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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  April 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3-3 3 patrice full whitney singing frrm say whatáápls put this in a boxáá boxáá 3 3boxáá boxáááápls put this in a 3boxáá
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3 a major scare for millions of mastercaad and visaa cardholders... after hackers got access to some personal dat. incorporated"... which connects storessto credit card companies.... says its system was hackkd.the actual security breech took place sometime between january 21st and weinberg says: "if you're at some outdoor cafe or some little rettiler in the mountainn or something, you pssume that yyu can basicaaly something and obviously buy there's a very complicated electronic chain with all kinds of stepp along the way and hackers are constantly trying to breach that." that."card holders are now being asked to keep a close eye on their credit card statements. someone in maryland s a mega millionaire... we just don't know who yett
9:05 am of three winning mega millions ticket was sold at this 7-11 in milford mill. lottery officials ssy if this lucky person takes the lump summafter taxes they woull walk away with about 105 miilion dollars... nd that's after splitting it with the winners in illinois and kansas. but for that lucky person friday night, it only took a dollar and a dream... 3"i can't believe someone hit ittinnthis area here" i know the person that has that right now""you lucky dog! haha" haha"maryland allo came out a big winner.the state will get a cool 13.4 million dollars for selling that winninn ticket.
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these aren't potholes on a busyyhighway in canada.a tractor traaler crash left a stretch of road covered with silver and gold coins... and candy!for hours... crews picked and scraped sweet treats... and coinss.. off the street... totaalig about 3 to 5 million dollars.they suspect they will be there for awhilee.. cleaning up the big mess. ttis is a huge cleanup. we are going to be here for a day... maybe two. 3 the tractor trailer crash... seriously injured the driver 3 and passenger, it also caused a chain reaction, innolving four other vehicles.officials believe there was some sort of mechanical failure... or the driver fell sleep. items that once belonged to
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whitney houstonn.. are sold at . auction.on satuuday... bidders paid a total of 80-thousand dollars for clothes and jewelry.among the tems... tte grey velvet own houston wore davii pre-grammy party ithh - then-husband bobby brown in sold for 11- &pthousand-500 dollars. sattrday's auction took place at julien's "hollywood legends"... in beverly hills. 3&march madness comessto an end kentucky... ii the n- also the day fans finndout who won their brackets... and take home the prize. nuttition labels forr cigarettes??omething simliar could be coming to cigarette ca. cartons.the food and drug administration wants the tobacco industry to list every harmful chemical in cigarettts on the label.there are mooe than seven thousand chemicals in tobacco products and the f-d-a says 3 of them are
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harmful. the fda wants the new packaginn by april 2013. the anchor who was bitten by a dog in the face on live t-v... returns to work this morning. morning.the eetire thing was caught n camera.. and the video went viral. bite nats nats kyle dyer was bitten during an interviiw back in february and needed several surgeries to recover.she returned to the air just hours ago. i'm kyle dyer look who's backáhugá 3 áhugádyer says while she was she read fan mail and watcced the show. 3
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an ohio pastor pushee the limits of tradition... to coonect with his congregation. pastor mike scruggs admits he's anything but a trrditional preacher. his sermons tend to raise a few eyebrows. and hat's exactly wwat happened last friday night... during a series he calls "the battle of the sexes."he used some rather interesting visual props... tt make a point. "with our bed n one ssde what men want or desiring your stripper pole, yourrvideo gamee, your sports. the woman's side orderly neat it's all about llveecandy teddy bears roses and being wined and dined and cherished." "we straight forward we don't sugar coat anything." "we talk about sex we talk about drrgs we talk about faith we talk about relationships thhngs that people are dealing with
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on a day to day basis." scruggs says it's more than titles. he brings in speakers aad focuses on real pituations... to elp establish a godly solution. having "take yoor dog to work good for your health.a recent - study found bringing your dog to work reduces sttess and makes the ob moor satisfying.. the study was done at a north carolina businesssthat allows its employees to bring theirr dogs tt work. around 20 to 30 even employees without dogs enjoyed taking out their colleague's canines for a break. 3 get a hot pair of new kicks... at the same time.taged youth - time.where you can go to do both .. up next in our hometown hotspot. hotspot.different aerosmith nats 3
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natsand... see aerosmith live in concert...for free!your &pchance to win tickets to the show.. sometime in the next 44 minutes. you're watchinggfox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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3 p--baltimore sneaker show... concert-- brandon woodard ,3 p-people from from far and wide to trade and sell their sneakers--veedors selling to braaelees--everyone who attends should bring at least 1 pair of slightly used sneakers to donate to the carmelo anthony youth foundation--goal is to be able to donate at least 500 pairs of sneakers to changeesome disadvantaged youth's lives --thereewill be a concert and some local acts pcts the baltiiore sneaker show is at the carmelo
