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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:35pm EST

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getting bad around heee"((take vo))morr homee are targeted in aaseries of molotov cockttil attcaks. whhre the latest happenned and the rising concerns among those in community. ((take vo))a weee after aauniversity is rockkd by a sex scandal.... penn ssate works towarrs getting baak to normal. tte demands commng from the states governor in the wake of the shocking allegations. ((vytas)) ((ttke vo)) the ravens fall flat against the seatle sea hawks. the mistakes that coss the men in &ppurple a win....nd what they need to do to rebound next week..
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hello, i'mmjennifer gilbert more mmlotov cocktails.... targetiig people's homes.these ffrr bombs are being thrown into apartments and homes of unsuspecting residents in porthwest baltimore. baltiiore.thhy happened close together.... you can see them here.. on groveland avenue, belviiu avenue ann liberty 3eights avenue. janice park tells us the lateet incidents have forced police to step up patrols in thh area. word is quickly spreading in northwest baltimore...that átheir neighborhood...issthe latest target of several ((take sot))"thhs is truly, getting bad around here"where firr bombs are beengghurled into people's they sleep:((take sot))"wow...just amazed at what's happening these days" policc aae now pnvestigating three incidents...that happened between 1 and 4 am...the first one happenee saturday just hundred block of bblviiu avenue.just moments
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later...another cocktail crashed through the window of this apaatment complex on grovvland ave.then at 3 nearby liberty heighhs avenue...shattered glass is still in the grass...from where the fire bomb crashed...waking up a terrified resident: ((take sot))"just to know there are trying to hurt you is very very frustrating"the incidents have left policc littte to go on. police don't have any suspect or vehicle descriptions. they say the attacks seem to be random...there iss't ann links betweee the victims...or the locationss..(((ake sot))"we're going to increase patrols in northwestern district, any that donnt look the part, we - these incidents to result in trrgedy or death nd ww''e not going to wait for that o happen"((take sot))"this is a list of the random attacks just from september in neiihborhoods just like this one, whennyou add the three from saturday that makes a bout a dozzna nd police say thaa ii err alarming"tonightt people at the hanlon apartments are takiig their
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safety into their own hands... and are looking into installinggsecurity cameras.... ((take sot))" what if it ignited this whole unit, pountlesssothers ould have been in jeporady "((take sot)) "you wonder whht else is there to do to protect yourself, pnd our familiis wwile we're jjst sleeping at night" janice park fox45 news at ten. baltimore ciiy police are working with federal auttorities to analyze the bottles....and do forensic testing.but police say what will really breaa the case are tips from the community. we now know the identity of the man murdered lass night in the central district. jjst before 5 'clock last night, 20-year-old darren robertson was shot in the face nnar pennsylvania avenue.robertson was transported to shock trauma have suspects or a motive. ot - the maa suspected in a deadly shooting at anne arundel mills malllii killed after a shootout with olice earll yesterday morning.prinne george's county police tracked theesuspect... 22-year-old james colman to pis house in district heights.... ...and surrounded the home. coleman was wanted killings of 30-year-old
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chonsay laquez green and 25-year-olddjeneen desiree dunn, outside of dave & &pmany peoole are still in shoc over what happened. "its sad, its, but thats life...i feel for the ffm" families" 3a veeeean officer who was expected to recoverr the six officers involved are placed on routine administrative leave. we till don't know the relationship of the two people police say he suspect did pnow them. two people are dead after a fireerips through a baltimore.these are picturrs - frrm theescene can see the flames and heavy smoke coming from the building.itt happened just after 3:30 fulton aveeue. fire crews th believe the male and female victims died of smoke inhalation.neighbors came their eyys. hey saw the 3 (5:07740) (jb johnson) "i was standiig right there,
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the lady tried to come oot the window she put her cat ut and &pshe just burnt up...." up...." three firefiihterr suffered minor worddon what caused the fire. 3 when it comes to news in your neighborhood... see it.. shoot it.. send it. you can upload photos and videos to our website. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the "see it, shoot it, senddit can also senn photos dirrctly from yoor cell phone to "pics at foxbaltimorr dot com." 3 3 a week after penn state abuse scandal .pennsylvania's - goveenor is speaking out. and we fiid out tonight, that jerry sannusky continues to peceive money from the univvrsity.david lee miller pas more from goveenor corbett who saas he believes therr are more victims out there.david? governor says he fully expects the child sex abuse scandal at penn state to expand...with more accusations:corbett sayy: "if 'm to speculate, ii wouldn't be surprised iffwe had more victims come forwwrd."
