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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 5, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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you could be ppying mooe to buy things in maryland. how much the goveenor wants o raise the sales tax and why. a salmonella outbreak in suspected food behind the and.... a woman arrested after starting a brawl at a wedding!what she wanted to do with thh groom... that started the fight. 3 3 take me out to the ballgame!it is almost that time of year again... you're looking live aa camden yards....opening day is
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tomorrow.we'll be live on the field all morning long... with a sseak ppekkat some f what you have to look forward to &pthis some great orioles giveaways. giveaways.the o's taae on the minnesota twins tomorrow at 3:05. today issthursday, april 5th. p 3 3 3 & 3
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& 3 maryland's six percent sales tax could jump t seven... if gooernor o'malley has his wwy. fund transportation.megan to gglliland is live with more n why the governor is runninn out of time though. good morning patrice,we're entering he final days of the session... wiih rising gas prices... governor o'malley's plan to phase-in a gas tax has been now hees asking lawmakers... to conssder raising the sales tax... ...from 6 to's pxxected to generage moreethan 600 illion dollars a year.the governor says all of that new revvnue would go directly to transportation's a plea that comes after a national transportation research group identified 40
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critical road projects in need of full idea drawing mixed reaction. (fry) "because it will create economic growth in the statt, it will help relieve pressures on the general fund."(ready) ""ou knowwthis economy that we have, we hopp it's recovering but it's recovering very slowly if at all so the last disproportionally hurts families."as monday's adjournment of the 20-12 session creeps in... senate he'' focused on other says priorities like balancing thh budget. whicc still hasn'' happened yet.i'm megan gilliland, fox455 morning news. tell lawmakers what you think about this information ffr governor o'malley is on our website... fox baltimore dot com slash your voice. 3
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police are closer to filing charges in a beating... caught on's a story we broke first on fox... fox...nats of video viddo the ttack was caught on video... and has gone viral. witnesses say it happened about two eeks ago, right outside courthouse east in downtown shows a man grabbing ssmmthiig rom the victim's pocket and ttenn goes after him ... the suspect socks hii in the face .. sending him to thh ground....where he's then stripped and dragged... and assaulted some more. policee they're not releasing any namee... but say the victim has decided to prees charges. it appears thereeis a grand jury investigation nto this casee as well. a juryyconvicts a second suspect in a brutal ccrjaccing terrell scott faces more than 260 years in prison. prosecutors say he kidnapped the ictim near restaurant in park heights.scott and two
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others forced the victim into the baak seat... and tried to pithdraw money from his bank acccunt.thh man was dumped in an alley, sttipped of his clothes, and shot... then his car was set on fire..he victim survived nd rannto a nearby house for help.scott is schedulee to be sentenced in june. another big payout by citt old wwman ... seriously hurt ar venus green sued the city after a 2009 shhoting ... that left her with a seearated shoul. shoulder.on wednesday, the city's board of estimates approvee a payout to green of 95-thousand dollars.the city defends the ooficer's actions...saying she interfered with police who were chasing a shooting &suspec. "so the wooan wwnt ot the top pf the door, and locked the door, lockking tte police officer ann whoever else, in definitell objecting to them conducting an investigation at the time." time."the settlement is the
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post recent in seeerallpayouts by the city police department... including 375- thousaad dollars, to the family of a man shot and killed by a city ooficer. there's been a few developments in thh trayvon martin case.the florida teen was fatally shot by ggooge zimmerman claims self defeese, and has not been chargee.some claim he racially profiled martin.but as mary ellen hopkkis exxlains... zimmerman's father is speaking &pout, saying ttat's not so. the father of shootee george zimmerman spoke with fox news. then trayvon marrin reappeared pis vehicle.traavon cameefrom - pis left side, asked him did he have a problem. george said no. at that point, trayvon knocced him to the concreee and started beating him.
