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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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charges in the trayvon martin c. filed an information charging george zimmerman with murder what happens neet in the prosecution of george immerman. trial of wwns accused of burning a dog. dog.(14:40:56) (juror) "they it...."why animal rrghts .." advocates say justice was not sd servee. another cold night &ptop 0 deerees in my skywatch. ruled an arson. arson. ""t's just heartbreaking, it really is..." is..."why the pastor of the 3 a new twist in the shooting of trayvvn martin now faces .../ ...murder charges... / in... the death... of &pteenagertoday we filed an
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zimmerran with murder in thee degree.this video.../ &p was... shot...// just... aacouule... hours ago.../ááit'sáá... geerge zimmmrmaa... taken... into ccstody.../// ááhe'sáá held... without bail...//ááofficialssá he's... being held../ fearing ...for his saaety...//.ááprosecutoráá &p angela corey... paid.../ they... were not ...pressured .../ by... public opinion...///áázimmeemaa'sáá new attorney... says.../ that's... áoneá... of his client's...// main concernn he's conceened abouu getting aa fair trial and a fair ppesentation. there's obviously been a lottof information flowinn, um, i think a lot of it has een both prematuue and inappropriate. zimmerman... will bb in coort.../ trayvon's... .. - parents... were in.../ d.c.... tooay.../ for... a.../ civill ights confer/ conference.../// and they spoke abbut todays announc. announcement.... karen parks is livveat city hall where a number of loccl protests for ttayvon martin took place in recent weeks.karee? hundreds were here just last month.....demanding
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answers.......and answwred.... (martin's paaents newsroom parents sseak i pump)(fulton) weesimply wanted aa arrest....we wanted nothing &ppore nothing less we ust wanted an arress and we got it 44 days.......a fammlyyholddng onto hope. say they aree beginning to see justice.. to go and we have ffith....y february 26th n saaford florida......11 year old trayvon martin......walking community....was shottand ed killed by neighbbrhooo watch zimmerman.....who ays he was ddfense....sanford police did not charge zimmerran ciiing state law. (trayvon case second degree murder chargee) (corey)today we filed an informmtion charging george degree.... special prosecutor angela corey made ttis annoucement mmre thaa 6
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weeks aater martin was killed...she says herrdeciiion was not based on & political pressure......this protest across the ccunnry including here in balttmore.... demandinn an arrest.....(:3:34)i on't they leveled against mr zimmermmn tt satisfy he outcry that lead themmto ut k this case under a microssopee zimmerman was harged with second degree murder.....bblttmore attorney warren brown says first degree murder would be hard to prove without premedittaion....(1:27) i don't think the state was prepared to argue thaa he as following him wwth the inttntton to kiil him... zimmerman claims.....self defense....citing florida's stand your ground llaw..(2:23) iithink that the difficcltyy for mr zimmerman is going to deadly force against someone who as unarmed in maryland you
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retreat is unsafeeor unless you are in your hhme..... 3 while in d.c. along with ttayyon's parents and other community leaders.....the rev al sharpton says....we re not seeeing to ccnvict anybody....ww are seeking to someone without a trial...... police make annaarest in a deadly hit and run in baltimore county pountydavid french jr. has beee indicted for a crash that kiiled 8-year-old beverly moore in january.moore was walking home on seven courts rive when police say she was hit by french. he is bbing &pheld attthe balttiore county pettntion center on 500- a judge has ooderee a baltimore county woman to stay out of walmart stores for five years. years. the ruling came after theresa jefferson pled aa a lansdowne walmmrt last
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&pyear that involved bleech andd pine-sol. the fumes sent 19 eople to the hospital and the store wws forced to shut down for several hours. jefffrson apologizee for the incident in court.she has been alsooordered o stay away from 3pwas fighting thattday. she - a.../ baltimore poes up flames../ ááandáá tonight.../ poliie... call it.../ áákeitháá - daniels,...// live... in dundalk.../ where ...the.../ 3-alarm ruled.../ an arson.. . keith. jeff.... pleasant ion baptist church on nnrth point boolevard. fire outside the church hh -3 building itself near a shed at the rear off he building. &pthe churcc building.mpiig to fire crews got the first baptist church in dundalk was call quickly spread to 3-
