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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 30, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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losing weight during the holidays. the breakfast that can create a lighter you. on fox45 news at 5-thirty. 3
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fiber map & change in the face of tragedy. a baltimore county man is headinn to washington d-cc today to fight or new trucking egulations..his comes after, ed slattery's wife was killed aad his son &paccident.megan gilliland is here witt the driving llws good morning paarice,you're taking a live look at i- 95 at md 1755a smoott ride statistics...according to the u-s department oo transportation about 3-to-4
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thousand people are killedd accidents.slattery is fighting to change that. that.his family was on an ohio interstateein august of last year... when a tirrd trucker fell asleep at the wheel and barrelld into tte family's cca. the accident killed slattery's wife susan.... and left his 14-year-old son mmtthew with a traumatic brain was discovered that the drivvr haddbeee behind the wheel of that semi for more than 10 hours... without a break.noo, ssattery and other truck safety advocates... are trying to change that from ever happening again. (ssattery) " i just know that i have to dd something, i feel moved to action..."(slattery) ""t has to cost them something. rathhr have us do it through regulation than through lawsuits. because lawsuits don't happen untii somebody's d" pead."slattery plans to pestify infront of a congressional committee the number of consecutive ce -
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hours trrckers are allowed to currently, it's 11 hours in a 14 hour shift.part of that regulation change would also increase rest time between ddivvng shhfts. meantime, the trucker in the accident his family was involvvd in now faces up to 7 years in prison.he pled guilty to vehicular homicide.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a fire in prince george's county claims the lifeeof two mmre people.. people..this was the scenn in lewiidale over the weekend.the fire broke out around four in tth morning, sunday.a six year old boy, who was in the home ... died at the hospital that and his aunt have died.mother investigators say an overloaded power strip caused the fire. the search continuus this morning... for the peeson who shot a mmn in he head... in southwest baltimore. can see crime tape marking off the area oo south bentalou haappned around 7:30 last
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night.the man was rushhd to investigators were arrests havv been made. we're learning more about how fake cops are terrorizingg baltimore. 3p police have seen a rash of incidents in southeast balttmore ... mostly targeting hispanicsjust this impersonators targeted peopll in three separate street robberies.but most cases involve home invasions... where the crooks yell "police!"... before busting cop... because you can buy . - pakeepolice ppraphernalia ooline. ((nthony) "this is a situation where people are posiig as police officers, they are reying on the trust of people have with the public, nd really victims are utterly vulnerable." vulnerable."police are stepping up patrols ...ann using undercover officers to catch the imposters. 3 jurors in the trial offpaul schuriik .. heard the robo-call in ccurt yesterday ... thattprosecutors say was
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in the last gubernatorial race. race.the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. is to watch it on tv the only thing left theeonly thing left is to watch it on tvvtoniiht. congratulations and thank you. you. schurick was an aide to former gooernor bob ehrlich. mmre than 100-thouuand robo- calls as a way to top aarican- american voters from going to the polls. calls were justified. he said schurick was just following the adviceeoffa political consultant who was hired to áincreaseá black voter turnout. one wwtness who testified yesterday, wasn't buyinggit. (question) ""hat did you think (mmllory) "well, i just rom thought that's not right, ptuff like that shhuldn't be happening. do you think it's illegal? of courseei think yes."schurick attornees say the calls were thh brain child of poltical aide....julius henson.he will stand trial on similar charges... later this the comedy world is ourning the loss of patrice o'neal... whoodied tuesday... at the age of 41.the comedian's death
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comes after suffering a stroke the comedy centrrl roast of in charlie sheen back in september... performed on conan o'brien and david letterman's shows... and appeared in the several sitcoms including "arrested development" and "the office." a generic form of the drug "lipitor"... becomes available today.that's because today is the day pfizer'ss patent on theecholesterol- looering drug expires... opening the door for cheaper allernatives.lipitor is the biggest-selling ppescription druu of all time. visitors of the mpire state building... could soon become áowners.á the with two other manhattan g - properties... could go on sall after becominggpart of a public compann and real estate investment trust.documents were filed a company called "malkin holdings." p he knows what those serving our couutry overseaa want to receive right now... because he was once in their shoes. that's whyy just aaout every day, he collects,
