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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 24, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 tuesday,,january 24th.
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3 3 3 3 harford county police arrest priest... half naked... inside an adult bookstore. bookstore.detectives say in the ack of this abinggon building there are four theatres... that's where they found... 47-year old father stew bullock last week sitting in a dark theatre naked from
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the waste down where others customers could see him. (monicaa 13:09:09 and he was visible to other patrons 11:29:43 we can't be back there every five minutes and watch what's going on father bullock was an associate pastor at towson's immaculate conception.he has and ordered to undergo a y.... - archdiocese. in wicomico county... a teacher is accused of having sex with a student... repeatedl. repeatedly.43 year old steven kiggins was arrested thursday. he teaches and is the head football coach at wicomico high school.he's accused of classroom ... roughly once a week... for two years.kiggins has been released on 50- thousand dollars bond.... and he's no longer teaching.but this isn't igins first time being accused of this type of behavior ... back in 2007 piggins ... pled guilty tt having sex... with a 16 year old player.
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closing arguments begin former baltimore officer... accussddof killing a man with a stun gun. gun.rudy torres is accused of using excessiie force against 20-year old jarrel gray ... after responding to a fight 4 years ago.torres claims he shocked gray beccuse he refused to show his hands and get down on the ground.he then shooked him again... because he thought gray posed a threat. gray's parents are now suing for 145-million dollars. a maryland lawmaker wants people... who are found guilty of animal abuse. state senator ronald young is introducing a bill... that would create an animal abuse's called heidi's law... named after a golden retriever that was shot and middletown. just like a - sex offender registry... the registry wwuld display the names and addresses of those who aae found guilty of animal abuue in the state of maayland. president obamm will deliver his last state of the union address tonight before he's up
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for re-election. &pelection.the president's address will focus on the &peconomm and job cceation. indiana governor mitch daniels will deliver the the republican response to the president's address.former cain... will give the tea partt response.we can also congresswoman gabrielle the address before she steps down this week. baltimmre makes the list... when it comes to america's árudestá cities. cities.that's right... travel and leisure magazine readers have ranked us number 9 on the list of rude places. who ranks higher on the list? let's take a look at the top fiie.... and you might find... the biiger the city... the bigger the attitude. attitude.number 5... is boston. boston.number 4.... los angeles... which actually 3 years. years.number 3... those folks
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insideethe beltway... washington d.c. d.c..umber 2.... miami.and the number one rudest city in a merica.... new york city. 3 3 --australia day celebratiinnat the national aauarium... celebrate australia day in the exhibit--transport yourself a - down under with australian animal encounters, an aboriginal didgeridoo player, rock painting--activities are free with aquarium free with
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--activities are rock painting didgeridoo plaaer, aboriginal encounters, an under with yoursell down --transport australia exhibitaquarium's the national australia day in celebrate aquarium... national celebration at the --australia day --australia day celebration at the national aquarium... celebrate auuttalia day in the national aquarium's australia exhibit --transport yourself down under with australian animal didgeridoo player, rock l - paintinn--activities re free with aquarium admission admission the australia day celebration at the national
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aquarium is on saturday from 10am to 2pm.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.we will be right back. you're watchiig fox 45 good day balttmore. ((break 1))
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÷88 a singer gets some new
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noticeable ink...a basketball
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wife strikes goldand a power couple continues to make moves after a split...'s tabloid tuesday brandi proctor has more. more. jlo adn marc anthony calleddit quits ontehir marriage... but they make a power couule on their new reality show....she joked that their relationship was kidna like sonny and cher's, the exes still roughhoused on set and put theior heads togetehr to find talneted acts... at one poitn marc was a littel smitten with sisters... and lo checked n - him..professionally. tellin himit was important ot keep the integrity of the show... the show will air on the ssanish language network next week... an english version is set to air on fox later this year... chiiching.. the struck a goldmine... she walked away with $75 million dollars... half of tteir total assets....aside from the house
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they lived int ogether... she was also able to keep the other two mansionn one er momma lives inn he other is under was rumored that kobe was goignto move in.. but no no... right million dollars poorer... neither kobe nnr his son to be ex have spoken about the settlementkaty perry isnt ggtting any dollars from russelllbrand... and shes nto even talking about the splii.. buttthe message shes sending... speaks louder than words.. katy did the internet unthinkable.. she unf ollowed russell on twitter!!!she is still one of the 78 people h follows.. so it seems the mutual... katy has also been sportinggblue locks... frienns say shes trying not to dwell on the split... byyshoooing ads... performing and staying totally focused on her career. nick cannon s speakiig out about the changes he's had to make since his heatlh scare...
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docttrs have told him to cut diet while eh recovers from kidney failure. nick says the favoritt... llcky charms with oatmeal.. now he says this si real oatmeal... like horse feed stuff... not the flavored ..packaged boxed ootmeal, but he's looking on the bright side, saying he can stilllhave hot sauce... he's found a waa to spice up his carrots with a thsi time we thught chris brown was trying to get back with rihanna... hh had a new boo... karrueche tran they must be prettys erious.. because he got a tattoo.. og her face on his arm!he and rhi rhi got matching tattooos before.. we dont know if his new girlfriend has a little chris bbeezy tat in an unmentionable spot.. but his right on his arm.. for the world to word on why he was compelled to do it... speaking of tattoos we came across a weird little celeb tattoo tidbit... drake... has a portrait of the late great aaliyah tattooed on his
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sure.. for timbaland... missy elliott... damon dash.. heck even r kelly but the fact that drake never met her strikes us 3 admitteddto bbign truly in love wwth the songstress for her style of dress and confidence.. e guess nothign shows true love like a face taa... buttit's still weird..
