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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 28, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 scammed... on facebooo. what thieves could be posting on your wall.. and the key to spotting a dishonest message. and... christmas is over.. but holiday a little brighter.find out how you can win a walmart shopping spree.. on us. 3 3 3 today is wednesday, december 28th.
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3 3 3 3 today marks one year since the north carolina teen was .
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visiting family in baltimore when she sparked an intense search for months. barnes' body was eventually found in april.joel d. smith is live at the last place she was seen alive, with an update on the investigation into her murder.good morning joel d. 3
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an arson investigation continues in urbana... the flames engulfed two
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buildings... and it's being called crews arrived on the scene... fast enough to stop the flames from spreading to neighboring one was injured. baltimore counny police need your help tracking down an historic quilt stolen from the benjamin baneker museum in catonsville. this quilt was stolen from the museum's gift shop during a burglary last week. .the quilt is bordered with gold feathers and has images oo an american eagle and two hands on the siie. 3 "at this point we are not sure they recognized thecultural significance of the quitl or if it was the orginal target of the burglary." burglary."a reward of up to 2 thousand dollars is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. 3 3 first on fox... a new report reveals the historic mitchell courthouse downtown and courthouse east.. could be
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safety hazards.... hazards.... the report done by the chief clerk and presented to the board of finance in novvmber says the fire suppression system is inadequate to non--xistent.the document goes on to say... the fixes are urgent... but aren't scheduled until 2014... we have citizens coming in and we have an obligation to protect them... them... the city estimates it will need 14 million dollars to complete renovations outlined in the report... it's been a fixture in lexington market since 1168. 1968.but polock johnny's...will soon be shutting down. the owner... says business here... has been declining for the pastthree years.and she has no choice but to close. 3 (wilkins) "i'll miss everything about it. i love being here and i wish i could stay you know, been here for a long time, have a lot of history with the polock johnny founder so it's a sad day." day."two other polock johnny
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locations... the one at security square mall... and... one on washington boulevard.... will remain open. gloves flew off tuesday between two leading hopefuls for the republican nomination. this was just under a week until the key iowa greg black reports...the attacks were direct and one could say creative ... witt even a classic episode of "i love lucy" being used to describe one candidate's situat. situation. --reporter pkg-as follows -- republican presidenttal hopefuls -- can't we all just gingrich's message on the iowa campaign trail tuesday. our campaign is going to stay positiveiiam not going to go negative -- perioo this in response to ads attacking the former house speaker from groups aligned with well-funded opponents like former massachusetts governor mitt romney.that the attacks are coming from supporters -- and not romney himself -- had gingrich veering off that aforementioned positive message tuesday evvning.if you want to run a negative campaign and you want to attack people, at least be man enough
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to own it.rommey meanwhile had barbs of his own to offer -- including gingrich'' comparison of his failure to make the virginia primary to pearl harbor.i think its more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. i mean, so you've got to get it organized. you might be able to understand the testiness if you see how close the polls for next week's iowa caucuses are --according to the american research group -- texas congressman ron paul has a slight lead over romney and gingrich.others -- such as rick perry -- rick santorum -- and michelle bachmann -- aren't counting themselves out and continue to barnstorm across the state.i'm greg black reporting. nationally ... a poll released tuesday has gingrich up by one point over romney ... 25 percent to 24.ron paul is in third with 11 percent and rick perry holds 8 percent.earlier this month
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gingrich held double digit leads over the rest of the field. north koreans said their final goodbyes to their leader... kim jong the're looking at pictures of a massive ceremony...his successor, kim jong un, has taken a front and central role in the procession.. walking alongside his father's body. after ruling since 1994.. kim jong il died of a heart attack less than two weeks ago.. at age 69. we now know what killed rrpper and actor heavy d last month.a coroner's report says the 44 year old entertainer died of a blood clot in his lung and other conditions. heavy d became famous in 19-91 with his remake of the o'jays' "now that we found love." traffic is slowly returning to pormal after an accident temporarily shut down a highway in california.highway patrol says a big rig hit a and then errpted in flames. crews arrived on the scene to
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find the truck stuck under the extinguished the flames...and the driver was treated on the scene. p3 3 it's a purple and black explosion... when it omes to the pro-bowl picks... back in 2003 and 2006... the ravens sent a club record 8 players to the pro bowl..this year's haul is not that big, but it came very close...7 ravens have been named as in his 16th n-f- l season, ray lewis has been named a starter in his 13th pro bowl... despite missing four games with a toe injury. &pfellow defensive players ed &preed, terrell suggs and halot ngata are on the list as well. fann couldn't be more proud... "its unusual to have a lot cause there is usually less." "man that's awesome having so many .... shows they are working together."//sot//"who knew so many of our well deserved players woull get so much recognition."
