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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  November 26, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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&po'cllok in the morning. that' i mean you wouldn't expect it i mean esppcially around this area 3 a doubbe shooting seriously wounds two peopll passing ttrough charles village. why the clock is ticking as police try to hunt doon the gunman.óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó there he goes there he goes whoo 3tte first family comes to towson to watch some hoops. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó emily says: óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó there's nothing like hearing 30 well--rmed poliie officers pulllng off the same time. time. taken down at gunpoint. why police won't be able to press any charges against thess suspected robbers. & hello, i'm jeff abell.
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abell. and i'm karen parks. baltimore oliceeinvestigate a double shootiig in charles village! the shoottng and so far police have no ... suspects or motive. myranda stephens is live in charles village tonight where resiients have a myranda.karen and jeff, i'm here at north charres and 23rd... where policc found the out... they were shot just a - couple of blocks from here. it's the latesttcrime ttatthas many people living ere in charles village wondering... whatts going on?? 3 233 it was strange to heer that it was right in my neighborhood 38 lynette scottt village ... near the area bleeding from gunshot woonds - near an s-u-vv 1:25 it was 27 butt butt butt 1:36 and i happened 38 pollce say aaound 10-this mmoning... a 36-year-old woman and a 38-yyar-old man were shot inside a burgundy s-u-v near
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&peast 22nd street and calvert. one of the victims managed to drive a few blocks away...ending up on the corner of east 23rd and north charles. 10:00 crazy. i mean 10 o'clock in the morring. that's i mean you wouudn't eepect it i mean especially around this area 06 but incidents of crime appear to be happeninn more often in charles village... an area known for johns hopkins, art aad culture, and high-end homes. 7:13 it's dissurbing. pause. there were some people attacked a few blocks up this way on saint paul a couple of weeks ago, and of course there was the hopkins worker wwoowws murdered 24 investigatorr say they're still scouring the area for witnesses and possible surveellance video of this lattst incident. but a double shooting with no motive on edge. 1108 we're definittlyy- going to think twice before we walk around at 2 in the morning oo somethhng like that especially if it's going too happen at 10 in the morning. &pworried about the recent violence... 746 i think charles village, is still as safe, or safee thaa mostt places in the city 51but
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staying alert... nonetheless. nats oo lockkng door!! 4:44 it's not to say that's it's not safe but anywhere you ive somethhng can happen 51 p3 pollce say tte femaae victim was shot multiple tiies in he hip and leg. the man was shot ooce in the arr. at last heck, both were in serious, but stable condition. police are asking anyone with information about the shooting, to ggve them a call. livv in charles vvllage, ms, fox45 news at ten. baltimore o remember one of d their own. was fatally stabbed when she tried to break up a fighh at the frosttbrg universitt home of her acccsed murderer. mccoyywas a poly grad and a &pfreshman physics major at frostburg. her friends say of her. her former head classmates offeeed memories, ppeeches, and music to honor kortneigh's memory.... 23-year-old shanee liggins a frostburg senior is charged with two counts of murder. she is awaiting rial. 3
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its been two lansdowne hiih school was - gunned down in his own neighborhood. and tonight, janice park shows us how the teenager's family is fightingg back...and vowing to find the k. kkller. "it's very important, it's my neehew, my oldest nephew"in south baltimore...armed with flyers...aunts...cou sinn..,,rrtteess.. and the 4 month pregnant giilfriend of murder victim bruce ben are on a missioo: pission::i'm willing to knock begin at the spot where the 16 year old was killed... killed....the caadles we llt for a long time...weesat here the high school junior was shot and killed in on the 19 september...policc say the in ttme and place of the murder...has made for a tough i: investiggtion:"to brrng us up to speed, deteccives don't hhve much to go on, if you can imagine, not a lot of people in the residential neighborhood, not a lot of witnesses, not a lot of people talking" "baltimore city police say thy are very confident someone knows what happened, who the
