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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  December 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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forget the taco bell &pdog... we want to see more from this dancing doggy. doggy.dancing 7 seconds seconds this s stuart, the salsa dancing dog. is video &palreadyyhaa one ann a half million hits on you tube. as he swivels to the music, he supports himsell with his leash tied to the chair behind say it's abusive,,but &pdance and can sit down &pwhenever he wants . we think stuart just loves too dance. 22:28:21 "governor o'malley had an obligation" obligation" tax cheat who got not one, but two big government appointments. 3 hello i'm joy leopla.jeff and jennifer are off tonight. new
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information tonightton a payroll tax scandal that's raising uestions about political appointees and campaign donations. stewart was convicted on federal charges of tax evasion. until recently stewart served on two prominent state committees - appointed by governor o'malley.... to help re-draw &pthe state's voting districts... and the maryland stadium authority. now... &prepublican party leaders say stewart also donated more than 90-thousand dollars to the governorrand other key democrats. and they think politicians should give the governor said he had no dea about stewart's tax records. ssme repubbican leaders say tte governor should've known about the chargessagainst stewart. pplice in annpolis say they
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are still looking for a suspect after a break-in at an auto dealership. dealership.a video sscurity service tipped off police to the crime at the fitzgerald cadillac dealership.police arrested one of two men seen running from the scene. they also found bolt cutters and other tools on the lot whichh they belleved were being used to cut catalytic converters from two vehicles. they are also investigating whether an unoccupied tow truck found near the dealership with its engine running is linked to the suspects. a fire broke outtearly this morning at a house in baltimore county. you caa ee the flames shooting from the home on regwood road in hydes. firefighters were on the scene just after three thirty this one was home at the pime... anddthe cause is still under investigation.a firefighter was átakená from the scene. but we're told his tonight... a new reward ááfromáá howard county police... in the hopes of solving a decade old murder. janice park live at police head. tell us why
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police are stepping up their search for clues janice? janice? joy,witnesses sayythey say the gunman ran down this sidewalk and watched as he got into a getaway car. that was 10 years ago and detectives say they've exhausted all their leads. 3 in an attempt to reengerize the case...for a mother still in mourninggall these years...rose peterson....howard county police are now offfring a 10 thousand dollar reward. 23 year old derrick peterson was gunned down in his lincoln town car...just right around the corner from where he shared and apartment with his parents.tonight police say the ccime may have been drug related...and believe the killer stole derricks dark coogi jacket the night he was murdered: "friends or associates of these two men, who are familiar with the them, who are familiar with the car they were drivinggmay have seen them in possession of the cooji jaccet" jacket" "if i knew who did this i would go after them myself because the anger and the rage is still here, it's never left
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me" detectives believv someone knows where that dark, burgundy jackettis...and they believe it's the key to solving this case. as for rose peterson...soon after her son was murdered...moved out of these in ellicott ciiy...janice park fox45 news late edition. 3 baltimore police are investigating this morning's bombbthreat at baltimore city h. hall.policeegot word of a suspicious package at city hall around 7 a.m.they blocked off surrounding roads for almost two hours during the investigation.the source ended up being a food container wrapped in a t-shirt with the no word on any ásuspectsá. government offices were closed for the áchristmasá holiday. 3 p it was the day after christmas... and you know what that means... stores around the country are packed with shoppers. here at theetarget in pikesville... shoppers were hunting for ttose holiday bargains... while others are retuuning thoseeunwanted gifts. 3
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"everyone in there is just buying, buying, buying, you woild nnver know that here is a recession or not"//butt to// "it was a good size crod what i expected...a little crowded" crowded" many stores opened earlier than usual so shoppers could get a head start. it was much tte same scene across the country today.this is what it looked like in illinois where some retailers 80 percent..if all goes well ---"megg monday" as some are calling it could be the third biggest shopping day of the year for retailers... ehind black friday anddchristmas eve. 3&thht brings us to our questio of theeday.did you spend more on holiday gifts this year than in previous years? go to fox-baltimmre dot com and let us know. you can also &psound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no.
