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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  April 19, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 city police bust a suspected dog fighting ringg whhre it happened and how they found out. the judge.. in the george &pzimmerman cass... recusee herselffwhy se saiddsheedid it... and the iipact it will have on the trail. and... aasweepstakes scam.wwat a group of men told one 80 year old.. that had himm handing over his life savings... ann how to keep it from happening to you. 3 3 3
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thursday, aprill19th
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3 3 3 3
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3 baltimore city police bust a suspected dog fighting ring. police say it wwa operating out of a home in northwest baltimmre.megan gilliland ii here with a story you saw first on fox. good morning patrice,police say it started with a drug investigation that uncovered a dog fighting operation. operrtion.after getting a tip from nnighbors... detectives home aaong silver hill avenue. but inside investigators discovered much more thhn drugg... they found training equippent and medications typically used in dog fighting. phey alsoofouud fightingg the basement with wounds s in -
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consistent with fighting. (sgt. nock) "we don't want to see these dogs hurt. ii's somethinn that can lead to additional.. maabb individuals being hurt. yoo know when these dogs are mistreated, and potentiilly hurt someone el" &pelse."police have charged johnnie taylor, who ives in the home, ith 8 counts of animal cruelty... dog ighting as for the dogs... we know that animal control has rescued them.right now, they're at the baltimooe animal rescue care center for megan gillilaad, foxx4 morring news. the city aggees to pay 155- tthusand dolllrs as part of a settlement surrounding the city police offiiers. officerr. documents show in 2008 ... police strip- searched a man they thought was concealing drugs.ittturns out he wasn't ... but the strip ssarch took place in front of the maa's two childrennand their mother. &:41:06 when yyu conduct a full body search you'rr not supposed to do it out in thee
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:14city solicitor george pilson ays a jury verdict could have been been a lot higherr... if the case wass't settled out of court. a bbil hearing wwll be held today for a canadian man accused of posinggas justin bieber online to lure yoong gir. accuse this man... lee moir... of posing as justin bieber to lure a 12-year-old girl from new jersey ovvr the internet. prosecutors say moir iifshe didnnttperform ex aats ppssibll victims. for other rs tte battle over the bottle tax innrease.. hhts city hall. hall..t wws a pacced house at last niggt's city ooncil rawlings blake wants to - cents.she says this could fund sshhol conssruction and plan has to ggt out of committee. iq: they are shortoq: ttat's &pthe falloff from the 2 cents... whats going to appen bill... its foo our kidss - iq:pass his bill... its for -butt to- pq:ppss this bill... its for
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our kids oq:do nottwant my iis to get ht hhrtonnwednesday... the mayor elementary and middle pchools.... drumning-up -suupo. 3 today... we'll leern more about the future of maryland's crab ndustry. industrr.governorrmartii o'malley is expected to release new data... about te bby's crab count... and the effect weather haa played this seasoo.laat year... a third of the bay's crabs were killed off by 2 majoo storms.bay scientistt say hey expect the number of crabs killed áthisá winter to be much lower. they usually are doing tteir beet to keeppyyuusafe bus drivers are ompeting for a good time. baltimore where drivers are
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preparing for the "mta bus roadeo". good morning joel d. 3 3 p, ,3
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&p coming up...
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"best buy" losures... are hitting close to home.where -&n maryland... nd the deall you'll soon bb able to catch. &p and in our hometoon hotspot... helping addicts... on the road to reccvvrr.what maryland residentssare doing... to lend hann.yyu're watching fox 45 morning ews.. aal local.. all morning. thanks.
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i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's. forrrecovery raises money to provid rehab to homeless menn mostly veterans, who are seipp is live with the details 3 on thhs morning's hommtown hotspot--hot and cold famous raw barstation provides
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a safe, caring residential setttng for men transitioning por homelessness and ubstance abuse to self---theebaltimore celebbatinggits 20th year nick's seafood in cross street
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market tonight from 6pm to 933pm.for more information, loo n to fox balttmore doo 3-m lash morning.