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sussects are...bruce ben was shot several times in the head, this was a vvry personal crime, someone intended to kill him" him""ttat's what's today's all about, we didn't forget about &phim, he knows we didn't forge about him" him""we're going on pratt stteet, on stores to pass oot good outcome"today...every pole was another opportunity to help find brucees iller. the determined group walked &pfor miles... mmlee..."for someone to unjustly take him? justice gonna be done today" today""may i put one of thiss in your stooe?" 3 "the onllything that will make me feel betttr is's the only thing that will make my heart feel betttr"tonight...strangers for neighborhood can be seen clutching flyers...this family says they won't stop...until ttey find out who murrer bruce : ben:"his name was little &ppruce, heewas alwaas aroond h" here""that's sad, call this
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number here?"janice park, fox45 nnws at ten. ttere is a ccsh reward for aay informaaion leading to the arrest and convvctton of bbrce ben's killer. anyone with information is urged all metro crimestoppers. stay ahead of crime in your area by heading to the top offour page. it's tte nation's biggesttand best crime tracking website and it's exclusive to fox45 &pviewers. as like ll our content it's free. 3 &ppolice arr investigating a deadly crash that happened dundalk. around 7 last night a motorcycle slammed &pinto a man in hiss50'' who ww crossing the intersection of eastern and 54th street. tte man was rushed to he hospitallbut died from his injuries.. police say there pre no charges agaanst the motorcyclist. a violent, high speed crash claims thh lives of two ts teens.moree han a hundred people flooded north county high school to remember two of elkridge last nnggt. the inn - flicker of candlelight danced
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across sad faces and also some smiles as theyyremembered the lives of jeffrey giles and jonathonndeckman. jeffrey &pgile's parents were therr taking comfort from their son's classmates and other parents. they remember their son as a happy boy with a great sense of humoo who went on mission trips and was friends with everyone. 3 jeffery was juss an innredible kkd, a oung man who literally changed the world, i just think if anyyparent has to go throughhthis and i don't wwsh this on anybody, faith in god. this is the twisted guardrail thht is left after the red pootiac gt the kids were riding in left the road and slammed into the tree. p howard county police say the &pdriver was speeding with fourr passengers when the crash hhppened. they believe the teens that died were not seatbelts. giles pareets say police are considering
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ppessing charges gainst the driier of the car 18 year old dale audet f liithicum, who is in critical condition tonight. jeff's say the burden of knowing he killed two of his friends is bad enough. the failure of that super committee in washington cculd take a heavy toll on mary. maryland... because the committee failed to reach a spenddng deal, its likely those automatic cuts to programs will happen. will be forced toocut spending and it could hit maryland hard. almost 30 percent of maryland's budget comes from federal funding. the washington post estimates annapolis could get hit with more than 150 millioo in uts 3 3"that is a concern for democratic governors as well. involves not nly making the right cuts but also protecting the rrght prioritiess knowing where we need to invest in things like education, iinovation, infrastructure, track the fallout and monitor - how states deal with tte
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automatic cuts. security wasstiggt at towson center arena this afternoon....where thh tigers took on he oreeon state beavers... hundreds of fans came to watch the game..... and so did the president of the united states. statts. (3:02:55) (wide game nats) at towson university this afternoon.... p there was a game on the court.... (quick nats baaketball) and a show in the stands... (president wwlks innand shakess haads)) for the first time, the president and first family came to towson watth the towson tigers...take on the oregon state bbaveess pichelle obama's brother, at oregon state. (4:07:30) "i think it was cool. he alked in unassuming. juss like a regular person...." it many fans dropped everything for a chance to ggt a glimpse of the president.. (3:59:45) "i didd't think so the other day but then iiwas exciting." it was a star first family on one side.....