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its was a very good day for whoever bought the winnnng powerball ticket at an elkton restaarant. that person is the jackpot. an employee t the restaurant where the winnnng someone callee in claiming to be the winner, but no one has officially contacted the lottery comission yet. 2950 i hope its somebody we know personally so we can share the wealth.and health and everything else there. somebody we know whoocomes in here we could actually talk o about it. the restaurant that sold the winning ticket will get a 25-thousand dollar commission. bad day for the maryland trucking company whose tanker leaked this sticky black goo for may not be able to pay for the spill.the transporttcompany ays its 1- millionn ollar policy may not be enough. about 1,000 vehicles weee damaged in the mess..when a truck owned by leaked an asphalt material on
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the pennsylvania damaged the tires and engines through it. and a good day for a maryland mother and daughter daughter31-year old sacha webster...has received a healthy kidney...from her mother.sacha...had undeegone kidneydialysis for nearly a year....while waiting for a donor.but doctors at the university of maryland medical center say her otherturned out to be the perfect match. pnd ttey ssy the kidnee transplant...went ásmoothlyá. (mother) "when everyone was at the mall shopping, was saving sacha's life so thaa's the best part of it." excited about it, i was real happy, just felt like a load was just lifted off my shoulder" shoulders."docttrs say both expected to go home on tuesday. 3 and tomorrow will be a good day... if you like rain. here's vytas reid with a first look at his skywatch forecast. forecast. 3 3
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still ahead... high profile &psensitive information it compromised. occupy this!how things got out of hand at a protest in tennesse and how fellow protestors tried to explain it. and its not exactly the preakness. still, an elephant race drew a big crowd.why some one thought it was a good idea.
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have you checked your bank
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account in the last 24 hours? a major security breach aa a u-s intelligence think tank... has llft thousands of customees vulnerable... notorious group of hackees says ttey're behind it. 3 the hacking group anonymous, claiming a monumental hack... stealing thousands of credit personal information....from a security think tank.anonymous claiming they were able to pull it off...because the agency...stratfor... "didn't bother to encrypt it." thousands of stratfor's subscriiers, notified of a breach on christmas of the subscribers alerted... is a fox news national security analyst...mcfarland says: "i got a notice late last night, saying there's been a security breach, check your e-mails, check your credit cards online tt see if there are any unauthorized charges on your account."anonymous claims to pave 200 gigabytes worth of secret data....which it claims coming wwek.stratfor's website is now shut down...while they investigate the leak...and
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many think there's a tough roaddahead....trying to figure ouu exactly áwhoá the hackers really are...brookes sayy: "my understanding its a verr informal, loooely formed group, and then some people do this, label themselves as anonymous, so they may actually take on the title of anonymous, so its not quite clear exactly who this is" stratfor prooides political, military and economic intelligence... with top-tier clients like loccheed martin and bank of america....some, didn't think it would be possible to hack inno the high- profile think tank. mcfarland says: "this is a pretty serious invasion if someplace like stratfor which is a super-serious community around the world is getting hacked into, then you kind of have to wonder is anything safe?"(mckellay on cam tag) one hacker says the goal is to steal a million dollars from victims' accounts ...writing person says hackers want to - distribute that cash to organizations like "save the children" and the "american red cross."in washington, doug 33kelway, fox news..-
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mooe amateur video is emerging of the violence in syria.... . activists say government troops are shelling the area with mortars and spraying heavyymachine gun fire today he area is the center for anti-government repeated crackdowns by the - syrian regime. reports say.. at least twenty-three people were killed in the intense shelling -- which activists say is targeting "anyone who moves" syrian officials are not commenting on the violence in the area... and insist....its the terroriss groups attackiig civilians.. happens to pass a burning home ... and saves two people's live. way home after a christmas s - dinner when he saw smoke and flames shooting out of this house.he stopped the car and did what he's trained to do -- rescue people. 1:13 i was aale to look in the backyard and found a ladder, put it up to them 1:17 1:171:22 just able to make it touch the bottom of the balcony, and i helped the two people down the balcony to safety." 1:36 1:361:45 "i'm just glad i
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happened to be there and was able to help the people out 01:49 pt's unclear what started the fire.several people were injured. a christmas celebration for .. dancing .. and good eating - ... ended in a vicious fight betteen two female protesterss at the camp. a man struggled to peel the omen off each pther.members of the movement pay fights break out in all familiiss... and the occupy family is no different. lauren says: 39"i don't know ... there's gonna be problems." 51 51 folks at occupy naahville say despite the brawl the camp remains unified. rain movvng in tomorrow. chief meterooogist vytas reid is here to tell us how long it will stick around. around.