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alarms. bill smith.....who lives behind the church.....(mr. smith) "it's a p......saw the smoke from hii upstairs bedroom.(mr. smith) "and you can see flames oming uppin he air.. i just ssid it's a shame because i know how long the church as been there."......another neiihborr called the first sigg of trouble.(ms. martino) under control.. and it was t - just going to be the shed.. caught everything elss n fire.." crews battled flames in high winds before getting control of the bbaze. no one was inside the church investigators say it waa ssttthe firee. and the ppssor has saii.. he's not surprised. (rev. gray) "they've been knocked the lights out on the side f thee uilding there and we had a fire in here once before.. and it's just been a
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daylight, church memebers can clearly see the damage the nighttime blazz eft behind... twiited beams. it and brings althea lee.....(lee) "it's just heartbreaking, itt really the &pbrink of ttars.(lee) "cauue it's a family church and serving the communityycause we had a food pantry evvry wednesday.."((ee) "i juut hope whoever did it they really pave a good reason ffr it.. and thht god forgives them, cause we do.." the fire did abbut insurance.. they will rebuild. meantime,, if you baltimore county police, they say you could be eliggble for a reward of up to 2-thousand dollars. live in dundalk, ten.h daniels, fox 45 news at a harford county woman is facing charges tonight----
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16-yearrold boy in florida. florrda.investigators say ttis woman... 39- year- old lisa carroll.... met a boy online video game.ccrroll says she and the teenager were engaged to be married. carroll is being held in harford county, awaiting an extradition pearing. a.... new name ...// is... added...// to... most wanted... list. list.30-yeaa-old.../ ericctoth... / who... used to bb a teacher .../ at... an.../ uup-scale.../ ááisáá...// - accused of ../ . and... roducing .../ child porn...//ááináá oth ...was caught a plassroom.../ with ...ccild pornn../ on... his camera....//// believe... he was producing tt .../ it.../ p in maryland. "some veryydaagerous foes and we believe he is one of those, he's a clear and ppesent pangerrto our children." children."the f-b-i... several... - victims.../ in....many venues...//.ááasáá of now... / ttth's whereabouts ...are unknown. find out.../ if... a... reeistered offender.../ lives... in your neighboohood....//áátheáá state... sex offender database .../
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is.,.. on... our websitee/.. fox-baltimore dot com...ááináá the... news featuree seccion. strong reaction tonight &pacquit travers anddtremmyne johhson of animal cruelty charges. the twin brothhes had been standing trial for the burning of a it bull.... tonight, jeff abell shows uu wwat jurors are decision.out their decision..- for tremayne johnson..... and his twin brother travers..... theirrcasee took two weeks to tryy.... decide. (14:45:25) whhle city saad they were guiltyybut eviieece proved they were not guilty....." the twin brothers had beee standing trial on animal cruelty charges....accused of &psetting fire to a pit &pbull....which was later put t sleep. but the case against them wws based largely on surveillance video which, prosecutorr connend, places tte efendants at the scene f the crimee bbt for ((4:40:56) (juror) ....
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they didn't prove who did it...."" (14:54:39) (sharonnmay) "with each witness the ssates case ffll apart and never came togethhr not nce...." ((bell 2'nd originally stood trial a year - ago, when the jury failed to reach an unanimous leaning heavilyytoward a conviction." but this time, it was a unanimous 'not ggilty''on all charges. animal rights advocates were not pleasedd ((4:43:53) (ann gearhart) "i've been here two and a half weeks and jurors who slept.....a really good choice." (14:42:30) (juror) "it was a case i didn't thiik needed to go too trail thats the coortt system...." prosecutors say they respect the decision but are ddsappointtd. but for the deeendants relatives, this the right verdict. (14:49:38) didd't do ii. i prry to god so ttey're fine, thank yy''l...." eff abell, foo 45, news at ten.
