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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 8, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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shelves now.die" by patricia - "1 thousand placcs 3 left over! lovv havinggmoney travee,,but - also love having money left 3 33 3 to see before you die" by patricia sshultz is on shelves now. &p3 3 you said somethiig but my eaas were too far way ok candidate michelle bachman.. liitle boy.wwaa he whispered - in herrear... that left her speechless. 3 cheering nats natsand... a teen with cerebral palsy takesswalks for
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thh first time in his life.but it's not becauss of any medical treatment.what elped him finallyytake his first pteps. 3 & -harbor &pp,3 thursday, december 8th
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3 3 two female ity officers were allegedlyyseen city ooficerss ere twoofemale 3 two female city officers werr allegedlyyseen and it was eporred to
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policc, by an offiier who saad ttey witnessed it. 3 joel d. smith is live at - police headquarters with some details about this incident - that came outtyesserday thanks - to a blogger. ggod morning joel d. 3 &p ,3 the department is ponfirming now the rumors that havv been gennrattng a ot of buzz on thh internet..... here's the twitter feed that &pbroke it. (ad lib) e've & now learned the incident allgedly happened in otober and was reported a few weeks later. - 3 at inteenet cafes and all over the web, reaction continuesstoobuild. - officers haav been put on & administrative suspension, while under investigation , ... but they arr officially under investigationnfor harassment or integritt violations. the &pofficers are accused of engaging in a ex act with a - man tta city bar... the department is not peleasinn specifics, but says thh officers weee off-duty and 3 same ank... another officer
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reportedly witnessed the incident whhch prompted the investigation.. and now, public reaction. 3&p (woman) "it's jjst crazy, like the thhngs that eople 3 po.." (man) "i mean people that's supposs to be upstanding and upholding the & ridicclous and asinine if you psk me." me." 3 po membbrs of he public hhve come forward tt say they witnessed this aat as weel. 3 police say they're not releasing theennme of the bar in this case.. bbcause thee - say ttat could hurt their investtgation. live at city police heaaquarttrs,joel d. smith, fox 45 news at ten. a transgendered woman... mcdonald's is now charged with disorderly conduct... conddcc...--beating nats--- natt---this cell phone videe from april... shows 23-yearrold chrissy polis.... being attacked after she tried to use theewomen's bathroom. polis is now & facing charges for n argument - with annofficer at her essee
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apartment earlier this montt. she called pplice saying.... someone stole her purse, phone aad 800 dollars. court & documents show polis wasn't & happp with how the officer handled her complaint, and shh & started shouting proffnities at himm she's been rrleasedd on bail... her triil is & schhduled ffr february. 3 a stabbinn in south baltimore ps under investigation this happened aaoond cherry hill.the victtm wasn't serioosly hurt, but wws takee to ssocc traamaa no arrests soo far... but policc are investigating it as a poosible & robbery attemmt. &p3 3 soon maryland will have a new cassno..he slots casiio at arundel mills plans to oppn next yearr. year...maryland taxpayers aree spenddnn 167-million dollars to buy the high tech machines. that's part of the slots bill enacted by state lawmakers.the ptatee lready sppnt millionn to buy ssot machiies for
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casino" in cecii county.state comptroller peeer ranchot is against the idea. 3 (franccot) ""ost marylanders, even peopleethat sspport sllt & wonderful are appaaled that the state is using taxpayer's the bbaad of publlc works plans to vote on the ccntract to buy the slots in two weeks. 3 join our waste watch.if yoo our hotline at 410- 662-1456... or go to fox baltimore dot com & and click oo wasteeatch. --3 3 he suspended his çia÷
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3 (tosssto weather)) 3 3- 3 mma fiber map 175 map
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3 29
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3 it's beginning to look a lot like christmas... we're giving &paway gifts every day through the friddy before christmas's aal a part of our counntown to chhistmas.ourr luckk winneesswill get a chance to choose a gift from pnder the stay tunnd for your chance to win! 3 coming up... a controversial debate... ooer should be sold on drugstore shellee... to anyyne.what decision was made wednesday. 3 and he's spreading the christmas joy... to kids whh spotted paying a're watching fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all orning. 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 new this morning... thh
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actorrbeet remembered as the 3 potter on tte hitttv-series "mash" has dded.96-year old harry morgan passed away at his los anggles home... fter & suffereing from pnnumonia. morran's longgacciig career began in 1942 and stretched to 1999. theeformer governor of illinois is about to spend a llng time behind bars. ednesday a federal judge sentenced rod blagojevich to 14 years in prison.he was ponvicttd earlier this year on 17 corruption ccarges in connection with trying to sell -3 president barack obama's old senate eatt blagojevich has 90 days to reporr to prissn. 33&pthh ormer syraccue niiersity assisttnt basketball coach accused of sexually abusiig charges.two former ball boys ssy bernie fine molested thee when they were children. aanew their allegations are very - believable... butá... the statute of limmtations has
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- passed... sooprosecutors can't pursue charges.fine was ired 3&ppenies thh accusations. 3 he uspended his campaign buu his supporters areestilll him."i wouldn't miid it if he got back in" in"maryyann republicans weiih in on herman cain...four days after he drops out of the race for president.cain was in llnthicuu wednesday night...talling about tax 3 accusations of an eetramaritaa affair...and sexual harrassment....e believes his reeutation iin't tarrished: 3 "the feeling thht i got when i had to make tte announcement was broken hearted by not broken, iim not a broken person bbcause of this experience, i'm broken earted because i wanted to change dc from the inside" inside" cain says he will be meeting with g-o-p candidates 3 aavideo surracing on youtube... shows michele
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bachmann at a ook signing... getting caught off guard. hhppened in south carolina.the republicaa prrsiddntial candidate was &pfor her new book... when an 8-yearrold boy walked over with his mom... and aaked a questionnthat bachmann couldd barely heaa at irst.take a 3 "you said t but you know think my ears were too far & buu she doosn't need ixing." cass you cculdn't pear it... the boy says "mm need ffxing."bachmann is 3 words....when she realizes what as said.the g-o-p pandidatt is a supporter of a federal bbn on ame-sex 3 3 holiday shopping can be fun... but when it omes to spending... it can also be according to a rrceet survey on the nest-dot-ccm... -seventyythree percent of women -3 surveyed said thhy do the bulk pof the holiday shopping.. 2
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peecent of women said thhy -3 wishhtheir spouse would do more o help during the & holidays. couppes ii tte suuvey that seemed the most stress-free... were he nns making team eefort. 3 p(they gg out ttere with a certain mentality -- this is what ww're buying, this s howw much we're spending and we're not going to go beyond that, and we'reenot going out shoppiig for ourselves,so let's take that off the table riiht now, we're just shopping for everyone on our list. )) ))) when it omes oothat listt.. it turrssout what to buy the innlaws caases the &pmost stress. santa cllus issbrrnging -3 his christmas joy to kkds who need it mmst.santa visited a fukushimm evaauees areenow living ... months after a nuclear disaster devasttaee 33 ácertifieeááfinnish santa aariveddin japan last month. 33 number of shelttrs... hoppngg to spread the spiiit of chriitmas. 3 want to get a toy that will thrill yoor kids for more thaa 20 minutes? minutes?"we'reethinking of an
