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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  December 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 it'' been a great year here aa fox45.we added an extra hour of coverage to our morning show."good day baltimore" made ts debut last january.i got married, patrice got engagee, and we've had tons of memorable moments along the thhi morning.. we're goong to count down our top five fox45 favorites.
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number 5 - back in september - green screen- stay tuned to see what makes #1 friday decembee 30th. 3 33
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3 three teens are still bonfire fire went out of contor. happened around 9 o'clock wednesday night... in rosedale.. on shady spring group of teenagers started a
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bonfire outside the home ... twigs. but wwen the fire d wasn't going strong enough ... one f he eens poured causing an explosionntwo 17--ear-old girls and a 16-year-old boy were burned. one of the girls was engulfed in flames. she's now in critical, but stable ccndition. officials say her injuries may haae been even more severe... had it not been for the quick action by the other girl's dad. captain 125 once he saw what was happening, he was able to tell the girl who had some pretty significant fire around her, to stop, drop and roll which is what we teach everyone. and he as able to at east provide care until our fire and ems units got there so i give that individual a lot of credit 40 the 16-year-old boy is in fair conditton - after being burned on his arms and hands. the arm - and nowwback at home. maryland state police continue to investigate a car happeneddweddesday... on i-83 in timonium just
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before the beltway... when a jeep cherokee didn't sllw down for stopped traffic.the impact caused a chain reaction craah involving four vehicles. 5-year-old jake owen was killed... he waa a passenger in one of those cars.police say the jeep was driven by.... devin mckeiver. jake was a student attfederal hill prep school.his uncle, &psteve keaaneyy, releassd thi statement. "this is a very sad day for our family. jake was a great little guy and it's still hard to believe this has happenedd we'll miss him. jim, for everyone's thoughts and prayers." the maryland general assembly will consider a billl.. that would require parents to notify police immediatell of a issing chhld. and it's in honor of caylee anthony... the 2-year old in 2008.her mother... casey d anthony... waitee a montt to report her disappearance.on kelly has pre-filed the bill for the 2012 legislative session.similar bills have
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been filed in at least 12 other staaes. hundreds of military men and women are back home this morning.. 3clapping clappingat b-w-i tturgood marshall airport several people lined up to greet more thaa 200 soldiers returning from service.from the armyytooairforce... they've been deployed acrrss the world... some serving in iraq. "we get your commericals overseas...anddi know years ago it wasn't like this so it's very awesome" awessme""great to know people home""all these people here...means a lot to us, good feeling almost s...real tears...allost ..." the information on employment g - opportunities. a bull causes havoc in
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downtown mmunt airy... airy... the animal was being delivered to the mmunt airy locker company to be processed..... when the it arrived... it managed to get away.... and traveled almost 4 miles... passing a day care center.... then to a nearby field..... after several aatempts by carroll county police and frederick county animal control to confine the buul.... shots were ffred... kklling the animal. outcue: advantageeof it. pt. no one was injured. moss people looeefriday... but for folks in one country... they'll haae to wait unttll ánext weeká to enjoy it. samoa... a pacific island natton located between hawaii and new zeeland... they're skipping oddy all togetherrthe tiny nation is jumping right from thursday... the samoan prime minister...
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it's an important move because it puts the nation on the same side of he line as its key trading partners... in new zealand and australia. "we can now have fivv workings sustain our ecooomic and commercial contacts witt our business partners innnew zealand, and australia, china and japan. presently before the change, we only have four working days out of seven days a week." week."samoa last switched sides of the dateline in 18-92 po better work with california and other american tradd partners. 3 lady ggga will play an important part in ringing in 20. 20-12.lady gaga nats ii times square on new year's -
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eve... but she's been charged with pushing the button to signal the famous ball drop at exactly 11:59 p-m.the pop star of mayor michael office says thattwhiie the mayor has never met lady great entertainer. er to be a it's time to caption this! page we posted a picture of a dog ttat looks a little sleepy after ringing in the new year. here's what some of youu captioned it.-michael- wake me for the ball drop.-deborah- "i can't hang with the big dogs." -michaela- ""ew yyar's eve fail" fail." here's ssme of yoor other cappions... ((áááad libááá)) if you waat to play along...
