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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 5, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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mmm... pillsbury crescent wrapped brie just unroll, wrap the brie and bake. it's so easy. now this might even impress aunt martha. pillsbury crescent wrapped brie. holiday ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. a suspected armed man.. ssnds
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baltimore apartment complex. phere it happened.. and the latest on the situatton this morring. looking for work?the ten companies ready to hire you right now. singing, screams screamsand.. even the ccristmas spirit couldnnt save them.the urpriiing reaction offsomm parenns... after this happened... to their children during a hristmas concert. 3 3 monnay, december th - queen anne's ... aad talbot county 0 minutes
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p.. and wicomico county 2 houus late due to fog. 3
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fiber map fiber map
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named the busiest in americaa3 according to fire house magazine....steadman fire ssation responded tt 11 other station... nywhereeii giililand is here with more on why the downtown station is so busy. good morning patrice,we're talking about neerly 22- how busy ttese firefightees '' and paramedics are attsteadman station there on euttw street. 3nats-siren nats-siren there's a steady sound of sirens there.with an average firefighters and paramedics them, it's no surprise thatt in the country. it's partly use due to it's central downtown location and the equipment they have on hand here.but
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they say cuttacks... are also tt bbame ffr the busy pace. 09:27 "basically annthing unusual hat happens in the city, a unit from this station is going. and there's a fair hhppen in this city..01:10 "we'rr doing a lot more with a lot less. that's the bottom lin" line."the city closed several stations over the last decadee increasing the worklood for those still operating. while our crews were filming at steadman station a call came in for a kitchen firr. with a call like that, it's hard to know hat to expect. worst each and every time.and worst eahee ggt a day... it's n a possiile armed man causes a aaarrment complex. all staated around on the scene until midnight. police senttin a swat team after ggttiig a call for an armed man at the buena vista apartmmnts the ntire area was shut ddwnnfor hoors.the pusppct was taken into
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&punknown injuriee.lfor -3atedd- 33 tte ravens break the streak... browns.all three f their lossessthis season .. came on thh road ... after big winn &p... to teams they should have beat. but sunddy, the ravens jinx nd pull ut a victory. the biggest man in the stadium ...hhre in the first quarter he caps a drive with this 6 yard touchdown..and the rrvens career day... watch him break - loose nd run through the pleveland defenseefor a 67 &pyard gain...he had 200 on the day... anddtten llter, one more specttcular run...waach lardarrus webb take the puntt victory...lifting theeravens t so with the rrvens
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this time.... do fans think - thh ttam has worked out all its probllms? problems? joel d. ssith is live at paaera in towson to fiid out. good morning joel d. gamm stats: wwth four pames to go,,theeplayers taking it one game at a time....but ray rice can't ignore the obviius. 2342 we've always played good 2342 we've always footbbll, we're a good dec/jan ttam. butt if youuwould e great to have a playoff game in bmore. we know whattour fans bring, and we jjst need here on out. 3 3
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2220 here he is... larry, darry. thanks for having me. how'd you change before me? 3 performane... gone wroon. wrong.singing, screeas screams how pareets reacted... to this risee mishap. and in our hometown hoossot... we're taking ou live... to holiday festtval of
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neeest exhibit... honoring a local're watching fox 45 mmrning news.. all local.. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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֖֖֖֖֖ --it'ssthe time of year when the "b" and "o" railroad museuu rolls out it'' holiday festival of trains and toys --dave shackelford is live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot-- exhibiting thh honorable william donald
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schaefer's toy train set and hollday mmmorabiliia--prior to his passing, he treasures tt the museumschaeffr stated, "i know you will preserve these and share the joy they broughh to me each year with many chhldren, friends, and families.""---chaefer was a to the b&oo the holiday festival of traiis anddtoys is at the "b" and "o" pailroad museum through the end oo this month.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.wwile you're there, get the latest traffic, weather, and headline
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ppdates...and it's all for free.
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3 3 haboo cam map fiber map 32 map
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&pwitt temperatures dropppng... "occupp" proteeters are looking for shelter... &pcan."it's getting cold..we need a warm place for people to stay."" what some protesters did with didn't end well - and know someone who's looking for work?the 10 big companies hiring áthis week.áyou''e waaching fox 55morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((breaa 2)) /úoññt 3
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newwthhs morning... the u-s
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postal service is expectee to announce plans today... for saving 3-billion dollars. expected... includinngslower first class mail.insteed of arriving in one to 3 days... are expected to kick in this s - spring. to save monee... thh post office is also looking to closs hundreds of processing centers... and fire tens of thousands of orkers. a former miss -s-a pindssherrelf wearing more than a crown this weekend.2010 wiiner... rima fakii... was taken away in handcuffs... for in michigan made he arrest saturday.the 26-yeer old was the first arab ameeican... to ever win the prestigious title. an ellerly woman says she was strip searched by the t-s-a... at ew york's j-f-k airrort. lenore zimmermannwas goiigg ttrough security in a wheelchair.zimmmrman says she asked to be patttd doon instead of goiig through a
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the scanner interfering with her defibrillator.she says that request led agents to take her to a private ((zimmerman says: "she saas pill you pull your pants down please? and tten she pulled my underwear down and strip-searched me.")) me."))zimmerman sayssshe plans to sue the t-s-a.the t-s-a says they regret that zimmerman had an unpleasant expprience... but they do not conduct strip searches. we don't kkoo who will bbe super bowl this year... but we madonna will be this year's half-time headliner.the will be the first time the material girl has ever performed at a year's game issscheduled for february 5th in indiannpolis. that brings s tooour question &pfavorite superbowl alftime ssowwof all time?we'll be taking our calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dt com and tell us what you think... sound off
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through facebooo... or send us a tweet at foxbaltimore. coming up... "occupy" protesters square offfwith policeein d-c over the weekend. weekend."we are the 99%" phat the group was fighting to protect. singing, scrrams screamsand a christmas choir're watching er you've heard oo taking sheeter
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froo the cold.well... occupy prooesters are trying to brinn the shelter to them.but as rick incent explains... ii's an idea police aren't warminn up to. "we are the 99%"the many occupy protestees say they aren't washington d-c they faced off with policeefor hours yesttrday over this wooden structure built in the middle of a park."it's getttng cold. we need a warm place for people to stay."but police say the sttucture was a safety conceen.protesters percheddon top of it to prevent crews from tearing it down.they officers on a cheery picker. "protect and defend!!ii all, at least 31 people were arrested throughout the day....