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fox45... z-1-0h-4-3 prize pack and be entered to win the grand prize trip to miami. miami.for contest rulls .. log on to our website at fox baltimore-doo- com and click on contests. cooing up... 2 "bbsttbuy" tores in &pmaryland... are getting ready you can catth... before they're gone. "he was an importanttperson in our lifetime with his music and everything. it's sad. he'll be missed." missed."and remembering the life of dick clark..he accomplishments he madee.. and you're watching fox 44 morning news.. aal ooal.. all morning. ((break 2)) 3
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new this morning... the los angeles times is standing by its decisiin today.. to publish a pairrof controversial photos... showing u--soldiers posing with whaa the paper says... insurgenns.the newspaper says a oldiee providee them with
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18 photos dating back to safety risk of a breakdown in that he believessputs u-s troops ii danger.but the photos are stirring up backlaah in washington and around tte woold.the pentagon released a statement saaing quote - "these images by o means repressnt the values oo prooessionalism of the vaat majority of u.s. troops serving in afghanistan today." the orld is still reecting o the news that dick ccark hhs died.the entertainment icon passed away wednesday after suffering a massive heart attack.clark hosted "american bandstand" and "new year's rockin' eee" for more thaa 3 decaaes. "dick clark was a piece of americana ww all grew up watching him and loved him." "what a classy guy. what a phenomenally cllssy guy. he tiies square. he bbought his operation to the world and was revitalization of this neighborhood arouud us, time square.""he was an important person in our lifetime with his music and everything. it's sad. he'll e missed.""" would watch american pandstand aad every new years'
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eve. dick clark was the one." one."dick clark waa 82 years bad news ffr best buy eans good deals for shoppers. but don't xpect to walk away with a steal on an i-pad or brand new hd--v. while some smallerr merchandise will be marked down... most big-ticket itees will be moved o best bby's remaining stores.the electronics rrtailer plans to close 50 locatioos ... &pincluding the store in the inner harbor and the location if you have llergies... you've probably noticed they're orse this year... ttan last.what's to blame... &pann the surppising number of americans that are affecced. and the space shuttle discovery is just hours away from its new home... in the week... visitors will be allowed to go see it.youure watching fox 45 morning nees.. all local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ((buup in))
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the u-s secret serviceesays 3 &pof its agents will leave the ageecy over an allegee prostitution scandal in the south american country of is being allowee to retire... another has officiil says the third is beeng pushed out... put he's fighting mary ellen hopkins explaiis... another 8 agenns are on
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administrative leave witt their security ccearances suspp. suspended. the agents are accused oo bringinggprostitutes to a hotel in colombiaa.. aheaddof llst week's summii visit by presideet obama. a nnw york times reporter says he interviewed one of the alleged prostitutes.she says she met up with a small group of ameeicans in a iscothhque them was essentially hitting pn her and said he wanned to pe with her, she says that she told him well that's great but pnd he said how much is the gift? and shh says she told him 880 dollars.the next morning the woman asked for her payment, the guy says, he became angry, and he said i was drunk, you can't expect me to pay that, and she insists and he alls her names and gets angry and ttrow her out of the room.the weighed in on c-n-n's "erin burnett outfront."clearly they're ll toast, one way or's not that secree service agents are typically annmal houss people, just thh opppsite, most of them are so people, just the opposite, typically annmal house serrice agents are it's not thaa secret one way or nother. cleerly they're all toast, putfront."burnett outfront." clearly they're all toast, onn way r's not thht secret service aaenns are
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typically animal houseeppople, just the opposite, mosttof them are so overworked and are forced to dd so much overtime thee rarely have nyylife whatssever, but i think it is a symptom of the management culture of laxness and cornee- most cases, soliciting prostitution is but u-s governmenn ources say pt'ssconssdered a breach of the secret service code of conduct.according to one official, some of the agents sayythey didn't know the women were prostitutes.i'm mary ellen hopkinn reporring. coming up... disturbing new video... of teens playing "chhcken" on some ew york subway tracks. pow the m-t-a... is now reeponding. &p((megan live tease))city police bust a suspected dog fighting ringgwhere it pappened and how they found ((joel live teese)) you're watthing fox 45 morning news..
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&pclose scientiests say they pould be... on fox 45 news at five
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-pratt street-foggy 3 p 3 3
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3mp fiier map
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while serving a warrant in northwest baltimore... pollce make an un-expected discovery... a sussecced dog fighting ring inssde the ome. mmean gilliland isshere with a story you ssw fiist n fox. good morning pptrice,police say it started with a drug investigation that unnovered a operation.after gettiig a tii ffoo neeghbors... ddtectives exxcutte a warrant for this home along ilver hilllavenue.i discoveree much more thaa just drugs... ttey found training typically usee in dog fiihting. manuals... ann 8 pit bulls in the bbsement wiih wounds consistent with fightingg neighbors say thee didnnt realize how deep it went. (ms. winn/neighbor) "i had o
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idea, i just really didn't i wouldn't imagine that it would happen round here at least. because we've ever seen any eviidnce of t." it."police have charged johnnie taylor, who lives in the home, with 8 counts of animal cruelty... dog fighting and druggpossession. as for the dogg... we know thaa animal control has rescued them.right now, animal rescue care center for obserration... pending the outcome of the investigatiin. megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3&disbelief and utrage... after some new yook city ttenagers are caught playing a game of phiiken with an oncoming subway train in brooklyn. a video showssthe teens caaually as people on thh plattorm look on in dismay. one teen stays lights of an approaching train beeome visible... jumpiig onto theeplatform with onll seconds to spare.unfortunately the m-t-a says t caanot quote "ouulaw stupiditt."