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67 year-old jerry sandusky's second mile charity wws devoted to helping troubled young boys.but it was within that charity that andusky allegedly found hissvictims. corbett says: "we need tt givv them guidance. but in this ccse, as he allegatioos indicate, sooe of it was used toopick on some chhldren and the termmwas used, grooming, groom those children for mr. sannusky's purposes."sandusky arressed oo novembee fifth....nd ccarged with 40 felony counts, including the sexual abuse of eight minors. he's not expected in court the criiiial compllint, victim number one slept at the sandusky homm and spent time withhhim wwekly.the alleged victim's mother, speaking with a-b-c news.mother says: "you like 'well, i just didn't know - what to do and you juss can't tell jerry 'no.'"the case continuing to unfold.bard says: ""here is a lot ff information that we s students don't know. ann it's
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definitell been a frustrating and confusing time for us." (miller on cam tag) sandusky remains free on 100-thousand dollars bail.meantime, he's still collectiig his nearly 60- thousand-dollar year pension from thh universityat penn state, david lee miller, fox news. p3 governor corbett says pennsylvania state law needs to make sure allegations of child sex abuse, are reeorted to police. a shhw f suuport today for coach, joe paterno.this was the scene outside of his home.... as peen state'' cheering squad stoppee by one.... they filed into the home of the leeendaay coach.... for a short visit. you could see some of them were crying..... and wiping tears from their eyes. the ravens are in a distuubing pattern this season...afterra big win, they struggle the next week against less-than-=stellar competition....hat pattern joins usswith more...gham -
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the ravens are proving to be a maddening teamto follow this year..they win he big games,..the jets, the it's the not so tuff teams ce. that give them troubbe...every one of their three losses came after a big wwn...and all came &pagainst teams with losing records...the lattst epissde came today in seattle.... if you're intt finger pointing, you might want to start right here...kick returner ddvid reed...he fumbled twice on rrtuuns and both times the seahawks turn ravvns did try to attte back...tight end ed dickson helping to lead the chaage...he caught 10 passes...two of them for rice...but his big day didn't matter...former raven steve haooshka sent the team that cut him a mid-season a nice little take that.//...he had 5 3 we will haae much more on the
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ravens bad day in the pacific noothwest...oing up immediately after ttis &pday edition of sports unlimited. despite the loss... ravens fans are showinggoff tteir 45 viewer james beach sent us this pictuue of his littte one all bundled up in tyleehe's keeping warm and sporting his ravens hat. and this lady is riding in style!she has the back of her nice homage to ray lewis. there's no doubt she loves her show us youu purple pride. you ccn uplood photos aad videos to us throughh"purple at fox -&balti pr ou can gooto our facebook pagg.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on &p"inside fox45" on the left side of the screen.
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temperatures were a little cooler theepast few days,,but overall, it was a great weekend. what can expect tomorrow as weehad back to school and work? chief meterologist vytas reid is standiig by with the answer. search efforts continue for a baby missing for more than a herrparents say proves thhir - &pinnocence. a maryland man preparessfor a groundbreaking type of
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faces, .. the hope for the future.... and how far he'll haae to ttavel for this piineerrng proceedure. 3
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֖֖֖֖֖ a maryland man will be one of &psuugery to replace his
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trachea.... using his own stem cells to recreate the organ. melinda oeder explains why this surgerr great hope... along with some big risks. melinda? 3 this type f transplant is so new... it's not evvn been tried yet here in the united states. so christopher lyles is going all the way to pponeered the surgery... with - remarkable success. success. 50:20-50:34 ""t starred last december... a lot of breathinn issuess" christopher lyles was diagnosed last june... with a rare kind f cancer innthe trachea.thh tumor was closing off his airways. in fact, doctors said ittwas so large, thee couldn't evee operate. because there wouldn't be enough tissse to re-attach the wwndpipp.but after extensive research... lyles earned about a medical team in sweden that's cooduuted several recreateethe trachea.49:59 to -
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"they take your trachea... your body doess't reject it." so this weekend... christopher packed hissbags... for the long flight... to stockholm. since theeprocedure is being done overseas... his insurance hope... a hhpefully, an inspiration or other cancer patients.... 55:10-55:21"hopefully my surgery ... so people don't have to go thhough what i'veegone through." are expected to reach a half - milllon dollarsshis family is planninn some fundraisers... and they're working withhthe prganization "help hope live." melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. two fire fighters are recovering tonight after baltimore.juut after 9: 30 t ba-
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to an explosioo on north luzerne avenue...a proppne tank exploded at the back of a were hurt putting out the fire. .. including one who suffered burns o hhs hands. both aree pxpected to be okay. and downed trees and wires in white marsh today after a cr strikes a pole.ii happened shortly after midnight on phhladelphia and ebenezer roads.the accident trapped two were rushed to shock trruma y - with life-threatening iijuries. the crash also led to a major power outage in the word yet on what caused the collision. pollce are on the lookout to be involved in a shooting - near the white house. house.police areesearching for 21-yyar-old oscar ortega.he's waated on felony charges and carrying a danggrous weapon. police say an abandoned &pvehicle found soon after the
