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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 10, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a city police officer accused of pulling is gun infront of a woman and her 5-year-old we're learning it's not the first time hh's ulled his weapon. theeofficers history and why he is still on the stteets. this is not the sort of budget this administrraion propossd after 800 million n cuts cuts tte goverror.. visibly upsst... after the general asssmbly fails tt pass a revenue plan for thii year's the session..te bbggest of puestion lawmakers now have this morning... about what to a winner comes forward... in we could learn ho in maryland is ovvr 100- million dollars
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picher this morning. 3 3 3&today s tuesdaa, april 10th. 3 3
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3 new developments ttis morning pn the case involling the off-duuy city police officer during a confrontation with a woman and her 5--ear-old granddauuhter.we'vv learned &pit's not the first time he's threatened to use his gun. megan gilliland is hhre with a story you ssw first on fox. pood morning patrice,according to charging documents... he's done this before. records ssow his un on he owner of an auto shop on dogwood road to avoid paying for repairs to his car. car.ii thaa case... the officcr entered an aaford plea to reckless endangerrent. then... just last wwek... we
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told you about one woman's frantic call to 9-1-1 after she eecounteeed the same officer at a baltimore county exxon.the woman says she -3plmm (rideout) "he told me, you needdto pay more attention to what you're oing, you almmst ggt shot. he pulled a gun out, waived it, ade it crystal clear, made sure i saw " woman tells us she fears for her safety.while city police &ppay they can't comment on the pfficer's aations because it's we found out the officer has been cleared of any chargess and is ack on the streett with his gun.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morninggnews. gunman who shot a man in the face in harffod happened last night around 9:20 on waltman road in edgewood.when police arrived, they ound 27-year-old uentin vvn stepney junior... lying in the road... withha gunshot to shhck trauma where he'ssaken
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currently listed in serioos but stable conddtion.anyonn with iiformation is asked to &pcalllpolice. federal investigators need your hell...after the arrrst &pof this man from indiina. 39-yeer-old richard finkbiner is accused of sexuallly exploiting more thann100 teenagers on the from maryland.police say he convinced boys to send himm ssxually graphic videos... after threateniig to plackmmil hem.authorities say phis case should be a bbgg warning for parents. particularly those children, those adolescents, in ttese of the inttrnet for many, many 3&preasons." iinestiiaaors wwnt ther potential victims or theer families to contact the f-b-i if they recognnze finkbiner. the neighborhood watch volunteer who shht florida teen trayvon matin.... iss pskinn ffr zimmerman says he shot martin in sell efense in sanford back on febbuary mary
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ellln hopkins explains... he has noo been charged... andd in the shooting and ow the case has been handled. hannled. georre zzmmerman as launched a website waaning supporters about groups falsely cllimingg to raise money for him. donaaions for his lawyers and living expenses.the attorney says it's not fair.if the have been arreeted day ne, hour one.this situation with the website now ann everythiig is a luxxry that ttayvon martin doesn't have and we believe he never would have hhd..eenwhile, the special &pprosscutor ooerseeing the invvstigation said she will not send a case against zimmerman to a grand jury.the marrin family attorney says that's fine.we look at hhr not impaneling grand jury as a positive thinn, because that means she eitterrfeels she's gonna have ennugh evidence waive probable cause to arrest the killer of this unarmed teee.--natsot break--also ponnay, a group of students marched to the sanford police for martin.they blocked the ddpartment's main entrance,
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briefll closing the building. i'mmmary ellen hopkins reporting. zimmerman's lawyers and a friend confirred the authhnnicitt of his websitt.. in it....zimmerman also says he cannot discuussthh details of the shooting... adding the facts will come to lighh.the friend says the solicitation for funds does not mmen thht zimmermaa expects to be for the martin family... it also has a website raising funds to support their legal fforrs. back here at home... dozens of &ppeople attended rally for trayvon martin at saint johns baptist churchhin columbia, last ight.manyyof ttem wore hoodiesmartin was wearing hoodie hen e wasskilled. senator ben cardin told the ccowd that he wants laws to
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end raccal rofiling in america. iq: we want justice foo this countryin tragedies in - country says he shot the unarmed teen &pin self defense. p3 the session ii over, but the job isn't omplete.lawmakers not the plan to fund it.. ut before the 2012 leggslative rydell is in aanapolisswith what happens now. noo.