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an essex community is fighting back... as the search for the men involled in a home invasiooncontinues. happened a week agg ... on bayview court ... around 11 o'clock in thh morning. police say a ffther and his 2 young girls werr aboou tt llave ... when the father nottced 2 maskkd men in the of the sussects had a handgun.the ather ann his chillren wwre forrcd to the ground, duct taped andd thrown iito a closet.the suspects ransacked the house until theyyfound a safeeon the into the victim's minvan and drove awaythe car was laterr found less than a mile awaa. &pour innesttgators feel pretty confident........this particular family phe victimssare particular faaily the victims are left &pshakened...but no one was hur. at a seperate locationnpolice say a witness saw the 2 the minivan inno an eaaly 2000 model goll toyota amry.... &ppanel.if you haae any rear -
6:35 am baltimore counny police immediately. 3an elderly man in baltimore county loses his life savings and home to foreclosure all because f a scam. 80--ear-old 'norman' says the scam began wiih a phone call. heewas told he won two pillion dollars in a foreign sweepstakke. but he was required to pay thousands n taxes. norman anddpostal investigatorr are now warning (norman)"i waa fool enough to believe these people because &psome of thee said ttey wwre attorneys some of them said they were ecret seevice... hommland security" secuurty" postaa investtgators are working in &pconjunction with auuhorities in jamaica to rack down the thievess the space shuttll discoveryy new home... at the e into its &psmithsonian's air and space museum annex in iiginna. later this morningg.. it will be lifted off its boeing
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the museem near dulles ed to -3 international airport. everal astronauts will e n site... to wwil help deliver discoverr cerreony next tuesday... is expected to draw thousands of visitors who want an up-close looo at the ssuttle. tonight... formerrbatlimore butt of all jokes... at aa comedy factory roast.diion... whh resigned in 2010 amid scandal... will beeteased and insulted ... all for charity.. frommthe roasttwill go to agape house... wherr dixon of hee court-ordered community servicc. no cowboy hats or spurs,, but bbs drivers in northwest baltimore are still trying tt "rustle up" ome frienndy ccmpe. competition. joel d. smith is streaming now, to show us hhw the mta's "bus roadeo" an elp drivers phndle their buses likk smart-cars.. good 3pmorning joel d. p3 fast food giant mcdonaldssis
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puttiig a ttist on their traditional urger.the compann is testing the mcbaguette" ....for six weekssat its 12-hundred locatiins across france. tte new item is described as a crispyy aguette served hot with beef... whole grain mustardd.. and ripe cheese. coming up... aanightmare season... for allergy sufferers.why doctors say this yearr.. ii much worse than last. you're watccing ?ñ(e 3
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3 3
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& 3 3 3 3 if you're noticing your aalergiis acting up this season... you're not alonee alone.according o aarecent gallup-healthways poll... 1 in 5 eople are suffering pllergges this month.thatts up from last year.higher pollen counts across uch of tte
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country are being blamed for coming up... - aawarning... for those of you using do--t-yourself meeical tests.ccnsummr reports shows us the potential danners... they pose. and today marks 17 years... bombings. how the - city... is remembering lives lost.yyu're watching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. 3&((break 6))  33&new this morning... today
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marks two somber ur nation's history.19 earss ago... a standoff at a &preligious cclt compound in waco, texas came to a tragic enn.the standoff lasttd 51 pult leaaer avid kkresh died including koress imself.4 federal agents were also kklled. and services will be held ttddy... in honor of the 17th city bombings.the blast killed 168 people.... incluuing 19 children in a day-care center.
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more than 5-hundred urvivors were injured.timoohyymcveigh and terry nichols were mcveigh claimed he targeted the building s revenge for waco, texas.he was executed in 2001.nichols remains in federal prison with a ife a new judge is taking over the george zimmerman case n florida.judge kenneth lester wassassigned to thh case after judgeejessica recksiedler recused herselffthursday... at phe defense's request.the with mark nejame, a ccn-n ks legal analyst who was representing zimmerman.lester is takiig over theecase in time for tomorrow's bond hearing.zimmerman is charged &pphe february shootinggdeath o trayvon martin. a new study finds a majority offwikipedia's articles abbut companiis... have factual &perrrrs..hat's according to th publlc relations society of america.the p-r group says 60-percent of the online entries had factual errorr...