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both ddfendantssstill face criminal charges in un- related cases. waldorf ice ream man wass selling a lot more than ice cre. cream. 20-year-old alexandee charles hoskinssis accusee of selling marijuana out of hhs truck. one truck throuuh his neighborhood just about every day! poliie say hh didn't sell to really littleekidss..., mostly to kidssin their late ttens or young adults... richardson saas: "it is actually deal drugs from an "shockkng, very shocckng. ays: reelly."police say they dicovered the "other side" of hii ice cream business when they pulleddhis truck over and used drug niffing dogs. &pa huge victory tonight for tw lacrosse plaaers suspended for tolerance pooicy on deaddy weapons. myranda stephens is here with how they're being vindicated....nearly a year later. the students were suspended last yeer for carrying a
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theii ggm bags. many ccaled their punishment harsh... and now almost a year laaer... thhy're finally ggttingga clean slate. nnts offgame!!!!as seeioo lacrosse playerssat easton high school in talbot county....graham dennis and sharr of victories.. but nonn quite as satisfying as the one they're having oof the field. 56:34 i feel a lot bbtter like shoulddr 7 last yearr..thh poys were suspended from easton - after schhol offiiials foond a penknife or pocketknife in graham's bookbag... and a ighter in casey''..tte boys said hey used them to rrpair theer officials said the ssudentt - violated their zero toleeance policy on deadly wwapons.casey wws suspended for a day. graaam was handcuffed and suspended for 10-days. grahhm &pat first and thennwhen it actually hit my ssomach droppee and i realized all the possibilities of my life juss poys and their parrnts battled thh school ver the punishment... but this week...aaástateá school board
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nearly a year later. casey 55:03 03 i don't have to worry can go through without pnything on my record 09 myranda 55:33 many parents say &pit's now time for the school to step up and aadittit was boaad and the suuerintendent peeds to come out and apologize it could've been hhndled in house. it ddd not need to o to tte point that it did 08for graham and casey... they're just happy the ordeaa is behind thhm. once fearing their suspensions would dash theirrcollege dreams... the two nnw plan to aatend shenandoah university in virginia next year... where they'll continue to play lacrosse. 55544it was really hhrd for me and my family, but iim really glad it's over with and iim happy i'm aale to mooe &pthe ffght mayynoo bee coopletely ooer. graham's mom told me she wants to make suree pomething ike this again... and she did not rule oou no response ffom the school. - at ten. ns, fox45 news some drivers.../ will.../ home.... - later... ttis week. beginning.../
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friday.../ áátheáá left lane bbth directionss../ of... the... j--f--x...// p near... 29th ssreet.../ crews ....ake emergency repairs.../ to... clogged aad collapsed.... drainage p work ....ill reduce traffic flow.../ by... / at least....a third .../ "the reasonnwe're closing it as soonnas we are s because.... you wont sse be shut... &p... fridayy../. --pm áárepairsáá could take... a month. 07:54:25we cant put arms and legs back on the ggys, but we can put a smiieeon their face. maryland man...welcomes home wounned warriors...its our 3 lso ahead...a vicious fight... on the new york city one man brooe it up... with a bag of chips
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12:53:11 "when the screen breaks thee don't fix it so you donnt get noomore screen dos doors but next...a housing prooect.......that needs repairs...the thing hat will get ffxed...for 85 thousand dollars...ii our wastt watch report...after the break clearing and cold tonight ... but big channes inn how warm it will etin my y... &pmmnutes ♪
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be .../ a... verr.../ emotional trial.../ for.../ two... baltimore famiiies.../ ho... oott their daughters.../ in.../ a... hit and ruu.../ lasttsummer..../// ááasáá prrsecutoos.../ prepare first wwtness.... / - justice reporter ../ joy lepola.../// tells ps... why.../ the defense.../ says.../ he ávictimsá... are to blame ((pkgg))1:52:25 she was uch a gift from god to me (lip quivers) for the mooher of 16 year old courtney it... ccanged frever last june. as courtney and her
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best friend 17 year old emerald smith crossed the stteet here alonggthe martin lutherrking boulevard... both were fatally truck.911 sound chance of surrival is phat they said. abouu a half a person of interestold bbte from 911 be advvsed they're &psayin it's a burgunday vehicc it doee hhve heavy front end damage it is missing its miror and it comes back to an 01 pincolnn rsidents life in seeeen maryland.... police say this man 28 year old reuben dunn was driving over the lincoln... it was the mother of duun's chiidren behind he heel... she's become the state's star &pwitness. 13:36:52 the other why she did not stop. bbt she plann tootestify against your client and she's alleady plead guilty... well what she didd was save herself :04(coverrend withhvideo of rhodes bite) attorney james rhodes says not only doee he plan to show tth state'ssstar witnnss is
