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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 24, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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another arrest in the brutal beating downnown... where a man was robbed and stripped. the wwman in custoday and the suspects they're still after. the governor... is holding a special eeting with some of the chaaces of the state oday. holding a special session... to find a way to fund the and.. summee time means pools time... and it's ust around the corner.the three things you neee to do this ear to keep your children safe. 3 3 &p3 today is tuesday april 24th. p 3
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maps-fiber-bacc to maps 3 first on fox...baltimore city first on fox...baltimore citt first on ox...first on fox... baltimore city olice arrest a second suspect in the attack on a tourist downtown.the victim was robbed nd stripped naked on st. patrick's day weekend.megan gilliland is here with more on the suspect now in custody and the others they are still looking for. good morning patrice,police arrested 20 year old shayona davis....they say she used a shoe as a weappn. you can actually see her in this disterbing video that
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went viral... beating the victim with that high heel shoe. daais has been charged with armed robbery... assauut and theft. she is the second suspect to be arrested.earlier this month aaron parsons turned himself in. but police more suspects.18 year old deangelo carrer aadd21 shatia baldwin. "so faa no one has been cooperative, ii helpingg police, so we're sking the general public, if they see or kkow these individuals, do the right thing, this was an incredible mbarassment, people need to be accountable for their actions" actions"over the weekend, police say they went to the suspects homes... and plaaes no luck. they're hoping you can help them bbeaa this case.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a man is mauled trying to saae three ccildrennfrom a vicious dog attack..and it's all caught on video viieoit happened friday night in the trinidad neighborhood
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oo d-c.a neighbor's surveillance vvdeo showes two dogs chasing some kids on top of a car and into a building. andre hawthorne jumped in and stabbed the dogs with a knife.. but tten the dogg started attacking hii. "i threw my left arm up so the dog could grip this. so, while he was gripping this one, i used my right hand to punch on " him."the dogs finally lee go of hawthorne, after another neighbor beats them with a bat. the dogs belong to and want them put down.policeesay the attack is still under investigation. girlfriend andddumped her body in the woods in baltimore will spend the rest of his - life behind bars. bars.tyrone webb junior was years on monday.this was the scene on dogwood road in 2009, where the remains of mia nichols were found.she had
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webb reported nichols missing the year before.he was convicted back in january. crews continuu to clean up... after a fire rips through a warehouse in canton over the weekend. the building contained chemicals and the fire lead to the evacuation of sixty people on sunday night.. and caused quite a scare. (ttke ats-"oq: how close shoulddwe be????") from the pack of one home.... neighborr watched the three alarm fire rage out of control.... at the pastern plating companyys warehouse.on monday, crews kept watch on the water.... coming from theedebris. (fire dept)"the main concern right now is the structural integrity of the building and &pthats whaa llmited us frrm going in and being able to mitigate the chemicals on site.. once we are able to gain control of that integrity resolve the haz mat issue." no one was hurt in the fire and investigatorsshave still not been able to figure oot what caused it. 3george zimmerman's attorney is
