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the prime suspect in the phylicia barnns murder this mooning.the charges michael johnnon is facing and what he has to say about it. laundry detergent... or healtt hazarddthe cheeical in tide that could cause ancer... aad how at risk your family is.. 11:44:59 tremayne thomas "ride with the wiidows up" up" and... gas saving myths. which ones will really save you money at thh pump. 3 33 3 toddy is friday, april 27th.
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3 ballimore's top prosecutoo says they've got tte right man barnes case.michael johnson - was arrested and charged with first degree murder in phylicia's death.she's the north caroliia teen who disappeared while visiting family here in baltiiore.megan gillilaad is here with more on the arrest and what happens from here. 3&good morning patrice,28-year old michael johnson is waking up at central booking this morniig... after being arrrsted outside his baltimore home on wednesday nnght.he had
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just gotten in to his ccr and &pwas on his way to work.... when investigators surrounded him and took him into custtdy for the murder of 16-year oldd phyllcia barnes. barnes. the two were ogether northwest baltimore back in december of apartment he was in the process of phylicia's half sister had - &pjust broken up after dattng nearly 10 years.johnson was &pconsidered family and a perro phyliciiatrusted.buu suspicionssover johnnon grew &pafter phylicia dispearred.wwt news of hissarrest... the barnes family says hey are closure they've been longing for. (harry)13317:29 i thank od for this day.(phooer w/dad air spee 22:23:02 we were defiiittly in disbelief we were in shock and we are rejoicing that an arrest has made:08but johnson maintains his innocence.he told his attorney...quote.... i had nothing to do with ppylicia's ddsappearance and i'm going to
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fight this. his attorney allo tell uss.. that police suspect baane's may have been sttangled and carreid out of the partment in a large bag or conatiner. the timing of johnnon's arrrst is now under scrutiny. his attorney believes there could be a connection between the arrest... and a recent probe into the conduct of the detectiie who led the investigation in the arnes case. city state's attooney gregg bernstein faced questionssabout hat detective thurrday... ann said t woo't be an issue. but johnson's attorney has questions about daniel investigator in the case. nichollon was suspended this week amid allegations he misused his police powers to priefly went missing last wwek. attorney sayy he beliives his client's arrest was triggered by the recent probe into nicholson. observers credibility end up being an issue. (allen) ""or instance, if there's dna evidence or there's other forensic
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evidence, well under those circumstances, the credibilityy not as importann. so, youu --3 have to see what the evidence i" ii." nicholson'ssdaughter was found earlier this week the search is on for a suspect lexington market... in downtown baltimore.hhmicidee detectives were called to saratoga and eutaw ssreets pust after five o'clock last night... afttr getting word on the been - condition of the victim this morning. familyymembers of the cockeysville native... killed suing herrmurddrer.... are noo murderer.yeardley looe's pother and sister are suing george huguely for 30 millionn dollars.they claim he acted with "wweckless indifference"... whee she was killed 2 years february, huguely was coovicted of killing lovv and sentenced to 26 years in prison. george zimmerman's ttorney makes a bombshell disccvery. his clieet is sitting onn hundreds of thousands of shelby lin
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explains... zimmerran's facing seconn degree murrer charges for shooting unarmed teen, trayvon martin... and is out on bond.but could thhs have an impact on his freedom? "he asked me what to do ith his paypal accouuts.. he said those were the accounts that had the moneyy fom thh websste about 200-204 thousand dollarr that haddcome in to date." george zimmerman's attorrey, mark o'mara on cnn with donations raised online from -- zimmerman's websitee siice that ime, the site has been taken down."i don't think judge lester's going to believe i misled them, i told them what i kkew at the time." at the time, o'mara says zimmerman told him he was broke.ziimerman was released from jail monday after raising 10-percenttof his 150-thousand &pdoolars bail.criminal defensee attorney, mark eragos says this money discovery coull ut
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pimmeeman back behind barssif you've got more money stashed into an account which basicclly you didn't earn, somebody just gave it to you, and you can just pay the bond and be ggne, that gives a loo of judges concern."zimmerman's lawwer says the monee's now in aasecureeaccount no onn cann access.(nats)the reverend jesse jaccson brought up the issue at a trayvon martin rally in los angeles thursday. "on the witness stand he said he was destitute and poor." that seemed to ppr dooations set up in trayvon's name.his fathee, raay, says the outpouring means a lot."one of the hings keepinn this family going is thee upport, black white, brown, it doesn't matter."i'm shelby lin reporting. zimmerman's hharing is this hooe prices coull bottom out by nexttyear.that's according to "zillow incorporated"... which says home values made their largest monthly jump in
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down 3-poinn-1 percenttfrom the previouu year.theeaverage value of a single-family home is now 146-thousand-200 home values paired with extraordinarily low mortgage rates should serve as a siinal to coosumerssthattnow is a good time to buy. a warnnng for people using tide detergent.according to the environmental protection amounts of "dioxane"... which in the past... has caussd is asking the maker of tide... change its formula. procter-ann- gambleesays the amount of the chemicaa in tide is well below the safety risk level. a virginia man is outraged... after the d-m-v took away his vanity ppatts... and issued him a ewwone... with aa possibly sinister meaning. meaniig.after 9-11... rick saaders ordered after 9-11... &prick after 9-11... rick sanders ordered plates... with messages that read "hate-u-bin"... and "f osama." to pull the plates off the
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rrad... xplaining they couud vulger innnaturrebut ssnders thinks what dmv provided him to replace hhs olddplates... is what's rrally offensive in this scenaaio. "i'm offfnded by this. i'm offended by anything with 666 on it. ittit reads "666"... along with "8" and "up."to sanders... it means "the devil ate ou up."d-m-v wouldn't case... buutsays the plates could be exchanged... free of charge. the only male field hockky player at a long islanddhigh school has been bbrrrd from tte team. not ecause he'' a boo... buu because he's tto good. good.keeling pilar has played on southampton higg's varsity team for two ... section 11... which oversees &psuffolk's high school sports... deeerminnd as a impressive player.. he'ss having quote "a significant adverse effect" on some of his opposing femall playees. the rules state he would be
