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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 13, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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he was planning o kill as many people as the university of maryland student is waking up in a psychiatric ward.the warning signs police might have ignored. a middle school coach... in charges.the bizarre thing he did in front of his students... after losing a game. (22:30:55) "tte big picture've gotta fight evil. evil.and.. fighting back against parking tickets.the new weapon yyu can use in court. 3 3 -inner harbor 3 today is tuesday, march 11th. 3
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a univvrsity of maryland student is waking up in a psychiatric ward this mooning. posted online threats of a shooting rampage.the plan... to kill as many ppople s
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possible.megan gilliland joins us now with the warning signs police miiht haveeignored. good morning patrice,police say 19 ear old alexander song posted the on-line threats right from his dorm room. room.the first threat appeared saturday night on the website reddit dot com. his posting indicated that he intended to open fire on campus and to stay away from the mall.he went onnto say... "hopefully i to national news."soon, police - worked to identify the i-p - address... police presence increased on campus.but some students thhught his threats were a 9;55:28 that wws broght up by one of the recepieo wents wh on to say dude if you're jjking you better speak scary me and i'm going to alert authorities..he loud go aheaa you don't know what campus i'm tallking about 55:48 55:48 police say when they arrested
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the engineering major he was emotionally distraught and in need of psychiatric treatment. he was unarmed at the time.but this wasn't the first time they responded to this dorm were called after he was making a lot of noise... we're told he was quote, feeling a little stressed out. there were some questions as to why studdnts weren't notified of the threats earlier... in respoose... the chief said there was no way to alert students wittout running the risk of tipping offfsong. i'' mmgan gilliland, fox45 morning news. the state of virginia is deffnddig the actions of university officials during the mass shooting at irginia tech in 2007.these are some of the images from that day.the parents of 2 of the victimm are suing .... saying tte university respondee too court monday... law enforcement defended the pinitialá conclusion oo
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police... that the first two shootings in a dorm room were the result of domestic violence... and did ánotá endanger the rest of campus. but a state panel that shootings said the school made a mistake by not warning the rest of campus sooner.32 students dded on april 16th 2007... when áseung-hui choá went on a shooting raapage on campus... then eventuallyy &pkilled imself. the veteran baltimooe police officer... accused of stealing hundreds of dollars in grooeeies from a suspended áwithá pay.... pending an investigatton. investigation.veteran detective darlene early allegedly stoleethe groceries from this food depot on bel air road.her 18-year-old daughter is a cashier there... her mother.this is just one of the several accusations of criminal wrongdoing against city officcrs in the last year.
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department.">this isn't the misconduct.just last week, an officer was suspended following the shooting death of a 13-yeaa-old girl. it phe suspect's mothers and is f - accuued of playing some role in a ppssible coverrup.that situation remains under investigation. today... police in bel air infoomation about more then a incidents. police have already arrested dean carden of darlington and charged him in ccnnection with two casss. locc up since january... - and there have been ten more incidentsssince then. police say they don't know if but they also warn.. if you come in contact with a "flasher"... call police immediatly. (police) "first and foremost call 911.. if you see something inappropriate like phis we want to effect arrest." "dont chase the suspect.. get a good description.. if you see them... get a ssnse of where they are headed so yoo that direction" dirrction" police say they may be
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looking for more than one suspeet. today ww're getting a better picture... of the maa behind a killing pree in afghanistan. 16 people were shot... including women and chillren in he rogue greg black explains... theemilitary has not released the allegedd &pgunman's name... but other details about his life are now being leaked. leaked. villagers are angry and grief- stricken.the coomander of -s and nato forces in afghanistan says thee're there to help.we are going to do all we can to do right by the wounded and do of course, respecting the e're,- &pthree days of mourning.genera allln described the response after the soldier was discovered missing.we putt together a search party right &paway and it was as that searc party was forming that we began to have indications of
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the outcome of his departure. as villagerssmourn, some u-s military officials are speaking on condition of anonymity we've learned the suspect is an infantry sniper in his mid-30's with a wife to kill from more than 800 yards away.and he suffeeed a &t wreck in his vehicle during his last deploymenn in iraq. but he was found fit for duty after treatment.the white house says the incident will not impact the plan to withdraw uus troops from the country in 20-14.we wwll continue to work with thh forces, in the mplementation of our sttateey. we willl investigate this tragic incident and make sure that there is ccountability. defense secretary leon defense accountability. that there is incidenn and make sure investigate this tragic incident and make sure that there is accountability. defense panetta agreed and tried to put it in perspective. he spoke while en route to kyrgyzstan.war is hell. these kindd of incidents arr going to take place. they've of hell. these kinds kyrgyzstan. - war is hell. these kinds of incidents are going to take place. they've taken place in any war. they are terrible events aad this is not the first of those events and probably won't be the last.i'm grrg black reporting.