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comppomised... he plans tt blame the twoo ictims. (shorttn stand-up) 14:17:16 dunn's deffatty tells me he plans to show that the teens ignored the warning signs and crossed the street eventhough which means the vehicle had the right of way for ffmily meebers of the teens... they've alreedy come to terms with what may be said n court. 11:52:37 tomorrow is going to be another chapter in our life one day at aatime thatt' it :43 in downtown baltimroe joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. there... was.. .a... camera.../ at... the intersection.....// á &pdunn'sáá... charggd ...manslaughter, .../ ááleavingáá the scene... of an accident.../ and.../ d--uu-i.... baltimore taxpayers got a tonight.'you said you did not night comes at a time when thee- ciiy is considering major cuts because of a large budget defiiit.. tte mayor and other
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city leaders say they wwre theeeeto get feedback on how to deal with the crisis. baltimoreeciiy and area pounties stand to lose millions in state aid..... after lawmakkrs failed to pass a taa package.john rydell has moreeon the impacttof those cuu. cutt... have no extended session, what are we doing here."as midniihh arrived...((gavel soundd)state a mean this this is a bungled mess what happeneddat the end &pof the session, i've never pid...enact a 35-billion dollar operating budget.but &ptax helpfund....he budget. without triggerssaso--alled doomsday budget with more thann500- million dollars in dditional &pcuts.baltimore's mayor says that... could be a crippling bloo to the city. (mayor) "it would mean tens of millions of dollars in additional cuts to phe ity, transportation safetyyann it puts us at risk of moving ii the wrong direction."baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz...ii putting the finishing toucheson his own budget..nd
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he's also worriiddaboutthe loss... of state aid. (kamenetz) "and if the staaee does not give that money than we are now n the position of deciding do we make up the gap pnd how much can ww afford to also failedd..tooapprove the shifting of funding teachers' the counties. kamenetz...issstill racingfor ttat financial hit...butthe's hoping to hood county taxpayers harmless.(kamenetz) "thhs is my 8th year in county government, we'veenever once raised the income ax, we never once raised the property tax ratt."(rydell) "many local leaders are ow connacting governor o'mallee and urging him to call lawmakers back into special sesion between now and june so they can revise) "pllaae resolve these final decisions sooner ratter thhn lattr."in towson, john ydeel, still no wooddfrom govenor oomaaley on when...or if he plans to all for a special sesison....o address the budget problems. concern../ about... cutbacks.../ in... baltimore's... fire department...///
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p ááledáá in.../ pocust point.../ tonight. toniggt. residents.../ there.../// are... worried abbut plans.../ o... move ...ladder truck 6.../ to.../ ááasáá part... of a coot saving... movee.../// áátheyáá will compromise... their ""e just want to be protected its a penninsula if there is an iicident we want fire truuks to be able to make t in time." pays even though it is disbaning two companiessand a truck unit it is not closing any fire stations. the departmeet also says the changes will not puttany residents in dangerr and... years of area. ../- neglect.../ áácityáá pfficials... plan toosppnd..../ 88-thousand dollars.../ for... an.../ upgrade. .../ .../ but ressdents can't believe where the money's goiig.melinda roeder has more on the projeet... and reection in tonight's "waste wwtch" repo. peport. this is mculloh homes.... a subsidized housing complex... whhre remainders of crime... low-income residents..... can
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barely imagine what they'd do theirrtight bbddets.12:52:17 ponny."so many were surpriied to learn of tte city's plans... to spend so much money... on one particular upgrade....reffrbishing these it's cracking in the back part... but not for the money or the price."standup - 13:00:02 "city officials ee these statues.. real people who live here."12:53:17 "i mean give us some paint. let us paint the polls. put grass down. put new screen doors... so you don't get no more screen doorr"the statue project is part of a plan to beautify aad preserve monuments... across baltimore. &pbut many would rther see the money sed to improvv life for ressdents here....(cover) 12:48:40 "i'll show you." ronald johnsonntook us inside his home... 12:48:51 "right here. rightthere."where he says conditions arr poor.... therees rarell anyyhot water... 12:49:27 "yeah, cold water."... and no air conditioning....12:49:48
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hot as hhll."outside... his ? - &pneeghbors say this ccmmunity used to be cleaner... safer... anddbetter maintained.12:51:19 "we had grass all around here. pverybody was happy. cookouts." &pskii mitccell hasslived here 20 years. and seen it all go is gone... he says, beeause peeghbors aren't alloowd to use water hoses.12:52231 " what can yoo do?"aad 88-thousand dollars... ould po a long way toward repairs. 12:51:49 " it would do a lot. why you gotta do statutes when you could put it in the peighborhood for kids and stuff?"melinda roeder.,... fox 45 nnws at tee. the statues are by baltimore sculpttr edward henry berge... historrcally known for his bronze creations.... including some fouud in city parkk... and one at fort mcheery. thht brings us to our question of the day. do you hhnk baltimore city should sppnd $85,000 to renovate statues outside mcculloh homes? received a lot of reeponses to this question...// áámosstá.... of you think the money could
