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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 16, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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how many people lost their ..- lives and the damage caused by a string of tornadoess and the cost of prom.the big bills ppople are racking up this year...and how you can avoid it. 3 3 3 today is monday, april 16th. 3 p33 3 3 3 3 3
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a 34 year-old maa's shooting death marks the 0th homicide &pthii year. 3&homicide detectives say phillip scott was talking to his friend n etting street... in wess baltimore... when the suspect apprrached them. scott trred to walk away when he wws shot several pimes. the suspect then
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started firing on the other friend who was able to get inssde the house.scott was rushed o shock trauma where he died. speed is believee to be a factor in a fatal crash in baltimore county... near he carroll county happened around 10 o'clock intersection of falls road and beccleysville road.policeesay 22-year-oll justin stambaugh was speeding when he loss control of the car and rolled over.he and his passenger... 21 year old willie green were ejected frommthe vehicle.both of them died. clean up continuessin anne arundel county this morning... where a four alarmmbrush fire caused some around 2 ' clock... at the holiday point marina in edgewater.the fire started in the woods and spread fast ... and winds off the water maae it worse.boaters saw the smoke and ran. ww starteddto help people move thier...that was it. yeah we had all our 3
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possession... they saved uu. us. no one was hurt and no homes were lost.firefighters say it looks like a couple acres were charred, but they're waiting for the official estimate. they're also warning against burning.they ay with the grrond this dry... one tiny ember can spark a rapid fire. threats of another powerful outbreak of tornndoes fizzled sunday.there were reports of 10 wisters touching down yesterday... ust a small fraction of the wrath mother nature displayed on saturday... when the midwest and plaines states got ed payne recovery is underway.oad to underwayy --reporter pkg-as follows -- the national weather service had more than 120 reports of tornaaoes on saturday. woodward, oklahoma was one of dozens morr were injured.look
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at what the storm did to this house.the homeowner and his wife took sheltee in a storm open the hhavy door?you just, you just do it.annther wwodward man may not be sitting woodward man anotherr woodward man may not be sitting pretty, but he's thankful.paul lord survived the storm, which thhew him out onto the street.wwen i wws and i lookee up nd saw the to do. and then neighbors come in, start pulling bricks offf and tilting walls out and everrone started coming out. the roof collapsed aa this airplane manuffcturing plant in wichiia, kansas.a few hundred workers were there,, but no one was hurt.aadda hospital in iowa, blowing out windows and ddmaging the roof. no major innuries were reported there and patients were moved to other hospitals. attennion now turnn to cleanup... and there's plenty of work people sift through rubble forrbelonginns, paul llrd, that survivor in
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woodward, said he's already recovered all his valuables.i found them. my son, my daughter, son-in-law, my grandbabies, myywwfe. everything eese just rick and stick. anddthey're all easily replaced.i'' ed payne reporting. as for the llss fortunatt... at least 5 people were killed including 3 children. return to congress todaa.both the house and senate will be back in session after a two-week vacatton. 3 of the general services egin -3 trying to figure out how the agency spent nearly onee million dollars of taxpayer money on a las vegas tripp.megan gilliland is here with more oo what we could learn today. good morning patrice,we've
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pearned that jefffnnelly... a key figure at the agency... is planning to take the fifth and not testtfy on capital hill today.but someone will have explain... thiss.. this...nat (audio from gsa vide) video)the agneey was embarrasseddby a number of showing g-s-a employees s... -3 floudinggtheir agencc's wastefull the too of the list ii the lavish confeeeece in vegas that cost &ptaxpayers more than 800-thousand dollars... it featured training exccrrises, skits, clownsseven mind rraders.neely is he one organized the conference.the news many tax payers and lawmakers outrrged. denham says: "...this s corruption, this is fraud. i meen, they are taking tax payer dollaas and spending them lavishly n all of these ddfferent vacations..." vacations....the other trip in question is a ribbon cutting event in hawaii... where five g-s-a emmloyees were paid for
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abouu a week to attend an pour-llng groundbreakinggon space leassd for the f-b-i.... all on our diie.ironically congressional panels will ..- begin hearings on this scandel fox44 morning news.liland, a somber remembrance today... as virginia governor bob mcdonnelllofficially recognizessapril 16th as virginia tech remembrance aa across the ssate.five years ago on this day... a student shot and killed 32 people before turning the gun on himself.this morning... therr wwll be a moment of silence at 9:43 a-m in he commonwealtt... followed by the ringing of a bell ffr each victim of the shooting. feeer people are signing up for susan . kommn for the cure races.and some say... it could be because of backlash from the organization's decision to stop funding
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planned indianapolis... event officials are reporting a 30- percent drop in parricipants. paces in arizona and florida are also repprting a sharp decline. doll is recalliig someeof its bagged salads today... over ccncerns they may be tainted with salmonella.the salads weee sold in 15 states... iicludinn hereein marrland. the recall affects tte company's seven lettuces salad... with a use-by date of april of now... noo illnesses have been reported. consumees are beinggasked to throw out the recclled saladd. the clook is file your taxes.tomorrow is the deadllne to gettyour its way to uncle sam.under the tax code... filing deadlines can't fall on saturdayss sundays or holidays.that's why tax day faals on april 7th this year... instead of aprrl 15tt.the i-r-s says it has alreaay received a majority of the tax returns it eepects to receive.
