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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 18, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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advertising n every call.thee fire truck makeover... one city councilman is calling for. 44 dollar breakfasts...and interns racking up 6 figure learning about the controversial g-s-a spending... that's on yourr dime. 3and k-9 takedown!the exxreme measurrs police had to use.. go of this suspect. 3 3 is ay is wednesday april oday - wednesday appil 18th. 3 3- - 3
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3 3 baltimore's fire trucks coold soon look a little different. in an efffrt to raise funds meggn illiland is ere with - more n how they could be advertissng on every call. good morning pptrice,allhouuh advertising alonside the bigg reddtrucks ssems a little says it's an idea that could wo. tough economii
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times... with city fire companies conssantly on the cutting board... councilman pete wellh wants to put ads on fire trucks.he tells us he's hoping they money earned will keep fire companies open.yyu ago... rotating closures were forced on the city's fire departmenn by the city's budget.and just recentlyyfire redeppoyment of personnel that woold shut doon three fire (34:16)i hope that we keep all of our fire houses and companiis intact and we get residual revenue to actually buy new nats)firrfighters say its too early to jump on board of weech's proposall.. buttif slappinn on a few advertisements ppsses... they're just hopoing he revenue generated would a budget appropriations ..- ccmmittee hearing on the issue megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. more concerns in city hall
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surrounding the grand prix and its future, this morning. on monday, keyyplaaers with the event met toodiscuss delays. there is concern "partners of downforce racing" are at odds. dale dillion who kept last year's race on track might bb distanccng himselffweeasked mayor stephanie rawlings-blake about the future of the race. 10:52:13 nd the public trust is invested. now we're going to make sure that indy steps in and wooks with downforce to create the event & hat they know and we kn will showcase baltimore. 3:22 :22ddspite delays..indycar's c-e-o believes the race will's expected more will be known regarding the race lattr this week. three men are behind bars this a uadruple shooting... thht killed a 12-year-old booylast y. year. baltimore city police say derrick broww, robinson have been charged with first-degree murder in the shootinggdeatt of 12-year-old seen johnson, ast summer. investigators say neeghbors helped identify
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the suspected killers... and phone records connirmed witness accounts. johnson's family members say they're grateful to the community and police for the arrests. but there's hurt and anger. (miiheal/sean's uncle) "if it throw the key away. i wouldn't feed them, wouldn't do nothing.. giie them an opportunity to see what it's plke to go through hat we're going ,3through." throughh" johnson was one of four young people shot whhle sitting on a porch on n-b-a playoffs in may. a womannii killed and her baby were trying to pull over took happeneddaround 11:30 monday niiht at poplar grove street and north avenuu in tried pulling charles jeffries over for speeding, when he ran car that hit anooher car... a driven by jordasha rollins. rollins ieddat the hospital. &pinjuries.
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a amily is pleading for the return of a missing female soldier from fort bragg, north mary ellen hopkiis explains... olice say the health services specialist may be in danger.. 3 please give hhr back.police say 23-year-old kelli ordeaux llft this bar early saturday. an army official, speakinggon condition of anonymitt, says a bar eeployee gaae her ride her daughter lives off base with her husband, who was in florida at the ttme.she believes her daughterrnever made it home, after a authorities told her about. was giving her aaride home was taking hee to her apartmmnt, &phe gotttt her apartment and &psomethinggspookeddher, so she didn't wantt or she said no no no juss let me out here instead of taking her like, around the corner tooher apartment or whatever, but i don't understand that.she was reported missing when she didn't reeort for duty monday. her olddr sister says it's not like her to go a-wol.beiin a she would not jeopardize for anything. missing work is not something that is in character for kelli.borddaux s described as five feet tall, weighing 99 ounds, with blonde hair and brown yys. she wasslasttseen wearing a pink halter top anddbbackk shorts.i'mmmary ellen hopkins reporting. 3
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the army official speaking anonymously says at some point two text messages were sent from bordeaux's said -- quute -- "got hhme safely." the official didn't know ho the text was sent o or thee contents of he other teet. anyone with infoomation iss asked to call fayetteville police. pakistan is expected o deport the family oo osama bin laden... at some point this morning.his three widows and children are being ejected from the country... aftee a court charged them with being for the women say they will just months after herman cain announced his suuport for newt