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and in the end... the structure falling)that kind of - confrontatiin haan't been problem in buffalo, new york. &poccupy prottsters there put u a dome that waa donnted by a supporter."this is somebodd sure that people stay warm." -3 denver..and though there are fewer protesters than usual, some say ttey're in it or the long haul."we're doing eeerythhng we can to combat the elements here. you knoww we have a lot of ur 24/7 protesters here getting creative and hey've actually created what's called the colorado hot pocket."but as the weather gets colder, fewer protesters may be willing to &prisk frostbite to keep he movement going.reporting. coming up... the 10 coopanies hiring workers áthis week.áwe'll -&re from now. ((joel live ttass)) you're watching fox 5 morning news.. all
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local.. all morning.
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jñ3 looking
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to the past... for modern day ddseases. an ancient cure .... on fox45 news at 5-ttirty. news -hhrbor... fogg,3
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3 - queen anne's ... pnd talbot county 90 inutes late -dorchester.. keet 3 &p 3
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piber map 3
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shootings... stabbings... reecues... the steaddan firee station downtown responds too station innthe nation. - that's according to fire house magazinn.steadman fire ssatiin responded tt 14 percent mmre calll last year thhn any other station in the united statessmegan gilliland is here with more n why the mooe pressure. pood mornnnggpatrice,we're talking about nearly 22- thousand runs a year...that's how buss the firefighters and
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ssation on eutaw - 3natt-siren nats-sirenthere's a steady sound of irens therr.with n averrge of 60 runs a ddy... firefighters and parameeics rarely get down or them, it's no surprise that this is the busiest firehouse in the countty. it's parrly due to it's central downtown location and the equippent they haae on hand here.but they say cutbacks... are also to blame for the busy pace. 01:27 "there's not a whole the cliff, looking down. 07 3 certainly."03::5 "ww can't afford anymore cuts. none.. stations over tte last decade. increasiig the workload for while it makes forra long and ttring day for tte crew at steadman stttion, they say the &pccmraderie thereekeeps them going.megan gilliland, fox45 morning neew.
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closing arguments are expected to beggn... in the trial of a political aide for former maryland ggvernor robert ehrlich. 3longtime aide... paul schurick is accussd of trying to suppress the black vote duriig llst year's gubernatorial election. schurick teetified in is own campaign ccnsultanntjuliis henson presented a black voter suppressionstrattgyy.. and he however... schurick aaso testified he later approved the script for the calls sent to voters. the udge says jurors cculd reeeive tte case monday afternoon. a big endorsemenn could come tooay... from former g-o-p candidate herman cain.cain... who suspended hii campaign saturday... is expected tt announcee he's enddrsing former speaker of the houss, newt gingrich.over the wwekend... cain suspenned his campaign... after allegations he denies.aa affair... which -3 &p(last sottin pkg) "as of toda with a lot of prryer and souu searching, i am suspenddng my presidential amp"
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campaign."meanwhill... republican candidates are gearing up or the next chapter in their campaigns... and fighting for cain's aanouncement could come this &pafternoon. 3 thh ravens break the streakk.. and blowwpass the cleveland browns.all three of their losses this seaaon .. came on the road ... after big wins ... to teams they should have beat. but sunday, the ravens were finally able to shake thh the biggest man in the stadium ...hereein the first quarrer he caps a drive with this yard touuhdown..anddthe ravens had the eaaly lead.rrce had a loose and run hrough the ak cleveland defense foo 7 yard gain....e had 204 on the &pday.and then latee, one more
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spectacular run...wwtch lardarius webb take the punt and go 68 yards... and that put the ccp on 24-10 tooa 9-3 record the win keeps the ravens in the drivers seattfor a home playyff gamee,soohow are fans taking innthat possibiliiy this morningg morning. joel . smith can find today. gooo e o morning joel d. (ad lib) 3 head coacc john harbaugh says don't take this win for granted. the browns aren't that bad... aad the ggme was &pwon by the big boys... the guys on the offeesive and defennive lines.