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one man with dreams of pecoming an n-f-l cheerleader got his chance to try out this . weekend.sacha heppell tried out for the denver broncos cheerleaders sunday.he was one of more thann2-hundred vying to say e was puuped... could be an understatement. p3&((:06 i'm at the denver... ever! :12)) 3 :12))unfortunately his excitement dddn't last long.... sacha was cut that afternoon. but he says hh plans to continue practicing ... and will be back next year. thhy're supposed to protect the president. refused to pay ne of the prostitutes. she complained to the police. the scanddl several secret in...and the important meeting the controvery ... vershadowed. overshadowed. 3
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p(traafic reporter map fiber map greenspring map liberty map
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3 3 3 3 &pprom season... is here! here!but celebrate it without breaking the bank.the simple wwys you can cut back... and still look great... for that importann ight. night.their behavior is expected to be at the higheet level at allltimes bbt it wasn'tthe important in a scaadal right now... ed invvoving rostitution. ((bump out))
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the difference between my pale dry skin and glowing moisturized skin? jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. it gives you natural looking color, guaranteed. jergens is the difference between landing and making an arrival. jergens. the beautiful difference. it's the agency trusted with the life of the commander-in- black, the guys with the n -3 earpieces and the sunglassee. but this flles right in the face of that clean-cuttimage... as dannlothian tells us... about a dozen secret serrice
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agents have been relieved of duty in colombia, accused of misconduct, allegedly involving prostitution. prostttution. --reporter pkg-as follows -- while president obamm was meeting with top ceo's and palling about energy and trade, his message waa pverssadoweddby a scandal protect him. last wednesday before the president arrived in cartagena,,several women, some believed to be prostitutes were brouggt to thisshotel by secret service personnel and were later paament accordinn to several u.s governmeet sources familiar with the investigation.(reporter: "when was the president informed about the investigation?")"the president was made aware of it -- of the incident in question yesterday. the whiie house was informed thursday eveeing." former washington postt reporter ron kessler was first theeagents refused to pay one of the prostiiutes. she they in turn reported this to secret service. secret serrice also invvlved theestate
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department, and the white house and the agents were &premoveddon thursday and reelaced."the secret service said 11 special agents and uniformeddofficers were involved. and that hey were relieved of duty, interviewed and placcd on administrative leavee theeywere not in the detail, but part of a support team. even though prostitution is legal n some areas of colombia, law enfoocement experts says this is highly embarassing for the agency and aabreach of conduct."they are representing the president of the united states,,the u.s. ambassaaor. therefore, their behavior is expected to be at thh highest level at all times while conducting overnment and in aaother shocking untry." &preeelaaion, the pentagon confirmed five members of tte militaryywho ere supportiig thh secret service in cartagena may have also been involved in inapproppiate conduct...allegedly at this &psame hotel. at the secret service spokesmaa edwin donovan said in a statement
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ttat the ageecy takes all allegations of misconduct seriously. aad that the matter was turned over to the office of professional responsibility which handles internal investigatiinss"ass for the service members, the defense department says they're still in country, they're confined to their quurters ann not allowed to contact otter people. one military official saying he'', "disappointed" by this entire incident. dan lothian, reporting, in cartagenn, &pcolumbia."-----end----- kkee the costs down... online or at second hand stores.the other costs.ann reunited anddit feels so long it took to briig together this marine... and his beloved four ((break 3))
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&pwu explains... that perfect niggttis going to come at a hefty price. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- limo... it all adds up.and this year, families arr prom perfect.acccrding to a new urvey from visa-- families with prom-bound teens will spend an average of almost 11-hundred dollarr. that'' up more than 30-percent from last year.but not everyone is forking over a grand.prom-goers in the westt aad the midwest are a little thriftier with their shopping. but in the northhast-- the average family spends close to two thousand dollars..he survey also found families who make less money-- actually spend more money. paaents in the lowest income brackets plan to spend more than coming straight from mom and dad's wallee-- because teens aren't helping out muuh.some experts blame it all on the crazy spending on popular celebrity and reality shows-- and the growth of soccal media. how can yoo avoid that high price tag?-try shopping at used clothing stores or online...-find a friend who can do nails and make up... -and skip the limo.-most importantly, set a budget and
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new york. it's the footage that sent shoc. shockwaves.find out where the maan suspect in this beating.... caught on tape in baltimore is... this morning. and what he admits to doing right before the alttrcation ha. happened.they spent nearly a million dollars of your taxpayer, the general sercices administration will have to answer to lawmakers.the key figure who won't be at today's hearing and why. why. 3 3 i should be arrested for cr po. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪
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boom! a man missing or 15 years. how police are stepping up the ssarchon fox 45 news at ffve 3 3
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3 3 3 good morning candace.... here's what it looks like canddce.... here's good morning 3 3 3 3


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