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elephant. sssshhhh!" sssshhhh!"ccnsumer reports &preveals a list of this year's - terriffc oys. expect to come forward, jerry?" &pjeery?"aad former penn stttee coach, jerry sandusky is waking up in jaill.. charged 3 boos.whaa we're leaaning.... about his latest lleged're watching fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all -3 mmrning. 3 (((reak 3)) 3 so, if the mint makes does the mint hot chocolate make me cool? not really. the new mint hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. grab the cool sensation of mint today. ed7ñoñ/
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♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the -- ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to... ♪ get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. 3
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3 3 former pennnstatt foooball coacc jerry sandusky needs to come up with a quarter of a mmllion dollars to ggt out off jail.his attorneyysays that sosa explaanss.. sandusky was slapped with a new set of child sexual abuse charges wednesday. weddesday. & 3 "how many more cciidren do you 3& penn state football coach jerry sandusky sexually abused them when they were yoong boys. ttat brings the nummer of waa arrested on the new chhrges at his home yesterday. his attorney blasted 3 didn't inform him of his - client's arrest."what i told them esssntially is, if we're going to play hhrdball, both prettt good pitcher n my day." all of the accusers say they he founded for uuderprivileged 3describes in graphic detail the latest alleeations gainst sandusky, including rapp in
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the basement of his &poffthe accusers testified hee scceemed ffr help, knowing sandusky's wiff was upstairs, & bbt no one came toohell him. sandusky has insisted he's motive for theenew ccuuations. "i think with all the alk penn stateeand suing thee second mile -- that everyone now knoosshass9 milllon pdllars in assets -- i thinkk ii's an invitation for more people to come forrarddwho may not be forrhright."sandusky will face a preliminary hearing in thh cass next week. i'm ninette sosaa reporring. 3sandusky's attorney says he pass't able to post bail yesterray because he wasn't & given enoogh ime toomake the arrangements.. grand jurr report last month listee 40 charges of rrpe and - molestttion against sannusky. these new charges add six new couuts: fouu off involuntary deviate sexual inttrcourre and
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&ppwo f unlawfullcontact with a minor..- of ccorage... and dedication. dedication.cheering natt natthow his favoriteerapper helped him take the first feww steps of his life. 3 ((joel liveetease)) youure patching fox 45 mooning news.. 3 3 ((break 4))
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3 resist theelure of chocolate? the quick exercise to cure the ccavinn... pn fox45 news at 5-thhrty. &p 3 -santa's house!-lots of pressnts to give awayyas part of our countdown to chhistmas & -including some ticketssto upcooiig shhws p,,3
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3 -333 3 p3 map fiber map
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3 3 two female city police - officers are accused of haaing sex n a public place. they've been put on administrative suspensioo, & whill under investigation . . joel d. ssith is live at olice headquarters withh 3 pedia. good morning 3 the departmenttii ccnfirming generating a lot of buzz on
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&pthe inteenet..... here's &pthe twitter feed that broke it. (ad lib) 3 we've now learned the october and was reported a feww weeks lattr. 3 aa inteennt 3& cafes anddall over the wee, reaction continues to build. the department says - two female officerss ... are pfficially under investigation forr harassment or integgity & violations. the pngaging in a sex act withha man at a ccty bar.... the departmeet is not releasing specifics, but says -3&pphh officcrs were off-duuy and not in unifoom. and were the same rank... annthhr officer repprtedly wiinessed the incident which prompted the now, public reaction. 3 clee jamila 2650 i do thinn there
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3&pwas something wrong with it, - but at the end of the day, & we're all ppl and ppl do ttiigs. they're allegationn.. &pdetectives. but just too -3 pnderscoreeour committment to holding ourselves acccuntable, &pthese officers have been adminitratively suspended." &psuspended."no members of ttee 3 the suspended.""- suspended."no embers of the public haaeecome forward to say they wittessed this act as well. 3 policeesay they're noo releasing the naae of the bar ssy that could hurt their city pooice headquarters,joel d. smiih, fox 45 nnws at ten. 3 disturbing etaiis are surffcing... abouttthe history of a ppt bull... that aamost killed a poodle near patteeson park. park. during a heariig wednesday... about whether he -3pitbulll ssould be euuhanized... we leerned that one of the pptbulls had been adopted rom the baltimore animal rescue heller.that adoption came onny daas after it was seized during a drug from the home... buu that iiformationn as never ddiclosed to thh dog'ssnew owner.
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3 13:40:44 they told me they test thh dogs before they get let out. thee don't gett aggressive dogssor whateverrso 3 yoo about his hiitoryy as a matter of fact at theetime they're nnt alloweddto discuss histtries. historres. 3 perezzsays had tte dog e named "tango" been used ffr fighting or shhww any signs of aggression.... he would nno have adoptee the aniial. a -3 decisionn ill e ade withii 30 days on the animals fate. 3 remembering the llvee lost in drunk driving accdienns. &pfamilies of those victims gathhred ii annapolis. annaaolis.itts part of the 8th & annual maryland remembers -3ceremony..77 peopleein maryland died n pear.the event calls attention to the innrease in drunk ddiving accidents this time of year. the names of many
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pncludds 15-year old alisa withers... who died in 1192. -& 3 (withers) "it's always in your &pheart that i just miss her, that's the bottom liie, i feel like it's time for her to come home now you know but even - ttoughhit's 20 years, it seems like yestteday and here's justta huge hole in m heart, i just misssher." her." police departments & throouhout maryland are stepping up their patrols for drunn drivers between now nd the end of the year. -3 3 new testtscores show baltimmrr studenns are still & ssruggling compared to other city school districts. &3& that's accorddng to this year's national assessment of eddcationaa progress.only 11-percenttof baltimore city fourth graders are proficient numbers aaen't much bbtter for & eighth raders. only p2-percent f them are proficient or advanced readers. andres alonso/city schools ceo: 13:30 in matt we hit the ball out of the park. booh in fourth graae anndeighth grade -3 we went up vee four scale
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for education reform: 34:28 - ii's neething tt say we'ree - doing great with advantaaed kids, but if you can't do well wwth disadvantaggd kids, you have a eal problem 35 3 thh n-a-e-p test is iven to a &psmall sampling of stuueetss across the country evvrr 2 - pears. citt schoollleaaers say they look forward tt the nnmbbrs being even etter in 20-13. 3 a remarkkbbeestory out of ohio... 3& where a rapperrs wordd... llads to a teen's first steps. 3 cerebral pplsy patient... takes his first solo steps tooards he perron he says inspired hii....rapper machine ggn kelly, "m-g-k." &p3 (cheers) so much adrenaline &pwws oing through my body,, just, i wws rrady to wall. ss you walkkd? yeaa (cheers) if -3 you look in the vvdeo, you can see for like two secondd there's no one holding him. him.yex says m-g-k toll him of is concerts. sincc sattrday... he's ttken more & than 0 stepp on his own.
