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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 2, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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41:44 "i don't feel safe because... you don't know why. why.searching for a killer.the 22murders in less thaa a week. - 3&"we talk bout sex we talk aboot drugs we talk about faiih ffithand... why one pastor says a stripper ole on thee puupit... makes him a better messenger of god. 3 p3
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3 today is mondaa, april 2nd.
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3 votees head toothe polls in maryland, wisconsin ... and theedistrict of columbia on melisa raney explains... mitt romney may bb the frontrrnner... but hiss challengers are not wavering. wavering. mitt romney showedd confidence and took aim at the president while campaigning in wisconsin sunday.this president can'ttrun on his pecord. and so hh's going to try in every way he can to divert to some otherrkinddof attack nd -- and try to have peopll disqualify our nominee, which will probably be mee and &pwe've been, and where we're going as a nation.newt gingrich scaled back his
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campaignninfrastructure laat week and tempered his attacks on romney.but he told c-bbs's "face the nation" he's launching a come-from-bbhind strategy, comparing his long-shot bid to saturday's college basketball victory.youu know, kknsas last night see the second record for coming ppints at he half. that is the second-biggest marrin to come back from in thh fiial four series. ss, i'm goiig to go with kansas as a model.rick republiian race to the big game.we aren't even t half- ttme, folks. not even half the delegates haveebeen pon paul, he toll "face tte - nation" he has no intention of throwing in the towel eiiher. the votes haven't been counted. there's quite a few states riiht now, there's six or seven states, hat we're doing quite well through the delegate process, we ddn't know who's getting what so far. who knoos what will happen on the first vott at thh convention.i'm melisa panee reporting.
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according to the latest ccn-n estimate... romney has 571 delegates in his column... compared to santorum's 264, gingrich's 137 and ron paul's 71.after tomorrow's contests... there will be a 3-week gap before the next set of elections. &p3stay with foxx5 for continui &pcoverage of vote 2011. ee l the white house.they're oo our website foxbaatimore dot com... aad as alwayssall of our ontenttissfree. homicide detectives are still invessigating a shoottnggin east baltimooe.a man was gunned down around 7: 30 and kennedy can see police on the scene there. the victim was rushed to the word on his condition or if there are any suspects... at this time. and a man shot by city police innwesttbaltimooe has died offhis injuries.police were called to a house along brookfield avenue saturday morning for a domestic disturbance.police caught up
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with the suspect... george wells... on callow avvnue. pnvestigators say wells showed a knife... and that's when officers fired t him.he wass taken to shock trauma where he pied. no officers were hurt in the incident. baltimore county police are after two towson university students are found dead within hours of each other in two separate incidents. incidents.police say 20-year- old ryyn bailey ... a junior and accounting major was saturday morning ... while walking along york road near washington avenue. a car traveling in theesame direction it bailey ... pushing him toward the p7:49 so young. it's incrediblyyjust shocking to hear 53 //bbt to//17:54 it's almost ainful beccase that's somebody's friend, somebody's phild. like it it ust bothers me so much 01//butt to//dionne 1544 my heart goes out to him and his family because that's senseless or ssmebody tt hit him and keep going 50 50police are now searching for the car that hit him. it's
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described as annolder model silver or white boxy-style car. investigatorssare still searching for answers into the just hours ater.police found iraq war veteran... dead &pinside his towson place apartment.invvstigators only cardiac aarest, bbt his exact determined.a candlelight vigil for both men is set for we're learning more this investigation into the disappearance and presumed murder of susan powell.she's the mother of 2... who went missing in utah several yearss ago.her husbann, josh, kkilee himself aad their children in washington staae last month. and as john humber explains... he was the only suspect. suspect. in late 2009, police in west vaalee, utah found a trove of evidence that could have mmrder and disappearance of his wife susan, in search warrants ffnally unsealed.