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help for at least 40 seconds. - has hired another attorney.hal uuhig ( youu-rig ) says zimmermanndid not shoot martin because he's's man made a terribleedecision and a bad judgment when e decided to smack somebody in the ace and break theii nose, jump on them and smack their head into the ground and in doing that, put him in reasonable fear for his safett. he was absolutely entitled to defenn himself and that's why trayvon martin is dead, not because of racial profiling. also wednesday, protesters pgthered at the florrda state capitol to demand justice for with the 44th anniversary of doctor martii luther king juniir's assassiiation. and in miami, a march and &pcandlelight vigil lso called for justicee-- while honoring phe ccvvl rights icon.i'm mary ellen hopkins eporting. while the case continues to grab hhadlines... a new study
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finds interess in the case is sharply ddvided along partisaa and rrcial ines.the pew research center found far more republicans than demooraas say &pthere has beenntoo much coveraae of martin's death. ponniderably more whites than blacks also felt there's been too much coverage. former ppnn state assistant judge is expected to hear uskk 3 aagummnts from the defense... innluding a motionnto dismiss the charges.sandusky is accused of severallcounts of child rape.hees pleaded not guulty... and is currently under house arrest. sandusky's trial is schhduled to begin in june. thh suspect in monday's deadly shooting at a california college... will remain behhnd ordered helddwithouu bail thursday... oo 7 counts of murder... and 3 couuts of attemmted murder.he's accusee in a mass shooting t oiios unnversity in oakland....where he was once a student.police say seven people were shot execution style.and prosecutors think they've nailed own a mmtive in the
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"the defendant wanted some money back for tuition he haa paid and ii is alsooclear that &phe had focused on ooe particular administrattr who was not prrsent at the chool on mooday." prosecutorsshave nottyet decided whether to seek the death penalty.goh's next court appearance is scheduled for april 30th. a final autopsy report for whitney houston... reveals the singer drowned face down... in a foot of hot batt water. water.the los angeles county coroner also says heart disease and cocaine were contributing factors. it's believed houston inggsted drowning. investigators say ttey found a spoon with a white cryytal like substance in it and a rollee up piece of found on the bathroommcounter. houston died in her beverly hills hotee room on the day a 4th grade teacher in connecticut ii on pdministrative leave ttday... after arents complained about the way she disciplined students. the teacher is accused of
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towels inntheir mouths ffr several minutes... to kkep them quiet.parents are now legal mother says her son was disciplined for speaking out of turn during class. panybody that would ask a child to put something in power and that's...yoo know, in mm opinion she should be ter" terminated."the sshool they determined that what the malicious... but a judgment parent has started a teacher fired. lettuce, 3 cheeses, wrapped up - &pin a tasty flour tortilla" tortilla" burger kingghas decided to pull a ccntroversial ad... featuring mary j. blidge singing about her love for chicken.theeaas enerated a lot of backlash from reinforce stereotypes. the chickkn wrap spots are part of
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the burger chainns newest rebrandiig effort.the fast food chainnsays they were issues... and will be back on the air soon. the caped rusader leaves gotham ccty ... for baltimore! (batman music from car) (holding kid in air)"youre a cool kid ya know that." that."batmannwas part f the suuerhero celebratton at sinai programm s designed to deliver a day of happiness to children. "and when i walked in nd i picked her up and held her in my arms she smiled and her mom told e its the firrtttime shes smiled in months.. not hours ddys weeks but onths.. maybe first time shes smiled in 2212..that alone was worth the trii" celeerations are sponnored by a non-profit called the "hope for henry" foundation. 3&pthe president's wordss.under. fire..."ultimately i'm
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court will ot ttke what wwuldd be aa unprecedenttd, extraordinary step of overtuuniig a law that was passed by a strong majority of a demmccatically-elected congre" congress."fiid out ho says the president is bullyiig the suppeme court to uphold hii hhalthcare reform...with thhs c. comment. ((break 1)) i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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drivers justtcan't win these da. days...nee car prices are headed up.why it might be harder to catcc a bargain. bargain.he's simply making an observation about precedent the court to adhere to that pre" precedent."and the resident under fire for commentss regardinn the supreme court...and his healthcare reform.the unusual demand on the justice departmenteat -3 ((break 2))) [ male announcer ] at green giant w giant we knoe gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet.
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stocks plunged wednesday as investoos grew anxious abbut what thh markets might look like without additional reserve.the dow dropped 124 pointsand the nasdaq and the &ps-ann--palso fell.two-thousan their jobs. the long-rumored cuts could bb just the the firss round.offfcials with the pionnering internet site say
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the move will save the company 375-million dollarr a year. more eeails about the company's future later this month. a shiny new car maa be on your wish list... but you may have to pay a premium. experts say the days of ig cash-back offers and other depeeded on to reduce kers - iiventories are going the way of manual transmissioos and roll-down windows.fewer deals for shoppers because of deep cuts in production capacity during rrcent years, ccupled with a rebound in demand for new cars.virginia-baseddcell phone carrier, n-telos, will start selling the iphone 44s at the bargain price of 150- dollars later this month. that's 50-dollars less than 400-thhosand ustomers... - telos is the smallest cell phone prooider to carry apple's bussness bbief, i'm melisa raney.-----end----- are we innthe age of
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the jetsons? it's made of... to make it able to fly. could be paying more to buy things in much the governor wants to raise the sales tax and why. ♪ r ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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with more choices and fewer calories, a mega million mystery. official word on the wwnner...


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