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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 14, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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3 it was a tense weekend for several residents in norrhwest
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baatimore...assmolotov cocktails were throww into their apartments and homes. close tooether.... there was one on groveland avenue ... belvieu avenue and then megan gilliland is here with the latest on how police and residents are responding to &pthe fire bomb attacks. good morning patricc,,magine wakkng p in the middle of the your window shattering... as a fire bomb is hhrled into your house. investigating three of these incideets...the first one 1:30 in the monring... on the 41 hundred block of belvieu avenue.just moments later... another molotov cocktail crashhd through the window of an apartment complex on groveland ave.then at 3 am... not far away on liberty &pheights avenue... a fire bbmb fortunatley no one wasshurt. while police search for suspects... some oo these residents are taking matters into their own hands... installing security cameras. " what iffit ignited this
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whole unit, countless others would hhve been in jeporady " "we're going to increase patrols in northwestern district, any suspicoos activity aad vehicle that not afford for aay of these incidents to result in tragedy or death and we're not going to waii for that to happen" happen"at this point, police do not ave any suspects.they do believe the attacks are raadom.right nnw, they're wwrking with federal authorities to analyze the bottles.... and do forensic ttsting. the one thing,,police say you know anything about these - incidents, please call city police right away.meean gilliland, fox45 morning news. two fire fighters are recovering this morningg after baltimmre..ust after 9-30 st ba- sunday morning, thee responded po an explosioo on north luzzrne avenue...a propane rowhome.the two firefighters fire.... including one who -
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suffered burns to hisshands. both are exxected to be okay. take a look at this unbelievabe scene in white marsh...aater a car hits a pole.... leaving ehind downed trees, wires, and power happpned on sunddy, a little after midnight... n philldelphia ann ebenezer roads.the accident trapped two peple inside the car...they were rushed to shock trauma with life threattning injuries. no word yet on what caused the collision. need advice on your home mortgage?you still have time to take part in the "save the dream" tour that's in baltmore right now. now.homeowners flocked to the baltimoreeconvention center to recieee free mortgage consultations. the "save the pream" tour is hosted by the "neighborhood assistance corporation of america" hundredd of attendees received reduced mortgage payments and lower interest rates. herrera says: "this is a great opportunity for homeownerss ttat are struggling with their mortgages to come to the &pbaltimore convvntion ceeterr..they will have n opportuuity to meet face to receive same ay solution."
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the oreclossrr prevention tour runs through tomorrow. p gas leak prompts evacuatioos from two annapolis shopping centers.the leak was reported around 2-30 sunday afternoon. affected at the forest plaza and festtval riia centers. b-g-e officials say crews haven't found the source of the leak, but ssrvice has been shut off, until they find it. nine days and counting to cut the deficit. deficit.these are the six democratt and six republicans in chaage of cutting 1-point-2 trillion ddllars ovvr the next decade.if they don't, automatic cutsskick in.and now... in caseethey fail... somm on the suuer committee are talking about changing the law ... so the cuts are easier to swallow. the republican co-chair calls the deliberations a "roller coasterrride" ann says he hasn't given up hope.... that a deal can be reached by thanksgiving. gloria ain... the wife of presidential hopeful herman cain...
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is speaking out about sexuall harassment allegations against her husband... saying she doess't believe any of them. she spoke with fox news channel'' greta vann susteren... aaoot the allegations. "to hear such graphic would have bben something that - was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women." the cainn have been married for 43 years. 3 3 the ravens areecomiig off of a tough loss against the seattle seahaakssthis morning...and so season. so do the ravens season effect the way youusupport the team? how about the way you show your purple pride? joel d. smiit is live in hhlethorpe this mornnng with some entreprenuees who bank oo &pravens fann keepinn the faith..... no matter whaa. good morning joel d.
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&p3 good morning patrice.
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3 3 3 file this next story under " awkward." awkward."this colorado woman issaccused of biting a cllek and a customer on their eeks at a colooado convienence &pstore. the clerk... .alice gonzalez... has the bite marks to prove it.she says it all started when the woman asked for a hug. face here. i didnút think ad h anythinggof it. she latched on it. she was shaaing likeea pitbull that justtgot a piece of steak."
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steak."cussomers are callinn the biter "the green valley are takinn the assault police seriously.they're offering a 2-thousand dollar rewaad for &phelp finding the "vampire baadit." coming up on the early edition... troops are coming home...buu will they get the proper care they need? need?whether it is losing a pimb, having a traumatic head injury, ptsdd they are commng back wwth so many service connected issuess the issues many soldiers will medical care .hen trying to get . ((break 1)) ((bump in))
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3 coming up... soldiers are coming home with heavy baggage... the roadblocks they're faaingg.. when needing medical ((bump out))a hospitals..-&3 ((break 2)) &p 3
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troops are beginning to come home in droves... in light of president obama announcing a
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complete drawdown in &pyear.but.. many military he - veterans are having trouble getting he edical care they thh v-a hospitals are bursting at the seams. seams. eli nagle served two combat tours in iraq before being honorably discharged, after he was diagnosed with post- traumaaic stress disorder.i really wanted to seek the bess help and with mm ertain injuries at hand the va is the best peeple to talk to.wiih the influx of veterans returning home from war, the veterans' aaminissration is expected to beeome even busier. &pright now, 152 veterans the country provide more than 8.3 million veterans. robbin holmes is a veteran and is on the v-a patient advisory committee.whether it is losing a limb, haviig a traumatic head injury, ptsd, they are coming back with so many
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service connected issues hat they have to be treated. this is the service we put our pives on and this is thh service we should be afforded back to us when we come back home. the va is home to the largest health care system in the u.s.theecurrent economic conditions have providdd veterans another choice of where to receive care. so theyy they have in the past. foot mcpherson,, n rmy base in atlanta, recently closed. and the va is now converting the base into a new medical atlantaa the va facilities. hey are in the process of buulding their second parking gaaage in two years. nagleedescribes his first isit to the va center as a nightmarr. aftee driving trying to findda parking ssace, his car was eventtally booted in the parking lot. ultimately that did take lead into me having a panic attack,
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disabilities as the military diagnosed me with ptsd so it led into a pretty hard time for e. immediately after that day i was angeredd i was extremely frustrated. these are the kinds of issues holmes is addressing in her role on the pptient adviiory committee: i love to serve aad so instead situution i wanttd to be part he knows he has a llng way o go... but he's giving it his best shot:a lot of friends and family say yyu really aren't surviving, you know and i want to get back to the living part again.t-j holmes, cnn, atlanta. -----end-----cnn.script----- coming up a former raven sticks it to stephee auschka wws the difference in the game... that's next in sports. ((break 3)) 3 cunninghammhas sport 3q
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