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33commander allen says u-s military authorities are hannling he investigatton... and the suspect will be tried by u-s law. 3 -3 a judge hears arguments ahead of the sex abuse trial of former penn state coachhjerry sandussy. sandusky's lawyers are requesting more accusing him of the abuse... and where they say the crimes happened.sandusky's attorney says his client is anxious but friends are helping him.the ruling. a just-released rrport is providing new details... about why the late joe paterno was fired from penn state.the pniversity's board of trrstees cited a quooe - "failure of leadership." they claim paterno didn't report the sex abuse allegations involving jerry sandusky to the proper authorities. paterno told a grand jury that a graduate assistant informed him about the allegations... and that he to the athletic director... n - but he didn't call police. the trustees says paterno
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should have gone beyond his minnmum legal duty. school of medicine regains the number two spot in 2013 u-s news and worrd report's rankings.hopkinssshares the of pennsylvania among top uus to receivinn top-tier rankings in other medical specialties. harvard tookkthe top spot. apple is being sued over problems with siri... he voice-activated assistant f tte i-phone 4-s.the person behind the lawsuit is frank fazio... a new york man... who claims apple's ads are misleading and deceptive.fazio says they overstate siri's capabilities.the lawsuit asks for unspecified damages. 3 it's ranked as a top 20 party school.... but not for one group of athlltes at the
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university of maryland. joel d. smith is live in college park where some students make drugs away from their lives head over heell loving it... literally. gooo morning joel d. 3 josh montforrmd gymkana 3 p, 3
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fox 45 is stepping up to make your 20-12 the heaathiess year yet.the fox 45.. c-w baltimore... b'more healthy expo in partnership with medstar health.... is saturday march 17th at the baltimore &pconvention center.learn about exercise, eatinn right... and get health screenings.go to for more information. a bizarre crime in
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massachusetts... at the end of p siith grade basketball championship game. game.when the teams were about to shake of the coaahes attacked the winning coach... biting off part of his ear.many witnesses ere inside the gymnasium when ii happened... including his fifth and sixth grade plaaerr who saw everythinn. p48 "a traggdy. it should parents should leave sportt to the kids. be there to cheer your kids on but leave ii at th" that." the suspect... 34-year-old tim forbes... is nnw facing multiple charges... including mayhem, whicc is a felony. court later this week. returning home... a differrnt p. person.i drank like a fish when we got back. reallyyi was just trying o supprrss and killlthe pain of what i saw therethe mental issues facing our servicemen and womeenaater serving time overseas in waazones...and the cracks in the v-a system. system. ((break 1)) ((bumppin)) ((ad lib 3
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,33 3 3 you work hard for it...but how much issit really worth? worth?the aaerage amount a colllge grad makes... versuu a high school grad...over a lifet. lifetime.they ll knew i had ptd maintain maryland's family to overcome p-t-s-family to one maryland's family to overcome p-t-s-d.... and the problems they faced when and the problems d.... overcome p-t-s-family to one maryllnd's maintain mary as troops return home rom
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war, more and more veterans are finding themselves in need of treatment for mental health issues. many oo them end up periods to get the help they &pneed. athena jones spoke wit one maayland family whh has st. struggled. --repprter pkg-as follows -- nats: "anothee army achievement medal"jessica raines is proud of her husband's service.paul raines spent his tour in iraq
