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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 23, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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beating a teen in north west morning.the charges they're facinn and tte comparison's beinn made to the trayvon martin shooting. (damont turner)"people did try &ptheedoor agents came rom all" ways"a southwest baltimore flea market raided by federal agents. the violations that led o the two and half year investigation. and.. save big on wwne.the two countries you should buy from to save over 25 percent... without sacrificing taste. 3 today is onday april 23.
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george zimmerman, charged with second degree murder in the martin, is walking ed released on bond overniiht.
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overnight. --reporter pkkgas ffllows -- george zimmerman walked out of jail in sanford, florida pearing a brown jackettand jeans and carrying a brown into the back of a white b-m-w. ann he had noohing to say to reporters. judge set bond at 150-thousandddollars at a hearing on friday.with the 10 percent cash paymmnt customarily made to secure bond, zimmerman's family needed 15-thhusand dollaas to post his bond.zimmerman apologized to martin's family at that hearing.i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was, i thought he was a little bbt younger than i am and i id not know if he was armed or not.zimmerman's attorney said his client was responding to an interview in which martin's mother said she wanted to hear from the mann who shot her son.but a lawyer apology inssncere.saturday... zimmerman got a jailhouse visit from his attorneyy..who
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described zimmermmn's state of focuseddon getting out at this - point, it's a long, long process, thhs is thh first few steps of it. and he's still very worried about the fact that he's acing a ife sentenne on a seconn degree murder charge.i'm ed payne reporting. the sheriff's office said zimmerman as fitted with an electronic mooitoring device, which can keep tabs on his whereebouts in real ttme. it's uncleaa if he's allowed to leave the state of fllrida. in a similar case... loser to home... thh trial begins this mornnng... forrthe two brothers charged with beating a black teenager while patrolling an orthodox jewish happened in north west baltimore two years ago.megan gilliland is here with more on the charges eli and avi werdesheim are now facing. good morning patrice,the werdesheim brothers cllim they were acting in self defense. some peopleehave made comparisons to this case... shoottng.but herr in n - baltimore... the outcome was far less tragic. happened back in
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november of 2010.police say a black 15-year-old was walking down the stteet when a carr apprrached him ith three men frommthe jewish neigbhhrhood watch group... including the werdesheims.investigators say elii told the teee he diin't belong in the neiihborhood and hit him with a radio.while avi threw the boy to the ground. but an attorney for the werdeeheims says it was the pirst... with a nail studded two-by-four.from the beginning... the community was in conflict. (sid cohen-protestor) [6]"what these fellaa are oing is helpful for the coomunity, keep the community safe" [77]man screaming-obama hat) "what do we want.. justice.. when do we want it.. noww" [8](clappinggcheers) policeesay there was no eviddnce that this was race motivated.but the werdesheim and false imprisonment charges for the beating.they haae we ill be inside the courtroom today as this trial begins.stay with us for continuing coverage.i'm megan giliiand, fox45 morning news.
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more than 100 federal agents raid theepatapsco flea market... looking for illegal g. hooeland security earched thh market on sunday... confiscating counterfeit, pirated ann unliceesed merchandise.there waa soomuch evidence, agents had to bring storage boxes and a u-haul to items... bootleg c.d.'s , so people from the music industry were on site... to help identify the illegal stash. (john cassilloodirector of investigations for the recording industry of america) "it allows the recording industry to preserve its copyright protection laws.. come in so they can e invest in tteeartists and in the music!"(special agent ice: homeland securitt investigations william winter)"the funds are going to organized crime and some criminal orgaaization is this!!(calvin)"aw im going to the mall like i always do.. arundel ills!" mills!"federal agents say this bust was tte ulmination of a two and aahalf year paven't been madeeyet... butt that will come after the
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governor o'malley meets tomorrow in annapolis with the house speakee and senate special session.llwmakers didn't pass a revenue package to fund a budget that avoids a half billion dollars in cuts.. pefore this yeaa's legislative session ended.o'mallly saysshe will meet after lawmakers reech a consensus on thee revenue package... which incluues tax hiies for ttose thousand dollars a year. 3 presidential opeful mitt delegate count. count.with the nomination looking good... speculation mounts over his vice presidential choice.forrer two-ttrm florida governor jeb bush.. says he'ddconsider vice president if asked to run. but bush says florida senator marco rubio s "probably the best" guy for the job because he could help romney win the important latino vote. ((wwll, that's very nice of
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&pjeb. i hope heesays yes. if futurr president romneyyasks hi) him..)romney appointed adviser beth myers last week to head president. the supreme court will hear arguments this weekkover the constitutionality of arizona's crack-down on illeggl issue are fouu provisions of the 20-10 state law that were blocked by lower of the provisions immigration of status of k the - &panyooe arresttd....stopped or detained hat pplice suspect is an illegal immiggant. it's widely known that women ttpically live longer... but a new stuuy finds women's life spans arr improving at a slower ppce than men. the the instttute for health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington... was gathhred over a ten year improved by 4-point-6 years on years for omen. from up in ffames to up and running. the long road
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pub is almost over. village &p joel d. smith is live in towson now, to seee ow challenging thh rebuilding was. good morning joel dd 3
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33 movie!the hit movie " the &phuuger gamms" meets it's box office match.the record over the weekend by... a new release..."think like a man". it came in at number ne.the movie grossed 33-million ddllars.. in it's first weekend. 3&falling from graae... "there is no question i've reeponsibilityyfor having done " wrong."a look back at how former preeidentiallcandidate john edwards' scandal rockedd his political career... just as his criminaa trial begins. begins. ((break )) ((bump in)) 3&pi guess it's payback time fo
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all that warm weaaher we had... because north of uss &ptoday... they are bracing for what could be a rreord-setting nor'easter snow event. families are stocking up on supplies in buffalo, new york and the city is bringing out is expected to start overnight nine innhhs of snow is expected. ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter
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3 3- 3 his cciminal trial begins today. today..."i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and othersthe chhin of events ... rs that led up tooformer democratic prrsidential
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candidate john edwards' conspiracy triall ttial.and summer is arounn the corner...that meaas cookouts. find out how you can come out cheaper... on food and wine. ((bump out)). (( [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up."
