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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  December 3, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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couldn't find his tight end! and wilson dives forward! that brings up fourth down. >> and normally michigan state likes the blitz. they just rushed forward. 9 clocked up. 31 locked up. at the bottom of the screen he is lock the up with adams. looks like he hurt his shoulder on the pass interferences two series ago and looked like he heard it again on that play. >> 4:23 to go. big play for russell wilson. wilson looking. fires across the field! oh, what a pass! 36-yards!
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and a first down for the badgers. >> charles: when i talked with the offensive coordinator and asked him about jeff duckworth. he said i never call plays specifically for him but i never mind people throwing the football to him. how about him fighting off the defensive. >> fourth and sixth. the hand-off. touchdown, wisconsin! montee ball, 7-yards and the badgers retake the lead!
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>>harles: now, they are going to go for two again. want to at least have a field goal difference if possible. that hole is wide open on the running play. now, don't be surprised here, gus, if they use wilson's legs, move him a little bit in this situation rather than just receiving him in the pocket. maybe get him to the edge with the run/pass option. >> gus: oust shotgun. wilson. in trouble. reverses. wilson back of the endzone. they got it! pedersen! what it play by russell wilson! he has been a magician. and wisconsin takes a three-point lead with 3:45 to play in the big ten championship. >> charles: i called for a run pass option to get him to the corner. he used his legs anyway just in
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and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >> gs: what is season it has been for montee ball. >> charles: sanders record being approached in a big way. the badgers up three. the last time they played it ended on a hail mary. what did that pass from russell wilson feel like to abbrederis -- excuse me tortion duckworth. almost felt like a hail mary pass to give them a position now to be ahead in the game. >> gus: no question.
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as wisconsin sends it away. hill and bell back deep. short kick. fielded at the 35. >> charles: and the reason they did that is they had trouble in kickoff coverage. didn't want them to break a big one. >> gus: the last time the two teams met each other on october 22, a hail mary determined the outcome. russell wilson keeping his team in it with the lead but here comes sparty! we could never all agree on what kind of pizza to get. someone would always have to settle. but now that all of our favorite pizzas from pizza hut are just ten dollars each, everyone can get exactly what they want. any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings. pepperoni lover's. veggie lovers. ten bucks! for the first time in my life, i don't have to settle. you're just talking about pizza though, right? yep. [ male announcer ] right now, any pizza is just ten bucks when you carryout. any pizza, any size, any crust, any toppings -- only ten bucks when you carryout. and only at your pizza hut.
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ok look, when gas prices jump... you still gotta work. so suddenly you're cutting back on everything from family vacations to cell phone minutes. well here's a thought - how bout cuttin' back on gas? here's how: the ford f-150. it gets 23 highway miles per gallon. that's the best. so you can get the job done and get a break at the pump. yeah, can you hear me now? this is the future. this is the ford f-150. >> gus: let's take a look at the ford game summary. >> charles: and this action has really heated up. the numbers really starting to look similar. other than sacks, michigan
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state getting up to russell wilson but late in the game, wisconsin has rallied big time to take the lead. >> gus: first down and ten at the 37. look at the time-outs remaining. michigan state with two. cousins in the shotgun. can he do this again? to the sideline. incomplete. that was thrown high for keshawn martin. and shelton johnson was right there in the vicinity. >> charles: he played a nice game in coverage. one interception. how many times have we seen him over the top helping out in coverage and forcing incompletions? >> keshawn martin and b.j. cunningham the two receivers for michigan state have been wonderful as well. second and 10 at the 37. they hand it off. bell. and bell. crosses the line of scrimmage
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by mike taylor. who grabbed him and that makes it third down and 8 at the 39. >> charles: wisconsin is not a heavy pressure team on defense. i will be interested to see here on third and eight if they want to line up in the radar, no one down and bring pressure to kirk cousins. >> gus: watch nichols at the top of the screen. cousins. out. fires. and it's caught! keshawn martin. ever. >> charles: look at him go up and get it. did the first foot come down? >> gus: oh, my goodness. >> charles: look, in the white with the foot. oh, the foot came down in and out. i don't know if you are going to be able to let that one