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33 singing, screaasa turn for the 3 screams middle school studentt are seen here pprforming at aamall
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in fargo... whennall of a sudden... the rrsers hey''e standing on... collapse..i pends the students plummeting to the one was injured.but it was without a doubt... a scaryy moment for students.parents on tteer cameras... nd could what to call the video when 3 they eventually posted it on it's beginning to look a lot ike christmas... we''e givvng away gifts every christmaa's all a paat of our countdown to christmas. chance to choose a gift from - under the stayytuned for your chancc to wii! coming up.... ittwill soon costtmorr... tt heaa your hhgh the winter. news.. all local.. all 5 mornin-
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((break 5)) ((ad lib meteorrlogist))
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p3 map fiber map 175 mmp
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3 33 3
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3 it's our mobideal of the week! every week.. we'll bbing which ppovides coupons ls... directly to yoor cell phone! phone!this week's deal comes from... roma's caffebuy one &penttee and get the seccnd one from... roma's caffebuy one &penttee and get the seccnd one && dottcom to get started.. or &pmobideals ii a ppoduut of our pprent commany.. sincllir broadcast group. coming up... the 10 companies hiring thousands of workers... áthis pext.áwe'll reveal that list ((break 6)) &p tt cost more... to heat yyur
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home this winter.the average price of heating a home with 10-percent thhs yeer.that'' - according to the u-s eeergy average bill for the winter heating season... is expected to run about 2-thousand- 535-dollars.thatts up 45- percenttfrom just 2 years ago. aol-dot-com is out with its latest list... of the top 10 companies hiriig this if you know someone ooking listen in. unitedhealth group... boston market... ernst & young... &pat&t etail....sears seerslockheed martin... ccrysler-mopar... avis... wal-mart... and dell. dell.too see this list again... just go to our com slash morning. 3 congress continues to wreetle with whether or not o extend payroll tax cuts ttat are set to expire at the end of this happees ... the average that american fammly will see a tax increase of at least a
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thousand dollars.senate set to offer a compromise plan - today ... and he blasted fellow republicans forr standinggin thh way of an extension. congressman andy harris joins us this debatee-harry reid says he - there's no quustion here ttat the middle class ... - shouldn'ttbe taxee 3
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coming up... a big night... music.jason aldean nats nats a llok at the top stars being honored at toniggt's american country're watccing local.. all morring. all - 3&((break )) jassn aldean nats
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nats that is the sonn "dirt road anttem".. it is the highesttcharting sinnle of jason aldean's career.jason has many accollaes under hhs belt... but he will probably be honored again tonight.
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he is p for a ot of american tonight'ssshowdown on - the zzc brown band lead the pack with ight nominations eachthe band perry and taylor swift are p for six awards because the fans vote!another person who will most likely be in he spotlighttis carrie pnderwood. listen in to one of her recent its ccrried underwood nats nats -that is mama's s up for female single oo the year and female usic video
6:56 am
-carrie is also up forrfemaae artist of the year--touring headline act of the year-she has come a long way since merican idol...eason four.. six ears legendary superstars alabama, will be honored with thh a-c-a "greatest hits award". ttey will perform... they have an increddble set planned.... ooen says: "we're goiig to do a medley of songs we kind of honored to perform for all these people and they gaveeus the opporttnity to do some of our melody and we're do sooe inclldiig ourrfirst number one single."
6:57 am
tte american ccuntry awards are tonight at 8 riggt here n coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... 3 an rnament... nn amily never knew they had.what hey found... dangling from their christmas tree. ((joel live tease)) you're watching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all morring.
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emergencies han any other fire station... anywhere in tte country.the local station ptpping he list as the busiest and why. another week... another win! the plays that put the ravens on top... and baltimore's predicttons.. for the rest of the season. ssnging nats nats and.. the material girl gets a big gig.the venue she'll be playing.. for the first time ever. 3
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3 3 today is monday, ddcember 5th. - queen anne'ss... late -caroline... utes dorchester.. kent ... and wicomico county 2 hours late due tt fog. 3
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3 3 fiber map 3
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a balttmore fire station is nnmed the busiest in america. accordiig to fire house magazine... steadman fire gilliland is here with more on why the downtown statioo is so busy. good morning patrice,we're thousand runs a year...that's how busy these fiiefighters
7:04 am
station ttere on utaw street.a 3nats-siren nats-siren there's a steady sound of sirens there.with an verage of 0 runs a day... firefighters and parameeics rarrly get down for this is the busiest firehouse in the country. it's partly location and the equipment n - they have on haad here.but they say cutbaaks... are also to blame foo the busy pace. 09927 "basically anything unusual hat hhppens in he cityy,a unit ffom this station is going. and there's a fair mount of unusual things hat happen in this city."01:10 lot lees. that's the bottom lin" line."the citt clossd several stations over the laat decade. increasing the workload for those still opeeating. while our crews were filmmig &pat steadman station a call came in or a kiichen firr. with a call likk that, it's hard tt know what to expect.
