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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 25, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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-------------------------------- -------------------------a maa, ready to die and aring police to come afttr him. him. i seen 15-to-20 of them neighborhood beatinn on everybody's door telling everybodd to get out..." out..."the bizzare standoff thaa ended with the suspect setting hiiself n ire. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------- witt battle ry,,she charges into the lack frrday sales like spaattn warrior. the that left dozens in need of medical care. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------emily says -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------- a robber threatens to cut a woman's throat. how a quick &pthinking store owner fought back and ssved her from harm. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------- 3
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hello, i'm karen parks, jeff barnd is off tonight.a suspect sets himsslf on fire after a confrontation with police....... police......... peith daniels is live tonight in middle river.. with more on how the man was consumed keith. a ball of fire... keith.
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33 ww have breaaing hhuse. the first family is te tomorrow night. the first lady's brother coaches tte orrgon sttte baskeeball team ss the entire family is coming up from washington, d.c. to watch. anyone who is going to the game must be in the arena by 1:45 for security. gates will open at noon. 3 3 a baltimore city worker has been ccarged with stealing metal from the ity and suspected crime... fox 45 uncovered in august. crime and justice reporter joy lepola shows us the video and what the man had to say about
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it...first oo fox toniggt tonight ((pkg)) a baltimore ccty worker caught on camera.... suspectee he stole from the city. we met up with hearley bruce.... back in worker: what station that? phooographer: fox 45 at the time, the city worker willingly discussed what he was doing and who was profiting from his truck load of scrap.salvage worker: you work for the city too, right? you'reegonna be in trouble. city worker: i aan't in no trouble. they gettin it! city pettin it! theecity gets t. i wish the áááá i cculd get it. the 3 departmmnt of public workss says it never saw a cent. (cover swallow) 9::6:42 it's not a appropraite for an employee or even a citizzn to remove metals from city property and scrap them. :51 it's actually stealing from
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for more than six months, the inspector general's office has been investigating. this week, bruce has beennchhrged with theft. a department oo public works emppoyee.... for more than 20 years.... whoos job and pension are now on the line. nat sound 11:37:40 hands wiped nnt sound by law, junk deaaers are supossed to fill out forms that lists items purchassd from their custtmers. the &paim to crack down on the ille. 10:51:16 is it common practice to take material from ..lright that's it no cooment but back in august, the owner it's expected an inspector general's report will contain more details regarding this scceme. 3 pollce have identified the man whoo as fatally shot by a city police officer earlier this wee. week.this was the scene wednesday morning on edmonson
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avenuee.. where police say 52-year-old aathony stoakley was armed with tww large him... ordering stoakley to surrenderr.hen he refused, she shot him at least once in the hospital.the officer was not innured. tonight, baltimore coonty woman found in a burned car may have been accidental. happened along road... abbut 9-15 thursddy morning.police found the body in a toyota camry that hitting several trees. the victim has not been identified, ut police beeieve she may be a wooannwho was reported missing late 3 he's the only erson detained in the death of robyn gardner missing in aruba.oman who went - tonight...janice park telll us gary giordano will be a free man tuesddy. janice? in aruban jail for nearlyy4
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months now...he hasn't been charged with anythinggtoday, he oppnly teared a judgeeannounced...he will be re. released. it remains a mystery....what happened to robyn gardner? the fredrick woman wwo disappeared in aruba august 2nd.her ffund. gary giordano...was &ppardner's traveeiig companion. companion."a friend doesn't get onnan airplane...and leave their friend behind"he was told aruban authorities gardner had vanished while snorkeling. this week dutth pivers continued to search for her body along the shoreline where sse disappeared.aruban police say they wanttmore time giordano's laptop and ipad.but aruban judge denied a request from prosecutors to hold giordanoofor another 30 das days:"was an emotional reaction, whereby when i asked him what he really feels about his releese, he started to cry
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a few minutee which i id" did""if gioodano is released,, the woods"legal analyst steve - allen says the investigation will continue in aruba....and in thheus...a new one could beg: begin:"buu there is a federal statute that permits one ammrican outside the nother territorial limits in the us""and when giordano ccmes us- back to the us, authorities will be listening very closely to what he sayy publicly and &ptt see if there i anything inconsistent to what he's said before"but inconsistencies in his story...and a 1.5 million dollar insurance policy he tooo out on gardener...gary free man. prosecutors plan on appeeling tooay's decisiin...but they only have until tuesday....because that's when garr giordano will most likely be boardinn a plane back to the u-s.janice park fox45 news at ten. 3a man tries to keee theepeace
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outside a baltimore county liquor store... but eeds up getting stabbed! myranda sttphens is live in milford mill mill with more on what police sayy he suspecttused in the stabbing. 3 lt. mccullough/baltimore co. pooice spokessan: 26:38 tte victim simply went up to the suspect and asked him to noo impede the traffic at that location, the suspect in turn actually picked up a beer bottle, brokeethe bottle in the parking lot and stabbed the victim in he stomach area 4 54police searched the area...
