's... available.../ áonlyá... at... foxbaltimore dot com. a... new bracelee...//// has... become.../ the new rage... in florida....//// ááandáá... baltimore county teachers...// are... being warned... to watch out for them...///. ááárimeáá and... justice reporter.../ joy lepola.../shows us its connection to drugs......and &pwhat parents need to look for 3 it's like a hot things... the - hippy stuff is really reaall in. a fashionable bracelet leads tt student suspensions. 11:05:11 it's got a little tube on the end aad it's got a
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bowl with a screennalleady built in and you can iterally smoke anything you'd like out offit. :19 itts a product that's caught teachhrs and parents off guard. audio only 10:57:54 if you're a parent there's no way thhre's nn way word is just getting out here at perry hall high school.. &p11:00:24 i call it a street drug update. whether ... you call it a bowl bracelet or &phookah bracelet ... this piec of jewerely has become high fashion. 11:06:35 if they have a bracelet and they want to get high it just mmkes it easier(jeff)13:02:34 not knowing i would never know it jeff otto has four girls i don't reallyyinterject my opinion in fashion . he admits... this could get by him. even more bothersome is how the product is being marketed.13:02:38 ttaa's discouraging that people are markeeing stuff like that to kids because you wouldn't know now that wood is hopes of keeping their ts in school's drug free.13:05:46 we should be able to sayyno that's not allowed on school property eally no argument about it. but some parents aague just because their children are wearing the brrcelet doesn't mean they are pot smokers. 11:07:23 thhse
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kids are doing this more than theirrparents know about it. for school systems... students are being suspended for wearing the bracelets.... is any trace of marajuana rrsidue found. a piece of 3 the company ... sellingg.. the bracelets.../ also... sells... nncklaces. 3&doctor conrad murray...taken away in handcuffs...after involuntary manslaughter... in the death of pop star miccael jn jacksoncriag boswell joins us craig... compared to the length of the trial... jurors did not take very long to come up with a verdict vvrdict the judge issued instructions to the jjry,
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telling them they had to this case or at least 90 on days. is it a given we're going tt see some deals coming out of tis for the jurors?
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craii boswell, live in l-a, ttanks ccaig. our mobile news subscribbrsswere among the first toolearn about the conrad murray verdict. you can sign up for breaking pews texts... and download the droid or get r your - started... go to foxbaltimoree dot com and look for "mobile" at top righthand cooner of the screen. &pbreaking news texts.. and the fox45 app are free. penn state... university... is... rocked by.../ a... sex scandal. former.../ defensive coordinator... jerry ps... accusee of... abusinn .../ between ...1994 and 2009--/// f... them.../ - from theecharity... he fouuded .../ to... help troubled youth...///. áátonightáá... police... encourage.../ anyone... who feels... like...// they... were.. a victim...// to... come " it is a case about children who have had their innooence
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stolen from them, and a culture that did nothing to stop it or prevent it from happening to others others athletic director... tim curley.../ ann... vice president... for finance and business.../ gary schultt... áressgnedá... last night.../// ááandáá are... charged with perjuryy..//// 3 iiwould run after them and try to get it back packthe cookie monters who stole money... from these girl scouts...///how much they stole... /// and the message the girls have for them i don't think i'll ever forret the word "hon" "hon" why gordon rammay says the kitchen nightmmrr in baltimore was the toughest one pe's ever done. the weather proolem that could give some drivers trouble tomorrow morningin my skkwatch forecast... [ female announcer ] at,
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֖֖֖֖֖here's never been a better time first... grand prix../ . could &pbe... the... last last the city... may terminate ....ts contract .../ if... the baltimore... racing development....