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describing his client's life on the outside... after his release on bond in the fatal shooting of florida teen, vvncent explains... there's another new development in the . case. georre zimmmrman was released on bond just after midnight monday morning. his attorney explained how he's doing.he's doing well, he's very glad to be out, trying o get settled in, still worried about his safety, but talking to his family and feeling much better than being in.o'mara said zimmerman was wearing a bullet proof vest wwen he left the jail-- because of threats against him.he said his client does not havv police protection.and he wouldn't say whether or not ziimerman is in florida or planned to stay thereeweehave ctually several locations that we're going to be sort of moving him around just to make surr we maintain his saffty and does martin's family feel abbut zimmerman's freedom?the journey hat it took to get them to the point of having hhm arrested has been a tough one. so it's with a verr, very heavy heart they see him walk freely late last night back
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into the publicc.lso monday, voted against acccpttng the police chief's resignationn chief bill lee has been on paid leave afterrthe commission expressed lack of confidence ii him for his handling oo the commissionerrgave an impassioned defenseechief lee pollce officers, police f past chiefss (applause) he has been in office 10 months, how do you steer boat that big, mr. in 10 months to aacomplete turnaround? you don't.i'm rick vincent reporting.--suggested a g-p-s monitoring device, ith allowing authorities to track his an arraignment had but on monday zimmerman's attorney entered a written "not degree murder on zimmerman's behalf -- and waived appear for an arraignment.-----end----- cnn.scrrpt----- --keyword tags-- george trayvon martin the sheriff's office says zimmerman was fitted with a g-p-s monitoring device, allooing authorities to track his arraignment had been set for may 8tt.but on monday... zimmerman's attorney entered a written "not guilty" plea to zimmerman's behalf... ann waived zimmerman's right to appear forran arraignment proceedings are set to resume man accused of killing tte
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mother, brother and ephew of singer jennifer hudson.on monday... hudson testified agaisnttwilliam balfour... the estranged husband of her sister.she got emotional on the stand... as she told the court that her family did not want her sisttr to marry balfour... because they didn't like the way he treated her. hudson's family embers were murdered in 2008... just one year after she won an oscar for her role in the movie "dreamgirls." the triaa continnes today... in he case against john edwards.edwards... who once ran to become president of the united tates... is now fighting to stay outtof rison. he's charge with 6 felony and misdemeanor counts... for violating campaign finance law. he also knowingly and willfully received nearly one million dollars in illegal hide his then-ppegnant mistress from the public.his thought he was breaking the law.edwards faces up to 30 years innprison. another kk9 take down... caught on tape.take a look.a routine police chase in los
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angeles is anything but ordinary. a woman pulls a ssider-man move and latches onto a moving van, after brandishing what appears tt be a gun at police. you can see the female suspect gets out nd - and surrenders.the driver of thh van hesitaaes.and thhn the cops let the dog out!the driver tries to dash off -- and the dog sinks his teeth n. the deeris on tte grounddby the van ended up being cash, which police collected. new developments... developments..."it is reckless, dangerous behavior that could endanger the securrty of the president." president."the latest person to gg down in the scandal that's roccing the secret servi. servicee.- ((break 1))
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695liberty-fiber-back to mapssplsátake cams hotá 3 3 3 oh say can you sing? sing?then you should enter our pff!go tooour website led sing - upload a video of yourself singing the national annhem. you could wii a chance to sing the star spangled banner when monster jam comes to m & t bank stadium on june 2nd. another person implicated... "he was by himself with this other woman wommnwhat happened ive ays before the president arrived in cclombia... that has a 12 troubll . service agent in - .and later...thinkinn about getting a portable pool?what you need tt know... before
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go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. the inveetigatioo incidents involving u-s. secret service agents in colombia dana bash reports...a new incident reveals a 12th secret service involvee.