7:05 am
they've got tt prepare for the doubt a difficult job.megan at 3 gilliland, fox45 morninn news. a possible armeddman caases a big scare at a north baltimore apartment complex. all started aaound 7 last night.. and police were on thh scene until midnight. police sent in a swat team &pafterrgetting a call for an armed man at the buena vista apartments the entire aaea was suspect was aken into custody.. and is being tteattd at a local hospital foo unknown injuries. 33 the ravens break tte streak... and blow pass the cleveland losses this season . came on &ptte road ... afttr big wins ... to teamssthey should ave beat. but sundayy the ravenss were finally able to shake the pinx and pull outt vvccory. victory. little ray rice waa
7:06 am
he capssa drive with this 6 yard touccdown..and the ravens had he early lead.rice had a ccreer day... watch him break yard gain...he had 204 on the more specttcular lardariussweeb take the punt anddgo 68 yaads... aad that cap on a 24-10 victorr...lifting the avens to a 9-3 recordas for ray psually say we're taking it at ooe game at a time... but ay rice can't ignore the obvious. 2342 we've lways ppayeddgood dec. football, we're a good dec/jannteam. but if you wwnt to put it out there, it would be great to have a playoff game in bmore. we know what our fans bring, and we just on out. & so ith the ravens
7:07 am
controlling an inferior team thii time.... do fans think the team has worked ouu all llve at panera in towson to is - finn out. good morning joel d. (aa lib) (ad lib) &p 33 2520 err he is... larry, darry. thanks for having me. how'd yyu changg before me?
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it'' beginning tt look morr like a horror film... than
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christmas....for one north carolina family. family.we have an issue... and our chhistmas tree. casey says her daughter wass turning off some lights... when she saw ssmething movinn an extrr ornament.casey shot this video of the corn &psnake... dangling from aa branch..he famill nammd ii "tinsee"... then set it free ii he woods. coming p... he's stepping away from the pulpit for awhile. awhile..."i'm goonn to taaeea liitle time off to focuse on &pmy family" fammly"bishhp eddie long was caught up in a sex scandal earliee this year...find oot reacted.mpted hii time off..3 you're the droid razr by motorola.
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3 3
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3 map fiber map 177 map
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still aheadd. aaholiday ift for drivers.. álessá you're paying t the um. pumppand these trainn are &pushering in the holldays...ho long you will bb able to see theeholiday festival of trrins and toyy... at the "b" and "o" railrood museum that's in you''e watching fox 45 morniigg neww.. all looal.. all morning. ((break 2)) 3q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out.
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we need a new sofa. something i can stretch out on. oh! that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back. new ttis morning... closing arguments are expectee to begin... in tte trial of a political aide for former maryland governor robert
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ehrlich. longtime aide... paul schurick is accused of trying to suppress the black pote during last ear's gubernattrial ellctiin. pchurick testified in his own defense friday... saying cammaign consultant julius &psuppressiinstrategy... and he dismissed the suggestion. however... schhrrckkalso testified he later apprrved the script ffr the calls sent tt vottrs. the judge says jurors coulddreceive the case 3. tiie off to ocus on my amily" family"bishop eddieelong ii taaing a breather from his duties at a mega church in georga.sunday morning he told the congregation at new bbith missionary baptist church he a sex scandal involvong young men.the decision comee after divorce.earlier this yeer, r - long settledda lawsuit filed by four young men who accused denies tte allegations. ng -
7:19 am
gas priies are on their way down... just in ime for the lundberg survey... prices at phe pump have dropped 9 cents... in two weeks.the national average for rrgular ggs s nnw 3-dolllrs, 29-cents regularrgas is now 3--ollars, 22-cents a in at around 3-25 a gallon. 3 --the "b" and "o" rrilroadd museummis celebrating the holidays with it's holiday festival of trains and toys ---avid ssackelford is live with the etails on thhs morning's hometown hotspot--
7:20 am
honorable william donald sshaeeer'' toy traii set and holiday memorabilia --prior to his passing, he ppesented his treasuresstt the museum --governor schaefer stated, "i
7:21 am
know you will preserve these and ssare the joy ttey brought to me each year with many phildren, ffiends, and families." --schaefer was a museum 3 the hhliday festival of trains pnd oys is at the "b" ann "o" railroad museum through the information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slaah morning.while you're there, get the latest ttaffic, weather, and headlinee updates...and it's all for free. sttll to come... the career day by ray rice... his ootburst ...wwen the 3nats!!! nats!!! and latee....she'll be striiing a pose there... for the first time!the how madonna will "vogue"... next year. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all llccl.. all mooning. ((break 3)) ((bump in)))- bruce cunningham
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has ffx 5 mmrninn sports.
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this is brody anddpopssthanks &pto the viewer who sent this in... they say... thee'rr raising a ravee wwile his afghanistann and this is five month old already!this was sent in by show us yyur purple
7:28 am
upload phhtos and videos to us throughhpuuplee-aa fox paltimore --ot- com. and you ccn see those pictures on our "see ii shoot it send it" page at &pfoxbaltimore dot com. page.. facebookkdot com slash foxbaltimmre... click on "insiie fox45" on the left coming up.. up..some big banks are holding off on foreccosurrs for the &ppolidays.thh companies cuttin station is named the busiest &pin tte nation.i'm megan gilliland, why the crew at you're watching fox 45 morning. looking to the past... for modern day ddseases. an ancient cure .... on fox45 news at 5-ttirty. news ancient cure .... on fox45 news at 5-ttirty. news at 5-t-trt
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at ikea, the life improvement store. 3 33 pcaroline... orchester.. kknt ... and wicomicoocounty 2 hours llte ue to fog.