6:48 am
and that's making it harddr for p-r firms.40-percent of the p-r professionals surveyed editors to respond to theirr request to make hanges to their client's pagg. researchers saa ikipedia needs to make clearer uidelines on what p-r professionals can do to edit those pages. a suspected doggfighting ring is pusted in northwest baatimore. police rescue 8 piibulls from a homm on silver hill avenue. they raideddthe home looking for drugs ... but instead found equipment, medications and dog the dogs that were rescued ll had injuries consistent with dog fighting. 3 they''e now being caree for by tte baatimroe animal rescue care sselter. willlhhppen to them-can dogs like that be safe anddrehabilitated-as
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much as you fight it ... stillrings out there like this-still animal cruelty going on
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coming up in consumer reportt... a warning... for peoppe using do-it-yourself medical ttsts. they dangers they can pose... &pand what you're encouraged to &pdo instead. they're ooe of the the luckiest ouples in americaa.. of te mega millions jackppt. 3& and help for the homeless. the loccl program hat's baak on their feet.... and et & what you can do to take part. you're watccing ox 45 morning ((break 7)) (((umppin))
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do-ittyourself medical tests are becoming more popular. they let pattents test for a slew of ailments from high cholesterrl to hypertension - home testsscan be veryylth 3. - hellful... otherr aren't a goo. (v/o)steppanne paulmeno takes a blood gllcose reading every stephanie paulmeeo)"i think that the hhme tests are so you're regglatinggyour own s you blood ssuar..(v/o)glucose its po manage diabetes at home are useful. sooaae blood-pressure moniiors, and doctors encouuage people with hypertension or borderllne but consumer reports says other tests could lead you astray - like this kit to let e 40s and 50s might inttrpret lonner need birth control, and that could result in an unwanted pregnancy."(v/o))ther home tests have questionable vaaue, incluuing ones that
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screen for high cholesteroo pevels.(sot: marvin ipman) "these ests measuue total cholesterol, but youustill neee a octor to interpret the results for you, and to tell you what to dooabout it."(v/o) and you may nned to consultt pour hysician with this ttst, too. it will uncovee a urinary- tract inffction, but yyuuneed a prescription if you get a know in advance whether your doctor is willing to prescribe over the phone. many are not &pwilling to do that."(sot: sttphanie paulmeno)"thank ou..." v/o)ste paulmenn touches base with her doctor regularly. even whhe at-home testt are recommended, theyyreenot a replacement or professional medical ccre. consumer repprts on health says another home test you can skip is ne that looks for early signs of eart disease. it detects a marker calleddc- effective.teets can be hard too coming up innour 7 o'clock hour... one teen's voice... &pgoes viral. viral.:07- end "this is my movie traallr guy impressson: in a world where the earth was
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no longer in our controo... why this 14-year-old's dream of beccming a voice-over accor.... coull soon bb a'rr watching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all mornnng. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones
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for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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roundup extended control city police bust a suspecttd dog fighting rrng. where it happened and how they found out. getting hit with unfair charges onnyouu credit card?
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take action.the three thiigs you need to do.. to get them cceared off your bill. &pand... you cculd soon be paying even more to quench your much higher paltimore.. ann here the money will go. p3 3 today is thursday, april 19th. we have a school ccosing to tell you about this morning. beechfiild elementary/middle in the city is closed due to a water main break.
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33 3 3 3
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3 3 &pbaltimore city police bust a suspected dog fighting ring. policeesay it was operating out of a home in northwest baltimore.megan giililand is here with a story you saw first on fox. good morning patrice,police &sa investigation that uncoveerd a dog fighting ooeeation. operation.after getting a tip frrm neighbors... detecttves home along silvvr hill aveeue.
7:03 am
discovered much orr than drugg... thhy found training equipmmnt ann medications typically used in dog fighting. they lso found fighhing manuals... and 8 pit bulls in the baseeent with scars conssstent with figgting. (sgt. nock) "we don't want to see hese dogs hurt. it's ssmething that can lead to addittonal.. maybe individuals being hurt. you know whhn these dogs are mistreaaed, &psometimes they can get loose and pptentially hurt someone el" plse."police have charged &pjohnnie taylor, who lives in animal cruelty... dog fighting and drug possession. &pbarcs right nno pendinn he outcome of the investigation. health... a little bit shy.but pe're old there is a good chance they could be availlble for adoption.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. the city agrees to pay 155- thousand dollars as part of a settlement ssrroundinn the acttons of three baltimore city police officers. officers. documents show in 2008 ... they thought was concealing
7:04 am turns out he wasn't ... but the strip search took place in front of the maa's two children and their mother. 1:41106 when you conduct a full body search ou're not supposed to do it out in the public streett :14 :14city solicctor georgee &pnilson says a jury veedict couud have been been aalot higher.... if the case wass'tt settled outtof court. the battle over the bottle taxx increase.. hits city hhll. was a packed house at last night's city council meeting.mmyor stephanie rawlings blake wants to increase tteetax from 2 to 5 centsssheesays his could fund up to 300 million ollars for &pschool construction and renovattons.but ffrst.. the plaa has to et out of committee. pq: thhy are shortoq: that's the 2 cents... whattsgoing to happen next-bbtt to-iq:pass this bill... its for our kidsoq:do not want mm kids
7:05 am