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and actoo bill murray on phe other. murray's ssn, an assistant coach at towson.... (4:01:18) "i think towson's getting famous..." (buzzer souuds) (3:48:50) (presdent leaves)) with security tight....the president was the first to leave....aa the end of the game..... it was a quick &pflight home....and a game to remember.. (3:59:55) (lookinn) "there he goes there he goes. he's leaving....yeah.....(cheerr)) it was a good day for the pressdent's brother-in-law... his oregon state beavers beat the tigers 66-466... the investigation ooer operation fast and furious... poiits all the way to attorney ggneral eric holder. but tonighh, many gun rights groups wwrry the end result may be a move to restrict the sale of all guus in america. at wwy guu owners are tightening their grips on their weapons. weapons. 38,000 dead in mexico. schiff says: "... so many of these guns, tens of thousands
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of guns, come from gun stores along the border." &pdemocrats blame america's lax gun laws... republicans blame the cartels nd the obama administratioo for hhlppng arm thee.sot - gowdy says: "... the federal government certainly aided and abetted gun trafffcking, which then may haveebeen the proximate cause of a border agent's death." the fast pnd furious scandal has given new life to an old debate. ddmocrats say 70% of guns found at mexican crime scenes come from the u.s.sot - feinstein says: "... we know that theee guns go into the hands of the drug cartels aad we know how they're used." untrre, say gun advocates who claim 70% relates only to a small number of traced recovered. also atf's own data shows that 21% of mexican traces are duplicates ann many of the guns recovered are old... suggeeting they may ccme from milltary sales to central amerrca in the 1980s, not u.s. gun stores.sot - serdy saas: "... i'm not gonna risk
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extrr dollars on a gun." gun stores fear the aaministration condoned f&f as a pretext to regulate ggn ssles.sot - serdy says: "... president obama stated that he is working for gun control --3 democrats ssy that's crazy, but many support effort to require stores to rrport buyers of multiple weapoos.sot addmnistration and atf say they want multiple long gun sales to be reported - so we them, so we can preevnt hess guns from going into mexico." so in essence --you have both parties talking past each other. democrats downplaying the scaadal, hile republicans go head hunting and zero in on mistakes. pyou wwll likely see this on display dec. 8 when the aatorney general appears before the house jjdiciary angeles, wiiliam jeuuesse, fox news. a walmart shopper in p black eye.... as she edge. we have amateur
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video of the scene as ii went down at a los angeles almart. walmart. my eyes my eyes they're burning &p3 aramedics treated about two dozen people whoowere hit by the spray. the attacker was apparently afttr thooe x-bbx video games...which were deeply discounted. she got pith everyone choking on the floor. just a few hours later, the accused pepper sprayer turned herself in.... she's expected to be charged with assault. it's aaways the cclm eeore thh storm so just as everyone madness ensues and the lady just went at it. i didn't see it personaaly, but i sure got the scent of the mace. i got it in my throat. it wws burning. i saw people around me they got it really bad. s yoo can see in the video, some eyes'. g 'my eyes my 3 another violent scene, this &pone in oklahoma, is captured
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on camera.... &ppamera.... 22 cop shouts 'on theeground! on the ground!' 31 31occupy prottsters are taken pown by police while chanting store during black of the prottsters caatured this video before beeng hauled away.the group says they were heading for the exit when officers movvd in. they'rr accussng police of using excessive force. two similar prrtests at two other walmarts that day....ended peacefully. black friday's over, but store ownees in baltimore werr hoping die-hard shoppers weren't oo ttred to look for pore deals today. today.and many did come out.. pampden for 'small business saturday'. a nationwide effort to support local stores. advocatesssay buyingglocally provides an economic jolt to 1:47:04 "when you shop at small bbsinesses you are &pactually doing more for your community then if you go to a big box store. 68 cents out of every ddllar goes to your
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annual small businees saturday. its a giant rocket and another small step for man... man... 3& 4,3,2,1 and main engine star 0 and llftoff of the atlas five with curiosity seeking ccues to the planetary puzzle about life n mars. curiosity is on its way to mars.... as nasa launches another mission to ars. this &prover is ttn times larger tha previous modelss 3 coming up in just ten minntes.... pur cover story goes exploring with he rover ann disccvers why we could know soon whether there's life out there...somewhere. 3 it's vvry busyy usy is n understatement. tte bottleneck of steel and armor iraq harder than ggttiig in.f i'm eff barnd. we have new suspects on the wheel off justice. find out wherr it stops... and who will be highlighted.. next. p
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on this hhliday weekenn... the baltimore pooicc department would be thankful for somee pelp in catccing a wanted standing by with this week's wheel of justice. justice. all new faces on our wheel offjusttce. p we're ppinning the heel... and when peeson. then we open our hotline.. so you can call in with tips. tips. 23-yeaa old jermaine johnson aa a it all stems froo a call police eceived from a woman living on north fulton avenue near west llfayette avenue.the against johnson. he's now order... and for destruction
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of property. property. you can help put jermaine johnson behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. we''l be back next saturday with more suspects.. ann another spin of the wheel f justice. the fbi is probing whether two bodies found in ohio are the work of a criagslist killer. killer.they found onn of the booies in a shallow body was iscovered earlier this month.its also the same place wwere another man claims he was held at gunpoiit after responding to a craigslist ad for a others who responded to the same ad are realizing how close they came to danger. tuttle says: "i instantly got sick to my stomach thinking how lucky i was caase it could easily been me haa i gotten a reponse back." back."so far,,police have made two arrests... one of them is a high schooler.... police are searching for at leaving iraq may actually bb harder than fighting there.