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3 3 &pfiber map 3
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shootings... stabbings... ressues... the seadman ffre station downtoww responds to them all ... and thha is why they are listed as thh busiest station in the nation. that's according to fire house agazine.steadman fire station responded to 14
7:33 am
percent more calls last year united states.megan gilliland crews there are under so much more pressure. good orning pattrce,we're talking abouttnearly 22- ttousand runs year....hat's how busy the firefighters and paramedics are at steadman 3naasssiren nats-sirenthere's a steady sound of sirens there.with an average of 60 runs a day... firefighters and parameddcs &prarely get down for this is the bbsiest firehouse due tooitts ennraa doontown location and the equipment theyyhave oo hand herr.but theyysay cuttacks....are also to blame for the busy paae. 01:27 "there's ot a whooe lotta rest sometimes."14:07 psometimes alwayssgoing out, all thh time.""2:48 "we're at the cliff, looking doww. certainly."03:05 "we can't aaford anymore cuts. none." stations over the last decade. -
7:34 am
increasing the workload for those still operating. whileeit makes for a long and tiring day for he crew at steadman statiin, ttey say tte comraderie there keeps them going.megan gilliland, fox455 morning news. the holiddy season brings a pikesviile mother...whose son oo people 16 years agg.a croww ago.brian moos's murddr remains happened in west baltimore... ee was waaking in his neighborhood with a friend ... five days before hristmass..when someone shot them both.and noww.. the trail is ccll.his mothee, delinda morrison, ays thereehave een no leads, and no suspects in more than 10 yearssthe detectives investigating her son's death have since retired.morrison believes since the shootiig happened in a crowd f peopll...someooe...saw something... and is asking "i pray on this every night, i praa on this eeery night, that my son's killer is brought to j"
7:35 am
juuticc" it's never too ltee if you have god in your heart...please come forward" play collegeefootbaal t one o - of the most prestigious programs in the countty.if you know anything about this shooting... contact authorities. the investigation into a fire in northwest baatimore continues...but nowwsome of those residents... could be allowed back nside. inside. crews have been busy makinngrepairs to the compllx the fire brrke out in a fourth floor apartmeet juut beeore eleven o-clock friday one was hurt... but more than 100 peoole...mostly senior citizens were forced to evacuate. sooe baltimore counny public servants are rrtiringg with some big bucks... andd &pthat has some concernnd about how it will all be paid for. for. already this year... seeeral top raaking police officers have retired and received a lump sum payment of a half million dollars. ow factor in an annual pension
7:36 am
that exceeds one hunddeddfifty thoussnd's all arr of the deffrred retirement pollce and firefighters to put off etirement for seven years. in exchaage they received slightly smmller annual pensson....for a big payoff. (marta) 12:15:00 i mean 5 even four undred thousand pension payments of over 150 thousand dollarr these public servants are millionaires. 15:11 15:11the program became so costly... t as ábeforeá july 1st 2007... are project how many remaining ntyy firefighters anddofficers will still choose the deffrred retirement option. a toddler is alive this thinking of a montgomery countt pplice officcr.'s beeieved tte 19- month old accidentaly injested a prescription drug.itt happened friday afternoon.her mother called for help ... after finding her young
7:37 am
daughterrun-responsive and blue in the face.thaa's when officcr marvii waller had to ct fast to save the e child's llfe. mind. no emotions. i as just relying on the training from the academy." academy..officer walker aaminiitired c---r... for pbout five minutee and was abll to revive the little girl. the toddler is now recovering &pat childrrns hospital in d-c. officer walker ssys he was just doing his job and is glad there's a happy ending. 3 the ravens break the streak... and blowwpast the clevelaad browns.aal three of theii losses this season .. came on tte road ... afttr big wins ... to teams they should ave beat. but sunday, the ravens were finally able to shake the pinx and pull out a victory. victory. little ray rice was phe biggest man in the stadium he caas a drive with thiss6 career daa... watth himmbreak
7:38 am
loose and run through the pleveland deeense for a 67 yard gain...he had 204 on the daa.and then later, one more put the cap on a 24--0 thaa --3 victory...lifting the ravenssto harraugh says don't takeethis win for granted. the browns aren't that bad... and the game was won by the big boys... tte guys on the oofensive and ddfensive liness 2848 colt mccoy is a heck of a qbb they goo some weaaons offeesively, obvioussy thosee guys the two running backs, tte physical nature of playing onna field like this, was the &pdiffernce in the game. the win keeps the ravvns in the drivvrs seat for a home taking in that posssbility ns
7:39 am
thissmorniig. see how much purple prrdeehe can inn todayy good morning joel . 3 (ad lib) 3
7:40 am
3 28:00 harbaugh:
7:41 am
33 p we don't know who wiil bb playing n the field at the super bowl this year... but we madonna will be ttii year'' half-time headlinerrthe wwll girl has ever perforred at a superrbowl half-time show.this year's game is scheduued for -.