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be better spent...// ááanddá... let the pigeons keep on perching on the 2--statues... it's our duty to hold lected do that by joining our fox45 &pwastt watch.if you have a story about government waste... call our hottine... can also log pnto our website ox baltimore dot com and click on waste 3&since... the race... for the republican nomination.../ is... prrtty- -mmch... over.../. áápresumptiveáá nominee....mitt rrmnny .../ is... changing his focus .../ to ...president . are... sttll.... - republican contenders.../ though... / former.../ house speaker ...newt gingrich.... is... still running...//.ááheáá he'll... support romney make such a betterrpressdent d 3 than barack obbma that i will campaign for him iffhe's the nominee and i'll ampaign for think he'll ell you i'd make a lot better president than ooama, tooo " "romney says: "i think you'll sse us aallcome together in a powerful way, but he time for that willlcome down the road as we spend more time together and hit the road together." togetherr"ginnrich says... he wants to make sure...
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the convention... in august .../ is... about... big,.../ conservative ideas foo45.../ iss.. your source... 2012...//// ááforáá more informaaion... / go fox ballimore dot com.../ ááclickáá on... the vote... 20-12.... on... theeleft... of your screen...///.ááyou'lláá find... complete coverage... / ááasáá the race ...for the white house.... ááandáá stay tuned .../ for... ontinuing coveraae...// tonight... we had some lurries and hail ty today whats up witt thhs spring? spring? herrs chief meteorlogist vytas reid with the kywatch forecast forecaas 3 & wxxvo041112bzk 3
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how an elderry dragged into this shhotout &pbeeween criminals and police
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in 10 minutes on fox45 &pnews at ttn 07754:25we cant pputarms and legs back on the guys, but we can put a smile on their facc. welcoming home wounded dedicating his life to n is - supporting troops.... and big trucks. -3 d maryland.../
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has... some of the best hospitals.../ in... the country .../ for soldiers.../ n combat.../ - combat.but recovery can mean months away from theirr
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families.ttat's why ooee homm and his heart.... reminding wounded warrrirs to keep on truckin. 3---luggage rolling---in the home..... the bags are le pacckd..... and theetruuks are loadee......... 3 ----luggage put into truck--- it's a family vacation of sorts... but a year ago they were strangers...tied by one common bond.... pride in their big trucks.00:52:30- 07:52:40 scott mallory: thats what we started out, iiking up the guys at the airport just for the cool ride in the trucks, we'd give them our american made hirts, just to show support, you kkow.when wounded veterans arrivv home.... scott mallory is there o meet plastered in aaerican pride... 07:54:51- 07:55:04scoot maalory:their families are all over the country, so we kind of adopt them, if they need comes into town, we'll pick them up at the airport. whatever weecan do for them, weere helping these guys move.
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that's how it all startedd.. a little project called truckin for would soon become a family business... ttat would bring togetter mallory and a young man who changed his life forever. mallory:iim picked him up, a surprise at the aiiport,,with truck and he juuped up in that thiig, i was like mann hahaha. hahaha.08:07:57- 08:08:06todd love: i remember hearing my dad and scott allory talking &pbehind me about how are ww gonna get him up in in it, and in it. i ust climbed up eady & inside 18, todd love became a third enerrtion 08:04:02todd love: you know, buildings, and you know, in betweee buillings i nded up both my legs aamost was airlifted to germany... wheee he woke up in intesivee care.08:05:14 - 08:05:21todd love: at the mmment, i wws had legs.... a week later, they would aaputatt hii left tte aae of 19, todd
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08:09:45- 08:09:58todd: life's not about legg, or things you haae, its mmre about- my pou dont eed legg whee you d have all tte friends in the world you need. those friends are his peers.... wounddd warriors brought togeeher by truckin for troops. and mallory has been there along the way.07:54:13- 07:54:24 &pscott: i get alot out of itt um,(crying) that tells the story. the one man welcoming band... became a support system through months of strennous rehab and recovery. 07:54:25 - 07:55:44scott: we the guys, bbt ww can put a &psmile onntheir face. (pause) got my friends and family involved. its just the rrel ameriian thing to do. do. &p 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 now, he's usingghis fleet of
10:34 pm
three trucks... to haae a vegas, we'reetakinn hese guys to world final monster truck show."a eekend away from the hospital for a dozen wounded warriors....07:55::4-07:59:33 scott: uh, hooterr hotel, they helped us out on the rooms ann &peverything, ann the guys were pretty excited bout that.of course, they're riding in style with a few friends to again, mallory finds himself at the airport..... but this time.... his journey begins at departures. 07:58:15- 07:58:19 pcott: this is hat we want to 07:56:05-07:56:10if you were filthy ich, you couldnt buy the feeling we're getting ffrm 3mallory's fleet of truuks continues to grow. he.../ and... his recently....cashed in .../ ááandáá.../ plan... to buy ... a us.../ handicap accessible.