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33 ccming up... the gifts that jjst keeps on giving. soff?''''eah.' 'yes.'" 33 the presents for kids... that wiil keep them enterttined for months. 3 aad hand-crafted decor... made from livinggplantsswe'll show pou how it's done... in our hometown hotspot. p3 ---fiber
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3 (toss to eather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3 3- 3-
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3 --2011 holiday plant 33pand decor salessand holiday greenhouse and gardens in prnold, maryland--udra harrison is streaming live with tte details- providence
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3 center, a non-prrfit - organization that ssrres -3 addllsswith developmental disabilittes--the holiday - plant and decor sales benefit providence ccnter's programs and services as wwll as the growers, potters, and woodshop pprticipants hat products. --items offered will include: - poinsettias, pineewrappingg, -3&pfir treee, mums, potterr powlss mugs, plates, children adirondack chairs, pppee towel holders and children'' toys, bird houses--all items are 3 hand-grown by providence penter ndivvduals -3 individuall 3 3individuall & individdallprovidence enter individuall -3 individuals -33 3 you cannpurchase sale items from providence center at the jean bradbury building on & paryland.for more information, & loogon to fox baltimore dot com slashhmorning.whill you're 3 headlines, weather,,ann traffic updates...and it'ssall 3 3
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3 it's our mobideaa of thee eek! every week.. we''l bring youua deal from obideals....whicc provides coupons directly to your cell phone!!- phone!this week'ssdeallcomes & from... roma's cafeebuy one entree nd get the seeonn one -3& 50 percent off.. - juut go to my-mobideals- look for mobideals on your smarrphooe. smartphone. mobidealssis a product of our -3 paaent company.. sinclair broadcast group. coming up... - 3 a controversial debate... ovvr should be sold oo drugstore shheves... to anyone.what deccsion was made wednesday. you're watching fox 45 mmrning news...all local.. all mmrning. 3 ((break 6)) 3
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new this morning... heallh and human services is keeping thhe age limit on the plan b morning after pill as is. the so called morning after pill can prevent pregnancy f
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taken soon enough aater already available to anyone in 2006... the f-d-a. allowed the pill tt be sold without a 3 over....n 2009 it was lowered &ppo 17. 3 he may be a computerrwhiz... bbt even mark zuccerberg can't stop a hackerra computer security breach allowed users -3 to access the faceeook pounder's prriate pictures. the sociaa media company bllmed a software error for the securityyflaw but says it &pquickly fixed the problem. in case you're wondering... the photoo showed zuckerrerg eats... cooks and spends time 3 just liie the rest of us. 3 (((pat))) the police are keeping a close eye on 3 a stabbing over the & weekend ended with the arrest of tto peoppee it's tte latesttexample of & unlaaful activity taking placee - ptere ... and & police say whenever the mayorr -3 gives them to go ahead, they're ready to show host and formerrpolice
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commmssioner ed nnrris joins us, foo this weekssfox undercover.-in the 2 months .. they have beee reports of at ... rape ... and now a stabbingg... from a police stannpint enough s enougg -they're waiiing on thh mayor -they are camping out there ... which is illegall... so pechinically couldn'' the 3 permiision-what will be the
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breaking poont///ess//// youucan hear ed norris monnay ttrrugh friday -3&pon sports radio 100-seven 'the fan' from 5 to 10 a-m. comiig p... consumer reporrs' - list of terrifii toys. toys."llke itts dyn-o-mite." kids... that wwll keep hem - playing all year long.yyu''e watching all year long.keep thee playing kids... ttaa will the 5 gifts for "like it's dyn-o-mite." dyn-o-mite."terrific toys. toyy..epoots' list of ccnsumer coming up... 100 -m. 'thh faa' from 55to 10 a-m. -3
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3 poming up... coosumer reports' list of terrificcttys. & poos.""ike it's dyn-o-miie." dyn-o-mite."tte 5 giits for & kids... that will keep them watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break
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3 looking for tte perfect your ist...there are lenty ttat are sure to please this - year.patrice harrrs explainss.. in this morning's consumer reports. &preppots. 3 (natsot: game) (v//) 3 thrill your kidd for more than 20 minutes? consumer reports -3shopsmart magazine scouued the pttre shelves, thee had its electronics reporter key in on some great choices. (sot)"we were looking for oys that would be fun to ppay but that would also build skills and that the whhle familyywould waat to play together."(v/o) 3 source 22-q for kids six and "we're thinkkng of an - elephant. sssshhhh!"(v/o)it's an electronii-take on the old-fashioned 20 questions - game.(sot: rachel & laala)"'is it biggerrthan a sofa?' 'yeah.' 'yes.'""(v/o)if t
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-3 guesses your object inn22 r & fewer questions, it wins. if not, you do. (sot: raccel & - layla) 'is t an elephant?' 'it got it right!'" sot: carol mangis)"we were shocked, it beat us nine out of 10 times!"(v/o)the 30-ddllar 3 eiihh anddup, will thrill your budding mussciann (sott sidney)"like ii's dyn-o-mite." (v/o))t even corrects your voice if you sing ff-key. rock on! 3kids two o six can jam wwth b toys' meowsii music keeboard &paad microphone, for 26 dollarr. (naasot: keyboard) (v/o)play it freestyle or play along o 20 included sonns. (natsott keyboardd(v/o)and mini-moviemakkrs five nd up will love the hot wheels video racer. it's a little more expensive at 60 dollars, but the built--nncamera rrcords hot wheel action, or theecar strapp onto a helmet for an actionncam! (soo: jordan) "boo-yah." (v/o)or, ou can go low-tech with the 20-dollar tetris liik, for kids six and up. (natsot: dice rolling)(v/o) 3 family. 3 coming up... it's the performance that wwwwd the it's the
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3 whole family. game caa 3 coming up... it's the patswhat "x factor udge" simon ccwell haddto juuge" simmo what "x faator singing nats natssinging nats -3&pnatswhat "x factor judge" simon cowell had to say... abouu this maryland ative'''re watching fox 45 mooning news.. all local.. all mornnng.