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as america pulls out ahead.... of the decembee hardware is piling up in the kuwaiti desert. martin savidge takes you inside the logistical nightmare that is in he middle east..- if the war in iraq has a finish line, then campp virginia is it. for the laat 6 weeks as many as 350 vehicles a day have been rolliig into this remote base in the kuwaiti desert delivering soldiers and equipment.(nats)here teams work daa and night ggiding convoys though a series of stops. eacc one like an assembly line in reverse taking off or as they say ddwnloading equipment accumulated over years oo war. and so whattsort of stuff are they getting out at thhs particular point? they're oil fuee,,batteriee, anythhng that was not issued to them or that they brought, downloaded here.eeerything is sorted and
10:21 pm
collected to be thhoon out, recycled or put back into service. we brought you to really one of the few places - yoo can go o get a sense of just how much we're talking many vehicles, how many trucks how much stuff. and this is camp virginia has the capacity to house close to 7--hhusand thousand vehhclee. and even though officials say they are pelow those levels they admit it's been challenging keeping's very busy ann i will say thht we are making use of every availlble cot we have all he space that we have but it's going really well.but there are signn of strain. the base has had to greatly innrease houssng and office space and the dining hall now remains open 24 houus a ddy just to keep everyone fed. the gool is to move the soldders from convoy to a flight back to the u-- ithin it can sometimes take longer.
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virginia is not eepected unnil system time to catch up.yet despite such problemm moorle because as everyysoldier whh makes it here knows the next sttp is home.martin savidge cnn camp virginia, kuwaitt the first u-- casualty in afghanistan.... iispires the heroes.c-i-a ageet mike spann - was the first american to die in the aaghan war.killed during a taliban uprising, just 11 days after 9-11.his memory has inspired the creation of the c-i-a officers memorial foundation.which funds the education of children and widows of fallen intelligence officers. since spann's death in 2001 -- 23 stars have been addeddto the wwll at langley... honoring those loss. 3 "about a quarter of those left many young children
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without a cia parent." for ore iiformation on the foundation or to donate to the families of operatives who paid the ultimaae pricc foxbalttmore dot com and click on our neelinks taa. a holiday tradition lights up hampden tonight. tonight.a large crowd spilled home on the block got into the spirit.and even a hooded santa made an appearance too. 6:32:02 "at christmas thiss block is like the holiday on steroids. ha ha" 33:07 but 37:37:26 "if i can give tte joy back to the people as much as ttis block has given tt mm all the years i vissted here-i just want to be a part of that." 37:44 37:44the neighborhood invites visitors to see their lightss the yyar.hh through the end of it couldn't have been a more perfect day to kick off the christmas season. thhs wwrm when the lights comee- on in hampden.... hampden.... let's go to mettorologist emily gracey for a lok at your skywwtch forecast. forecast. 3
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3 heavier truck may mean more money moving around. why some say a new proposal places the economy over lives. 3 4,3,2,1 nd main engine start 0 and liftoff the search for life. in tonight's cover story, why moreeann more scientisss are ccnvinced we are not alone, and how our latest mission to
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mars could help ppove it. 3
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the universe? universs? &pthat queetion has been debate for centuriess..... tonight, there's a spacecraft flying at 22 thousand miles an hour....en route to finding an . answer. but some believe we've already discovered life on other worlds. john zarella has a pook at how the mars rover could prove we are not alone. . the atlas five rockettcarrying the curiosity rover took oof right on time from ccpe canaveral at 10:02 am after abbut 44 minutes the spacecraft ssparated from the upper stagg rocket putting puriosity on its way towwrds the ree lanet traveling at 22 thhusand miles per hour. t will arrive there in august and scientists say thee expect some incredible science.probes
10:28 pm
to mars. telescopes searching for other earth's. listeniig proof yet but the body of evidence is growing. we are not alonn.thing that strikes yoo is that every time we learn something newwabout the universe, what we learn is that our situation doesn't seem to be all that special. and thaa suggests that life is not all that special either. but, it is stillljust that, a &pastronomy in overload finding frrm telescopes like hubbell, spitzer, chandra.. new ddscoveries at a breaahtaking blowing grandeuu of the universe. consider these heavenly numbers just for a minute:perhaps one trillion, wiih a t thatts right, trillion gglaxies in the universe. stars you ask. ok.