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johns takes a look back at life events preceeding his criminaa trial. trial. --reporter pkk-as folllws -- &pstarted at a bar in new york city where edwardssmet self- proclaimed filmmakkr rielle hunter in early 2006.she was quickly ired by edwards to film "webisodes"--asual online videos offthe former senator. the videos ssowed just how close edwards and hunter had become.nats "that's a great speech.""i'm &pso glad you like it.""i like those close to edwards suspected an affair. behind the scenes, the government orchestrating a massive cover up.loyal and wealthy donors paid forrhis pregnant mistress to relocate, and peesonal aide the fall of 2007, &pa ttbloid publiised a story o
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the affair. immediatell the cammaiin went into defense flat out deeied having a t you relationshippwith rielle huntee. did you give a truthful annwee? were you telling me the truth?edwards: "yes". after being ccased by reporters, eventually he confessed"there is no question i've ddne wrong. i take full responsibility for having done wrong."onne a promiient politiiian preaccing two americas, edwards himself was living two livvs. he had fathered a child with his missress, while his wwie, elizabeth eddards was dying of got worse--n 2011 the government indicted edwards on six counts,, including conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaignnfinance laws. he faces up to 30 yeaas ii prison. nats "we're conditiined to say conditioned to be politiccl nd it's hard to shed all that."edwards has spent the last year preparrng for his
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trial, shufflinn his legal team andduudeegoing surgery for a heart condition. former top aides are expected to testiff at is trial.reille hunter has immunity. "i will regret for the rest of my lifee the pain and the harm hat i've caused others. but iidid not breaa the law and i ever, the law."experts ay the government has a difficult, unpreceddnned case to prove in the arena of campaign finance- put no matter what the outcome, it is the ulttmate fall from grrce for edwards, who was once adored as the "son of the south."joe johns, cnn. head to theebulk bins...and &puse the drug store for milk. milk.those are just a couple wayysto save on food for hee pummer.the other good deals you can find. pity...that can predicttthe pext music hit! ((breaa 3))
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corner, and that means picnics, cookouts and outdoor gatherings. alison kosik has some helpful tips to help you save on food and wine. wine. --reporter pkk-as ollows -- youuve probablyytried couponing -- and i bet you have a grocery store rewards card -- but there are some other simple ways toosave ssoe monny this summer... and still have good food and drink for your next party.let's start with the food... cnn-money did some research and spoke with experts... and here's what they came up with.first -- try frozen meat, poultry andd can often be 25- to-40% cheaper than -- uue the bulk bins to get just the right amount that you neee.thhs can be especially hel certain spices, nuts or graans. also -- check out drugstores for staples like milk. and look in their weekly circular foo deall and compare prices po the grocery ssore or
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there's also a couple simple . things you caa do to get a better deaa on wine.first -- check out offerings from spain and greece.spanish wines have become very popular in the &plast few of years... and experts say some are as delicious as french winess but greece are also a good option anddmost are made with organic grapes.also -- check both your local wine store and bulk retailers like ostco.bbth selection of winessand offer unbeatable discounts when buying in bulk.i'm alison kosik in new york.-----end----- cnn.scriptt---- he's looking for a job. job.tte unusuallmethod.. this man is using... tt get hired. hired.two brothers accused of beating a teennin north west baltimore head o trial this morning.the charges they're faccng and the comparison's being made to the trayvon martin shooting. shooting.
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