to get hurt oo wednesdayy.. the mayorr toured john eeger hoowrd &pelementary and middle support for the plan.g--p they usuaaly are doing bus drivers are ccmppting for joee d. smith is live in northwess baltimore where drivers are preppring oo the "mtaabuu roadde". good mmrning joel d. 3 3 3 3
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3 puckiest couples ii america. this is merle and pat butler... an illinois couple who camm forward wednesday as jackpot winners.their winning ticket is worth 218-million dollars.the couple sayy they ppan to invest a lot of the money... and give some to their kids and grandkkds. internet by storm... with a - talent that not too many people share.he's hoping a video he posted to youtube... will help landdhim the job of
7:08 am
trailer guy impression: n a worll where the earth was no loogerrii our control... 33 apocalypse in theattrs everywhere, friday." friday."this is jake fouschee... doing his movie prailer voice.heehopes to someday become a voice-over viral... with ore than youtube. it's often the first site ttat pops up...whhn you're searching. searching.but find out why wikipedia might not be so trust. trustworthy. you're wwtching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. ((break 1)) ♪
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3 3
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3 a roast... to baltimorees foomer mayor. be he butt of all jokes... all the name of ccarity. charity.and speakkng of charity...find out how you
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can helpphomeless veterans in your hometown watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2))
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3 pew this morning... today... we'll learn more about the future of marrland's crab industry.governor martin o''alley is expected to bay's crab count... and the e effect weather has played this peason.llst year... a third off the bay's ccabs werr killed off by 2 ajor stormm.bby ssientists say hey expect the number of ccaas killed áthisá winter to be mucc lower. tooight... former batlimore mayor sheila dixonnwill be the butt of all jokes... at a comedy factory roass.diionn.. scandal... will be teased andd part of tonight's proceeds agape house... whereedixoo mentored young women as parr of her court-ordered community p nee study finns a majorrty
7:19 am
of wikipedia's articles about errors.that's ccording to the america.the p-r group says 60-percent of the onninee entries had faccual errors... and that'ssmaking it harder foo p-r firms.40-percent of &pthe p-r profeesionals surveye editors to reepond to their requeet to make changes to researchers say wwkiiedia needs to make clearee guidelines on what p-r professionals can do to edii those pages. 3 --baltimore station's homerun for recovery to hhmeless men, mootly rehab veterans, whooare attling addictions--kim callari... the details on this morrnngg' hometown hotspot--hot and coll --the baltimore station proviies a safe,,caring resideetial setting for men who are transitioning for baltimore station is tance - celebrating its 20th year pear hoomrun forr recovery is at icc's seafood
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in cross street markkt toniiht from 6pm to more informatioo, log on to ox &pbaltimore dot com slash morningg unbelievable video out of flori. floriia.who was behind the wheel of this car...that sent aa3-monthholddbbbb... flying out of a stroller.and how maay people were injured. iijuree.but first...president obama versuss.. romnee...the neck and neck for the true indication of ow peoppe - &pwill vote in novembbr. news.. all local.. all morning. 3&((break 3)) ((bump in))
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(((patt)) t looks like the presidential race will come down to barack obama andd mitt romney. most polls have president obama as point.... ahead
7:25 am
but one gallop poll has romney ahead. so where does the race really stand? pooitical anaayst john dedde joins us this morning.-which poll is more likelly.. the one showing thh presidennt head .. pr the one rroney in the lead 47 to 45%-ii tte closeness now jjst a symptom of santorum droppin out and romney being "thh" candidate-how siggificant are polls at thii point anyway and how many more times wwll they change over the next few months--ach candidate has 90% of their come down tt the independentt aad the 6% f those unddciied p.. who wins thht rrce-in any are key .. who has the edge 3here -
7:26 am
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&pbeing a working mom... doesnn. pay.what'sskeeping them home...
7:28 am
instead of in the workplace.wor watching fox 45 mornnng newss. ((ad lib horoscopes)) ((breek 4)) a cure for ballness? how &pclose scientiests say they pould be... on fox 45 news at five
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ttll you about this morning. in the city ii closed due to a water mainnbreak. 33
7:31 am
fiber mao 3
7:32 am
phileeservinn a warrant ii
7:33 am
northwesttbaltimore... police make an un-expected discovery... a suspected dog fighting ring inside the home. megan gilliland is here with a story youusaw first on fox. 3good mmrninn patrice,police say it started ithha drrg investigation that uncoveree a dog fighting operation. operatiin.after getting a tip &pffom neighbors... detectives executtd a warrant for this inside investigators l avenue..- &pequiimenn and medications they allo found fighting manualss.. and 8 pit bulls in the bbssment withhwounds consistent with fighhiig. neighbors say they didn't (ms. winnnneighbor) "i had no idea, i just really didn't i wouldnnt imagine that it would happen around here at least. we've never seennany evidence - of it." it."police have cchrged johnnie ttylor, wwo lives in the home, with 8 counts of animal cruelty... dog fighting
7:34 am
and drug possession. as for the ogs... they're t baacs right now pending the we're told they are in good we're tood there is a ood chance they could beeavailable for adoption.megan gilliland, fox45 morninn news. an essex communnty is fighting men involled n a home or the iivasion continuus.&aao ... on around 11 o'clock in the morning. police say a faaher anddhis 2 young irls were about to leave ... when the father noticed 2 masked men in had a handgun.the father and his children weree forced to the grounn, duct taped and thrown into a closet.the until thhy found a safe on the second floor.they loaded it into tte ictim's minvan and droveeawaythe car was laaer founn less than a mile away.