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stand. >> referee: the previous play is under further review. >> charles: watch how he comes down. oh. right there and see he is in the white. i think that is an incomplete pass. that is going to come back. >> gus: his toe touched first. there is. >> charles: there is the to but that foot is not squarely in the field of play. does he have the possession? i think it will come down to being an incomplete pass because the foot is not clearly in bounds. >> check in with mark in the studio in los angeles. he is our rules analyst. mike, what a play. >> two things, gus, you got to look at here. they don't have the full step rule like the nfl. is the toe down inbounds but then he is going to the ground
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out-of-bounds. does he hold on to the ball when hits the ground or does it come loose while laying out-of-bounds. focus on the tow there but here as he goes to the ground watch the ball pop out of his happens. you have got to look at this and i think it is an incomplete pass. >> charles: the toe would keep him inbounds but not completing the process of the catch would make it an incomplete pass. >> that's correct. i think they will reverse this to incomplete. >> gus: i think it's a catch. >> charles: let's see as he goes to the ground as mike is talking about. does he maintain possession and does the ball stay. does it hit the ground. watch. going through. going through. ball stays with him. if it is a toe, if it's the toe. >> referee: following the video review it has been determined that the receiver's foot was down out-of-bounds. the pass is incomplete. >> gus: and you guys are right. >> referee: at the 38.5-yard line. the clock is, correct. >> gus: thank you, mike.
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and thank you, charles. so incomplete. look at this. >> charles: this is how close it is. toe taps, but look at where the foot is. look at how much white is there. that is what the officials are determining, not a catch. >> gus: so that brings up fourth down and eight with 2:57 to go and michigan state is going to punt it. >> charles: but if you are wisconsin you don't even think about rushing here. what you play is punt safe. all you want is the football. you have a three-point lead. don't run into the kicker. >> gus: sends it away. abbrederis with the fair catch at the 18. a 42-yard punt. montee ball and the wisconsin offense comes back on the field and they will look to eat up the clock. look, it's ok to take the occasional gamble- as long as it's something like switching from boxers to briefs.
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with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. >> gs: 2:51 remaining in the big ten championship game between the wisconsin badgers and the michigan state spartans. the winner to advance to the rose bowl to take on oregon. >> charles: watch how many people are close to the line of scrimmage for michigan state now trying to stop the run game of wisconsin. >> gus: ought of the offset i. running room and he is tripped up by dennard. >> charles: stays inbounds which is nice for wisconsin. making michigan state use a time-out. >> gus: and coach brew, does wisconsin even think about throw hing the ball on this drive? >> absolutely not, gus. what they have got to do here
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is they have got to run the ball three downs. obviously they want to get a first down but they cannot allow the clock to be stopped by an incomplete pass. >> charles: michigan state will use their time outs. use one here and use another one on third down if they get the stop. >> charles: how big is the possession rather than give the ball back to kirk cousins with decent field position. >> absolutely huge, charles. this is what wisconsin does and what they are made for, guys, is this time right now, pound the rock. >> charles: i think they get into a tough spot with that quarterback and they might trust h him in order to keep possession. >> gus: cousins wanting to get one more shot at it. the defense has to step up for him, though. second and six. dropped. nice tackle by ellsworth and
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denicos allen. third down coming up. but you never roll the dice on your truck. so go with the sure thing, ford f-150. jd power and associates just gave f-150 their highest award for initial quality. add to that the best mix of torque and fuel economy you get with its ecoboost engine, and you're money, baby. this is the future. this is the ford f-150. >> kimberly: welcome back. third down five at the 24 for. >> gus: welcome back. coach brewster, quickly, what do you run if you are the badgers? >> they can run the ball inside but russell wilson right here a hard run fake and have him boot leg, keep the ball out the backdoor. i like that call right here.