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3 p3 & you ssid something bbt my ears were too far away ok okrepublican presidential candidate michelll bachman.. gets caaght off guard.. by a &plittle boy.what hh whhsperedd in her ear... ttht left heer speechhess. 3 and... the ounder of pacebook... gets is profile was doing in his private pictures...ppus-- take action against identity tteft.hoo thieves get your information.. pnd howwto stop it. 3 3 3 3 today is thhrssay,
7:02 am
3 december is thursday, 3 december 8th. p,3 -edgecombe circle elem/middle school in thh city is closed due to no power. 3
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3 3 3
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3 3 two femaae city officers were allegedly seen
7:05 am
paving sex in a public place.. p ann it was reported to police, by an officer hoosaidd 33 p joel d. smith is llve at pollce headquarters wiih some petaill abouttthis inciient thattcaae ouu yysterday thanks good morning joee d. 3 3 the department
7:06 am
7:07 am
3 disturbing details are surfacing... about he history of a pit bull... that almost killed a poodle neer patterson parkk park. duriig a hearing wednesday... about whether tte - pitbullssshould be &peuthanized... we learnee that animal rescue shelter.that addption came onlyydays after - ittwas seized durinn drrg -3praid.poliie seized 5 pitbulls from the home... but tat information was never disclosed to the dog's ew owner. 3 13:40:47 they told me they ttst the dogs beeore they et let out. they don't get aggressive dogg or whateverrso we wennt ith hhm.did they ttll you about his 3 history? as a mattee of fact at the ttme they're nnt allowed to discuss histories. histories. perezzsays had the doo he named "taago" been sed siggs of aggression... he pwould not ave aaopted the animal. a decision willlbe -33 made within 30 days oo the
7:08 am
annmall fate. &p33 in northwest ballimore... a woman is behinn bbrs, after a fatal stabbinn therr.pplice believe a domestic dispute inssde a house on woodland & aveeue led to the attack that left a 45 year ld man dead.. no word yet oo the dentities -3 of the woman or her victtm. 3 seventy-four troops ... havv been dumped in a virginia landfill.the washingttn poss says this is much ore than the military orginally acknowledded.theefamiliis of thh dead authorized the military to dispose of the remains respectfully and ith & dignnty..they were unaware of theelaadfill dumpingg.. the air force says they have no families. one of the men who has accused a former syracuse university bassettall coach of molestation ii planning to sue him.lawyers for zachary tomaseeli are expected to annouune todayy.. they are filing a civil suit against &pbernie fine. tomaselli recently pubbicly aacused fine of fondling hhm in a
7:09 am
-3& pittsburgh hotel room when he was 13 yyars ld.authoritiee are investigating the allegaaions.two former ball boys allo accused fine of sexxal far, fine hasn'' been charged wwth any crimes anddsays heeis innocent. 3 3&p formee penn state football coach jerry andusky needs to 3 million dollars tooget out of 3 could happen ninettee sosa explaiin... sandusky was slapped with a new set of child sexual abuse charges wednesdaa. wednesday. 3 "how many more childrrn do you expeet to comeeforward, jerrr?" pwo more men nnwwsay former penn state football coach jerry sandusky sexuaaly abused themmwhen they were young boys. that brings the number off - alleged victtms to 10.sandusky &pcharges at his home yesterday. 3 prosecutors claiming they didn't inform him of his - client's arrest."what iitold
7:10 am
them essentiaaly is, if we'ree goinn to play hardballl both siddescan play anddi was a ppetty good pptcher in y ay." pet sandusky thhough a charity he foonded ffr underprivillged &kids.a rand jury reeort describes in graahic detail tte latest allegatiins against sandusky, includinggrrpp in the basement of his screamed for help, kkowingg sanduskk's wife wassupstairs, but no ooe came to elp him. sandusky has nsisted he's 3 poonnssto another possible motive for he new accusations. "i think with aal the talk pbout money suits and suing penn ssatt nd suing the &psecond mile -- that everyone pow knows haa 9 millionn it's an invitatioo forrmore peeple to come forward who may nottbe forthright..sandusky piil face a preliminary 3i'm ninette sosa, reporring. 3 sandusky's attooney says he wasn'' able to post bail
7:11 am
yesterday because he wasn't given enough time to ake the & arranggments.a grand jury report last month listed 400 chaages of rape and molestatton aaainst sandusky. these new charges add six new counts: four of invoountary 3 two of nlawful contact with a minor. 3 the formmr governor of illinois is aboou to spend a - long time behind barss weenesday a feddeal judge sentenced rod blagojevicc to 14 years in prison.he was 17 corruptionncharges in connection with trying to sell president barack obama's old senate eat. blagojevich has 3 on thheeve f its 20th anniversary... camden ards is & abouu to uudergo some rrnovations. renovations.maryland'ssboard of public worrs has approved 1- &ppoint-8 million dollars in renovations to the outfield - picnnc will be open to &&pthe public year-round... and willlfeeture new statues of
7:12 am
all the orioles inducted into -3 the hall of fame. 3 (frrnchot))"we love the baseball team, we want thhm tt get back to the brooks robinson era and anything we pan do to families doww and associate them witt baseball, thaa's a-okay by me." me..the renovations tt camden yards are expected to be completed by opening day. 3 coming up... 3& facebook founder mark having computer problems of his oww. findd ut what a hacker was able tt expose o the public... aboot zuckerberg. zuckeebergg you're &pwatching fox 45 mmrning news.. all ooal.. all morning. 3&p(((reak 1)) 3
7:13 am
7:14 am
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7:16 am
3 3 3 3
7:17 am
7:18 am
-3 3 still ahead.. 3 a controversial debate... ver wwether the morninggafter pill phoulldbe sold on drugstore shelves... to women younger than 17.the onumental decision that was made onnwednesday..- wednesday.and in our hometown hotspot..spruce up your -3 holiday decor... with flowers...whill helpinn a great cause.where you can find watching fox 45 morning newss. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 2))
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7:20 am
7:21 am
p3 new this mornning...sooo you & may be able to swim and fish in the inner harbor. mayorr ssephanie rawlinns-blakk plans to unveillthe city'shealthy haabor ppan next week . the goal of the plln is to make the harbor swimmableand fishable by 2020. & 33 a stabbbng in soutt baltimore is under investigation this happened aaound board a lighh railltrain in cherry hill.the ictim asn't seriously hurt, buu was taken tt shock trauma. no arrestssso -3 ffr... but police are - investigating it as a possible robbery attempt. 3 he may be a computer whiz... -bbt evvn mark zuckerberg can't stop a hacker.a computer seccrity breach allowed users to access the facebook founder's private picttres. the social media company the security flaw bbt says it quickly fixed the problem. -3 in case you're wonderrngg..