7:35 am
confident........this pretty particular family shakened...but no one was hurt. at a seperate locationnpooicce say a wwtness saw the 2 sussects remove the safe from model gold toyota camry.... with damage to the left eer panel.if yoo have any baltimmoe the worll is still reactinn to died.the entertainment icon &ppassed away wednesday after attack.clark hosted "american rockin' eve" orrmoree han 3 three agents will leave the seeret service... following an alleged prostitution sccndal in colombia. colombia.the agentt are accused of bringing prostitutes to a otel in colombia... ahead of last wwek's summit viist by president obama. of the thrre agents leaving... one is bbing alllwed to retire..another has resigned.a third is being
7:36 am
pushee out, but he's fighting administrative leave pendinn an investigation.the jjurnalist who broke the story &pweighed in oo the sccndal las ccearly they're all toast, one way or's not that secret service agenns are typically nimal house people, just the opposite, most oo them are soooverworked and are forced to do so muchhovertime whatsoeveer but i think it is a syyptom of the managemeet pultuur of laxnnss nd corner-c. many as 10 people from all .as & branches of the u-s armed forces are eing qqestioned about potenttal misconnuctt the secret service wants o hii comments about president attention.aa the annual natiinal rifle associition meetinn... nugeen said quote - "if baaack obama becomes the president in november again, i by this time next year." thh musscian's comments are
7:37 am
&pgetting more scrutiny ecause he endorsed g---p presidential candidate mitt romney. some nuuent was alluddng to ther violence agaiist theepresident. eing a working mom just doesn't seem to pay.afterr factorrng in the rising cost of childdccre... high gas prices nd other work-related expenses....a growing number of mothers are opting tt stay at home rrther than work. according to child careeaware 2010... the coss of putting two children in child care exceeded median annual rent payyents innevery state. alarming video out of &pfloridd...of a car plowing a arning... this vvdeo is ggapc graphic. you cca sse the car... crrshes into the ssore... ttking ut several stroller wwth a baby in it. seriously another - ccmera... you can see the store employeessand customers
7:38 am
lift the camrr off of 83- &pyear-old lupo hernandez.he ss nnw isted in stable condition. ten people were injured...and the 76 year old drivee coull accident was not causeddbyya mechanicallfailuue in the caa. no cowbby hts or spurs, but bus drivers in northweet baltimore are still tryinggto "rustle up" sme friendly ccmpetition. joel . smmth is live, to show uu how the mta's "bus roadeo" can help drivers haadle their buses llke smart-cars. good morning joel d. 3
7:39 am
7:40 am
3 3 ave the showers moved out? ssywatch weather forecast. porecast. you're allllocal.. aal morning.. 
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after the break, tim maurer will be back to take your &pcredit card disputes. if you have a question our p10-481-4545. you caa send us a tweet at fox baltimmre... oo goothrough our facebook age. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. ((break 7)) ((bump in)) ((bump ii))
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store credit instead oo a full rrfund, can i dispute that charge on my card to get my money 3backk" back?"james:" a moving company ccarged me a loo more than the oiginaa estimate,,with a lot e of add-ons duringgtte acttal move. can i dispute just those charges , or the cost of the entire move?" move?" 33
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3 3 coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. the newest skin treatment to hit hollywood. hhllywood.the everyday tting we se ... that can do wonders for your skin.and where in maryland you can get it done. &pmorning..s...all local.. aal - i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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[ cellphone rings ] group of men told one 80 yeer ood.. that had him handing over his life savinns... and how to keep it from happening to you. and... not an angelina jolie
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look- alike?. think &pagain.the other iicredible celebrities this makeup rtist and whereeyou can go to leaan how to do it too. 3 33 3 3&&pthursday, april 19th 3
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3 3 3 3 & 3 p3 p3 p3&
8:02 am
3 baltimore city police bustta &psuspected dog fighting ring. with a drug invessigation. after gettiig a tip from neighhors... detectivee executed a warrant for his home along silver hill avenuee piscovered much more than
8:03 am
equipment and medications ttpically sed n dog fighhing. they also found fighting manuals... and pit bulls in the basemeet with wounds (sgt. nock) "we don't want to see thess dogs hurt. it's something thaa can lead to additionall. maybe individuals these dogs are mistreated, sometimes they can get loose and potenniilly hurr someone el" elss."police have charged johnnie taylor, who lives in the home, wh 8 counns of pnimallcruelty... doo ffghting pnd drug posssssion.meantime, the dogs have beee rescued by animal control and are at barcs right now for obserrvtion pending the outtome of the investiiation. disbelieffand outrage... after some newwyork city teenagees pre caughh playing ggme of chickkn with an oncoming brooklyn.this video shows the teens casuaaly wwlkinggalong tte platform watchhin shock. shock.on the platform wwtch in & teen stays on the tracks even as the lights of vviiblee.. jumming onto the
8:04 am
ppatfoom with only seconds to spare.unfortunately the m-t-a &psays t cannot quute "outlaw stupidity." 3 aa essex communnty is ighting back... as he search for the men involved in a home arrund 11 ooclock in the eek - morning. police say a fatter ann his 2 young girls were about to leave .. when the father noticed 2 masked men in the garage.oneeof the suspects had a handgun.the fatherrand his ccildren were forced to theegrouun, duct taped and suspects ransacked the house until they found a safe on the second floor.they loaded it into thh victim'ssminvan and drove awaythe car was later found less than a mile away. our investtgatorssfeel pretty confident........this particular family
8:05 am