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anthony youth development center on saturday.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash it's officially a record- break. breaker.the honor.. if you adam sandler's flop "jack and weekend... and it's never been done before. before. you're , 3
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3adam sandler sweeps an awards
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&pshow.but it's not a good thin. thing.his comedy "jack and jill" won every category at this year's razzii aaards.the razzies honor the worst ills of the year. sandler nabbed the worst actor áandá actress awards for portraying both jackkand ill innthe flop. even legendary actor al pacino brought home an award por worst supportinn actor. jack and jill was the first film in razzie history to sweep every possible category. an american idol champ wins an actual awardd.. that's a big hhnor.scotty mccreery won "new artist of the year" aa this year's academy of country music awards. mccreery wasted no timeesince winning "idol" last year... scoring several country hits 3 3
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3 you don't have to "dream on.. on."dream on aerosmith nats to see aarosmith ive in concert... cominggup in just 20 minutes. minutes.and next.... a fresh coat of paint is a quick and low-cost way to give your home a spring makeover.but are you doing it the rong way?learn how the pro's hold their paint brushes... next. you're watching
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for this morning's makeover home!painter david kressin 're joins us this morning with more. -- how to hold the paint brush --how to dip the brush--top cut --side cuu--baseboard --baseboard for more information on david kressin,
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log on to fox baltimore dot com ssash morning. death threats.. for the ootomom. octomom.whaa the mother of 14 just did... that has some people ttreaaening to kill her. her.and... a new side efffct for people who take oral contraceptives.what doctors suggest you do before tying the knot... if you're on birth control. you're watching fox 45 good day ((breaoree. - 3
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3 3 we shooed you a video of me getting caught on camera singing whitney hooston. to be fair.. patrice wasn't the only one that our producers pranked on's what happened when they emailed meea photoshopped picture of my cr. car. ((22:24:46 did my car... is that eally on my car? 322:24:58))
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((ááááad libááááá))
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3 greensring map 3
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3 g--o-p candidate newttgingrich will be caapaigning in maryland... aheed of tomorrow's primary.
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primary.a rally is scheduled thissmorning at 11... at the frederick motor company in afternoon... he is scheddled college. april fool's day comes and goes again... but this year.... the pranks ggt aalittlee political.g-o-p candidate mitt romney was in wisconsin over the weekend... preparing to sppak to a crowd of supporterss.. when áthisá happe. happenedd"governor mitt romney, the next president of the united states. cheers... you guys are really bad, you know that?" that?" romney's staff trickkd him into thinkkng he wassabout to speak tooa large group of supporters. but instead... he was greeted by an empty romnee &pis back onnthe campaign trail ahead of ttmorrow's big primmry. stay with fox45 for ccntinuing of ourrsttries on the race for the white house.they're on oor website foxbaltimore dot our connent is frre. all of - is it you???are you maryland's next millionaire? millionaire?one of the three
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winning mmga millions tickets was sold at a 7-11 in milford m. mill.while the 7-11 is getting a llt of famm for it... the once they come forward.lotterr officials say if this lucky person takes the lump sum after taxes... they would walk pway with about 105 million dollars.and that's after splitting it with the winners in illinois and kansas.buu for ttat lucky person fridaa night... it onny took a dollar &paad a dream... "i'm justthappy for the person that won, even though i didn't win!""because it's local, and spread the joy...that's what i would do" do"maryland also came out a bbg winner.the state will get a cool 13-point-4 milliin dollars foo selling hat winning ticket. 3
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were you on birth controo when you met your man?turns out... you might not have chosen him.. if you weren't on the pill. according to a new study, birth control pills may affect wommn's taste in men. researchers saa women using hormmnal contraceptives tend to all for muscular, masculine men with high testosterone levvls.theestudy suugests women witch to nonhormonal contraceptives months before getting married being with their partner before saying "i do." it's enoughhto make you want to go back in time.childbirth taaes longer than it did 50 years ago. scientists compared delivery data frrm the early 2000s.. the research
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found that it takes a first time mom arrund two-ppint-six hours longer to get hrough the first stage of labor. babies these days are always born about five days earlier aad tend to weigh more. researchers aren't sure what &phasscaused the increase... bu believe it may have to do with changes in the delivery room. t-m-z is reporting thaa "octomom" nadya suleman i ggtting death threatss.. for going n welfare.the mother of 14 received threatening phone calls and facebook messages hours after it became public... that she was gettinn food.suleman had previously fr . said she has no plans of going on welfare. pee aerosmith in concert.. for . free.different performance nats
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your chance to win ticcets on away.. you're it's time to caption this!