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pnd tracked mendez at hisshome in the apartments just around the corner off langrehr road. he's bbing held with no bail on chaages of áatttmptedá first degree murder and first degree assault. as for thh iitim... he was rushed to shock traama after the stabbing..but his mother &ptold us off camera tonight that his injuries were not as he's actually abbe to speak. police say he and mendezzdii milford mill,,ms, fox45 news att en. some residents in baltimore are outraged... after an apparent supporter oo the veterans memorial. memorial.the union soldiers and sailors mmnument is meant &pto immortalize the heroes of the civil wwr.buu now... vandalism... including a hash tag... and the words "occupy life" pplster the back of it. during their thanksgiving meal at mckeldin square... we askedd protesters... if their group was responsible. "we're not saying reaction, this is a war t your -
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monument in wyman park, it has the hashtags, i going to brinn this is eneral asssmbly and give them hell, iiwant a crew to clean that up" up""i feel like they're really setting themselves back by defacing monuments" several folks we spoke to at occupy balttmore... believe theevandalism is sommone's attempt to smear their name. a perfect ann unseasonably warm ddy in charm . city. 3&let's go to meteorologist emilyygracey toosee if it will hold out nno tomorrrw morning. morning. its signnls......the holiday
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season.......and rrises money por much needed programs.... estival of rees is the largeet family oriented holiday festival on the east coast........bringing joy and thousands of childrenneach ear.... (nats)(12:52)its a nice kickoff to xmas.......its a winter wonderland.......fill ed with the joys of chhistmas....(4:11)itt christmas morning already for festival of trees sppnsored by the kennedy krieger a three day towns.... trees.......(13:07) there kinda decorarted and fancy and all that.....toy pisit......from the big man hiiself.....(2:33)it was very
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ooerwhelming beccuse i didn't expect this much just for the kids.....and for kids......festival f trees beneeits the more than ttirteen thousand children and spinal corr...... served - by kennedy krieger each year... (3:58)just being arounn heee gets e in the spirit of xmas much more happy.......since has raisee over ten million - dollars to support prograas at kenneey kriiger....(12:333its pretty cool what do you guys he trees yeah......we come every year... &p the estiial runs is a proud sponsor of the festival of ffr more information you can go to &pour fox 3 33 "its like highway robbery..." robbery..." some say.....maryland is going tax crazy. hattone state politician issdoong to keep you from bbing taxed to death. it started out as a robbery nd ended n a
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have just wanned to join his couuins on the dinner table. getting the best deal woman used chemical warfare to literallyyblind her black
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the alcoholltax......highhr of a gas tax hike. maryland lawmakers will soon be maaing that decisson. but jeff abeel shows us one could slam the brakes on an es economic recovery recovery at the gas pumps.... these are taxing times. (8857:28) "i don't have any more money to spend oo anything...." (4::4:488 "i spenn more mooey than i'm making...." so a proposal to raise the state's gas fifteen cents....has them fuming. (4:01:04) "its like highway robberyy.." it may be unnopular at the pumps.... but n annapoois.... (anthony brown) ""he governor anddi
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say we'll consider thatt..." (miller) "nobodyywants it hasn't been raised since ut 1992." (46:21) (frrnchot) "raissng the gas tax 15-cents in this legislative session willldo ggeat damage to maryyands pconomic recovery..." with a multi-miilion dollar maryland commtroller peter franchot is alling for a two- year freeze on any new taxes and fees..... (franchot) "we did this four years aao. we raised taaes a record level in the ssecial sessioo. it was supposed to fix the structural deficit, stimulate the reccvery and produce jobs. it didn't do any of thhse three. so why don't we not repeat the mistakes of the pastt..." so far, his proposed taxxban is getting little traction n annapolis.... already, he proposed gas tax has earned the state senate. tte (4::0:200 "every additional penny makessa ddfference to us
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to them it don't...." jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. of the day... do you support a 2 year ban oo tax increases? head to our facebookkpage and let us know whht you think about the proposal. it's facebook dot com slash fox baltiiore. &pone person is ddad..and several others injured afterra car goes out of control in a store parking lot. it hhppened yesterray at the home ddpot in hyattsville . police say a maa in his sixties was behind the wheel, whee he apparentll suffered a "mmdical emergency." a passenger in the car tried to take control of the steering into six people. witnesses wwre in shock. ((mos: i saw many people, a lot of blood everywhere. his legs break. incredible. you know, he's so so bad. )) )) three other peoole were hhrt in thh crash... one is condition... two others have non-liff threatening injuries. olice ssy the driver was hospitalized.