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investigating i-e-d and suicide bomb see a lot. one of the bombings of the market um, it kklled women and children... i mean, it changes your whole perspective civilian life in maryland, he had a haad time coping. hh learned later that he had post- traumatic stress disooder.i drank like a fish when we got back. really i was just trying to suppress and kkll the pain to ctually get around to he - idea that, okk i need help. the raines' contacted a veterrns affairs medical center last may.i didn't give him a choice. it was time to make a change. his moods were all over the place hiss down. we weree't even sleeping in the same bed, because he would have flashbacks and nightmares. paal got an appointment with a primmry care physician, but he says full evaluation ann instead gave him medications to commat anxiett and depressson. hee
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&pveterans health administration's mental hhalth handbook says all new patients must receive a comprehensive eealuation and treatment planning within 14 days. the vva says ninety-five percent of cases meet those requirements. but the thirty-seven percent of vets have to waii longer than 14 days for an appointment.and once referred to a speeialist, fifty-two percent have to wait more than two weeks to be seen. ttat was the case for paul. the pills he was prescribed in may only made mmtters worse and he didn't receive therapy. by juuy, he was suicidal.they admitteddme to the psychiatric warr over at the vaacliniccfor a period of almost a week. i didn't meet the ptsd specialist until the end of august.after he was hospitalized.they all knew i had ptsd. it waa the end of august before i actually could meet with an actual tsd psychologist.lawmakers are putting pressure on the v-a to
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improve. whhn a veteran has the courage tt stand up and ask for help. the va must be there wwth not only timell access to ccre, but also the right type of care.the v-a health seevices at all its facilities . for the raineses, some things are improving. they say paul's psychologist is great, but they meet just once, sometimes twice a month.i know i'm headed in the right direction, the question is will the va actually be there to stand by me and help me through the processathena jones, cnn, frederick, md-----end----- cnn.script----- with gas prices rising... many many more people are riding public the highest level in decades. decades. and it cost youuto get it, but is it worth it?the average income a college ggad makes... ver a llfetime.and ((break ii's in the millions. çia÷ñññó --reporter pkg-as follows --
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&pinvestors were slow to actioo monday... the dow gained 377 points to close at 12,959.the nasdaq and the s&p 500 fiiished mixed.drivers are feeling more than a pinch at the pump.according to triple a--- the average cost of a gallon of gas rose almost one percent mooday toothree dollars and eightt cents a gallon.. .except for a few have been on the rise for over a month.with the cost of filling up soaring.. more people are opting for alttrnative ways to get places. the american public says rrdership in the nation's trains and bussss is at some of the highest levels in 2011-americans took almost ten and a half billion point three percent increase - over the year beforr.thh apta says mass transportation has become more convenient and aacessible for all. that coolege degree will cost you.. put it still payssto get it. new analysis by the ew research center finds that over the courss of aa40-year
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career-- a typical coolege grad earns about 650-thousand dollars more than ttose with just high school diplomas.the average liff-time pay for a college grad is one-point four million dollars.a high school grad only averaged 770- thousand.for usiness brief, i'm edgar treiguts. -----end-----cnn.script----- it's probably the álastá place you would ever 3 waat to get caught. caught.what an atlaata woman was trying to grab... when she pot stuck in a garbage chute. and what stopped her from reaching the trash ccmpactor be. below.he was planninggto kill pssmaay people as the university of maryland student is waking up in a psychiatric ward.the warninn ssgns police might have ignored. ignored.
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