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fails... to paa back... the money it owes...//áátheáá depuuy mayor says .../ the... development .../ the.. contract....// - áátheáá... b--r--d.../ may... have to ... sell itsell.../ to investors.../// in... order to succeed. it's... one... of the most... costly.../ ááandáá... the... most secretive...//. áámelindaáá roeder .../ live... from the.../ state office... complex...// downtown .../// ááwitháá mmre... on hhw.../ state officials.../ pre... trying keep.../ certain ...public documents.../ under melinda? the state has a plan... to tear down this oofice ccmplex and replace it with a 1- and-a-half billion dollar development that will include office and retail space... even some housing.but the deall they struck with private developers s underrscrutiny. now it's the subject of a major lawsuit. and the state is reluctant to releese details of the deal. deal. 01:22:03"forget a legal standpoint, you would think government would have enough sense nowadays to realize that /if overnmeet is not being transparent, the average person on the street just assumes government is up to no good."under legal scrutiny, the process that ed the state
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to granttlucrative ddvelopment rights to a select few.a flurry of recent lawsuits prompttd fox 45 to file this freedom of information act request seeking details on how &pthe deal was made.questions &palso asked by several downtow business owners now suing the state for possible violation of procurement in response to our uery - the message aa clear.even though the project will cost the state hundreds of millions...they claim our request or public informatiin cannot be accomodated becuase they don't have time or the money to make copies.é a response that troubles some lawmakers.08:32:45"there is no transparency, i believe it &pneeds to be exposed"in ffct, the state has defied a judge's order to turn these documents over to plaiitiffs as well. "nothing, not a single piece of paper. not an email, nothing."now the state is even suinn them, an uncommon legal tactii.01:24446"if i were a judge, the govvrnment would be hard pressed to show me that this was not kind offbig brother using what power big brother has."it's a move legal
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could have a chilling effect on the right of the people to petition the government. 01:20:26"when you've ggt the government who urns aroond slaps you with a $100 million lawsuit, that can be very scary."and the plaintiffss agree. in couut filings they say it's an "unwarranted attempt"to discourage ""rottst state action."now all the parties can do is wait for the judge to make a ruling.01:16:38 "you need a judge wwo will run a tight ship so that lawyers on both sides know what's expected of them aad know they don't comply." 3 no word onight on what steps judge althea handy will to take to move he ase forward. but the state says they cannot begin any construction pere.... until the legal matters are downtown... mellndd roeder, foo 45 nees at ten join... our waste watch. ááifáá... you see gooernment waste../ áácalláá... ur hotlinee. 410-662-1456.
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ááoráá... go to fox-baltimore dot com. a fourth womann has come forward to accuse hermain cain of sexual harassment....and she ii publically.sharon bialek claims the republican presidential candidate made inapporpriate sexual advances when she soughtthis help 90's.this was back when cain - was president of the national restaurant association. bialek says: "instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached overrand he put his hand on my leg, nder my skirt, and reached for my genitals.bialek says: "i'm cominggforward to give a face and a voice to those women who cannot or for whatever reasons do nnt wish to come forward." the cain campaign ays the harrassment accusations are late edition at 11 meantime...// lawmakers... aren't planning.../ on... being on the job.../
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&p much... much... pongress.../ released ...its 20-12... schedule...///. áátheyylláá... work... 109 weekdays.../// nexttyear...////. year...////. ááthey'lláá... be... off...// for... 151 weekdays... // means... recesssdays.../ outnumber... work days .../ by... a.../ 3 to 2... margin...//./// margin...//./// áátheáá average lawmaaer .../ makes...// 174-thousand dollars.../ a ...year....// ...year....// ááthat'sáá... 1-thousand... 596 dollars...// for... every day.../ they're in sessionn here's... our... question of the day...///. ááareáá lawmakers....earning their pay? paychecks? here's.... our... faccbook page...///. ááyou'reáá... pretty clear... on this...// áájoináá the discussionn../ by....going to... facebook dot ccm.../ slash fox-baltimore see... all... our ssooies... about thh race... for the white house.../// baltimore dot com....///ááalláá stores... on our... website... are áfreeá baltimore city goes to the polls tomorrow... tommrrow...the mayor and city council are on theeballot. democrats utnumber republicans 9 to 1 in the surprises tomorrow......but ny -
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there re a few write-in candidates that could shake things up stay with fox45 news at tee for omplete election resslts. we will have live coveragee f the race for mayor......and e will have results of áeveryá race in the city updated on the ticker at the botttm of the screen. 3 ravens ffns can't get enough of this... versus steelers.../ áin....pittsburghá,.. /// áá4--tháá... quarter... / áátheáá ravens ...are down .../ 20-. 20-to-16.../. with... 16 seconds... left in the game.../ áájoeáá... flacco... trusts ... toorey smith... to cooe up ...with theefinish ..//. ááandáá he does ... //// touchdown!áátheáá ravenss.. win.../ in... dramatic fashion... /// áábeattngáá... the... steelers...// 23... to 20...//. áátteáá celebrations... on the field.../ were... great to see..///.áábutáá celebrations... t home.... actually... caused.../ iq: that was me i brokeemy coffe tableoq: fell asleep during the game game iq: i was up at the
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joe flacco... will tell you... about his.../ trust... in torrey ...toniggt &pinnsports unlimited...////-áá hear ...from torre smith - /// áátheáá man... who made the game-winning catch - /// in...// our... coors light... silver policee../ are... looking...// for... two suspects .../ the... "cookie mmn. monsttrs".bowie police say these two men stole a cash box that belonged to a girl scout trrop last week. the ttooppwas selling cookies ii front of a wwlmarttwhen a man asked hhw much the cookies were, then rabbed the cash box and took offf a witness then chased the man iito the back of the building until anothee man said he would help, but instead of helping..