7:22 am
the photos showed zuckerbeeg & eatss.. cooks and spends timm -3 with his significant other... just liie thh rest of us. 3 health and hhman services is keeping the age limit on the "plln b" morning after pill as approveethe over-the-counter sale of the pill.. to anyone regardless of age.. until iit - wassoverruleddat the last minute.aansley earhaadt tells us what lead to the ecision. decisson. &p3 the so called morning after pill can prevent pregnancy if takennsoon enough after uuprotecced sexxif you cannprove you're over 17, you can buy it without a prescriptionnthe food andddrug adminiitratioo was ready to let it be ssld on drugstore anyone..but health ann hummn services secretarr kathleen sebelius 3 young girrs couldn't properly understand how tt use it new york presbyterran 3 london says the evidence is there to allow the drug to be
7:23 am
london says:
7:24 am
3 ptill to come.. 3 michele bachmann... left & speechless.what an eight year cannidate about his gay mother... that shocked her. & you're watchhng fox 45 3 morning. 3 ((break 3)) -3
7:25 am
7:26 am
3 3 it's the most wonderful time of year... or identity theives.they've beenncaught skimming... they se a smaal your creeit card when you go to become a victim without even knowing iss there any way you can protect yourself. pourself. 3the senior vice president of - corporrte communiiatiins foo life-lock... mike prrsinkski ps ere to hell us this morning.--how common is
7:27 am
3 skimming here?--what can you do... credit cards vs debit &pcarrs?--departtent store credit
7:28 am
3&pcards better r worse?--what there anyway to find out if 3 you're personal information is ouu? 3 we will be back oo
7:29 am
3 we will be back to take your our next half hour. if you have a question our phhne lines ill be oopn.. - you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore... or po throogh our facebook page. 3 coming upp. 3pone man'' huut for mistletoe lands him in jaillthe - get the kissing shrub. 3 hopeful miihele bachmann is caught off guard at a book signing....what one eight year old boy told her... abbutthis mom... that shocked hhr. you're waaching fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all - mooning. --3 3 ((ad lib horoscopes)) 3 ((3 resist theelure of chocolate? the quick exercise to cure the ccavinn... pn fox45 news at 5-thhrty. &p
7:30 am
7:31 am
3 -edgecombe circle 3 plem/middle school in tte city is closed due to no power. &p3 3 &p3 &p3 pibbr map
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
3 33 two emale ccty police officers are accused of having administrative suspension, pwhile under investigationn. joel d. smith is ttpolice headquarters with more oo the incident that came to llght phankk to to social media. gooddmorning joel d. 33 p3 3 p,
7:35 am
3 ppliie say a man 3 accuued of taking money ffom
7:36 am
& paryland schools and... falsely promising to have members of thebaltimore ravens make appearances... hhs been year old joseph gill .... ttrough his company... charged schools tooschedule players 3 anti-bullying presentations. nooe of the money was ever - reeunded. 3 a transgendered woman... beaten in a rosedale mcdonald's is now chhrged witt disorderly conduct... conduct...--beating nats--- nats----tii cell phone video being atttcked afterrshe tried to use the women's -3 baahroom.. polis is nnw facing charges for an argument apartment earlier this monthh - shh called police saaing... and 800 dollars. court documents show polis wasn't -3& appp with how the fficer handlee her cooplaint, and she starttd shoutinggprofanities at im. she's been releasee on bail... her trral is 3 3 remembering the lives lost in drunk driving accdients.
7:37 am
families of those victims gathered in's parr of the 8th annual maryland remembers ceremony. &p177 eople in maryland died in alcohol-related accidents lass year.the eenttcalls attention to the incrrase in drunk & drivinn acccdents ttis time of year.. the names of many 3 includes 11-year old alisa - withhrs... whh died n 992. 3 3&p(withers) "it's always in your thatts he bottom linee i feel home now you kkowwbut evvn though it's 20 years, it ssemss like yesterday anddthere's just a huge hole ii my eart, i just miss her." her." police deeartments throughout maryyand are steeping up their patrols for drunk drivers between now aad 3 3 newwtest scores show baltimore students are still struggling compaaed tooother & 3 that'ssaccording to this yeaa's national assessmenttof educational progress.only 11-perccnt of baltimore city fourth graders are proficient
7:38 am
&por advanceddin reading. he & pumbers aren't much better ffr eighth graderss only - 12-percenn of them are proficienn or advanced 3 aadres alonso/ccty schools &pceo: 13:30 in math we hit the -3ball out of the paak. both inn fourth grade anddeighthhgrrde -3 we went up over our scale points 37 eanne allen/center for education reform: 34:28 ii's one hing to aa we're kids, but if you can't do well with disadvantaged kidss yyu 3 the n-a-e-p test issgiven to a smmll ssmpling of students across the country every 2 3 they look forward to the numbees eing even better in 20-13. he suspended his campaign but his suppprters are still behiid him. him."i wouldn't mind it if he got back in" & in"maryland republicann weigh in on herman cain....our ays -3 after he dropssout offthe race for president.cain waa in night...talking about taxx reform and energy iidependence. &phe told fox 45 that despite accusstions of an extramarital affair...and sexual harrassment...he believes his
7:39 am
reputation isn't ttrnished: 3 "the feeling that i got when i had to make the announcement wws broken hearttd bb noo broken, i'm not a brooen 3& expeerencc, i'm brooen hearted from the inside" inside" cain says heewill bee meeeing with g-o-p candidates to decide who he will endorse. 3 a viieo surfacing on pyoutuue... shows michele bachhann at a book signing... getting caught off uard. happennd in south carolinn.thh republicaan& prrsidenttal cndidate was hostinn a meet anddgreet event - for her new book... when n 8-year old boy walked over with his mom... and asked a - questionnthat bachmann coold bareey ear at first.take a closeelisten.& 3 "yyu said it but you know i ttink my ears were too faa away. boy sayy my mommm's gay but she doesn't need fixing." caae you couldn't heer it... the boy says "my mommy's gay... but sse doesn'tt
7:40 am
need fixing."bachmann is clearly hocked by the boy's pords... when she realizes phat was said.the g-o-p candidate is a suuporttr of a 3 marriage. &&p3 one man's hunt for mistletoe jjil.bill robinson was on a - quest for mistletoe to & decorate his house for thhe holidays... and decided to use a shotgun to get it oot of a tree. robinnon ...then went to privateepropprryy.. where passsng car saw robinson ake the shot... and hookkd.soon & after... robinson's huut for mistlette was vvr. 3 ((..gathered it and left nnxt thing i know i am surrounded.)) surrounded.)) police arrested robinson and booked him intootheecounty jail.... reckless conduct and firing a gun on private property. & 3 phe top 5 sing for your votes.. on the x factor. factor.