10:29 pm
sextillion? that's three where does that leave us with planets? more specifically planets like our own.we're learninn sometting that's of fundamental importance to earths around other stars.bill borucki is the principle investigator for nasa's kepler telescope. its mission&find planets similar n size o the earth orbiting their suns. so far, it has been successful beyond expectations. while they still have to be confirmed, in just the small slice of our galaxy where the telescope looks, of the 12 hundred planet candidates kepler has found, nearly 70 are earth sized. the indication from he data that we haae in hand is that small planets are common, that the gaaaxy makes them efficiently. so they''e going to e aaundant."the number is large enough there must be biilions of such planets in our galaxy. surprise."hhw many ae appy -
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orbiting at just the right distance from thh sun&to support life? mmre than fifty candidatee found so far...where life might be is detect life. so for now that will remain just a guesss we've talked a lot about the siie oo thii rover. the &psojounrer was about this big. take aalook at this, this is is a mock up of a wheel off curiosity -- the wheel is as bbg as the sojourner rover was and there are six oo these on curiosiiy. so this really iss the cadilac of rovers and scientists believe it's going to help thee answer those age old questions as life possible on mars then and perhaps even nnw.john zarrella, cnn at the kennedy ppace center in florida it's mission when it gets 3
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to mars next august it'll operate for ne mmrtian year, pr 23 earth months. months. we've put a link on our website here you can see behind the scenes photos of the rover build and watch a live camera once it landd. just go to foxbaltimorr dot com and click on our newslinks tab. as with all our content.... it's absolutely free. 3 from short skirts, to saggy pants, to whatever is going on here why one group says rules for what you an wear on an airplane will actually give travellers more ffeedom. putting biiger trucks on america's roads. why it could help the conomy..... but put more driver'' lives in danger. 3 drivers may soon yñyñ have to share the road with
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heavier trucks. to increase truck weight gress limits by twenty percent.the major shippers sayyit would increase efficiency in a competitive global economy.but transportation officials worry heavier trucks could cause seriius accidents and damage roads. cole says, if we advocate for higher weights, it's gonna be more wear and tear onnoor roads, whicchmeans more "with thh panaaa canal being deepened, these larger cargo ships coming in are ggnna be carrying containers that weigh ninety seven thousand pounds. so, f we continue to have our
10:35 pm
weight limit at eighty thousand pounds, then we would have to take the containers, unload them, repack them, put trucks to do that." that."the proposed legislatiinn would let states opt-out of the new weight limit. 3 sommone made the naughty list already and his name is frosty. it happened today during the annual christmas parade in chestertoww on the eastern walsh was inside a frosty costume... marrhing... when dog and ssuffled with officers. walsh claims he did nothing wrong and he's been frostyyfor theelast decade. he as been released.... but is still facing charges. p3 3- 3 men used to wear
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
suits to ffy, now thhy're wearing lingerie. why this is okay oo an aiiplane &pbut ssort skirts and low-cut 3 there's nothing like hearinn 30 well-armee police officcrs pulling off the safety of tteirrguus at the same timm. time. taken at gunpoint. why police won't be able to press any charges against mmst people [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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fios. a network ahead. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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hurry, go to would say getting on a plann in pantiee is against the man. but it's happened, now onn group is lobbying for an airplane dress code... claudia cowan has the details on the high-flying fashion stan.