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we've learned thht pollce found "two fans were set up ann blowing on the living rrom just been cleaned." a day later they found "blood evideene on the tile floor next to the carpet. tests on this blood indiccted it was susan powell's.""olice also discoverrd a chilling set of papers in a salt lake city safe deposit bbx owned by susan, even though she had only used the box twice, the warrants say at the tiie she wrote ""ow she does not trust her husband and that he hhs threatened to destroy her if they get divorced."it ends with an ominous warning "if susannppwell dies t maa not be an accident even if it looks like one."the warrants &pstory multippe times, did not help much in the investigation, and that he hid pim cards with cell phones that could have been used as evidence.the searches also caught powell's father stevee porn aad voyeurism,, ome of it focusing on susan.ttey found
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multiple tapes and digital pedia said to contain pornographic images of chhldree at the family's puyallup home.they set up a new angle on the already difficult cass.detectives had warned that revealing the information could jeopardize the --investigation bbcause the powell's are so high profile. the search warrant also revealee josh canceled f his wwfe's chiropractor appointments 111days after she went misssng and then liquidated her i-r-a. the coast guard is releasing &psome footage... of a rescue off the coast of california. two people had to be pulled to safety... when the yacht they were traveling on... waa prutally damaged by high seas. their condition.ning... on - items that once belonged to whitney houston... are sold at auction.on saturday... bidderr paid a total of 80-thousand dollars for clothes and jewelry.among the items... thh prey velvet gown houston wore when she attended he clive davis re-grammy party with then-hhsband obby rown in sold for 11-
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thousand-500 dollaas. saturday's auction took place pt juliee's "hollywood legends"... innbeverly hills. variety magazine is reporting that actor shton kutcher will in an upcoming's bs... - expected to chronicle the life of jobs... who wouud eventually become the co- founder of appll.the film will begin production ext month... when kutcher is on hiatussfrom &pthe t-v show "two and a half men." someone innmarrland is meea millionairr... we just doo't know who of three winning ega millions ticket mill.megan gillillnd is live there now... waiting for our mystery winner. winner.good morning patrice, this is wheee it the magic 3 happened... this is where one of the wwnning tickets for the mega millionn jackpot worth 656 million dollars... wass
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fame for it... the winner will get a lot more onccetheyy ome f. forward..ottery officials say if this lucky persoo taaes the luup sum after taxes they would walk away with about 100 million dollars..nd that's winners in illinois and kansas. but for that lucky person friday night, it only took a dollar and a dream... "i can't believe someone hit it in this area here" ii know he person that has that ticket is not ccming out here right now""you lucky dogg haha" haaa" maryyand also came out a big winner.the state will get a sellinn that winnnng ticket.r - as for the rest of us... we'ree all just double checking our win this time... but someonn t - pretty close to us did...
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proof it can happen... even when the odds are 1 and 116 million.livv in milford mill, i'm megan gilliland, ox45 morning news. - what wwre thee odds of them winning??- a high school student gets a proo proposal... she'll nevee forget.emma page was completely surprised... when her boyfriend organized a &p it happened inside a cooorado mall.luckily for him... she said yes. the medical marijuana
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busiiess is growing... "it's not gging tt look good for the kids for the neighborhood." neighborhood."the unexpected place it's popular... and llgal! llgal! ((break 1)) &p çia÷ ((bump in))
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,3 invvstors are celebrating... the positives signs the stock is showing.. right now. now.the dispensary only dispenses you 2 oz perr onnh." and medical maarjuanaahas found a new home... right in business that just opened... ttat has some people upset. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) [ female announcer ] it all begin with our powder. then we introduced liquid detergent with stainlifters. followed by the number-one super-concentrated liquid detergent. and now, the most concentrated all ever! introducing new all mighty pacs™. packed with all's active stainlifters... each mighty pac delivers more cleaning power per ounce to help tackle your family's tough dirt and stains the first time, every time. new all mighty pacs™. powerful clean. mighty results.
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new all mighty pacs™. marijuana has found a home in washinggon d-c. as lisa sylvester reports... d-c is one of several states approved &p--reporter pkg-as follows -- the heart of washington dcthe dissrict of columbia's health departmmnt received 90 applications from people wanttng to ggow pot foo medicinaa purposes.out of &pthose, thee ity selected half a early june patients wiih cancer, phronic renal failure and - &pglaucoma could receiie a prescription for marijuana use in their home. the city's health direccor says there are controls in place to make sure medical marijuana program is have one of those ive conditions a doctor will evallate whether youucoold be marijuana. then you take the
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prescription, ou come to the health department, you are issued an id card with our picture on it, then you take that to the dispensary. the 2 oz per month." thh districc of columbia joins 16 states that have now approved conditions. ""he districttof columbia has approved six of all six of them are just a few miles from the nation's actually legalized in dc 13 years ago.. overwhelmmngly approved by its residents. but because it's the district of columbia, congress had to approve, and that tookkuntil 2009. but not everyone is a fan. residents near one of the cenners expressed dismay. "i think marijuana is a gatewayydrug. mariiuana today heavier drugs next week.""it's not going to look good for the kids foo the neighborhood."the city has a new resident..
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wegrow - a nationaa franchise suppliess that opened friday. the company's founder says dc is following a national prend of decriminalizing cultivation, distribution and consumption is going to happen with or without their acceptance. thh choice we have to make is whether we wann to regulate and tax it or continue to expand limited resourcee to try to ontrol it and give rise to underground criminal market."-----end----- cnn.script----- an unorthodox messagg... &pan ohio pastor pushhs the limits of tradition... to connect with his congregation what's on the pulpit... that might have some of you scratching yourrheads. heads.and later...someone in baatimore county... is a lucky winner!the lump sum...someone could taae home... from the mmga millions lottery jackpot. p(break 3))
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roundup extended control investtrssin thh u-s have reason to elebrate.alsion kosik tells us... things may be looking uu for the economm and the markets are reflecting the positive sentiment. sentiment.
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3 open or business... business...a traaition is bbck up and running in the city.why this year... is special or the baltimore farmer's market. market. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ]
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