7:41 am
3 singing nats natsmarrland's own marcus canty had the judges singing along and dancing in their seats with his vvrsion of the crowd went wild...even 3 like the performance. 3 i shouldnt beehappp wwth you but i have tt judge yoo within the competition and iihave to 3 say that was very very good performance performancefind out who goes home when the x factor continuus tonight aa 8 right phre on fox45. 33& still to come.. 3 worried about identity theft - over the hhlidays?an expert answers your questions about how to prrtect yourself pgainst identity stealing grinches... griiches....,3& you're watching
7:42 am
fox &p45 morning news.. all locall. all morring.. 3
7:43 am
a÷a÷ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be. ♪ ♪ only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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((ad lib mmteorologist)) 3
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33 3 3 3 3
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3 coming up...a stadium full of first teps.. hhering nats nnts 33&pthe non-medical mmracle that 3 pally.. walk for the first time. & ime.and next... the hooly and theeivy... aren't the only plants of the holiday ssason. where you can go toobuy poinsettias... for a good cause.ouurhometown otspot is're watching fox45 - morning news . all local aal morning. 3 ((break 6))
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p3 -ttmpll zito is 3 live... - providence centee, a non-profit organizatiin that serves adults with developmental disabilities --2011 holiday plant 3 and decor sales and holiiay -3 hourr at its horticulture greenhouse anddgardens in arnold,, aryland--the holiday ppant
7:52 am
3 aad decor sales benefii providence center's programs 3 growers, potters and wwodshop participants that make the productss --items offered will incluue: poinssttias, pine wrrpping, fir trees, mumss pottery bowls, ugs, pnd children's toys, bird housess-all ittms are hand-mmde, hand-crafted, or hand-grown by prrvidence center individdals individualss 3 you can purrhase sale items from providence centtr at tte &pjean bradbury building on &pshore acres road in arnold paryland.for more information, log on to ffx baltimore dot - com slash morning.while you're ttere, get the latest headllnes, weather, and traffic updates...and it's alll for free.3 coming uup. 3 the holidays are hereso that &pmeans the grinch is out....
7:53 am
presents... youu idenity! ideniiy! we haae an expert live innour studiootaking your calls about holiday idenity & can ggve us a call at 410- 481- 4445.or send us a tweet at fox baltimoreyou can ost yoor questionn on our facebook page. youurr watching fox 45 morning nees.. - all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 7))
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7:55 am
3 ((bump ii)) 3 weere back withhmikeeprusiiski with life- lock. mike is taking your calls bout identity theft for our take action thursday. thurrday.if you have question... our phone lines areeopen now at 410-481--545. 3 baltimore... or go throughhourr
7:56 am
3 lacel- bmore -3 bmore 3 shawn" hoo do you prevent -3 people ffom being able to scan bank cardd, passportt, or --3 anything else one may have in the ppcket that has a strip or chip?" chip?"
7:57 am
3 thooas "what re the top three & pcmpanies or programs that can protect you from identity theft?" &p
7:58 am
3 p3& commng up ii our 8 oocllck pour.. miinesota anchor could be out of a ob.. ..fttr she's -3 peen slurring her words duringg a newscast.find out what her - station had tt say... in resppnse to rumers.. she was drunk. you're atching local.. all
7:59 am
8:00 am
3 3 cceering nats natsa teen with ccrebral palsy walks for the first time ii his life.but it's not because of any medical tteatment.whatt helped him finally take his &pffrst steps. 3 it doesn't feel onderful mitch." mmtch."thh news... eetssbooze.
8:01 am
wwat this anchor's station iss saying this morning.. afttr 3 3&pand ... it's the most - wwnderful time of the year. pour next chance to win a gift prom unddrrour tree.. is coming up soon.our countdown - to chrrstmas continuus.. in just 30 minutts. 3 3 3 thursday, december 8th 3& -edgecombe circle 3 elem/middle school in the city is closed due o nn power. 3
8:02 am
3 3 p,
8:03 am
8:04 am
33 3 two emale ciiy officers are accused of having sex in a public pllce. the alleged inciient was reported by an officer... who claiied to have witnessed t. 3 two female officers have been put on administrative suspension while under investigation.but the department says they are officialll under investigation for harassment or inteerity violations. the two aaee -3 accused of engaging in a sex par... back in october. the department is noo releasing specifics... but says the ooffcers were off-duty and not in uniform. 3 (woman) "it'' just crazy, like the things that eople will do.." do.." (man) i mean people &that's ssppose to be -3 upsttnding and upholding tte law and to do something like -3that, that's a little bit ridiculous and asinine if you
8:05 am
ask me." me."no mmmbers oo the public have come forward to say they wittessed this act as well. ppooice say they're not releasing the name of the bar -3&pin this case... because thee investigation. 3 a transgendered woman... peaten in a rosedaae mcdonaad'' is now herself &pbeing charged with disorderly conduct... nats---this cell phone video from april... shows 23-yeaa--ld chrissy poliss... being attacked after she tried tt ussethe women's bathroom. polis is now facing charges for n arguueet with an pfficer at her essex aparttenn &pearlier this month. she 3& someone stole her puuse,phonee - aad 880 dollars. couut 3 happy with how the officer handled her complaint,,and she startedd shouting profanities at him. she'' been released on bail... the trial is schedulld for february. 33 new ttst sccres showw baltimore students are still struggling compared to other & city school dissricts. 33 thatts accorring to this educational progress.onlyy 11-percent oo baltimore city -3 fourth raders are proficient
8:06 am
33 numbers aren't much better for eighth graddrs. only 12-percent of them are proficient or advanced - readers. 3 andres alonso/city schooos ceo: 13:30 in math we hht the ball oot of the parr. both n fourth grade and eightt grade pe went up overrfour scale points 33 jeanne aalen/center for education reefrm: 34:28 jeanne allen/center foo scale points 37 we wwet up over four - scale poonts 37 jeanne allen/center for educatioo to say we're doing great with &padvantaged kids, but if you 3 disadvantaged kids, you have a real probblm 35 3 the n-a-e-p test is given to a smalllsampling of students years. city school leaders say 3 nuubers being even better in 20-13. 3& arr ou ready o swim aad fiss ii the inner harbor? rawlings-blaaeeis expected to unveil the city's plan next week. it's called the heelthy hhrbor plan the goal is to make the harbor swimmable and pishable by 2020. health anddhuman services is keeping the age limit on the plan b morning after pill as is. is. he so called morning &paffer pill can prevent
8:07 am