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into the woods. tonight the girlscouts have a message don't steal theegirl scout cookies because its a rule for &pthe girr couts to not let th money get stealed. give us money.thh thhives got away with 200-dollars worth of girl scout money. hollyyood is in hampden tonight. tonight.chef gordon ramsay and his "kitchen nightmares" team renovvted cafee onnthe new look was revealed at a dinner service just a few hours ago. ago.candace dold met up with chef ramsay to ive us a sneak . peek. pameras are rolling . people are waiting in lineand inside cafe hon...sot ramssy 22:29: taking place in therean old tradition down-de-avenue has a new look... look...sot 20:22: i love it.. to be changedsot 12:44:the
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chips were awesome, i ove the old bayyven t siizle is feeling the vibe...sot 14:22-i like the whole decor of the place. the ld schooo feel to ittheehigh praise for cafe on during monday's dinner service comes after chef gordon ramsay and his kitchen nightmares team revamped the restaurant for an upcoming episode. he knew it was in need f despprate help after owner deniss whitingg trademarkedd the term "hon" sparking controversy.55:23-wwen you think about what hon fest does and what the word hon means and how glam googeours and warm and welcoming it should sttnd for, its not something that one individual should cash in on with chef ramsay's insight, enise decided she would relinquish the trademark sot: denise :41- it was never mine to own... its something this mondayynight, it seems again...natss20:35-im happy for denise-its very exciting for her chef ramsay says hh's put in a lot of hours to see
10:27 pm
the people smile...sot ramsay 223:16-::its been a hard week...he admits this was a found in murlin. sot 24:19-i forget the word hon..okay hhn....sot denise :03-its balwmer hon and we say it from the bottom of our hearts the episode is scheduled to air in 2012. hear everyyhing gordon ramsay said todayits posted on our website... fox-baltimore dot it was warm and sunny today... but drivers are going to have to be careful tomorrow morning meteorologist emily gracee joons us wwthhyour first look at your skywatch forecast... emy emiiy 3 3 a deer apparently gets hungry
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and plunges through the window of a restaurant.the surprise he gave restaurant-goers and empllyeee. 'frederick county is not going to be a safe hhven for them." them."fighting back agaiinst illegal immigranns.the strong steps one county is takkng to ensure illegals get deported. coming up in our cover story....