thh victims are left shakened...but no one was hurt. at a seperate location police say a witness saw he 2 suupects remove the safe frrm the minivan into a early 2000 model gold toyott camry.... &pwith damage to the left reaa panel.iffyou hhve any baltiiore county police iimediately. some passenners aboard a outraged this morning... after theeship they were on ignored a nearby fishing boat... that was clearly in need of help. help.3 fishermen were on board that boat... anddhad been drifting the anama coast ffr á28 aas.á2 f them ended up men could have been saved on he march 10-th... but their cruise ship ignored the waves for help and kkpt gging. "while we were on the ship, the feeling of powerlessness, have gone over there and them."a passenger shoo these photos you'reelloking at... poass investigation
8:06 am
is now underway. is preparing to move into its smithsonian's air aad spaae museum annex in virginia. 3&p later this morring... it will be lifted off iis boeing 7-47 carrier....and towed t internatiooal aiiport. several to help ddliver discovery to its retirement.a welcome &pceremony next tuesday... is visitoosswho want an up-closs look at he shuttle. they usuaaly are doing pheir best to keep you safe and on-time.... buu this eek, bus drivers are coopeting for a good time. joel dd smmth is live in northwest baltimore where morning joel d. arrng foo the 3 -3 3
8:07 am
8:08 am
3 3 tonight... former batlimore payor sheila dixon will be the butt oo all jokes... at a comedy factory roast. roast.dixonn.. wwo resigned in 2010 amid scandal... will e for charity. pprt offtooight's proceeds from the roast will dixon mentored yyung women as &ppart of her court-ordered
8:09 am
coming up... ww breathe it in everyday... so what is it about the oxygen that's akinn heir skin glow? we'll show you the latest trend in hollywwod... called an "oxyggn facial."and where in marrland... you can get itt done. &aad in our hometown hotspot... helping addictss.. on the road to recovery.whaa maryland residents areedoong... to lend poxx45 mmrning news.. all ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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--baltimore station's homerun for recovery rrises money to help a group of people in need...--chef david thomas is live with the dettils oo ttis morning's hometown hotspot --raises money to providd rehab tt homeless men, mostly veterans, who aree battting addictions--hot and cold buffet at nnck's famous &praw bar--the baltimore stttio
8:13 am
provides a safe, aring residential settinn for men who are traasitioning for homelessnees and to self- 20th year year homerun for recovery is att nick's seafood in cross street market tonight from 6pm to 930pm.for ore information, llg on to fox baltimoreedoo com slash morning. 3 3
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3 3&&pcoming up... it's the beauty secret hollywood doess't want you pbout.we'll show you whaa an amazing trannformation t e - gives your face.pluss.. wwere
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"after i looked at it for a couppe of minutes,,i turned to my wiie aad i says we won. and an illinois man describes what it felt like... to moment they ffund out ttey wwn the mega millionssjackkot.what he says his wife did... for the pox 45 mmrning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2)) ((bump in))
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an appointment at about faces oor websiteefox baltimore dot - com slash morning. coming up... from faccals... to maae-up. we'll show yoo how one woman is able tootransform her face... to look like just about anyy aagelina jolie... like you're &pseeing here. 33&'s france's veesion... of the "big mac." the toppings being added... to the branddnnw "mm-baguette.. morning news.. all local.. all ((break 3)) ((bu pou can go on a safari wwth
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your school...or shear sheep at tte's a "barnn good timm" at the mmryland zoo pn bbltimoor.amy evelethhjoins us for this morniig's creature featuree--turtle --schhol field trips... mmryland 3schoolchillren on pre-registered field triis receive the zoo. the maryland
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zoo in self-guided safaai field trip prograa is made of education.sheap sheering ent this sunday... donkeys, goats activitieskens nd activitiess- for more information on the maryland zoo in balttmore, log slash morning. 3coming up.... "best buy" closures... are hitting close toohomm.where stores will be closing in soon be able o catch..- -downtown
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3 we have a schoollclosing to tell you abouttthis morning. beechfieed elementary/miidle in the city ii closed due to a
8:30 am
&pwater main break. 3 green map 33
8:31 am
8:32 am
the wwrld is still reacting to the news that dick clark has di. died.the entertainment icon passed awwy wednesday after sufferiig a massive heart attack.clark hosted "american rockin' eve" for more thaa 3 "dick clarkkwas aapiece f americana we all grew up watching him and loved him." "what a classy guy. what a phenomeeally classy guy. he did hhs operation hhre ii times ssuare. he brruuht is pperation to the world and was neighboohhod aound us, time square.""hh was an important person in ourrlifftime with his music and everything. it's sad. he'll be missed.""i would every new yyars' eve. dick clark waa the one." one."dick clark was 82 years old. a new judge is taking ovvrrthe florida..uddeekknneth lester was assigged to he cass afterr judge jessica recksiedler recused herself thursday... at the deffnse's request.the
8:33 am
reason?... her husband works with mark njame, a c-n-n legal analyst who was originally ontacted about representing zimmmrman.llster is aking over the case in time for tomorrow's bond heaaing.zimmermmn is charged with second-degree murder inn thh febbuary shooting ddath oo a bail hearing will be held today for a canadian mmnn accused of posing as justin bieber online to lure young girls. policc in toronto aacuse lee moir of posing as 12-year-old girl from nnw jersey overrthe internet. prosecutors say moir threatened to hurt her family if she didn't perform sex acts ovee her eb cam.inveetigators possible victims. 3 first n elderly man in baltimore county loses his scam. 80-year-old 'norman' says the scam bbgan with a phonn call. million ddllars inna foreign
8:34 am
sweepstakes. but he was pequiied to pay thousandssin taxes. norman and postaa other senior citiiens about (norman)"i was ool enough to beliive these people because some of them said they were attorneys someeoo them said homelann security" sscurity" postal conjunction with authorittes thieves. bad nees for best buy means but ddn't expect to waak awwy with a steal on an i-pad or brand new hd-tv. while some smaller merchandise will be marked down... most biggticket buy's remaaning stores.the ellctronics retailer plans to close 50 locations ... you're lloking at one of the luckiest couples in america.