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pllowed to play if he wasn't &pquote "the dominant player." (( "i'm not like the best out phere dominating, but i'm not the worst allo." ))(("if i mayy say, i think sectioo 11 hhs had an adverse effect on hiss self-confidence and self-esteem) esteem."))keelinn plans to make an appeal next month in popes that he can return to thh field. it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you wwnt. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segmentt dot com slash ffxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. the hits keep coming forrthe secret servicc agency.the new accusaaions, involving prostitutes and wild parties at strii clubs. plubs. check out this cool video from
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"earth-cammdot-com."tth time lapse photography gives us a quick look at construction on the new world trade center... from the's 8 years of construction... compressed into less than 2 minutes. the port authority plans to open the building n late 20-13. ((2-shot toss to weather)) p(ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter pddlibs))map jjx at 41-- jfx
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at cold- --jfx at northern--map park
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oh say ccnnyou ssng? sinn?then you should enner our off!go to our website foxbaltimore dot com and upload a video of yourrelf singing theenationnl anthem. you could win a chance to ssng the star spangled banner when monster jam comes to m & t bank sttdium on june nd. more allegations released... ttose ttattwere involved were punissed and held accountable." accountable."the new reports of misbehavior by secret service agents beeond the polombia incident. incideet.and buying a caa?what you need to do... as soon as &pyou hit the ccr ot... before signing on that dotted linee ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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[ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning. you said "brian, it's 11:15. get up." so maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] celebrate the little things. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger
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and get a free double chocolate chip cake. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger the scandal that began in colombia withhthe u-s secret &pservice appears to be exploding into something much reported in el salvador and now, brazil.there are new accusations, involving at strip lubs.brian todd is puttinggall the pieces together. together. --reporter kg-as follows --a cnn: reports offmisbehaviorrby secret service agents beyond
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the colombia incident have been brought to congress. cites a u-s govvrnment contractor who worked extensively withha secret service advanceeteam, saying he was with about a-dozen secret service agents, and ssme u-s military personnel, pbama's visii to el salvador last year.the source says hey were atta strip club, where membees of the american team drank heavily, that most of were proviiee sexual favorssin - return for cash.this is from one un-named sourcee,and cnn cannot independently confirm cnn, the secret service issued a statement saying "any information brought to oor attention that can be assessed up on in an appropriate manner."i asked veteran attornny jeffrey jacobovitz: service or any otter security pgency:brian: "are you nervous right now, that this whole thing's going to blow up?" jacobovitz: "well ssre if pou're theehead of the agency you're vvry nervous because this is the kind of publicity agency."the washinggon post reported that an unnamed source says suchhbehavior is part of the culture aa the occurrence.barbara riggs, the firrt woman deputy director in
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the agency's histtry, denies that.riggs: throughout my teams, i have ssperrised advance teams, and iive worked on ppesidential detail on two different occassons, and i have never witnessed anything of this magnitude."and the secret seevice is hardly alone. in december of last year in the brazilian capitaa, three u-s marines and a state department employee were involved innan altercatioo prostitutes from a lub. one pommn allegedly starttd a fiiht inside a marine's vvhicle. according to the pentaggn, she was removed from the ar and was injured when she tried to get back in. panetta: "those that were involved were puniihed and held accountable."the marines were reduced in rank..the u-s that post.-----end----- cnn.scriit----- 3 you could soon get a check in phe maill.. from your heelth insurance company.
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phhlicia barnes murder case is morning.the charges michael johnson is ffcing anddwhat he has to say about it. nevada's clark county is like so many other state and local goovrnments. they've been irresponsible with the taxpayers' money. been irresponsible with governments. they've staae and local is like so many other nevada's clark county about it.he has to say ffcing and what he has to sayyabout it. nevada's clark county is like so many other state and local governments. they've been irrespoosible with thh taxpayyrs' money. now, they're acing a spending crisis. the school district may have to cct more than 1,400 positions for next year &p-- including 11000 teachers. but officials in clark county - home to las vegas - can onny blame themseeves for getting intoothis mess. because off punishinggcollective bargaining agreements and lack of oversighh, counny officiils have tottlly ost ccntrol of spendiig. we examined just three governmenttprofessions and how much they wwre aid inn &psalary and beeeeits last year these were: prosecutors, justicee of the peace, and fireefighters."dozens of prosecutors received more than $100,000, five made more thaa a quaater of a million dollars and one made nearly $500,0000" justices of the peace had similar salaries."twenty-three & ere paid mmreethan a quaater of million dollars, and one received more than $300,000."and by ssheduling siik ays monnhs in advance, &pfire fighters milkee overtime and call-backs boosting salaries to ridiculous evels. $100,000, 200 got more than $220,000 and 41 were paid
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this can be turned around in plaak county. and everyyhere &pelse. on election day.ffr more on this story visit behind the headliies dot net. and follow us twitter and 3 3 3 3
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