7:42 am
thattbrings us to our quession of the day:what was youu favorite superboww halftime shoo of all time?phone lines still to come.. 'tis the season for sharing... sharr...and who ou're shariig with.the dd'ssand don't of social networkinn ... over the . holidays. you're watching fox all morningg ws.. all local.. ((break 5)) several lar severrl large mortgage lenders
7:43 am
7:44 am
have agreee not to foreclose on struggling hhmeowners over the holiiays.fannie mae,
7:45 am
freddie mac ssy they will nnt force families out of their homes between december 19 and januury 2.however, legal and administrative proceedings for evictions willlcontiiue during this time.chass, wells ffrgo, and bank of ammrica have also announced a ttmporary suspension of evvctions around the same tiie period. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib mettorologist)) &p3 &p map fiber map 175 map
7:46 am
7:47 am
7:48 am
coming upp. shh's "vogued" her way to super star ssatus..but now time.. next year. the firrt year.that brings us to our qqestion of the day.what wws hhlftime shoo of all timm?our
7:49 am
481-45555 yyu're watchiiggfoxx45 orrinn news.. all local.. all orningg ((break 6))
7:50 am
7:51 am
nats...maaonna will take the stage in february to pprform at the superbowl for the first &ptime in her career.but before and a whole hhst of other question of the day.what was your avorite superbowl halftime show of all ttme?our phone lines are open now.. 410- 481-4545. onna- bmore bmore 3
7:52 am
krystle "janetssboobs!! boobs!"pete " bruce 3sprinngtte"
7:53 am
" duh janet jaakson!! boooooooo" boooooooobs!"joseph"hands down michael jackson in "hhnds downn oseph poseph"handssdown ichael jackson in 1993 was unreal!" uureal!"ccissy"britney, jjstin and aerosmith." cominngup in our 8 o'ccock hour.. and these trains are ushering willlbe able to sse the holiday festival of trains and toys... t tte "b" andd"oo railroad museum that's in youu hotspot.buttfirst...youumight not want to name all the gooddes santa wiil bring you this year.. on your facebook status.crooks are gunning for you.find out what you need to know about social networking etiquette during the holidays.
7:54 am
ou're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. (((reak 7))
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7:56 am
'tissthe ssason for sharing, networking, some informatioo abouttyyur holiday celebrations should stay under wraps..karin caifa hhs tips po avoid hollday social pitfalls. --reporter pkg-as follows -- theeholidays are all about networking seems like the perfect venue. but make sure pou're not giving too muchh informationnaway, espeeially about the stellar gifts you give or eceiie. cyber--avvy criminals are verr savvy puring christmasttme, and they're looking for thingg like thatt clues that, say, insteed of casing the peighborhood, they're casing facebook ppae or a twitter a link, even if forwarded by a
7:57 am
deaa of the season, but give e - it aaother look. scammerr can retailer, and tteeend result, won't be what ou bargaaned ffrr thh next thhng you know, you have a virus in your computer, and that bad guy owns your computee, and thatts holiday season, when you &pand the holidays, and the new town? jjst like yoo'd lock the doors to our home, eeuue your social netwooking profile too. not eveeyone on yyur your aaaatment is empty for two weeks.also uudate privacy settings,,to see who can see what, including tagging of photos, likeepicturrs from hhliday parries. nd be careful about posting pictures of others too. a photo that co-worker in trouble, or yyo, frozee out among peers.i'm karin caifa, and you're now, ccicked in. -----end----- coming up in ouu 8 o'clock hour.. tis the season for christtas carols...fa la la la... fail.... singingg scrs screams what hhppens next... after
7:58 am
thise middle schoolers go ground. you're 3
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8:00 am
looking for wwrk?the ten companies ready toohire you right now. spirittcouldn't saav them.the surprising reaction offsome parentss.. aater this duuing a christmas concert.
8:01 am
ann... one of these gifts can bb yours!it's our countdown to ccristmas.your next chancc to winn. sometime in the neet 30 minutes. 3 3 -harbor og 3 -harbor fog-harboo fog &pmonday, december 5th p queen anne's ... and talbot counny 90 minutes late pcarolinn... dorchesterr. kent ... and wicomico county 2 hours late due to foo. 3
8:02 am
3- 3fiber map 3
8:03 am
a baltimore fire tatiin is &pnamed the busiest ii americc. america.nats-siren nats-sirenaccoodiig to fire house magazine... steadman fire station on eutaw sttret calls than any ooher station... anywhere in the u-s last yyar with an average f 60 runssa day. ii's partly due
8:04 am
to it's cnttal downtown location and the equipment they have on hand.but they say cutbackss.. are also to blame for the busyypacee 09::7 "basically nything city, a unit from this stttion is going. and there's a fair amoont of unussal things that happen in this citt..01::0 "we're doing a loo more with a line."the city closed several n- increasing the workllad for those still operatinng it's going to cost more... to heat your home this winter. winter.the average price of heating a home withhoil... is exppcted to jump 10-percent this year.ttat's according to the u-s energy information administration.the average bill for the winter heating abbut 2-thousand-535-dollars. thaa's up 45-percent from just 2 years ago. but on the brighttr side... gas prices are on their way doon... just in time for the holidays.according toothe llndberg survey... prices at tte pumpphave dropped 9
8:05 am
cents....ii two weeks.the gas is now 3--olllrs, 29-cents a gallon..ere in maryland... 3-25 a gallon. p3 the ravens break the streaa... ann blow past the cleveeand bro. losses this seasoo .. ame on the road ... after big wins ... to teams they hould have jinx and pull out ictory. victory. little rry riic was the biggest man in the tadium in the firrt quarter hhecaps a drive with this 6 yyrd touchdown..and he ravens had the early leaa.rice had a career day... watch him break loose and run through thh cleveland defense for a 67 yard gain...he had 204 on the more spectacular lardarius webb take the punt
8:06 am
and gg 8 yards... and that &pput the ap on a 24-10 pictory...liftinn the avens to a 9-3 recordas for ray rice, once again, what a reat game stats: with our games to go, tth players psually say we're taking it oneeggme t a time... but ray rice can't ignore tte obvious. 32342 we've aaways ppayed gooo dec. football, we're a good dec/jan team. but if you wantt to put it out there, it would be great to have aaplayoff game in bmore. we know what our ans bring, and we just neee to win fb games from here so with the ravens controlling n iiferiorrteam thhs time.... o fans think the team has orked out all problems? joel d. smith is live at panera in towson to find out. good morning joel d. 3& (ad libb ad lib)
8:07 am
8:08 am
3 another successful year... for the mayor's chhistmas parade in hampdee. hampden.01:58:227band walks ups 37 37on sunday... dozeen of bands marched through tte cheer.there were plenty f
8:09 am
&pcolorful characters and performers to match... including he ravens fan man... who hyyee up the crowd... and mr. claus wwo also made an appeerance. a schoollperformanccein north worst. kes a turn for th sinning, screams screams middle schhol students are seen here performinn at a mall in fargo... whee alll f a standing oo... pends the students plummeting to the ground. injured.buu it was wiihoot aa doubt... a scary moment for students.pprents on the other hand.. whiiped out their
8:10 am
call the video when they 3event youtube. we're makinggthe season bright here onnfox45 morning news. news.we're giving away all these gifts under our tree... christmassall you have to do to win is get to the phone. phone.the 4th and 5th allers a ift from unner the tree. know someone who's looking for work?the 10 biggcompanies hiring áthis weee.á and in our hometown hoospot... we're taking you live... to olidaa ffstival of newest exhiiit... honoring a - local hero. you''e watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. all morring.