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fills, and sends out care joel d. smith is live in columbia now, with don downer, the man who's simple iiea has now been deliverrd to hundreds. 3 3&
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coming up n the early edition... her teenage son... killed... more than a decade ago...ann his killer... never c. caught.(beverly) "but the thing is, nobody wanted to come forth, it was like people peee afraiddof him.." this cold case... case... esman? meteorologist))
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3 3 coming p... her son was taken frrm her... in a brutal way. now the trail is cold. know the iller is still out there and i know there's someone who do know who killeddmy son..." son..."the plea the mother has .. for the public. public.and laterrin sports... the ravens will try to snap a troublesome streak this sunday...the one thing the team's losses have in common. ((bbmp out)) ((break 2))
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guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? ((break 2)) 33 3 ddrien ward won't let his m memmry fade away.someone killed the patterson high schooler almost 13 years ago. he was known as a good kid... and the hunt for the killer in this cold case is this morning's cover story.... "a caregiver's plea." plea." p beverly ward is a patient, ellen, suffered a near crippling stroke four years agoo..... (beverly) "and your pressure is good, 145 over 73...."......each day, beverly is there for ellen..
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who can no longer speak and her stepp are sloww........two women battling one strokee... pain.. a victim long before eelen's attack.......(beverly) "it's painful when a parent's o stroke.. but a shoottng that's the ource of beverlyys constant ache. someone shho and killed her 15-year-old son darien.. january 8, 1999.... a homicide phht happened nearly 13 years ago.., still unsolved..... a caregiver's cold case. a mooher who's heard the same thing from police, over and over aaain.(beverly) "can't fiid the killer...." happened at thee ccrner of bel air road andd darien wassgunned down during a botched robbery.. his coat
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icy cold street that night. ..........a 15-year-old a-stuuent and football player at patterson igh school, murdered.(beverly) "people seen the young man running and drop the gun, and nobody waats to ome forth.. there are unansweree questions now..... like then... when beverll spoke out about a possible suspect, she says, time. but wiih a - lack of evidence or witnesses..there's no arrest. (beverry) you know the killer is still ut there and i know there's someone who do know who killed my son..."(bbverly) "but the thing is, nobody wanted to come forth, it was like people were afraid of him.."...........the aggravating search for the suspect... then the surprising revelation about pplice. beverly learned that on least one officer ignored her dying son. a police probe found sergeant john sturgeoo
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guilty of misconduct and refusing to allow medics to render aid to darien. ut then, like now.. the murder and mistakes have led she waats her son's killer caught.(beverly) "he was a very good id, gooddkid.." ...........a plea from a woman who cares for help ease her pain. keith aniels, fox 45 news at ten. if you have any information abouttthis case... call police. coming up the ravens made a roster move...whoothey took off waivvr ... from the jets.
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3 christmas comes early for football fans.the maryland high school football state championships are this weekend at m&t... and we're the only themmon t-v. t-v. aal 4 state championssips sister station the c-w our baltimore.first up the 4a final at 7-30 on friday between old mill and quince orc. orchard...then itts a triple header on saturday...dunbar and pprryville meet in the 1a title game at noon... noon...ffllowed by midddetown 3-30...finishing with the 3a matchup at o'clock...river
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hill takes oo thomas johnson... johnson...we want to get you into the stands for free.the 10th caller right now wins a family 4 pack of tickets to any of the ccampionship games... games... and to help youukeep warm.. you also get this fleece blaaket from the c-w baltimore. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... coming up ii our 6 o'clock hour... facebook could soon be opening its stock to the publlc.when you can buy a pieceeof the site. site.a baltimore county man regulations after hii wife wass killed and his son seriously injjred in an accident.i'm megan illiland the driving laww that could change as a result of his trip to ddc today. today.
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