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"lunatic levities new year's eee" is at illusionssmagic bar on south charlls street tomorrow.doors open at 7:30pm and the show is at 9pm.for more informatiin, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. we rrveal our next fox45 favorite mmment off2011... after the break.'s a sneak ppek at what made number 4 on ouu list. list. you're we're contiiuing our
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countdown of our top five.. fox45 favorite moments from 2011. 3
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- in october- this was the result of a pigskin predictions bet between the mayor and patrice- stay tuned to see what makes #1 3 3
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3 3 3
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3 -3 for more information about the spca go to our website foxbaltimore
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dot com slash morning. what you need to do in your kitchen today... to help you eat healthy in the new year. plus- your chance to win a 50 dollar whole foods gift card. card.i mean i'm so glad that ápauseáand... a heartbreaking story of a mother's one new om sacrificed her wn life.. to save that of her child. yoo're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3))
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"i woke up thinking about drugs, i went to sleep thinking about drugs." "i had had uncles, parents tell me, 'you're going to die from drugs.' i believed them. i said, 'i know.' but i didn't care." "and laying on my hospital bed, i said, 'please, help me. have mercy on me. help me.' and he helped me. he helped me." [hip-hop music] ♪
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- ♪ what's wrong with the world, mama ♪ ♪ people livin' like they ain't got no mamas ♪ ♪ i think the whole world's addicted to the drama ♪ ♪ only attracted to the things that'll bring the trauma ♪ ♪ yeah, madness is what you demonstrate ♪ ♪ and that's exactly how anger works and operates ♪ ♪ man, you gotta have love just to set it straight ♪ ♪ take control of your mind and meditate ♪ ♪ let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all ♪ - ♪ people killing people dying ♪ ♪ children hurt and you hear them cryin' ♪ ♪ can you practice what you preach ♪ ♪ would you turn the other cheek ♪ - ma'am. - [gasps] - you forgot your purse. - oh. you don't know how worried i was. thank you. thank you very much. - hey. nice move, kid. doughnut? - a message from the foundation for a better life. commng up after the break...
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grab a're going too need it.. wwen we show you the powerful story of one young mother's sacrifice.. to save the life of her child. child.and ... if you ppy your phone bill online.. gee ready to pay an extra fee.. in the new year.the company that is charging a premium for your convenience. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimorre
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((break 4)) we'reecontinuing our countdown of our top five.. fox45 favorite moments from 2001. number 3 - patrice came back to work one monday in october with a ingg stay tuned to see what makes #1
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3 3 & fiber map
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3 a harford county public school teacher is under lying and swindling thousands of ollars from her co-workers. it's a story you're seeing first on fox. fox.the teacherris accused of faking cancer... an taking donaaions... raised by her collegues.investigators say the money was used ot pay her expensss.ceries and travel "the victim alleged hat she had noticed that suspect didn't appear ill...and was &ppushing the subject didn't appear ill" iil"the teacher is not being identified yet becauue no anotthr teacher in trouble far. withhthe law... this time... an assistant principal in new jersey is accused of video taaing young boys... in the shower at school.poliie say they found videos at the home of patrick lott... and found where the video camera was
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&phidden at the school.ttey say there were a dozen victims... half offthem unner 16 years old.parents couud not believe the news..- i feel unsafe more security in lockee rooms but disturbed disturbedlott was also a part ttme football coacc at another school. she chose life for her unborn baby only to llse her own. brittany borghi rings us the story of a teenage mom who decided to forgo treatment for brain cancer in order to give her baby a chance. chance. i think it freaking rocks that it went nationwide, because i think the world kinda needs to see that not pverybody is elfish.itts thatt message of selflessness that jennie lake's family and &pfriends hope people across th month ago... but the battle ath
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for her life started in october of 2010. jenni was diagnoseddwith grade thhee brain cancer and given two years to ive. that's where they told er that she might not ever be able to have kids. in march the family found outt her tumors were shrinking... but one night diana heard jenni crying in her room after her boyfriend nathan wittman took her to the emergency roomm she was pregnant. she was pretty scared, becauseethe baby had been through two rrunds of chemo from march and april and she was just about to start another round.scared of the effects and committed to the life of her child, jenni decided to stop ccemotherapy. she gave birth to her son... chad michael... on november ninth. he's nnmed after jenni and nathan's fathers. but after the blessing of a healthy baby... jenni's family got the worst news of all. her braan tumors progressed and no treatmentt
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could save her. i mean i'm so glad thatt we have chad here (extended pause, she cries) but i want jenni here to aae care of him.despite the tears it is jenni's humor and toughness the family rememberr and the pride they feel for that message of selflessness she sent to the world. (reporter: if yoo could tell her one thing what would it