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((bump out)) 33((break 1)) we need a new sofa. something i can stretch out on. oh! that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back. railrrad museum is getting n
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the hoilday spirit--dave shackelford is live with the details on this morring's festival of trains and toys--- willlam donald schhefer's toy train sst and hooiday memorrbblia ollectton--prior toohis passiig, he presented his treasures to the presented his passing, he -prior to his --governor chaefer sattd, "i know you will preserve these nd shareethe joy they broughh to meeeach yeer with many
8:14 am
families." --sshaefer was &pprequent visitor to the b&o railroad muueum 3 theehollday festival of ttains anddtoys is at the "b" and "o" railroad museum ttrough the end of this loggon toofox baltimore dot
8:15 am
ccm slash orning.while you're updates...and it's all for 3 3
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map fiber map 175 map coming up... 5 foods your hair
8:18 am
items that riig out the most shiie. anddour countdoww to christmas" winnees are piccing under the tree. we'll nwrap theerrprizes... neet.ssay &tuue p yyu're watching fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all ((break 2)) 3
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((bump in)) it's oor countdown to chhistmas here at fox 45. 45.everyday from now through chriitmas eve.. we are giving awayygifts from under our tree. june from columbia. she chose a gift from underrour tree to unwrap.() (stripe) cabbage patch kidsame cabbagee patch kid facial exppeesion, seww body and personality as paciiicvalue: $34.999ur next
8:22 am
winner is dennis from westminster.(bluee &ppnother cabbage patch kid kidand if you didn't win this pime-- don't worry.we're piving away more ifts as part of our countdown tt christmas. 3 coming up... an ornamentt...onn family never knee they had.what thhy found....dangling from heir chhisttas tree. ann a little anciig... takes
8:23 am
the stress out of lying.where these airrine employees were spotted busting some moves on plus what do oats and kidney beans have in oomon?they're reveal thhee otherss.. next. news.. all local.. all morning. 33q over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications, including young children. so to kill the germs that may make your family sick, we recommend using lysol disinfectant spray every day. lysol is approved to kill over 50 germs. this includes the cold and flu viruses that can live on surfaces for up to two days. it works on hard and soft surfaces to help prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your home healthy. lysol is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. visit ((bumppin))
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fooo mayytaste good, buu there's more to it than ttat. certain foods can be good for your hair.thhs morning, pietitian asa house is going to tell ussthe top 10 foods thattare good for your hair. we'll start with the first five... --salmon3 --kidnny beann --salmon--kidney beans--peas --oats--shrimp 33
8:26 am
8:27 am
3 dietitian asaahouse will be back during fox45 good
8:28 am
day baltimore withhthe last 55 foods that are good for your sure to tune in! coming up... the 10 companies hiring week.áone of hem... is wal-maat.we'll reveal he other 9 on that list... neet. nees.. all local.. all
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morning. ((break 4)) ((open)) 3 & 3 - queen anne's ... and talbot county 90 minutes ate --aroline... dorchester.. kent
8:31 am
hourr late due to fog. &p 3
8:32 am
3&pfiber map a possible armed man causes a big scare at a north baltimore
8:33 am
aparrment complex. ll started around on tte scene until midnight.ere police sent in aaswat team aftee gettiig a all for an &parmed man at the buena vvsta apaatments thh entire area was shut down foo hours.the suspecttwas taken into at a local hospital for reated - unknown injuries. closing arguments are exppcted tt begin today... in the trial of a pplitical aide for former aryland governor robert ehrlich. longtime aide... paul schurrcckis accused of trying during last year's schurick tessified in his own defense friday... saying henson presentee a black voter suppressionstraaegy... and he ismissed the suggeetion. d he however... schurick also testified he later approved phe script for the calll sentt to voters. the judge says jurors cculd reeeiveethe case this afternoonn a big endorsement coull come today... rom former g-o-p
8:34 am
candidate erman cain. campaign saturday... is expected to announced he's the house, newt gingrich.over affair... which hh denies.the announceeent could come this -. the u-s postal service is expected o aanounce plans today... for savingg3-billion . dollars.already... big change slower first class mmil. instead offarriving in onn to daysscuts are expected tookick &pin this spring. to save mooey....the post office is aaso looking to close hundreds of processing centees... aad &pfiie tens offthousands of workers. a-o- l dot ccm is out with its latest list... of the top 11 companies hiring this week.soo if you know someone lookkng for wwrk... you may want to in.the companiis innlude: pnitedhealth roup... boston market... ernst & young... &pattt etail... searr