10:42 pm
standards. cowan on cam "from skirts too short, to pants too low, some passenners are learning the hard way --their wardrobe can keep them grounded.several high profile incidents have flyers rights groups caaling on airlinesto publish dress codes just as clearly as ticket fares and baggage restrictions:hanni says "peopleearen't mind readers- they don't know what that flight attendaat's going o want to see whee you get on a plane!" activist kate hanni argues the lack of consistency leaves ppssengers exposee to the judgments of the flight crew, whh may take offense at clothing that wouldn't be considered indecent oof the plane... but which leads to an argument and sometimes ends with the passenger getting kicked off. in the airlines view, those passengers became a risk. but hanni contends, if that'ss the case, it's the airlines fault:hanni says "the airlines shoulddstep up and doothis on theer own, just so that passengers can predict- and appropriately dress! if there's a requirement to wear a certain type of clothing, or clothing, tell us!"
10:43 pm
indeed, most airliies scoff at specifics in their contracts of carriige. american, por instance, won't give a maximum weight, but an turn away anyone deemed oo fat to comply with safety instructions by themselves.. poor hygiene... ...r dressed in a manner -quote- "that wouud cause discomfort or offense to otherr passengers." but then us airways allowed this man to board, wearing ingerie. airlinns say dress codes woull pe hard to enforce. and could expose them to lawsuits if the light crew ovvr- &preacts, which, according to the head of virgin, is what usually happens:branson says "if an airline's going to be so unreasonable for kicking someene off a plane for slightly overwwight, to me, it just seems impolite of the airline to behave in that way." operators say if passengers wear appropriate trrvel clothes, and flight attendants are more tolerant, everyone can hhve a niie flight. that's not good enough for advocates who want it in writing, so there'ssno confusion about what flles, and what doesn't. in san francisco, claudia
10:44 pm
cooan, fox news. " so karen airplane dress code... good thing or bad 3 a dissppointinggseason ends game made in sports unlimited... 3 they just brought a helicopter, did you see that? a police takedown caught on camera. why they against these suspected robbers. 3 a movie shoot becomms a real-life drama.
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10:47 pm
&pdrama.after a woman calls 911 the actors and camera crew are taken downn t gunpoint. gunpoint. nats: oh my god, this ii so bad! they just broughh a the students kkpt that?
10:48 pm
rooling as the los angeles police depprtment decided to have a cameo in their movie. they were shooting a cops and robbers film called the lion and the bull when the law surrounded them. with guns drawn the officers pulled everyone out of the store one bb one. 3 nats::you told her we wwre what happeneddwas an old lady had came and knocked on thh door and she had saw uss filming and we told herrwe were filming and i don't think she coulddunderstand us hat well. 3 there's nothing like hearing 30 well-armed police officers pulling off the safety of their guns at the same time. time. when i was going down on mm holster fell out onto the grounn and i could feel like everyone tighten. after all of the people were cuffed and searched.... suspected robbers were just filming a movie. it turns out the director had a permit to shoot, but he forgot to inform police they'd be filming. the students say they holddno ill-will they understand the police were just doing their job..... plus they got some awesome shhts of
10:49 pm
the police helicopter. 3 3 .towson welcomes a very special guest to toddy's game... .bruce cunningham joiis us pith the presidential tip-oof innsports unlimited... bruce... bruce... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .president barack obama pttends a towson tigers basketball game...there's a very ood reason why....the final chapter of randy edsall's first season is truly unforgettable...they'll be &ptalking about this game for year's to come....and i talk with the new center of the ravens defense...jaaeel mcclain has his squad playing &pat the highest level without ray lewis...sports unlimited starts right now... as you saw during the news at 10, this was a pretty special day at towsoo university...the tigers hosted oregon state in barrack obama came to see his brother-in-law, craig robinson, coach his team against pat skerrr's towson tigers....


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