pregnancy if taken soon enough affer nprooected sex.the ddrg is alreedy available to anyone that cann rove they're over 17. the food and drug administration wws ready o let it be old on drugstorr anyone.doctorss spoke out on both sides of the issue. 3 dr. london says:
8:08 am
sooe to believe... she was intoxicated.what do yyo think? 3 with thee on thh farm event eventthe station is speaking put... 3paying there is no proof the anchor was intoxicated... but they ouldn'ttconfirm thhttshe stilllwooks aa the station. - it's issued a statement... saying it's apersonnel issue... that will be handled internally. 3 coming up... 3 holiday decor... made from & livinn plants.we'll how you hoo it's one... in our 3 phhistmas music nats natsand baltimore is one of
8:09 am
the est places in the lights.we'll show yoo some of the any''e watching fox 45 morning news.. all local...all orning. -3 3 ((bump outt)
8:10 am
8:11 am
,3--2011 hhlidaayplant and decoo sales and holiday hours and decor saless--2011 holiday plant and decor sales and holiday hours at its
8:12 am
3 gardens in rnoll, marylandd- -audra harrrion lve with the details 3 - providence center, a non- profit organization thaa serves adults with developmmntal disabilities --the holiday plant and decor sales benefit providence ccnter's programs and services as well as thh ggowers, potters, and woodshop - pprticipants that make the - products. --items offeredd will include:: poinsettias, 3 mums, ppttery bowls, mugs, ppates,children adirondack chairs, paper towel holders and chhldren's oys, bird --alllitems re hand-made, hand-crafted, or hand-grown by providence center individuals
8:13 am
- indiviiuals 3 3iidividuals indivvdualsprovidence ceeter individuuls individuals 3 yyu can purccase sale items 3 jean bradbury building on shore acres road in arnold maryland.for more information, log on to fox baatimore dot com sllsh morning.while you're there, get the latest headlines, weather, and traffficuudates...ann it's aal for free.
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3 3 -3 33
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8:17 am
3 &p33 it's beginning to look a lot like christmms... 33 ww're giving away giffs every pay through the friday before christtas's all a part our luccy winners will get a chance to choose a gifttfrom under the stay tunee for your chhace to winn coming teen's story of ccuragee.. and dedicatiin. & dedication.cheering nats natshow his favorite rapper helped hii take the first few steppsof hhs life. 3 ccriismas mussc ats nats 3 and charm city is being
8:18 am
reeognized ánationalllá... for it's christtms light displays. we're sharrng some of tte best ones're watchhng fox 45 morning newss. all local.. & all ornnnn. - 3 ((break 2))
8:19 am
8:20 am
&p3 you are looking at the incredibly charming block of row housesson 34th street ll - lit up for thh holidays.the -3 lights ctually elped to put 3 spotlight.thee are one eeson why yahoo travel ranked baltimore aa a top ten destination in the counnry for &phhllday lights displays. we are shedding light on the honor for today's whats hot. meg-everybody loves thess....hampden liggts re such a traditionn..can--its a
8:21 am
love there... but our viewers &pdisplays also our viewers lovv -3 theree.. but our viewerss displaassalso 3 proveewhy baltimore deserves to be in the top tier.we asked our facebook fans to send us --3 picttres or videos of their displays.. they are amazing.. takk a look of video of ob ambrose's display in baltimore 3 3 10,000 plus lights 10000 plus lights on a 6-ccannel music sequencer.
8:22 am
3 we also received a picture of a display in parkville. parkvvlle. p3 christmas lights of ddm and amanda lind 3&phere is aafestive ddsplay in glen burnie...sent in to us from tony. tony. 3 -more than 3,000 3 sets oo lights-you an also turnnyour car radio to 3 pm 87.9 or listen to t froo &pspeakers from the yard and the lights beat to the music --ony's been doing thhs for almost 30 years 3 ((vo)) 3 --30 min. lasee show-snow maker 3 the childrrn... the liggts are on from
8:23 am
3 5pm o 10pm thru january 1st 3 (((vo))mickey mouse 3& ridding a train around the yard (((vo))another view of mickey... &pblow ups like this nowmann 3 yard deccrations including &psantaaand soldier - 3 commng up...
8:24 am
3 it's so ugly... it's cool. where you can go to mmke your own uglyychristmas sweater. p3 and ven ark zuckkrberggcan'' stop a privatt information one perssnn managed to access... from the facebook founder's profile. yoo're wwtchiig foo 45 morning news.. all loccl.. aal morning. p33& ((break 3
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you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the -- ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to... ♪ get in the spirit with dunkin's holiday coffees and lattes. try peppermint mocha gingerbread, or new cinnamon swirl today. 3 start learring hhough perforrance from a young age. that's wwat coppin state &puniversity's braao youth dance program ii all about...and thee're performing this weeeend.vanessa jackson-colee, & associite professor and director of dance for the coppin state university dance with 3 more.--tell uu aboutt
8:27 am
3& coppin state university's dance program and its outreach -3 to baltimore area youth. 3& p-what are he benefits of dance to all ages--what is the c-s-u bravo outh dance showcase?--performmnce the ccssu bravo
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
& ((open)) 3 &p-edgecombe circle elem/middle
8:31 am
&pschool in the city is closed -3 duu to no power. 3 3 3 &p3
8:32 am
8:33 am
map fiber map 3 disturbing detaiis are surfacing... about the history of a it bull... that almost killed a poodle ear pattersoo park. park. during a hearing wednnsday... about whether the pitbulls shouud be euthanized... we learned that adopted from theebaltimore animallrescue shelter.thht adoption ame only dayssafter it was ssized during a drug paid.police seized 5 pitbuuls froo the home... but that information was ever disclossd to the dog's new owner. & 3 13:40:47 they told me thhy test the dogs before ttey get let out. they don't get we went with im.diddthey tell
8:34 am
you about his 3 history? as a matter of fact at the time they're not pllowed to discuss hiitories. foo iggting or shown anyy signn f aggression... he would not have adoptee he animal. decision wwll be madd within 30 days on the 3 3 you can almost 3 hear the sloos spinniig........ the ssots ccsino aa arundel mills plans to oppn neet year, and now we knnw how much the machines cost. cost. maryland taxpayers are spending 167-million dollars to buy the statt of the art slottthat's part of the slots - bill enacted by state lawmaaeessthe stateealready sppnt millionssto buy slot machines for "ocean downs", - and "hollywooo cassnn" in cecil county.state commtroller peter franchot thinks someone else should foot the bill. -3 (franchot) "most marylanddrs, & even peopll thaa sspport ssot machines and think they're
8:35 am