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listen up american idol fanss.. the san diego auditions aired game on sunday.. which means we didn't get to see the auditiins until 11 o'clock at n. caae you missed them, we are going to re-air the episode tonight. can see the singers shoot for stardom tonight at 8-pm here on fox45. caught on camera... an avaaanche... and a rescue. rescue.((:49 can you breathe? we gotcha, e gotcha buddy :52)) rescue of a man buried alive... watch as the whole incredible event unfolds next. next. you're watthinn fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) 3((bleep!)) ((bleep!)) friends ut for a day
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snowmobiling... capture... an pn camera.burying their friend happened in washington state sunday... the snow came loose... and... in seconds.. you see the snnwmobiler is buried live. friends of the man quickly raced in... and began digging as fast as they could... before he suffocated in the snow.thankfully... they were able tooget to him. 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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ballimore. ((break 3)) 3 ♪
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or a two year price guarantee. call or visit today. hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 &p we now know the academy awaads. awards.the announcements were just made less than an hour ago. ago.candace is here to talk about the potentiil winners -best picture-the artist....the descendents....the help...moneyball descendents....the artist....the descendents....the , help...moneyball -actor-george vs bradd
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-actress-meryl streep 3 3 fresh oof that tough game in foxboro... ray rice visits fox4. brothers))whht ray rice has to
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say about the moment that left fans everywhere stunned. sttrbuccs isn't just for coffee lovers anymore... what stores are tap...nnxt. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 4)) 3
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3 3 3 3
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3iber mapp-
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theeravens... pack it up for the season.. and this morning ... we got to sit down and taak to ray race about that final game in foxboro. ittwas this missed 32 yard field goal that sstnned the fans... and players can see ray rice looking stunned along the sidelines after that missed kick sent this morning ray rice visitee fox45 ...aad reiterated his game ended. the moment the - still one of us.)) ly's
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((áááad libááá)) 3
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your morning glass of o-j... may cost yyu more cash. cash.the wall street journal says orange juice prices settlee at a new high monddy. phere has been some concern over imports from brazil... after traces of a fungicide were found in juice samples from there.the f-d-a says canada, mexico, honduras, costa rica and belize are if you're looking for a nightcap... it could be as close as your earest starbucks. ssarbucks.the coffee company is xpanding it's menu... to
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include beer and wine. wine.the company has been its coffeehouses in the of paaific northhest for mmre than a year now.noo it will start offering the adult attanta... southern cations in - california... and chicago by the end of the year.the company says they're doing it to help expand business in the evening hours. 33
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get your workout in... ccming up... personal traaner danny lee joins us with a workout... that will strengthen your core. core. plus... it may be a ggod day meteorologist steve ferttg shows us how the day is shaping up... and when rainshowers could be movingg in... next. you're 3 in... next. you're 3 watching fox rate. this!today n ouu facebook
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herr's what some of you captioned it. liiááá))it.libááá))((áááad's what some here's what some of you captioned it. it.((áááad libááá)) if you want to play along... join us on our facebook pagee at facebook dot com slash fox ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologgst))
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3 weather kid tease 3
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get fit fast. to work your core for a better body..daany lee joins ussnext to show us how. how.and if you have a uestion for our personal trainee... just give us a call at 411-481-45-45 right nnw. yoo're watching fox 45 good day baatimore. ((break 6))
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& 3&pwork your core and get fit fast.personal trainerrdanny lee is here for this morning's get fit with fox.danny will alssoansser your questions you have about fitness...our phone lines are open call now at 410-481-4545... --working the full body using a small slamball
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--calls & -- lorraine eldersburg-tony essex
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essex jacqueline wants to know ...
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"how to tighten my stomach other than sittups. it kills my back." - cassandra asks, "ddes it
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mmtter what time of the day you workout?"
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take a walk on the wild side. siie.we're takinn you down under... for a look at australia day at the national aquarium. you're patching fox 45 good day ((brrak 7))
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shoulder. it's almost as if someone has broken into your home. >> announcer: don't spend another day without lifelock. call now! try lifelock's service risk-free for 60 days. lifelock is the only identity protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. no one provides more comprehensive identity protection than lifelock. if you're not convinced after 60 days, simply notify lifelock and you won't pay. and to keep your documents out of the wrong hands, we'll even add this personal shredder-- a $29 value-- absolutely free with your enrollment. don't wait another minute. call now or go to lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. --australia day celebration at
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the national aquaaium... celebrate australia day in the national aauarium's ustralia exhibit-susan bbtter is live with the details in this morning's ometown hotspot --transpoot yourselffdown 3 under with australian animal encounters, an aboriggnal didgeridoo player, rock painting --activities are free with
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aquarium admission admission
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the australia day 3&pcelebration at the national
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aquarium is on sattrday from 10am to 2pm.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning.we will be right back. you're watchinggfox 45 good daa baltimore. the fog is out o ÷88 fighting colon cancer.
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the two vegettbles that reduce your risk.....n fox45 news at 5:30 3 áá7 day forecastáá &p3 ((break 8)) &p3
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