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next on the news at ten...the thing that caused this woman to sttip naked... in the middle of a busy aarport 3& look at this.... shootout with police...during a an elderly woman is dragged into this...whennwe cooe back
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a clevelaad man has been sentenced to 24 yyars in prison for an armed robbery where an lderly woman was used as a hummn shield. shield. suuveillance cameras are rolliig as two people ob a famiiy dollar ptore last june. police pay theemasked men are 23-year old cedric parker aad his 16- year old cousin....who forced the clerk to open the sfe at gunpoint. the two then realize that police officers &phave arrived and try to run out he baak ooo.where they &f pooice fire back, striking ccdric parker in thh arm. then, he goes back into the store,,grabs an 80-year old customer... and uses her as a human shieed. padigan: "she passed out at that time and fellldown... mr. paakee then ffred three moree shots at the police officers and ran back into the store." store." after parker let go of the eldeely wwman, he went
10:39 pm
an employee tt hand over his d shirt.heeputtit on... and walked out of theestoree claiming to be an employee.he pot away, buttwas captured later.hhsscousin was arressed . talk about.../ a.. miracle .... ááaáá newborn pirl... is found alive... in doctors ...declared her ter - dead..../ ááana--liaáá bouter ...and her hussand .../ wwet to thh morgue... to see their child whee they did.../ , mom found ...the baby alive...//. áásheáá spent... 12--hhurs a refrigerrted .... room..../// áááheáá aby ...was born and... doctors say.../ she died... shortly after birth .../ f... unknown causes..../// babyy../ are... noww.. all fine. travelers at denver for - international irport.. light up a cigareete inside the concourse... and when securrty asked her to put pttipped.(( the party's t cloohes.")))he incident happened ight in he middle
10:40 pm
strippee completely naked because she was apparently ásmooin'á mmd t airport mentallevaluation.ttl foo a e - a cow escapes from a slaughterhouse. police running... thhu... / 3 the streets... of paterson.../ p áátheyáá cornered... it.../ in... a yard, .../ got.,,. awwy . cow.../ was... tranquilized..../ also .../ some... good news .../ for... the cow.../ áátheeá slaughterhouse.../ spared the cow -- /// and... will take the animal... 3 &p3 p
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the things in nail polish... ...that coold lead to biitt in salons... that cculd make ii worse...after the break but next...the new fee you'll phone...after the breaktttime 3 your nail polish... could be
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makiig you sick. sick.regulators inncaliforniaa found that some nail polishes commonly found in salons and
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advertised as ffee of a so-called átoxic trroáá actually have high levels of agents linked to birth defects. falle claims may violate a state laa that requires disclosureeof hhrmful chemicals in conssmer prooucts. salons are often poorly veetilatedd leading to exposuueeto a number of harmful chemicals. 3 upgrading your phone with verizon, yyu better do it fast. fast. carrie eerce.../ explains why.../ in... tonight's.... word on the webb wee. 3 heads up verrzon customers... you could soon be getting hit with another fee. fee. beginning this month, the pustomers a $30 feeefor ing - ccllphonn upgrades, on top oo device.verizon is theelast neww- national ccrrier to implement an upgradd fee for existing &pphones with a two-year w contract. a-ttand-t, t-mobile and sprint charge between 18 to 36 dolllrr for phone
10:48 pm
upgrades. the announcement comessas carriers' prrfit margins aae being chipped away by smartphone subsidiis-- parricularly frrmmapple's to improve network infrastructure to keee up wiih the data demand. 3 tte new fee kicks in on april 22nd.i'm carrie peirce and 3 the unusual way ne man broke uu 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten find out what type of grooery shopper you are......and the... way you could cut youu grocery bill in alf...after the break i'm candace dold with your &ptraffic edgeereport.the focuu tonight ii on projects in baltimooe thattwill have a significant impact oo raffic. the new building dedication at johns hhpkinsshospitallshuts downnorleans street between broadway and wwlfe street until will also be blocked átomorrowá between 3pm and laneeof westbound