wonderful are appalled thaa the state is using taxpayerrs moneyyto buy thh slot machiies." machhnes."the boarddoo public 3 contracc to buy the slots in two weeks. 3 joii oor wasteewatch.if yyu see government ouu hotline at 410- 662-1456... or go to foo baltimore dot com and click oonwaasewatch. on the eve of its 0th anniveesary... camddn yards ii & about to ndergo ome enovations. -3&prenovations.maryland's board of public works has approvee 1- &ppoint-8 million dollars in renovations to the outfield picnic will be open to tte public year-round... and pill feature new statues of pllltteeorioles innucted into the hall of aaee 3 (frannhot) ""e love the baseball eam, eewant them to get back to the brooks -3 robiison era and anything we & assoccate them with baseball, that's a-okay by me." me."the renovatioos to caaden yarrs are expected to e
8:36 am
completed by opening day. 3 he may be a computer whiz... - but even mark zuckerberg can't stop hacker. hacker.a computer security & breach aalowed users to access the facebook founder's private piccures. thh social -3 pedia compaay lamed software eror for the security flaw bt says it quickly ixed the prrblem. in case yyo''e wondering... theephotos showed zzckerbbrg & eats... cooks aad spends time with his siinificaat tter... jjst like the rest f us..--3 p3 actor alec baldwin... twwets no mooeeat least for now... 3 baldwin was kicked off an american airlines flight,, - after he became volatill... - when asked to turn off his phonn.the actor was apparentlty playing the mobile -3 game "words with riends" and prfused to turn it off.after the fiasco... he took to his &ptwitter feed to rail on the airline... utthe's since made his acccunt inacttve.his representation says... he'll be backk, but for now... he's show.... "30 rocc."the aator -3 issueddan applogyyto his fellow passengers... ábutá not
8:37 am
to the airline.. ffo his -3& behavior. 3 looking bad... never felt so good..-& good.ugly christmas weaterss are a hot trenn again this holiday eason.the more flair... the better.just askk anne marie blackmmn... creater -3 of new hampshire company - called "my ugly chhistmas sweater."this eason... she's seen a uge ddmand for acky sweaters. 3((anne marie lackman you really cannt make a mistake when you'rr decorating an ugly chriitmas sweater.)) ((nats bells)) you can neevr have too many bells on a sweatee. you ccn never have too mucc fringe. p3 ad--ib one companyyhas actually lauuched website... to create yoor oon ugly christmas sweater..t's called sweater- showdown--ot-coom's actuaaly annonline competition... to seeewho caa make theemost hhdeous one. ad-lib 3 for a link to their site... just go tt ur site.. fox
8:38 am
site... ust go to for a link to theii ad-lib & ad-libone. ad-lib 3 por a link to their site... jjst go to our site.. fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3&pwe're making the season briggt -3 here n fox45 morning news. giffs under ur tree... n ur countdown to christmaa. to in is get to the phone. & phone.the 44h ann 5thhcallers at 410-481-4545 get to ccoose &pa ggft from under the tree..- 3 coming up... a teen witt
8:39 am
cerebral palsy walks for the &first time in his life. natswe'll tell you the helped him do it. 33 you're wwtching
8:40 am
8:41 am
a remarrabbe story oot of ohho... 3&pwhere a rapper's words... leeds ttoa teen's first steps. 3 p3 17-year-ood ryan yex... a cerebral palsy patient... takes his fiist solo steps towards the person he says inspired him... rapper machine pun kelly, "m-ggk."
8:42 am
3 (cheers) so uchhadrenaline was going through my body, i &pjust, i was reedy to walk. so you walked? yeah (cheers) if pou ookkin the video, you can see for ike two seconds there's no one holding him. him. 3 yex says m-g-k told him one & day he would walk at one of ssturday... he's taken more thaa 60 steps on his own. 3 ((toss tt weaaher)) 3& ((ad lib eteorologist)) 3 3 peathhr kid tease
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3 coming up... 3 carson'sscreeksidd is ere to teech us howwto make chiccen isabella.but if cooking isnn' &&ppour thhng....we'll tell you how you can scoreea half-price dinner at their restaurant & aad a "countdown to christmas" giit now... from unner the pree. we'll unwrap the prize... minutes from noow.tay tunnd tt see what they won. youure watching fox 45 mooning news.. all loccl.. all orning. 3 ((break 6))
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could america's money troubles get worse before they get better? professional economist and author, mark skousen, says they will. this former analyst for the cia and investment expert joins the "700 club" thursday to share his 30 years of experience on the economy. what he says we need to learn from the debt crisis in europe before we can get our own house in order...
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3 carron's creekside restaurant has a great dining deal for you.for ust 25 dollars, you can get a 50 dollar gift certificate ttere.chefs mike lamaraaand dam curnoww oon us this morning with morr. --chicken isabeela--location
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dark head creek i middlee river mmryland, right near marttn state airport airport 3- 3aarport airpprtnearrmartinnstate &pmaryland, right near marrin airport 3 3 to get your half off gift &card, log to get your haaf
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3off gift card, log on to ee its half off dot com.they are limittd, ss don't wait. 3 coming up... 3 hand-craftedddecoo... made from living plaats.we'll ssow pou how it's done... in our hhmetown hotspot. &p3 and anotter "countdown to ccristmas" winner is hoosing their gift now... we'll & open up two more presents ffom under the tree... next.stay tuned to see whht weere giving away this're waaching fox 45 mornnng news.. all - local.. aal morning. 3 ((break 7)) 3&p((bump in))
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3 it's our coontdoon to - christmas heee at fox 45. 45.everyday froo noo through christmas eve...we are giving away gifts from under our tree. our first wiiner of the day is kkana from
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bbltimore. 3 she chose a gift from undder our tree to unwrap.(big dark - green box) box)cabbage patch kidsame cabbage pptch kid facial expression, sewn bodd and -3 courtesy: jakks pacificvalue: $34.99our next winner is june prom baltimore.- another cabbage 3patch patchand if you didn'' win this time-- don't worry.we're time-- don't and if you didn't 3 and
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if you didn't win this time-- don't worry.we're 3 of our countdoon to chrissmass coming up on good 3 day baatimore... it's the performance hat wowed the judges. judges.singiiggnats nats
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3 what "x factor judge" simon pcowelllhad to say... about this aayland nattve's voice. ((ggbberish rapping)) rapppin))and this tiny guy - shoos he's got big talent too. news.. ll ocal.. all porning. 3q join the revolution against scrubbing on your hands and knees. use new resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just three easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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