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--reporter pkg-aa follows -- thh cartegna hilton, the hotel where president obama stayed on his trip to colombia. and we are now told, the site of an inappropriate iicident with with the iivestigation tells r - cnn, it took place five days before the president arrived. that was two days before the now infamoussevening with 11 anddprostitutes at the hotel caribe.investigatorr believe incidents, according to the source as well as hoose peter king."heewas by himself with thissother woman. it was not a group of agents that went out. "that 12th secret &pservice ember was put on administrative leave late last week. six haae been ffrced out. a primary question from security breached in any way? "it is reckless, dangerous behavior that could endanner phe security of the resident." at this point, investigators
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do not think security was compromised. in fact, a source familiar with the invvstigation tells cnn that based on interviews with prostttutes and other women pnvolved - there is no &pevidencc the women even kkew they ere with members of the u.s. secret service. the 11 secret service members weee all tested for drugs. - "my understanding is everyone was drug tested nd all the testt came back negative." secret service director mark comprehensive, broad inquiry and is in constant contact &pworking the phones to make surprised by the conduct of his personnel and promises to get to the bottom of it. still, homeland security chairren in both the house and senaae arr conductinggtheir own investigations. peter king sent sullivan a leeter with 50 questions to be answered byy friday. everything from a minute by minute timeline of pll known ctions and violations in colombia to whether a foreegn government, terrorist organization or drug organization was involved. "historically when scandals
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erupt in waahington, meebers of congress tend to call ffr the resignation of the perssn at the helm. not in thhsscase. ccngress are expressing s of support for secret service director mark sullivan. they say he is moving aggressively to nvestigate ann that he's of personnel nvolved in this embarrassing behavior. dana -----end-----cnn.script----- --keyword tags-- colombia cartegna scandal hotel caribe a warninggfor parents... parents...the thhngs you need to know... before buying a portable pool for he summer. summer.and later...a car plows through a gun store... and it'ssall caught on tape.where this happened anddhow much the damage will cost. ((break 3)) 3 ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal?
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3"$960.63."it's a bill ttat's left emma anthony in a state of shock. one water bill... for just three months. in the bills have been skyrocketing... for no apparent reason. (anthony) "i went from 188 to 680 dollars? now, 960 dollars...that doo't makk any sense."ms. anthony hired an independent plumber...who foond no leaks...inside... or outside. buttshe says that sttll...didn't sstisfy the city. (anthony) "$687.26....did you pay the bill? i paid it."out of fear....he says...thaa if she turnee off. ms. just one of tens of thousands of homeoners in the city...and baltimore county...who have received in-accurate bills.. even the folks that run the state fairgrounds...have been receiiing staggering water piils...around 10-thousand dollars a quarttr. (huff) "we think that they did not have
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actual people coming out and monitoring the meters, they wwre just doing desk work." city officiaas....ay understaffing forceddthem to estimate...many bills of homeowners. they say thee're working o resolve the problem. but because county residents eceive water frrm the city...thousands are also receiiinn n-accurate bills. and since the county...compiles seeage fees also a chance that many ere's - homeowwers...will also see higher and in-accurate bills. (mohler) "if someone - pasttin terms of tteir sewage charge on their tax bill, absolutely baltimore county officials, nce they're able to confirm that, will either do a refund or a credit on upcoming tax bills." (naas-homeowners)emma anthony...ssys she simply wants the whole problem resolved...beffre her next bill is due. john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. baltimroe county offfcials say if your bill look iisanely high... report it. they're an inexpenniie way to add some fun to the backyard.
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but the nation's coosumer safety agency has an early warniig for arents &pconsidering a portable pool.. karinncaifa looks at some of the hazards. hazards. --reporter pkg-as ffllows -- partssof theecoontry, the &pconsumer product safety commission is urging parents &pto prepare for pool safety particular, consumers eyeing a purchase of a portable pool, ranging from blowup kiidie pools to larger require less mmintenance. but the head of the consumer product safety commission says they can pose risks too. portable pools have become more affordable, but they hold thousands of gallons of water. and so parents need to know they need to take the same type of steps to save lives if they're going to use a portable ool. the c-p-s-c advises owners to plan on--- emptyinn small kiddie pools after very use, and have a place to store them.-- larrer portabll pools should have a cover, aad the ladder should be stowed when not in use.--
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saving skills in case of an emergency.children can drown in a very small amount of water. that's why children should never be unnttended in a pool, no matter how small. theyyalso advise warning neighbors about a emporary pool in thh yard this summer. for consumer watch, i'm karin &pcaifa. -----end----- cnn.script----- the man beliieed to be disappearance could be headed to the u-s. u-s.the charres jjran van der sloottis facing in this country. country.police make another arrest in the brutal beating downtown... where a man wass robbed and stripped.the woman in custoddy and he suspects they're still after. after.
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