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shooting friday night led them tt search for ortega. it ddens't appear the white house was tarreted. cut the deficit.counting to - &pdeficit.these are the six pemocrats and six reppblicans in charge of cutting 1-point-tww trillion dollarss over theenext decade.if they don't, autommttc cuts kick in. and now -- in case they fail -- some on thh supee committee are talkinggabout changing the law -- so the cuts are easiee to swallow. the republlcan co-chair calls he deliberations a "roller coaster ride" and ays he hasn't given up hope.... that a deal can be reached byy thanksgiving. a tour comes to baltimore.... promiiing to "save the dream" of homeownership for baltimore . residents.homeowners flocked to thh baltimore convention center to ecieve free mortgage was the third day of the "save the dream" tour.... hosted by the "neighborhood assistance corpooation of america" hundreds received reduced mortgage payments and lower
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interest rates. herrera says: "this is a greaa opportunity for homeowners that are struggling with their baatimore convention the center...they wwll have an opporttnity to meet face to face with our lenders and receive a same day solution." the foreclosure prreention an afternoon many and the very personal cause for the local rabbi who starttd the event. and a vampire bandit on the biting the necks of her victims. 3
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from baatiiore to the bahamas. your next chancc up...and downward facing dog
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dogthis wasn't your average yoga class in was a fundraiserto inspire hope and cceate change for those baatling lung ancer.i joined more than 100 people for an intense afternoon of yoga.those who madeeit throughh... did 108 sun salutations.....which took about two ours.the event was organized by rabbi elissa sachs-kohen... who lost her mother to lung cancer. sachs-kohen says: "for me i can't bring my mom back but if i can help another family when their llved ooe is diagnosed then ii gives me the strength to keep going." proceeds beeefit the national lung cancer partnership.last
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yogathon raised abbut 30-thousand dollars for lung cancer research. 3 3
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whhn news can access the latest informmtion right on pour cell phone. download the foo45 mobile news app foo your droid or i-phone. it includes headlines.. traffic.. and weather conditions.. all at your fingertips. go to foxbaltimore dot com and look for "mobile" at top righthand corner of he screen. search effortt conninue for a baby missing for morrmore than a month. the evidence... thht her parents say proves their innocense. "we donút have to worry about weapons no more. we worriid about teeth now." now."a store clerk biten on the neck by one of her customers.the bizarre incident
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that led to the attack and what police are hoping will help them atch the "vampire bandit."
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the parents of a missing kansaa city aby say they're innocent and there's eveidence to prove it. 3 pawyers for tte parents say a mysttrious call ffom a cell phone they say was ástolená phen the baby vanished.... ss proof that her parents arr not
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just before midnight on know. lisa irwin's mother says he last saw her little girl onn october thhrddwhen she put her to bed.her father says she was gone..... when he returned from work, early the next morning. three people are recovering tonight afterr pome exploded in chicago. two of ttose people suffered serious burns when the home was flattened shortly after 7 this morning. another perssnn took himself to the hospital. a firefighter was also hurt.... no word on what caused the explosion. 3 vampires are apparently not just a thing of movies and books in coloraao. colorado.this woman s accused of biting a clerk and aa customer on heir necks at a colorado conviennnce store.and haa the bite marks to ppove it. she says i ll started whee the woman asked for a hug.
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gonzalez ssyy, ""he had her anything of it. she latched on it. she was shaking like a pitbull that just got a piece of steak." the biter the green valley vampire. but olorado police are taking the assault seriously.they're offering a 2-thousand dollar reward for help finning the "vampire bandit." 3 .a tough ay for the ravens... in seattle...coming up on sports unlimited...
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this guy isn't overweight.... he just bboke the world record for shirt-wearing.tom rauen put on a whhpping 247 ssirts.... that's two more than the old record.the llrgest shirt he put on.... a 20-xl, which is big eeough to fit around a queen-sized mattress.this was aaso an enddrance challenge because wearinggaal those shirts is incredibly hot and weighs a few hundred pounds. 3 3 .that's all for the news att ten... up next bbuce cunningham and morgan adsit tell you what went wrong toddy por the ravens... bruce and morgan... it's becoming an alarming trend for this ravens team... big win... even bigger loss... it happened again tonight... &ptonight... 3& .we'll cover every angle from seattle as the purple and black ddop to 6-and-3.... 6-and-3.... 3 blaming one pllyer for the loss isn't fair....uttdavid reed makes a strong case...his p miscues that gave seattte poi.
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points... .a former raven sticks it to the purple and stephen hauschka was the difference in the game... ttat's right stephen hauschka... hauschka... if thhre was one positive from poday's loss...his name is ed ay for tte &pravens tight end although he' &pprobably rather have a win... sports unlimitee starts after this... at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore,


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