10:49 pm
orleans street wiil be closed at 11am.i also want to warn willlleave us with significant delays on the jonee falls clock on friday evening, crews will shut down one ane of the jfx in each direction near 29th street.thee will be making emergency repaars to clogged and collapsedddrainage pipes.the work could take up to two months. 3 p will hhve up to the minute traffic condittons tomorrow on fox45 morning news starting at ten
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
 the orioles wound up their
10:52 pm
season-opening hhoestand wins to open the season, aight - thee'd beee sttpped inntheir tracks by the yankees, who woin the first two games off tte series..tonight, they turned to jake aaietta o turn tide...arietta was outstanding on opening day...7 innings, two hits and ooruns...but things didn't tart out quite so easily tonight..ttp of thee oo this one...way oot of there to right..a two run shot and the yankees have tte early lead......bottom 2nd, and he bbrds gget on the boartd...rooert andino kinda's down...wieters and reynoodd come into was 2-2......bottom 5, yankees wiih a 3-2 lead, but mark reynolds rips this
10:53 pm
ssot into eft center...two runs scorss the plate...the birds had the lead at 4-3... padlib) more from the orioles...aad 3 morran adsit checks in withhloyola's sports unlimited continues at 11:30 it's.../ not... just.../ donall truup.../ who's... saas,.../ "you're fired!" fired!"a new survey oo consumer repoots subscribers pas dumped their supermarket. the main complaint?... prices. as patrice harrisseeplains... even if you don't switch supermarkets... consumer reports says switchiig strategies can cut yourr grocery bill in halff half! ((pat oo cam))are you a
10:54 pm
whatever catchessyour eye? pou into a state of shock?(v/o) consumer repoots' tod marks shopped for 30 everyday items and ays the type of shopperr you are makes a big diiference. first marks played the role of never shopped for bargains. next he wassa "savvy sshpper" who scoured flyers and uued savings cards and coupons.(v/o) then heewas a "store-brand ffn," buyyng only store bbands. (sot)"i found ou could save pundrrds, even thousands of dollars a year if you shop smartee."(v/o)for example, orange juice. the impulsive shhpper paid $1.89 a quart. the savvy hopper got it fr $1.36, and the store-brand fann paid even less - $1.255for for $1..7.and look at the i - savinns on cream cheese. the impulsive shopper paid 3329, while the savvy shhpper spent
10:55 pm
2.32 and the store-brand fan all, marks cct his more than 241-dollar impulsive shopper grocery bill to 87 dollars as a store-brand fan.(sot: tod marks)"but yooucan still save national brands if you stock sale. and that happens all the timm."(v/o)so to get the greatest possible savings, use including flyers, bonus cards, pnd storr coupons - ii orderr to cut down on money spent at thh grocery store.((pat onn cam))consumer reports also compared priccs at costcooand found you can save almoss as much at a warehouse club as by buying store brandd. but bigger packaaes don't wwrk for a small family. and keep in don't alwayssmean he best priccs carefully. patrice harris, fox45 news attten. how one man stopped this fight on the new york city subway...
10:56 pm
after thh breek ...and coming up on the late edition at eleven.... is in leggl is facing a lawsuit from the an- federal government. and hundredd of highhschool seniors disappointed.the mistake that brought their collegg dreaa to a cruel end. heroes ...solve problems .../
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
in... unique ways wayy thhs is a fight on the new york city subway.the wooaa says the man had been following her....but look at this guy commng in from the two ppople......and proceeds - to eat a bag of chips.that was aaparently enough o end the connlict. it's like kinda the kid thht, i'm gonna beat you up, i'm gonna beat you up. johnny come homm. oh i would have beaten you up, if my motherrdidn't call me. experts say he only thing "snackman" did wrong... ...was leave himself vulnerable... by turning his back to tte guy. 3 & develo


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