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recognition."the pro bowl is january 29th in hawaii. the cincinnati bengals are trying desperately to fill their stadium for this sunday's match-up against the r. ravens. the bengals are offering season ticket holders an unprecedented "buy one get one free" offer for the game.. the 65-thousand seat stadium has only been sold out once in the past eleven home games... meaning most of the games have been blacked out innthe cincinnati television market. the two-for-one deal could also soon be available to the general public. toasts at weddings are meant to wish the new couple well.. in their new lives together...this little boy didn't get that memo... i'm almost done with school... .... i have to bring it back... ( laughter))) 3
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laughter))))his little man kept it honest.. and about himself.... the audience humored him for a few minutes... before the d-j kindly wrapped the speech up for him. poming up on the early edition... a week later... and still no arrests... this victim was specifically ta. targeted.the latest on the investigation... regarding that fatal shooting at towson town center... leaving a family in mourning for the holi. holldays. weather))
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we're giving the gift of a shopping spree... all this week on fox45 morning news... we will give away 1-hundred dollar wal-mart gift cards. entering is easy... go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. click n the inside fox45 tab and fill out the entry form.we'll draw today's winner later on this morning. still to come... more of you opened your wallets... and hit those sales.... consumer confidence is up... the effect that has on our economy... and if we're out of the woods ... from the recessio. recession. my last words before he got out of the car were when you gonna see me. " " and a family is minus a member this holiday... gunned down while shopping at towson town center... a week ago. find out if police are closer to catching the victim's killer.. next. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
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it's been a week since that deadly shooting outside of towson ttwn center. and... and the killer... still at large. crime and justice reporter joy lepola ....talks with police about the latest developments in the investigati. investigation. look - live intro it was just outside nordstrom's here in the
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parking lot..... of towsontowne center where the shooting occured. many of the detectives on the scene that night... are still pursuing leads in this case.((pkg)) 11:29:28 ttere is a great deal of information and evidence since last monday... homicide detectives have been investigating the death of a 19 year old doing some last minute christmas shoppinn. "my last words before he got put of the car were when you gonna see me he said friday. " denita brown helped raise rodney pridget after his mother died."he considered me a second mom" tonight &pbrown.... waits for answers a detectives investigate. police say... this was not a random shooting. 11:29:52 this victim was specifically targeted. surveillance cameras inside and outside caught some of the action and dettctives say that is proving to be crucial to the case. still, police are asking for the public's patience.11:30:06 in many cases such as this it takes time to put together a case :09look live tag police are looking into rodneys associaaes and his background.. as they pursue leads in this case... in townson joy lepola foo 45 neww at ten. straight aaead...
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two major retailers are closing some of it's doors for good... find out why sears and k-mart are taking such drastic measures... to cut expenses... expenses...and a kansas man is being called a hero after saving two young girls from this icy pond christmas day. his quick response... and the ((break 3))
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3 some sears and kmart stores are closing up shop over slow sales, but consumer confidence is up.and as eegar reiguts explains... home prices are headed in the wrong direction. direction. --reporter pkg-as follows --it was a quiet rading day on wall street, with stocks ending mixed.the dow lost more than two points to close at 11- thousand 291.but the nasdaq and s&p 500 closed higher.weak
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holiday sales are forcing sears holdings to close up to 120 sears and kmart stores.the company says holiday ales were down more than five percent and it needs to cut expenses.the particular stores that will close haven't been announced.home prices are headed in the wrong direction. according to the latest s&p / case-shiller index, prices in the 20 cities surveyed declined one-point-two percent in october, from the month before. and compared to a year ago, prices were down nearly three-and-a-half percent.this counters other recent reports that show gradual improvement in the housing market.home sales and nee construction have all posted increases lately. consumer confidence is up for the second month in a row."the conference board" says levels are back to where they were last spring.this indicates that people are more optimistic about the economy, jobs and their own financial situation.still, experts warn it's too soon to tell if this is just a rebound from declines earlier in the year, or a rral shift in attitude.
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for business brief, i'm edgar treiguts. coming up... they're listed as friends on facebook..but theyyre really ánotá..the clever way scammers are using your facebook friends... to steal your money. money. of phylicia barnes
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disappearance. her family's
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quest for juutice... on fox 45 news at 5:30.3 3 3 3


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