8:35 am
&pseerslockheed martin... chrysler-mopar... avis... wallmart... and dell. again... just go to ourr website... fox baltimore dot 3cm slash morning.. 3&the rrvees break the stteak.. and blow past the cleveland brownn.all hree of their the road ... after big wins ... to teams they should have were fiially able to shake the &pthe biggest man n he stadiu ...heee in the first quarter he caps a drive with this 6 yard touchdown..and the ravens had the early lead.rice had a loose and run through the cleveland defense for a 67 yard gain...he had 204 on the day.aad then later, onn more spectacular run...watchh
8:36 am
larddrius webb take the punt and go 68 yards... and ttat put the cap on a 24-10 victory...lifting the ravens to a 9-3 recordhead coach john harbaugh says don't take this wii for ranted. the browns game was on by the big d the - poys... the guys on the offensivv aad defensive lines. 2848 colt mccoy is a heck of a b. they got some weapooss out hterr, but e didn't really haae any ttme, and then ggyy the two running baccs, the physscal nature of playing differnneein the gamee the win keeps the ravens in theedrivers seattfor a home playoff game, so how are fans taking in thaa possibility morning. jjel d..smith is live at panera in towson to see how much purple pride he can find today. good morning jool d.
8:37 am
(ad llb) p3 &p 3- 2520 here he is... larry,,
8:38 am
darry. thanks for haaing me. how'd you change beforeemm?
8:39 am
it's beginning to look more like aahorror film... than family. we haveean issue... and his phriismas ttee. casey says her daughter was turning off some lights... when shh saw sommthing moving in the tree.turrs out they had an extra ornament.casey shht thissvideo of the corn ssakk... dangling from a branchhthe amily named it "tinsel"... then set it free coming up... &pthey took he fllyng!or ádidá
8:40 am
thhse aarline employeesswere spotted dancing on the runway. best in love nats and t pain is back at it selling hit.we''l talk to him -- &plive about his new song "best love"... featuring chris brown.
8:41 am
8:42 am
during the holidayyseason... flying caa be stressful.but for some fflks traveling through chicago... the experience was somewhat enterta. entertaining.take a look at
8:43 am
this viido... shot by a traveler inside o'hare airport. it shows american airline workers... dancing on the appears theyywere filming part of a commercial... to the johnny cash song "walk the line."only problem is... the dance backed up flights... ffrr2 hours. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorolooist)) 3 weather kid teass
8:44 am
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8:46 am
map fiber map 175 mmp coming up... 3&we're talking live tt reccrding artist t-pain... highly-aaticipated new plbum... featuring chris brown. and she's the local ow. woman who's competing ánationallyá... for 10-ttousand dollars.we'll see how i do... when i challeege her giftwrappinn skills...'re watchhng fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 6))
8:47 am
8:48 am
p(bump in)) does it take you forrver to wrap all those holiday ifts? one baltimore wommn has it ddwn at.baltimore pollie officer angela ccoi just competed in the 15th annual "scotcc brand most gifted
8:49 am
prapper contest" in new york city.she's hereetoo ell us how pift wrappiin too, so we're of goiig to see if i can keep up offfcer, angela choi comppted in the 15th annual scotch bband most giftee wrapper contest for a chance to in a $10,000 cash priz--hoo did yoo do?--gift wrapping tipss--tips on wrapping last minute gifts --lee's haveea wrap- off! 3
8:50 am
cominn up... in our ometown hotspot... we're aking you live... to holiday festivallof trains and toysa look at the newest exhibit... honorrng a local hero.
8:51 am
best love naas natsbut next... rapper t-pain talking toohim áliveá... after - the break. you're watching fox 455morning news.. 3 ((break 7))
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8:53 am
t pain best love song song selliig hit "best love song."-
8:54 am
if you juss can't get enough of tte rapperr. you are in puck.. he will release his fourth studio album "revvlver"" tomorrrw rca records s makinn t-pain available to talk wwth us about it this mmrning. you havee een working on this the final roduct?xpect from -one of our facebooo ans-----
8:55 am
nicey much love jones----wantss &pto know what is your favorite track on the cc and why?-we will also hear some of the biggest names in the music industry... who is featuredd let's talkkabout the name of
8:56 am
it--revolver---it has a unique for us.--facebook fan---katina - says she blast 5 oclock in katina says sse -facebook fan--- katina says she blast 5 oclock
8:57 am
day t pains nee album ill be in stores tomorrow. balttmore... good day you might notice something different... next time you eat at buuger king.we'll tell you what the fast fooddrestaurant is channing aaout their menu. you're waaching fox 45
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"are you ready for a craft?" "i'm ready for a craft." "this is a good wisconsin craft." give your christmas that personal touch this year with help from crafting expert, sandra lee.


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