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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 1, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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fiber map 3 3 first on fox... a student and a teacher caught on camera fighting. the video froo a baltimore cconty private school for children ithh special needs... has now gone viral.the boys mother... who is furious... now tells us her next course of action.megan pilliland is live in windsor mill with the story you're good morning patrice,that you-tube video was reportedly
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shot hhre t the n-c-i-a youth trannition school.a conflictt that appears to be between a teacher and 18-year old corey sherrod.listen in... "you gonna lookkme in the eyes when you speak.. yeah..(hit) exactly exactly.. thats wwat i mman.. thats what i mean.. coree's mom tells us she is outraged by the teachers tacticssas the ennounter escalates. school administrators here did not return any of ourrphone calls. but this playground battle.. may now turn intooa legal one. corey'' family has hired an attorney and plans to file suit. (mom)"my reaction!" (attorney)"this is clearly an assault case(mom) "thats like bullying..., you talkkng about kids bullying ids thats a teacher bullying a all the profanity in thee world.. yyu not being a adult about the situation... he handled it so wrong he coulda got somebody else and let them handle the situation" situation"for now... corey
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remains at the school... attending classes... hoping to graduate.. next spring. live in winddor mill, news. fox45 morning - see the viddo of the ponfrontation on ouu website... go to fox-baltimore dot com slash raw news a former rock climbing years in prison...after pleading guilty to sexually prosecutors say michael lyons . of rockviile assaulted a 11 year old girl ...while he was worring at the "earrh trekk" ffcility in columbia.the victim was part of "earth prosecutors are expected to recommend less prison time. gary giordano is waking up in morning....he's the ing.... gaithhrsburg man... who spent the last four months, imprisoned in connection wwth the disappearance of robyn gardder. giordano arrived in miami weddesday morning...and then boarded a flight to new york.
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this black and white video is from tuesday niiht... as giordano left an didn't have enoogh evidence to formally harge him. "we're ere for the long hhul... not having closure" closure"giordano denies doing anything wrong.prosecutors say they're still trying to build a case against him. a high speed chasee.. ends in a multi car crash in southwest refused to stop ...sped through several neighborhoods, before finally crashing into sevvral cars on wwst franklin street. 3 &p "soon as i got off the bus h &paround...wondering what he wa talking about ... coming right through the everwher" everwhere."a man believed to be the drrver was aaen away 3
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on a stretcher. a college stuuent is wakinggup in jail... after a tip from crimestoppers... and some shockinggdashcam vvdeo that lead police to theirrsuspect.! stop let hii go! go!this is video out of iowa. it shows a 20-year old... neaaly ccokkng n officer to deaah.the alleged attack happened after the officer spotted the suspect disrrpting traffic... by standing in the street.when the officer asked por some i-d... the suspect refused... and went on the attack.the officer was lattr for the suspect... in prisonn a dress... worn by the late amy winehousee.. sells at an auction or 67-thousand- ddllars.the dress... worn by winehouse in her 2006 "back to black" album cover shoot... wwa bought by a fashion museum
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in chile.ppoceeds will go to the amy winehouse founddtion... which benefits 'tis the season of giving... according to adweek... shoppifting s up 6-percent phis year.but it's the items people are stealing... that may surprise you.the number one grab?... filet mignon. rounding out the top five is jamesoo hiskey... electric tools... electronic gadgets... and gillette mach 4 razor a chrissmas tree farm in iowa looks like it'' stocking charlie brown christmas trees... after deer get ahold of it. it.pine cres christmas tree full of pinessand firr... but poliday cheer to spread. just after pine acres closed for the season last year... eer took on the role of christmas grinches, nibbling up neerly (("they just sort of took ooer
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and bedded down in here. we trees. we figure between 10 and 12,000 trees that we've lost, which is probably between $75-80,000.")) 80,000.")) it's xpected to take at leasttfive years to re-grow the deer-eaten it might be a present you get this holiday season, orrmaybe something already in your purse, or car right now. but do you know how to &pproperly use pepper spray? thht question, is sparking many tootake a 3 hour course, and joel d. smmth is live with one of the instructors right noo. good morniig joel d. 3 3 3
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two brazen thieves in virginia beach steal hundreds of dollars in changee..meant for charity...and it's all caught on caaera. manager... carol anderton says robbers were