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in other action in annapolis... annapoois...lawmakers passed phylicca's law. ... it's he bill named after phyllcia barnes.. the teen whose body was found along the susquehanna rivvr three months after she was reported missing. &pthe newwbiil gives network oo advocates aad reported missing. person iss - miising. lawmakers also passed phe nation's firrt bill banning mployers from assing for the sociil media passwoods &pfailed during thhs session is maryland's death pennlty. 33 maryyand's winner of the mega milliins jackkot has come ffrward. in just a few hours, lottery officials are holdingga news conference about the winning claim. cllim. joel d. smith is pow. good morning joel d. are they goinn to announce who the winner is? is? 3& good mmrning patrice... the answer is probabll not.... but they are expected to revval some details about the winner'ss story, and also reveal who thee winnnr is not. we already know where the
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winning ticket was elevennstore in milford mill. that person or maybe group that hhs the winning numbers will ggt a sharr offthe largest lottery jackpot ever.... 666 million dollars. p last weekk nationwide attention caae o baltimore's mirlande wilson, who said she had purchaed the winning ticket, and then lost it at the mcdonalds where she works. fox 5 is reeorring, she is not the actual winner. whee it comes to thh actual inniig ticket..... officcals say they reel one. 22:15 i am not worried about someone trying to bring in a fake tiiket..we have ammle &pprocedurrs and computer data validate the ticket whennit comes in. if the maryland winner hooses the cash option before-taxes that check would totall$158 miilion, accorring to maryland officials. 3 we maa learn more about ttat today as well... n just a few hoors. that news conferencc is that neww just a fee hourss today as we may learn 3 million, check would otal pefore-taxes that the cash optionn winner chooses in. be easy for us to validate and computer daaa it will havv ample procedures bring inna fake ticket..we about sommone trying to real one.they'll finddthe are winninggticket..... to the officials say they are ... confident ttey'll find the peal ooe. 22:15 i am not worried about someonn trying to bring in a fake ticket..we have ample procedures and computer data it will be easyyforrus to validate the tickee when it comes in. if the maryland winner chooses the cash option before-taxes that check wouud to maryland officials. ording -
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3& we may llarn more aboutt that today s well... in just a fee hours. that news am. and we will have it for you live. at lottery heedquarters, joee d. smith, lottery ooficials say a hhlder of a winning mega millions ticket has come forrard to claim a breaking, $655 million prize. lottery spokeswoman cllamed the prize with the ner - pinninggttcket at lottery headquarters on monday. she saas she wouldn't give any details about the inner until a news conference on tuesday bought the ticket at a 7-ner eleven ssore in milford mill outside baltimore. that person willlsplit the prize with &pwinnerssii illinois and kansa. p lottery officials increased the final afterrtallying sales ffom the 4 state lotteries. maryland has been the winners pn the past. in 2007, ellwood ""unky""bartlett won roughhy $27 illion after taxes. 3 aacleveland wommn ets thee her boyfriend askeddher to marry him...with a flash mob. mob.brookk aldous and cameron amigo wereeboth home n leave froo the national guaadd.. and aldous had just returned from a- be thoughh she as just going out with amigo foo a drink.but insteaad.. he organized a aldous waa shocked, but as you can see... she said "yes." &p3&(i was amazzd, because e knows i've always wanted to see a flass mob, and then i just started seeing peoppe i knew, nd i started shaking &pmore, and i just can't believ this, am in awe.))((she looes flash mobss she always has, so, and this isswherr we
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first met, so that's why i wanted to do it here.)) aldous heads back to afghanistan word on when the edding ate right now. it's the buffett rule... if yoo make more than 1 million a year, you shhuld not pay less than 30 percent in taxs taxxsthe new bill prrssient presidential candidatt who psn't on board. ((break 1)) [ glass clinks ]
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3 3 33
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facebook is taking over! over!the social media website... they've acquired. acquired.that's what vooes do. thhy put senators on record and we will certainly see how thatthe new bill centered the presiddnt is pushing.and why some say... it has no channe of passing. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. 3 the obama would ensure that the hatt - a lowerrinccme tax rate than the miidle jessica yellin reports... this draws its nspiration from who often pointss o his own low tax ratee rate. --reporter pkg-as folllws -- it's the front page of the obama is pushing the buffett "tax reform should folloo the than $1 million a year, yoo percent in taaes. it's a very
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simple principle, the buffett rule. it says if you ake more hanna million doolars a year, you should not pay a lower tax rrte than your secretaryy"ttisstime there's actually a vote on a bill - ruue woull apply to anyone who pakes more than one million pollars riiht now if that mmney comes from investments in the stock market they could pay 15% or even less in tax -- a far lower than the rate oo income from a paycheck..under the new bbll they''l have to payy30% "there'' zero chance of it ever passing on a stand alone basis because of the republicaa opppsition and 'm sure some democrats in swing states nddswing districts are not going to be commortabbe with voting for a tax rate increase."soowhy push it? "that's whaa votes doo so why push it?for a taxxrate incrrase."comffrtabll with voting for a tax rate ncrease."so why puuh it?"that's what votes do. they put senators on record anddwe will certainly see how senators handle phat...perhaps ttose who have been opposed to it in the
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position, onsider the fundamental fairness of the legislation nd vote yes."in otter woods, get republicans on record during nnellction year....ccold you iiaginee &ppampaign ads saying they vote with the 1%? or maybe it has to do with this."what's the effeetiie rrte i've been to the 15-percent ate than anything because my - thh last ten years my innome comes oveewhelmingly from investments."teaa romney isn't pissiig a chance to hit back. a tax increase. but polls &ame the buffett rule when it's 3 spelled out. so on this issue it's more about who wins the wwr of wordssjessica yellii, 3&facebook goes shoppingg shopping!how much they spent... uying inntagram. instaaram.and find out whh you
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everyone grows --reporter pkg-as follows -- marrkts suffered from a bit of aahangover monday following fridayys disapppinting jobs &preport.thh dow ost 133--oint to close at 12,,29the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also finishee's stock surged 42% pn early trading monday on word of a more than one billlonndollarrdeellthe company will sell moreethan 800 of its patentt to microsoft for 1-point-1 billion dollars.ttat's not the announced mondaa.there's a new member of theefaccbook amily. the social media powerhouse is &paaquiring photo-sharing site instagram.facebook agreed to pay 1-billion dollaas in cash and stock for the 2-year old company with about 30-millioo
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end to the convenience of self-scanning checkout liness according to u-s-a today, somee removing the self-servicc aisles because of shoplifting. they ssy theft is 5 times more likell in the lanes, compared cashier..he national retail federation says insteaddof bbgging the sslf--heckout lanes allltogether, other peeailers are working with developers to create software eeizabeth corridan. -----eed-----cnn.scriptt---- commuters....ack your patience. patience.the j-ffx is closing expect the closures and delays - to begin. expect the closures and delays - to begin. man: we need a good night's sleep. expect the closures and delays - to begin. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already?
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