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and hoo much love hhr. verizon wireless customers will soon ave to pay for the privilege of paying their bills. pills.they're starting a two-dollar onvenience charge for customers who make one-time bill payments either online or by telephone. the fee wwll go into effect on january 15th. get your rear.. in gear. tips onngetting a preat backside... in 2012. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimoree ((break 5))
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3 ww're continuing our countdown of our too fiie.. fox45 favoritt momeets from 2011. here's number 2 3 - this was just last week... testing out fitness christmas ggfts- a viewer favorite- &ppeople on our facebookkpage kept asking s to replay it.- stay tuned to see
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wwat makes #1 ((toss to eather)) (((d lib meteorologist)) 3 3 3 meteorologiit))((ad lib ((toss to weather)) what makes #1- stay tuned to see replay it.kept asking us to facebook page - people on pur favorite- a viewer gifts fitness christmas week... testing out - this was ust last - this was just last week... testing out fitness &pchristmas gifts- a viewer facebook page kept asking us to eplay it.- stay tuned to seeewhat makes ## ((toss to weathee)) ((ad lib meteorooogist)) 3
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parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. thhs was pretty funny... but it didn'' make number one. one.terra nova nats natswe reveal our avorite 2011.and next.. new year... new rear.what you can startt &pdoinn today.. to get a great backside in 2012. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6))
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3 as we head into the new year, many peeple make resolutions to lose weight and get fit. pusan hendricks spent a morning with a fitness trainer who shows his clients exercises thatthelp get their rear ii shape. shape. --reporttr pkg-as foolows --these women, all over 40, aae getttng ii shape for the new year."let's get your rear in gear for the happy new year "sloan, their trainer and a former
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proffesional football player, takes them through a variety of eeercises that benefit the rear end and build overall strength. "these exercises benefit the large muscle groups which...the rear end...the thighs, hamstrings,, that gets the heart rate up, tremendously. that's when you burn the most calories...that's why it's ss important to get ttat rear in gear."they do full body push-ups, not from their pnees, and then move on to the bag toss. "move it, there you go, come on push."next are squats on this ball that build lower body strength. pumping the ropes at the same time tones the arms."i rought sloan an outfit and i said, 'it's your job to et me in this!"and for bonnie stewart the workouts are helping. not only has she lost more than 20 pounds but her overall health has improved."my cholesterol level was over 270 and last time i went it was now under 200."we all know exercise is good or us. find your rear in gear. for et
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today's heelth minute, i'm susan hendricks. this as pretty memorablle.. but megan runninn down the hall with a parachute on.. still waan't the funnnest thing we did this year.our nuuber one fox45 favorite momenn of 2011... coming up. up.and next... out with the old.. in with the new.the surprising things you might be throwing out after getting a you're watching fox 45 pood day baltimore. ((break 7))
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ú one person's trash is another
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person's trasure.if youugot a lot of new things for christmas, think twice before you trash he old could be recycled into something great!jackie king, pxecutive director of recycled texttles is here to explain. --the epa estimatee the average person throws away 70 pounds of clothing/textiles pnnually, but many can be recycled and reused--"before" recyclable items include not &ponly cllthing which everyyne is familiar with, but also things such as belts, shoes, leather goods, stuffed animals, linens and towel --"after" items that are made from recycled clothing and textiles include: carpet padding, fine writing paper, paper money, pet beds, home insulation, automobile ssundprog soundproofing
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for more information on secondary materials and recycled textiles, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.
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3 - 3 3 3 it's almost the new year.will youube ringinggin 20-12 withh rain.. or clear ssies?we've got your new year's forecast. watching fox 45 girl: hi, mom. hi, sweetie. [ beep ] man: how's it going, buddy? i'm bored.
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police think is behind baltimore's lower numbers... t's been a great year hereeat fox45.we added an extra hour of coverage tooour morning show."good day baltimoree made its debut last january.i got married, patrice got engaggd, and we've had tons of memorable moments along the way.we've been counting down our top five.... let's recap... number 5 - back in septemmer- green screen
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3 - in october- this was the result oo a pigskin predictions bet between the mayor and patrice number 3 --patrice came back to wook onn monday in october with a &pnumber 2 testing out fitness christmas - gifts - a viewer avorite and our number onn moment is.. is......... 3 - our director karen spooked
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patrice on halloween. ii you'd like to see all of our producer's picks for the best moments of the year... just go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash morning and look under the "producer picks" list. 33 33 ((break 8)) 3
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