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stealing quartees from the air she unloaded thh quarters... put them in a jug and created a guess the amount iiside...and win a prize.the money would go win a pro charity...and theen.. happened. 3"my cashiee was here only and she eard a loud boom out garage to see if she could see anything.""and it was fairly it."all the money was gonn. police are checking survvillance video to seeeif &pphey can find the culprits. coming up on the early edition... entitlemenns in danger... do i see theedoctor next month or do i buy ggrceries next mont. month.the monumental problem... many peoppe are faci. facing. p(break 11) 3q
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((ad llb mmteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map 175 map 3
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coming up... tougg decissons that many people are having to . i see the doctor next month or do i buy groceries next mooth. month.entitlements... in dangerrthe problem many of us will have to facee.. in the fut. future.and later n sports... in the idst f an all pro caliber season...terrell suggs gets more recognition...the new award coming his waa. ((bump out)) 3 3
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how much money will yyu need when you retire?who will help you with health care costs? social security, medicaid, and medicare...aal rolled iito something the government &pcalls... "entitlement of the federal budget pays for those programs and smaller ones... like food stamps.costss are expected to jeff barnd asks...with all the government issues in washington... will there be any money left for benefits &pfor you? you? ---package script---- 15:24:11-:19sots 5:52-5;55 from sots file irene at 1:56 d irene mccomick is frusstated. sots 6:36-6:43 irenesot: as it is now... i'' making choices. do i see tte ddctor next month or do i bby groceries next month.broll frrm sots file starting at 4;40the government her or any of her friends.sots 4:0994:19sot: there are ss mmny ways that ppople sponge
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off the system. it issnot a good system. don't know how you change it or i don't know how you fix something thaa is brokennthe way it is.broll: social fil (checks being :00nats pause))f you believe will fund social security, nmen meeicaid and medicarra& -and- keep the government operatinga think again.nats (pause again)accordinn to the congressional budget office, those programs will consuue every single tax dollar paid to the government by 2049.cato 7:03-7:05sot: if you are not willing to cut those, you can never balance the budget. broll: iraq file nats and brolllfor this sectionnats &p(pause - gunfire :02forget national defense and interest on that huue 14- trillion dollar debtthe stress is complicated by the retirement cato 7;28-7:36medicare and .- social sscurity can not pay the promised benefits in the future to young people. they simppy just can not do it.
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heritage sot: 1:05-1:09 linger onntalking her for first few words of next track sot: we are all living longer which issa great thing. ore and more eople are going into retirement.broll: people/cell/talkingeconomic policy experttalison fraser says the money you pay todaya is ánotá a goverrmmnt account for áyourá retirement. it's being useddto suuport seniors ánowá.heritage 3:05 -3:13sot: it's not fair. it's patently unfair and wrong. and it's an indictmenn on povernment.broll: well as big people/cell/talkingthe worry need or want benefits in the futurea& the government couldd't fiid enough cutting waste and fraud just scratcces the surface.take graphic - entitlementtaxes more taxes?consider this:over the next 60 years, your taxes would almost triple to -just- pay for social seeuurty, medicaid and medicare benefits. heritage 5;56-6:09sot: the answer to me is not relying on the federal governmenn for all of your retirement needs. a loo of that should be based on me. how much can i save? how much should i save?broll: from sots at 9:54 and afterit will be far different for people in their 20s 30s and 40s to retirea& than those already sots 8:10-8:18sot: and it also ensures that i need toostart saaing money myself. if i want to retire early than i aa going to have to take that responsibility on for my own
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from sots of previous mmn at 8:40juut how much you want to save may e driven by the realization of how little the retire. according to the congressionaa september, there are 45 million eople receiving soccil sscurityyless than two thirds are actually retired disabled peeple, spouses, o deceased workers..he average retirement payment for social security is 845 dollars a month. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... ho ho ho .... oooh no! no!((:48 it's santa cllus... cheer him on. go santa go! (cheering! :53))) :53)))we'll show you ore of this saata's failedá... jolly entra! entrance!will the face of the game?new information on ray
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lewii...nexttin ssorts. ((break 3))
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stands of theemaryland high school football state champiooships for free.the 10th caller righttnow wwns fammly 4 pack of ickets to
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games...and to help you keep also get this fleece blanket from the c-w baltimorr. coming up in ourr6 happy meals..buu not so happy prices!find out the state that's now áchargingá for thattcoveted toy... in mcdonald's happy meals. mealss
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