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still ahead...a motorist with no common sense. how he broke the law and made it very easy ffr police to catch him. and elephants on the move. why some people thought it was
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a good idea to race them. 3with a little more than a week
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until voterr in iowa decide
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their choice for the 2012 republican ominee - ron paul continues tt enjoy strong support there - but as nicole collins rrports other g-o-p contenders are taking aim. aim. (collins intro)with a little more than a week until iowans decide their choice for the 2012 republican nominee -ron paul continues to enjoy strong support there - and other g-o-p contenders are taking aim.(pkg)looking to derail texas congressman ron paul in the fiist in the nation caucus state.rival campaigns plan to air fresh t-v ads and hit the phones to persuade undecided caucus-goers.steve hayes says: pll the talk about the ron paul surge - the support that he has out there - the momentum that he has potentially going into these january 3 caucuses is real. mitt romney, michelle bachmann, rick perry and newt gingrich kick off iowa bus tours tuesday night - as rick santorum goes hunting with iowa conservatives. aside, the winner of the 2008 iowa caucussss mike huckabee, says the outcome may boil down to the elements.huckabee says: "if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. iff the weather is bad and it's real tough to get out, ron paul would win."on january 10, the nation's first primary is
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scheduled in new hampshire - where romnny leadd by dooble digits. a new boston globe poll shows gingrich and paul tied for second - just ahead of jon huntsmmn. but the road may soon get rocky for romney. susan says: he will take new hampshire by storm and will do very well there - and thht's goong to really propel him in to sooth carolina where he will have problems. i don't think it's over yet - i still think the southern states are problematic for romney - some people are saying 'he wins iowa, hewins new hampshire - it's a cake walk for him,' i don't necessarily think that's gingrich continues to lead in support for him has slippee as slew of unrelenting criticism. in washington, 3 3 not much common sense on the part of a motorist in chicago. not only was he driving drunk but he also crrssed into a police station.not surprisingly police were able to catch up with him only a block away. no one was
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injured and there was no extensive damage to the building. 3 and common sense should tell you if you are trying to move fast an elephant may not be the best way to go. go.- whiitle blowing... cheering & screaminn- screaming- but spectators cheered as more than twenty elephants dashed across an áathleticá field in nepal.. the elephants... decorated with paint... it's all parr of an annual festival... aimed at attracttng more tourists to the country. so it didn't really matter how fast the animals were going. 3 3 3 breaking the ice... literally. dramatic scenes from a rescue at sea 3
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a south koren 'ice breaking' ship sails to the rescue of a russian fishing boat .. ssuck at sea.for eight days ... south korea's "the raon" has peen spliting through ice in the antarctic save this russian vessel.the russian boat was frozen in ice for more than was partially sunken due to a hole in its hull.the rews of both boats are now attempting to patch up the vessel so it can head home. not much ice to cut through here... but rain is n the way... here's chief meterologist vytas reed with a
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final look at the forecast. forecast. 3& you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is now available at foxbaltimore dot om. use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on i-radar it's bad news for ravens kick returner david long he's going to miss with his knee in sports unnimited.
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and that's all for he late edition tonight...i'm joy lepola.thhnks for joining us. now here's bruce cunningham with the race for the playoffs in sports unlimited. unlimited. as the ravens and bengals prepare for an absolutely crucial matchup this sunday, they are having trouble sellinn tickets in cincinnati.. in fact, the bengals have announced a two for one deal fvor their season ticket holders...the bengals have been blacked out 7 of their 8 home games this year.. year.. no problems like that here in &pbaltimore, where 71-thousand plus saw tyhe ravens beat cleveland last saturday...and this sunday, not only are they going for a playoff bye and divisional title, they'll also be trying to complete a perfeet 6-0 run thru the tuff afc north...and that's nothing short of remarkable.... elsewhere...the ravens have
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placed rrceiver/ kick returner david reed on injured reserve, officially ending his season... reed suffered a left knee injury during this kickoff return in the 3rd quarter off saturday';s victory...he tore his acc...which makes his availability for nexttseason a little iffy...reed averaged just under 30 yards oer return this season... 3&.dale hunter and the caps in buffall taking on the sabres... .less than a minute into the game...jason pomminviile lights the lamp on the power play...sabres on top 1-0....2 the ffceoff...matt ellis backhands buffalo out to a 2-0 lead with almost 17 minutes to play in the opening period....later in the 1st...christian erhoff fires it blocker side...sabres up 3-0....nuvi exits...tomas vokoun comes in to mind the net....but it doesn't help... braydee mcnabb scores his first nhl goal...buffalo leads 4-0 after one period...they hold on to beat the caps 4-2... .john wall and the wizards
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showing off their new unis opening the season against the nets....1st quarter...wiiards come out firing on all cylynders...jordan crawford kisses it off the glass.... then ronny turioff feeds andray blatche for the one handed slam....4 minutes later...wall gets the layup as many as 21 in the 1st half....but the nets come back...4th quarter...deron williams knocks down the jersey up 4.... then he feeds anthony morrow on the wing...all nylon...nets complete the omeback and beat final from the verizon the center... that'll do it for this edition of sports unlimited...i'm bruce sure to tune in to fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.go. goodnight. 3
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[exhales] [knock on door] hey, i wanted to come say merry christmas before we all leave for the break. oh, thank you, lemon. that's very thoughtful. help yourself to a gift. oh, wow. it's our new handheld photo scanner/paper shredder. [shredder whirrs] oh, well, won't people just end up shredding their photos? well, no, no, it's very easy to use. if you want to photo-scan, you flip the switch to p.s. and if you want to paper shred, you flip the switch to-- oh. i'd like to make an announcement! [all cheering]


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