8:35 am
this is merleeand pat butler... an illinoii coupll one of the mega millions y as - ticket is worth 218-million fiist... they couldn'' elieve the wn. "after i lookee at it forra couple of minntes, i turned to my wifeeand i says we won. anddshh kinda looked at me funny, and i saas, no, we won. then she started giggliig she giggled for bout 4 hours i think." think."the couple says they plan to invest a lot of the money... anddgive some to theii kids and grandkids. commetition. joel d. st 3 smith is live ii norttwess
8:36 am
baatimore... to show us how the mmaas "bus roadeo" can help drivers handle their good morning joel d. 3 3
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fast food giant mcdonaldssis putting a twist on their traditionnl burger. burger.the compannyis testtng the "mcbaguette" ... for six weeks at its 12-hundred locations across france. thh new item ii described as a with beef... whole grain mustard... and rrip cheese. coming up... a luxury hotel....for pets! where it's located... and thee spa-likk services... that aree magic."we'll show yyu what one woman does... to ttansform her face... which nnrmally looks like áthisáá.. to a celebrity faces... like the one you'rr seeeng here. you're watchinngfox 45 morning
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nees.. all ocal.. all ((break 5)) -3 xx dogs and cats are in
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3 warm up with ccldplay. coldplay.((singing)) ((singing)) it's all part of z -1-oh--- 3's "coldplay getway.. getway."you could wiina 3-day 2-night trip to miami... with tickets to the collplay - ccocert on uue 29th.all you have to do tt in is tune in átonightá aa 6-05 p-m to z getaway" song of the night. theenext daa for your cue to song.the first two callers .- with tte orrect annwwr willl wwnna fox45... z-1-0h-4-3 &pwin the grand prize trip to m.
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on contesss.bsite at fox coming up... áthii?áone woman shows us what - celebrity. you''e elebrit- watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig. ((break 6)) a lot of us think a lot of us
8:48 am
8:49 am
think we're unrecognizable youuube star... is but one - unrecognizable.. áwithá it. pt."promise phan" is an her youtube channel... and it's due in part to her incredible celeerrty transforma. she is beffre makeup... veryypretty stopped on the street beecuse
8:50 am
shhelooks famous.but cheek out somm of theemakeup tutorials she's posted on her youtube channel... that prove you can look like just about anyonee - angelina jolie 3 p drake
8:51 am
- mooa lisa scarlet johanson you can create some of these looks too.for a lnk to promise's youtube channel.. just go to our website.. foxbaatimore dot com ssash morning. contestants take the staae...
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for áyourá vote. vote.singing nats what one "american dol" contestant is doing... o change her strategy.yyu're watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. all morning. 3((break 7)) çia÷ [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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idoo.they sang two songs each hereewwth wrap up and ss-3 backstage was toodo sooething out of the es - an usher phii phillipp took on - pit phil siiging you got it bad 3 badphillip put his own spin on the hit you got it bad".the judges gave him a standing ovaaioonit was good to see him do something 3
8:56 am
hollie cavanagh didn't have the strongest performances in recent weeks.. but she made her mark last night.she took on adele's rolliig in the deep. hollle sings adelees rolling in the deep deepshe desperately need a big week and shhedid command everybody's attention with this performance.she wants to be so perrect.last backstage after the show.ssid - cavanagh ssys: "i need to juss
8:57 am
minutes before i go on stage. and just like thing ggod, and pjss remember why you're here, and think positive. and i think that's just what i did. so i just need tt doowhat i did thii week and do it twice as better next week, if iiget &pyou can see american idol tonight at 8pm here on fox45. lmfao aad former wiiner kris allen will performm coming up on good day baatimore... what does the caa you drive... have to do with your marriage?accordinn to a new study... a lot! loo!hhw to tell a cheater.... &pby the caa he're watchinn fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all morning.
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