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3 l?l?l?qyyyy
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♪ if i should fall from grace with god ♪ ♪ where no doctor can relieve me ♪ ♪ if i'm buried 'neath the sod ♪ but the angels won't receive me ♪ ♪ let me go, boys, let me go, boys ♪ ♪ let me go down in the mud where the rivers... ♪ [ female announcer ] when you're responsible for this much of the team, you need a car you can count on. ♪ in... the fight... against.../ illegal...immigrants....// &p ááoneáá sheriff... has taken.../ a... different approach .../ than... most of his.../ marrland couuterparts. p he's decided to enffrce the law.tonight megan gilliland brings us the story of how sheriff charles jenkins uses a federal aw to stem the tide offillegals. illegals. 10:04:28"this is a fooum for everybody, and you can get their opinion even if they don't agree with me"10:04:33
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pnside the wtmills barbbrshop in frederick, ddbate is fierce - opinions sharp as the scissors of arber and owner waller mills. 09:53:50"if they disagree, that's wholesome and healthy"09:54:02but amidst all the discussion there's one topic that seems to unite 10:09:58"we're a proud people, we really are, buu when you bring someone else in wwo is doing something illegal that just makes you think where have we gone?10:10:04in this town of 60,000, the contoversy taken on a decidely different tone than moot maryland, dealing with pllegal immigration is seen as a simple mmtter of law. 09:11:53"illegal means illegal" it's a philosophy that has driven in part by arthimetic 09:13:400we could be spending up to $28 million, just on ouu
10:33 pm
but also a communal belief that laws should be enforced. the rule of law, i believe this about what america stands ccunty sherriif charles t 3 jenkins enrolled his agency in a federal program known as 287(g) in 2008. a federally funded effoot that allows local law enforcement to help homeland security deeoot illegals08:10:25"it'a all about your priorrties" 08:10:27 08:11:10'frederick county is not going to be a safe aven &pfor them."that makes frederii county the only marylandd partcipatts in a progam that th has deported tens of thousands illegal immigrants acrooo the country this year alone. 08:05:03"ice as we know it does nnt have the resources tt dd it alone, so inneffectt under 287 we are an extension of ice.detainees suspected of being here illeeally are taken to this special holding section before being tuuned over to federal immigration officals.since the county joined the 287 prrgram over 900 fredrick illegals have
10:34 pm
suspected gang members.08:12;03 "we are seeing major drug traffickkng up the east coast much of it from the booder states08:12:08but it's not just the fear of gangs that has prompted sheriff jenkins to work with the feds.this is the frederick town maal. once a bustling retail destination ffr county shoppers.10:05:54 "itts like a decayed deeerted wastland... a decline that residents blame in part on illegal mmigrants who congregate in the parking lot. 10:00:34"that's why i think blight quicker than other malls would have"10:05:42 still, in tte heart of frederick's hispanic community, residents are sherriff is profiling.11:50:52 "the would confuse me with just another immigrant, stuff that i don't' believe theyy woulddask american people 11:51:01a us citizen by birth put also hispanic, lundy garcia worries that latino residents are being targeted regardless of their
10:35 pm
immigration status.11:56:00 "theyyjust aasume, they just people here, we're just different"back aa the barber shop, the debate conninues. 00:53:41"therr are some liberals that came here thht would find i would be wrong"a spirited give ann take ovvr who should stay...or go...a discussion that mills says is at it's heart truly american. 10:02:31"everybody has a right to their opinion, and that's what makes this a great countrr and why everybody want to come here10:02:37 some of the iilegals deported by the sheriff are actually back to frederick coun. county. the sheriff ... says.../ roughly... 130 people.../ who... he deported ...// returned, .../ ááonlyáá to... 3 "i don't like looking at this ravessjersey right now... i'm about to vomit vomit...and that... was the ániceá stuff jjff heard... in pittsburgh...the other things &phe was told by steeler fans... later on fox45 news at ten that deer....didn't have
10:36 pm they got rid of it... afttr the break 3 thousands in connecticut enter
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10:38 pm
tthir second week wittout power... orrheat.thatt halloween wwekend snowstorm
10:39 pm
knocked ouu their electricity. tte state's largest utility missed their own deadline last night to estore powee to 99 percent of their ustommrs. getting fustrated... paul says: "this is unbellevable. i've never seen we had category four nd five hurricanes. i never went this long without power." power."the utility company says about 6-thousand of the ootaggs in the state are new they estimate it'll be at ..... least wednesday before everyone has ower. after ... just... a few hours ...behind barr..../ áálindsayáá... lohan's... aafree woman. woman.the actress.../ in.../ - to ...a detention center.../ in california... last night..../ reeeased... about... 5---ours later.... áábecauseáá... of... jail overcrowding...///. ááseenáá here.../ in court .../ novemeber 2nd..../ áálohanáá áwasá... to serve... 30-days.../ for... violattng probation. an... atlanta... restaurant.../ got.../ an... unlikely customer .../
10:40 pm
sunday. sunday.take a llok at this leap through the gllss at the front of the runs off, thenncomes arouud a corner and startlls an employee.when the employee runs outside, the deer takes off into theeparking lot.the deer wasn't hurt, he was just looking for the drive thru. 3 3 3 3 "if i would have kkown he waa
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a raven's fan, would have thrown him off mount washington" washington."harsh words for jeff barnd in pittsburgh.... how he survived in "steeler" territory yesterday..... wearing a ravens jjrsey. e-book lovers watcc out.the new scam that's plaguing the online book industry and putting your ersonal informmtion at risk.
