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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 100-thousand dollar salaries... paid for with your taxxmoney. the high paying eecape public scrutiny. and... they''e camping out áright nowá... for the premiere of tte latest twilight many more line.they'll have to spend in 3 3 veteran's day.y, november 11th.3
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3 first on accusation inside a baltimore city school. the victim is just 12 years
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old.the alledged ttacker... is another studdnt.megan gilliland ii live in west where it happened. happeneddgood orning patrice, we're live at... harlem park elemeetary and middle school. the victim here is a 12 year old irl.. in the 7th grade.we talked to her and her mothoer... mothoee...this morning...we're names or showing he girl's face to protect her identity. but as we sat in their living says she s still in mother howwher daughter was raped on october th she says itt happened inside a classroom... during school hours. "he rabbed her by her arm, he ssid if she didn't have sex with her...he'ddcut her in her throat... "i just was scaaed at the time and wwsn't going to say anything" anything"her mother believes her child'ssschool failed her... and brushed the rape aside..he school did send her
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a letter...saying they are hhndling the case with the upmmst caution and respect....offering to ppace her daughter in a separate classroom....but the boy accuseddof the rape...would still be n a nearby classroom...aad still roaming the halls. the little girl has transfered police are now investigating. live in west baltimore, megann we now know the identity of the man found murdereddii northeast baltimore. paltimore.the body of 25-year old santos villanueva was found lying in the treet along loch raven boulevard , just after 9-o' clook, wednesday nightttwo men were seen running awwy.aamorgan state univvrsity student was walking by shortly after the crime and ays he was startled by what he saw.. "i was shocked, i didn't think something like his would happen so close to school" school" "i just saw a bunch of police happend (pause) and they said someone got shot" shot" there is no motive and no
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suspects yet.anyone with information is urred to contacc police. driver who killed a man in - glen burnie... during a hit family if offering a hefty famieward to find the suspect. happened back ii august, in front f tte sunoco gaasstation ... on route 110 authorities say this exit..- vehicle... a 1987 to 1995... maroon or burrundy... nissan pathfiider hit and killed jim schreiber junior.he was on the phoulder oo the road, preparing to the tow a brrke downnsewage truck when it happened.the case has now gone &pcold, but his wife, jenna is offering 10- thouuand dollars toohelp find the suupect. (schreiber) "it's still hard that he's gone and that ssmeone would do this.. andd (ziegler) "seems like money makes people do a lot of things good and bad. so, i'm hoping this is something for the good..."(schreiber) "and
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if you know the person that did this.. if you could just help us find ttem.." them.."schreiber leaves behind two young children.if you know anything about this authorities. 3police contiiue to search in venezuela for a washington family's home and thrown into - an s-u-v that rove off.he was &pteam, and preparing to play i the winter league n venezuela. pidnappers haven't been in kidnapping is common in that couutry ann is uuually done pecause of financial motives. &p3 penn state faces of against nebraska on saturday.and for the first time in decades, the for joe paterno.but as ninette sosa reports.. , some are questioning why another coach wasn't giien his walking papers as well. weel. --reporter pkg--s folloos --penn state assiitant coach mike mcqueary will not
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be at saturday's home game. penn ssate says multiple threats have been made against 002, he formee graduate assistant told hhad coach joe pattrno he saw then-assistaat coach jerry pandusky sexually abusing a boy.some belieee college leadership should have done more in responss. the presiddnt oo penn state and foooball coach joe paterno have lost their jobs.and some say mcqueary should get the ax too.i figure if you're gging to fire joo paterno, you shoulddfire him because he did paterno did.meenwhile, pennsylvanna's ggverror urged students to stty calm -- a ay after ioting in the streets over paterno's firinn."please behave and demonstrate your pride for penn state."and state representative kevin boyle told cnn's anderson cooper he plans o introducc a bill equiring eople to report child abuse to police.i feel if we hhd stronger legislation on the books paterno, who i'm sure was
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llwyered up from he get-go, would ave reported this to theepolice and hopefully there a dozen victims in the last decade.i'm ninette sosa reporting. nebraska's chancellor released a statement expressinn sympathy for the alleged victims n the sandusky case. harvey perlman also said nebraska's participatioo in saturday's game does noo condone the alleged conduct or make any statement on whether the allegations are true or not. now with all hisshappening at penn state... many are wondering what this means for season... and brought in many wins for penn state ... into a financial empire. some will be a wake-up call for programs. (chris donahue) (11:58:40) "its big business. you have bhig egos. you have people with authority thinking ttey're above he law but, unfortunately, this was a cleaa case...." case...."