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page we posted a picture the shows not everyone is a fan of the eastee bunny.... here's what some of you captioned t. &probin- "i don't care how much candy you said he would bring me, et me out of here !!!!!" mary- "i thouuht we were going santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"here's &soo.
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((áááad libááá))ccptiins... your other here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá))if you want to play along... join us on ourr 3 facebook page at acebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weathee)) 3 ((ad lib meteooologist))
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see them live in concert... dime.aerosmith performance nats nats yourrchance to win tickets to see aerosmith live in concert... for free... coming up after the break. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.. ((break 6)) 33
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"you use the makeup and they covered up the bruises and made me nice and pretty again." "it's like a pretend world but you're not cinderella." "i didn't live. i was sucking air, but i was not alive." inside the brutal world of sex trafficking in america. "i just remember wishing that somebody would save me, somebody would help me." comebacc and you can see them
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perform live here in our area. candace is here with the dettill and way you can get into the show for free. free. the guys just announced that tteyyare embarking on the "global warming touu" ...they will stop at jiffy lube live in virgina in went on sale this weekend.this tour will coincide with a new album release... they actually quietly recorded most of it and it is scheduled to be released in 3 months.ii will be good to hear aerosmith again.
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natt natsaerosmith first formed more than 40 years agottey have sold more than 150 million aabums worldwide you will hear some of their new songs during the concert, but steven sayssthe ssow will feeture the same aerosmith experience ffom decades ago. steven says: they can expect in their face and just toohave a good ime, to rock out like they did in the 70s, 80ssand 90s and we're just oing to do it all over agaan the guys recently touued in japan and south america and they couldn't wait to bring their music to fans back here like they just came to a point where they knew they needed o 1:01-we got super hungry fr it in tte past few years, ww really gottto that tipping point where aal of us felt a peed to make a statement about our creativity creativityuse vo contd from pkg
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aerosmith'' "the global warming tour" will be at jiffy lubeelive in norrhern virgina on july 3th at 7:30pm. we want to get you into the show foo nation sent usspasses to the show aad you can win right now.just be the 10-th caller at 410-481-4545. up's the political ad that's going viral. nats..bunny shot nats..- the spoofs of herman cain's latest ad that are making tte roundd on the inttrnet. you're watching fox 45 good 3 3&pformer republican presidenti
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candidate herman ccin is back in the jeanne moos explains.. his controversial new political ad has people ta. talking. --reporter pkg-assfollows -- pust ii time for easter, herman cain ii hopping ddwn the bunny trail....his is small business, this is small business under current tax code.(nats) any questions? well one question someone posttd is why does a rabbit sound like seaa gull....(nats) any quessions? but the mmst common questiin is what did i
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second one in a row. this is the economy. thhssis the economy on stimulus. aay questions?hmmmmmm. how about, did the fish survive?any questions?when stephen colbert showed the herman cain spot to his is a hermasterpiece.there was a bit colbert did hhs own version. this is the economy. this is the economy on regulations (laughter).and though the folks at peta called the cain commercial really bad.... herran cain says no goldfish were asphyxiated, no bunnies were blown to smithhreens in the fish, which cain said belongs to the little girl, was put back into watee in was merely tortured. herman focusing on the economy
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intentionally provocative. people who are totally oblivious to how bbd things are need to be awakened. for a little while, you tube took down the bunny video because it was flagged as inappropriate,,buttafter review it was reinstatedd meanwhile peta called the rabbit ad a step up from the goldfish ad since the rabbit wasnnt real. these ads are so the ads from parodies of the ads. this, for instance, is a parody with a pretend director's track...that is mr. ssiffles. such a professional. we worked so harddto gettthat midair like that. any questions? any questions? taiwanese annmations of news stories had a question.what kind of animal will cain kill in his next video??nats)it s a stuffed toy rabbit. put it in perssectiie! tell that to phe gasping gldfish...or maybe it's just acting. jeanne
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moos cnn,,new york. -----end-----cnn.scripp----- making plans for passover r easter?the chances it will rain this holiday weekend. forecast after the break. break. you're the suuviving tuskegee airmen.
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how they are being honored in baltimore county.on fox 45 news at 3
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