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trish uses aetna's personal health record to track her kids' immunizations, get lab results, see her family medical history, and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy. even on the go. see for yourself, ♪ aetna. know more. get better. sick.yoo take him to the doctor, and the doccor writes a prescription.(?)sound familia? pediatricians write more than ttn million áuunecessaryá antibiotic prescriptions every year. researchers founn docttrs prescribed an antibiotic in nn f five &ppatient visits. and they sayythose antibiotics
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may kill mooe good bacteria than bad and can set a child up for antibiotic resistaat pacteria down the road. as new e-readerssand tablets become mmre popular, so do s e-books. that's.../// made them... a new targee.../ for... scam artists...///. áácarrieáá peirce... teels you.../ what... to watch .../ tonight's word on the web. - 3 holiday shoppers listen up... a warning tonight from thee better business bureau.... bureau.... a neww cam is targeting this books. the b-b-b says stick with e-booo sellers and authors you already know, no matter how áattractive a deal unfamiliar, do a search to see what other books they've written, if any. scammers can fill e-books wiih useless, poorly written information. even áworse, some of these e-books can have malware attached, designed to snag credit card information.the b-b-b also advisee never clicking on links inside an e-book unless its been
10:48 pm
purchased from a site you know and trust. trust. if you think áyou've been with the customer service ag - department where you've purchased the bookk and don't be afraid to ask for a refund. i'm carrie peirce and that's your word on tte web. 3 .torrey smith with the catch of his life....ow he nearly post the ravens a victoryy.. next in sports uulimited... what's it like to wear purple pride in pittsburgh when the ravens come to townn for a re-match? scary... &pattempt at pittsburgian an parastyoka... canndo to a man
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible. happened 24 hours ago,,the
10:51 pm
whole region ii still buzzing about the ravens stirring pictory over the rch-rival steelers sunday night...any time they beat pittsburgh, it'sd very big dealand it's the way they did it that had excitied...o excitied....- it was not a good night for torrey smith...his holding penalty brought bbck a long rry rice touchdown run, and late in the fourth quarter, hee dropped an apparent ttuchdoon in the end zone...but he hung in there, and four plays later, made the gam,e winning touchdown with just 8 seconds on the clock...and despite torrey's troubles, joe flacco didn;'t think twice about throwing to him... 3
10:52 pm
.and remeber to tune in onn thursday night for the coors lighh silver spotlight... lardarius webb talks about the big win and looks ahead to ssattle... .we'll hearrfrom the ravens on flacco's demeanor on the fiial dan duquette isn't exactly andy macphail's replacement...and greivis vasquez joins other nba stars in a pickup game at a baltimore high school...that's poming up at 11-30 on the late edition... yesterday.... jeff wore his purple jersey thru pittsburgh on gameday. the steel
10:53 pm
with black and gold. gold. ááiáá... did ii... toosee... if a actually survive.../ - in... enemy territory...///. áádon'táá worry, we bleeped... a lot of stuff.../ out. 3
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"i'm happy that i won. i'm glad i found it in time." time."thh unusually long amount oo time it took this lottery winner to claim his cash.... and why he almost missed out. minutts on the late edition... p-car crashing--- craahing--- a storm chaser in a an who was following a funnel cloud ended up p..upside downnin a ditch. p3 aad running to paydirt.why this touchhown run during a pigh school football game...was so special. what's the one best thing about vacation on the gulf? the great outdoors in mississippi. our seafood in louisiana. our beaches in florida. alabama beauty. choosing between them might be tough. but everyone agrees, the gulf is vacation at it's best.
10:57 pm
and we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. so come on down to mississippi. louisiana. florida. alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters, and we're 100% open for business.
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esman? a.../ u-p-s... driver.../ buys aa.. powerbbll ticket... in may.../ and... foogets about it. it.just last week he looked through a bag full of old tickets and realized he won! won!michaae halmon bought the winning lottery ticket at a 7-11 in clinton, maryland six months go.he set it aside and until a store clerk mentioned thaa he might have been a winner.he checked it out..... .... and sure the surprise of his life. "he said you have this number and you won $200,000. i said man you kidding me. you got to be kidding. you serious?" halmon says he'll use the money to pay off some bills and help his daughter go to college.the maryland lottery says if halmon


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