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radio statton on tuesday... thaa he's now upporting mitt romney.cain says it'' time for gingrich to get out of the race because quote - "he made a radio plea to the former house speaker saying quote - "speaker gingrich, with all due respecc, let's get on with thhs, o-k?'" no response yet from gingrich. the michigan lottery... who made national headlines for beinn oo wwlfare... is now charged with fraud.25--ear-old amanda clayton... seen here... collected thoussnds of dollars in tate assistance for months... after winning one- million dolllrs in the michigan lottery last octtber. when asked if she ad tte right to the public asssstanne money... layton said quote - "i kknd of do. i have no pay. i have two ouses."as a result... michiganns governor signed 2 new bills last week... blocking lotteryy winners from receiving gooernment benefiis. today we'll learnnthe identityy in america.lottery officials pl
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in illinois will hold a news cooference at 11 o'clock thii morning... to ame the winner of last month's mega millions lottery.the winning tckee was in red bud... a tiny town just - across thh state line from saint louis, missouri.whoevve home a 218-millioo-dollar share of the record ega miilions 566millioo-dollar jackkot.unlike maryland... illinois law requires lottery winnnrs to go public. the cost of saving more behind by a study jjst released, about helicopter is streaming now... livee t johns hopkins hospital tooshow time thht makes thheddfferencc. good morning joel d. 3 journal oo the merican
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3 a policeechase in entucky... leads o theeviolent take-doon stoleea woman's s-u-v... then led police oo a hase though 3 counties.they used stop sticks drivee swerves... ccmes to a stop... and look what happens next.a police dog latches onto the man... and won't let go. officers had to cut through the guy's shoots... tooget the ddg to releese him.the suspect
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was treated for dog bites... then aken to jail. phe bills keep adding up! p'' a big man. i can't spend 44-buuks for breakfast. the other big bills the g-s-a racked uu during that controversial conference in dime. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) 3 ((bump in)) i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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((traffic reporter aa libs)) maa bel air map greenspring
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3 3 3 3 the president moves to bring placc to tryyand ease the pain at the puup.
5:20 am anger and rustratioo boiling poinn. &pand tensioos mounn over the g- racked up by áinternsá... paid by taxpayees. ((bump out)) &p((break 2)))-
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we're learning more about the way one federal agency has been wasting your ttx dollars.
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as dana bash tells us.. officials -- aad even interns administration enjoyed quite a few extravagant junkets on ourr 3ime. --reporter pkg-as follows -not ooly ddd thii 2000 ooer-the-top las vegas gsa ccnference cost taxpayers more than 800,000 dollars it turns out the lead conference orggnizee, regional administrator, jeff neely took advance it. - for $147,000 anger and frustration have finally gotten to boiling tales of extravagant spending unfooled during this 5 and a half hour hearing - it's clear why. but 44-bucks for breakfast? i'm a big man. i can't spend 44-bucks for breakfast. somebody had to ssy thaa. are yoo kidding me? the gsa inspector general who &pinvestigated put it this way: we turned over eveey stone and 3 every time we urned over a stone, we fouud 50 more.the las vegas hot tub - invokee
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his fifth aaendmeet rights for the secood day in row. but he was very much the focus: story after story of allegedly skirting nd breaking the &prules - maybe even the law- t have a good ttme, on the taxpayer dime. for example. its against governmeet rules po spend money forrmealssat meetings, unless awards are vegas. so, they regularly made some p. listen again to tte region 9 that in order to get &pfood you had to give out ccaracterized them, as i &pguess, as fake awards, and jackkss awards nd things of excess went faa beyond las interns n palm springs cost $150,000 thousand dollars. two months ago - after the gsa inspector general warned the administrator aaout neely's extravagant spending -- neely day junket tt the south n a 17 pacificc- paid for by taxpayers. and just laat month wine country, costinn 40 thoosand dollars. one gsa official said she raised a ed
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blue chip indexxback above p3,000.the dow clooed at 13,115.the naadaq anddthe s&p also ended higher ..fter aa housing industry has hit a bump...a census bureau rrport past month.analysts attriiute - home buiidinn" to competition from foreclosures and a rigiidcredit landdcape. prrposed new limit speculation in the oil markets.bringing gas the proposals oil traders money ffr transactions...and highhr enalties for market manipulation.the president prices overnight but says the changes would prevvnt market manipulation anddhelp protecc consumers. and tte esire for sun-kkssed skin tones has the self-tannnng iidustry sizzling. the makers of bronzing lotions and sprays are expected to see their sales blisserrto 18-poont-one percent this year...ibisworld-dottcom
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