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robbery,,but it was simply aa a wild turkey flew into thh plate glass window of this penn hills, pennsylvania restaurant. the impact killed the bird. when police prrived they found it on the restaurant floor. he apparently didn't want to be left off he thanksgiving table. the bags under their arms will match the bags unner their eyes. it's black friday, been going at it all night e - long. joel d smith shows uss tradition......and the deals they're looking for. for. p the rush, the lines, thh sounds for some adults, this is like going to a.....justin bieber concert. asy to make fun of, 1845 we used to get coffee and then sit back and watch now... 1712 now i'm one of them we laugh at. 3001 but for those desperateefor deals,
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they''eelaughing all he way do viee it as crazy, but iii o have 4 kids and grand kids, so &pyouucan get them. 57:11 blac friday shhppers know you better act fast or like here shelf. why? look at this addertised sale, 120 bbcks off an hd lcd v! 5558 but over here, there's them ssacced 3 ships high. an estiiated 152 million &ppeople are expected to shop this weekend... that's up 10 percent from last year. this early? no. how about if the presents are for you? yes. waaing up is not the problemm for little cole.. or his mom. dad 34:58 getting uu at 5 o clock is his normal day. so my wife as happy he's the
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finding motivation whhrevee they can. 2124 dunkin, donuts! p3rd one! wow.. the national retail ffderation says most shoppers are looking for clothing,,but one out of every 3 are looking for ... 3044 toys... oh well, at least it's over right? no, gotta go to target, and then to fox 45 news at ten. but it's wasn't all fun &pand games onnblack friday. occupy wall street attempted to organizz a boycott through theii california protesters. they wwnt consumers to avoid the big chains or any publicly trrdeddcompanies for their holiday shopping. but with recorddnumbees oo shoppers hitting the store, it appeaas their appeal ii faillng. over......many local rly retailers...are gearing up for "shhp small business
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ssturday."john rydell ssows us theebig advantage for shoppers......and the stores.ties surrounding the sto. on main street in historic ellicott phopperr ...are in a good mood. "it's beautiful, beautiful day out, all these little shops, great places to eat."to the wallaces...this is far better option than crowdd at the big box stores. night at midnight and it's just, you're standing in line terry williams and many other todaa here.(((nats)))aad the - owners of mumbles and ssueaks toy store are grateful. "thank for 20-years...but haan't always been eaay. (williams) "prices have increased, disposable income hha gone down."that's why ed wiiliams is embracingwhatts smmll business's a national campaign aimed at enticing take aabreak from thh malls...and patronize
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locallyooned businesses. "the small businesses are the backbone of our economy." small business is spent back - in that community, oes right form of paaing salesstax, piring people." (rydell) "small retailers know they of big business to survive. so they're hoping "small business saturday" will encourage more folks to shop locally throughouu the rest of the yyar.""thank you".and some customerrs..say that's a great ideaa (wallacc) "the shops areevery uuique, you can find a lottof nostalgic tems, things you can't buy in department stores so it's just a really nice town."in elllcott city, john rydell, fox 45 news at tenn americannexpress s also teaming upwith small offerconsumers a 25-dollar rebate on sattrday...when they ssend small businesses. 3 with battle cry, she charges into the bback
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priday sales liieea spartan warrior. he weapon of choice for one woman that left dozens in need of medical care. sendingg er tt jail might not be the right lesson. why a four year old accused of paugh. 3
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annther day in paradise. 3
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