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when it comes to the schools image... some p-r experts believe the school had no choice buttto fire tth coach... and start fresh. pccupy oakland turns ring out near the protestors iijured.this was the chaotic person waa seen beinggput on a stretcher. witnesses say at leave four to six shots were fired.some of the protestors claim, thee didn't recognize the victim and he may not be part of thee movvment..o word on the cause... or the victim's connitioon rick perry is oing more damage control tooay... after wednesday night's epic blunder at a presidential debate. can't name the third ne?energy, commerce. and i can't name the third one. oops." 3 while he underrtands how pmbarrassing the moment as... perry says hees not ending his
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campaign.he sat down with fox's greta van sustren... to explain what may have happened. "theee are a lot of people out there, i think, just like e, they think about an agency off govt, or maybe multiple agencies of government that as well. soothat's what was pfter my tongue finally engaged my mind." pind."perry goes on to ssy... phat his amppign is having a little fun wwth the embarrassing moment.they're nowwusing it as a way for people to go to his website... and name a governmeet agency they'd ike to forget about. ittis veterans day. some bbsinesses are celebrating it ith discounts, others are honoring those who serve ii a much louder way. jjelld. smithhis live downtown, here the veteran's day parade is taking place. ggod morning joel d. 3 3
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3 it's friday and that means our facebook page about off on - pnythiig ou want. want.let us know what's on pour mind-- and your response could air in our "faceeooo feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook become a fan and join tte conversatiinn edition... the latest on fox45 investigation concerning the elllng of illegal weapons.. selling those illegaa knives d 3 &pin balttmore. baltimorr. ((break 1)) 3
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how about waking up áhereá instead?youucoulddbeesoon flying to the bahamas... for r.'s our "baltimore to the bahamas" contest... courtesy f foo45 and vision airlines is now offering non-stoppflights from baltimore to the bahamas. pur grand prize winner will 4-day 3-niiht stayyat the d a - grand lucayyn bahamas. bahamas.stay tuned for your chance to qualify.sometime you today's codeword.onnc you see that codeword.. go tooour facebook pagg.. and lick on "inside fox45" to enter.we'll then drrw our grand prize winner monday november 22st. &pyou can find all the rules on foxbaltimore.comm still to come... get a jump on your chhistmas shopping... on thanksgiving ddy!the store opening it's door early! eerly!10:04:35 this is in my opinion is for quick access. hit it and the blade comes right out. out.another store in baltimore illegal knives... find out
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just how ácheapá the weapons were selling for. ((break 2))) 3
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45 investigation on knives in - schools.... crime and juutice reporter joy lepola uncovers more switch blades sold illegally in the city. city. ((pkg)) here llng north
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eutaw street.... buuiness is booming.... but, somm of what's being sold here... is 10:07:09 there just as rket!!- dangeeous as a gun. we walked into the power dollar and found shelves of knives rrght up by the cashier. switch pladessmarked down...and being ssld for 10 dollars.10:04:35 &pthis is in my opinion is for quick access. hit ittand the blade comee right out.a violent tool on the streets.... if in the wrong have in baltimore issa culture of violence.... áááábutt bite...cover cutáááá4:08:15 there is no logical reason or that kniff especially in this urran environment in which were in. ther than to conceal it bring it outtquickly and to harm someone. law businesses like this are blattntly breaking the law and/yet gettinn away with it. 4:07:44 either the mayor or city council has to say every bbsiness you are ddamattcally reducing crime in phat is reducing your rold in providing theetools used in these aggressive assaultt.
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earlier this week... the mayor ordered the dangerous knnves removed from hollins market. it followed a fox 45 uncover investigation. nat pop of past couple of nightt we've shown you just how easily available switchblades are in teh city anddwhile polie ssy they aaen't ignorinn the porblem it'ssnot their top priorrty.. joy lepola ffx 45 news at ten. we called thh store everal times for comment but we never heard back.and we havee made the police department aware of the knives. straight ahead... that turkey dinner will set you back a little more this much ámoreá you'll be thanksgiving meel.and christmas comes early... for one retailer.when one retailer is opening it's doors... for "black friday"... anddjjst a hint... it won't be on the friday, after thanksgiving. ((break 3)) 3
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traditionnl thanksggving meal rising on everything from the turkey tt the cranberry sauce. and restaurants across america serving freebies... to the mee and women serving america. several nationnl restaurant chains celebrating veterans day... bb offerrng ree meals to vettrans and active military members that's business. i'm dennis kneale. coming up... "twi - hards" are standing in line to see the latest ptwilight' movie.. but they're ádaysá early.whee the flick will be in theatres. theatres. 3
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