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>> charles: possession is so key right now. a lot of time on the clock even if they trained the time out. this is a big one for wisconsin. i wouldn't doubt they would throw the ball here to try and pick it up. >> gus: third down and five. ewing. and ball in the backfield. wilson hands it to ball. ball will not get it. trenton robinson. robinson stopping it and that will force the badgers to punt it with 2:24 and counting. >> charles: that is pat narduzzi the defensive coordinator who normally works out of the box. he came down to the field for the last crucial series. his offense is going to get the football back with a little less than two minutes to go in the game. >> brad nortman has been terrific punting the ball for wisconsin. he has been getting great hang time. keshawn martin has had to fair
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catch the ball a number of times tonight. he gets it up. for the line drive. and a flag. martin to the sideline. martin. martin goes down inside the five but a flag on the punt. wow! >> charles: and it looks -- and it looks like they got to the punter and if wisconsin gets the ball back, michigan state is out of time-outs. >> referee: running into the kicker, number 9, defense, five yard penalty. the result, first down. >> gus: , frankly i'm a little surprised they came after it so hard because that is a nice job by nortman. let me tell you this is a nice job by him because he leaves a leg up there. as the punter is caught and then he takes a nice block but
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i don't think the official had any choice but to make the call. he comes through the body of him pretty well. nice acting job but that is what you are taught to do as a punter. but lewis should not be in the vicinity to have to make that call. >> gus: oh, charles. >> charles: he should not have been anywhere in any form close enough to him to force the officials to make the call. they had to make that one. >> gus: no time-outs for michigan state. wilson takes the knee. the wisconsin badgers behind this young man russell wilson are 1:20 away from winning the inaugural big ten championship game. coming up after the game, stay tuned for the at&t post game show. we will wrap up with the presentation of the big ten championship trophy along with highlights and analysis from tonight's game.
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and wilson. comeback kid tonight. the usaa is a proud supporter of our men and women in uniform like badgers life greg are you see who served four tours of duty in iraq. >> charles: he ended up playing in the last game of the year against penn state, not in uniform today. but got a chance to play and this is a tough way for this game to end. great victortry for wisconsin but a tough way for it to go down for michigan state. in that situation normally you play punt safe and get the football and try and run it downfield with the offense. >> gus: congratulations to the wisconsin badgers, favored by nine. the badgers win 42-39 to win the inaugural big ten
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conference championship game and wisconsin heads to pasadena to take on oregon in the rose bowl. ♪ wh a game! 42-39 the final. and dhani joans is standing by a with happy russell wilson. >> a fantastic job. tell me, all way from north
11:54 pm
carolina state up to wisconsin. what does this mean to you today especially starting off the first day with confidence that the players have in you as being the captain and coming out here and lead this team to a championship? >> the fact that my teammates accepted me so quickly is unbelievable and we worked hard every single day. we battled and we had tough lots and kept battling. the guys picked it up every day in practice. worked hard. kept believing. tonight was a huge game. michigan state played really well and the fact that which is accept immediate to quickly. i want to thank coach bielema for giving me an opportunity and continuing to coach me and really and truely is a blessing. >> dhani: truly redemption, the first game with michigan state and now coming out here, what does this mean to wisconsin. not only yourself but what does this mean to the university of wisconsin? >> the fact that we won the first ever big ten championship game ever. an opportunity to go to the rose bowl. going to play a great team in
11:55 pm
oregon. going to be a great a game. it is huge for this program. >> dhani: thank you very much, now back to you, tim. >> on wisconsin! >> gus: i have chris borland here with me. chris, the wisconsin badgers are going back to pasadena. the first inaugural big 12 champions. talk about the effort in the second half, chris. >> it was big. our offense played well all day but the defense didn't give us a chance in the first half. we played aahleful. we were composed in the locker room and knew we could come back. we did last time but this time we won it. it was a good win. >> talk about the significance of the transfer of russell wilson and what he meant to this football team coming in here being a leader on offense and leading you guys to a big ten championship? >> russell has been good for us. that is an understatement. everybody knows how good of a player he is but for what he meant to the team and the inside the guys in the locker
11:56 pm
room he has been a leader since day one and we love russell and we are glad he is a badger. >> 42-29 the final. wisconsin comes back to win it. coming up after a commercial break, the presentation of the big ten championship trophy. ok look, when gas prices jump... you still gotta work. so suddenly you're cutting back on everything from family vacations to cell phone minutes. well here's a thought - how bout cuttin' back on gas? here's how: the ford f-150. it gets 23 highway miles per gallon. that's the best. so you can get the job done and get a break at the pump. yeah, can you hear me now? this is the future. this is the ford f-150.
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