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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 27, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 phyyicia barnes muuder case is mornnng at centrrl booking. - michael johnson was arrested and charged with first degree murder in phylicia's death. who was visiting family here in baltimore when she dispeared.megan gglliland is heer with more on tte arrest and what happens from here. good morning pattice, balttmore's top prosecutor says thhy've got the rrght man inncustody.28-year old michael johnson was arresteddoutside his baltimore home on wednessay night.he had just got in to his car and was on his way to work.... when inveetigators surrounded him the mmrder of the 16-yeer ood - phylicia barnes. at johhson's apartment in her -
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northwwst baltimore back in moving out of.johnson and phylicia's hall sister had just broken up afttr dating nearly 100 yyars.johnson waa considered family and a person phylicia trusted.but suspicions over johnson rew after phylicia dispearred. while the barnes family is been made... johnson says he didd't do it. 14:27:37 michael maintains his innocence he said he hhd &pabsolutelyynothing to do and the untimelyness offher death :4773:18:52 tell thee truth and give phyliccaas family some type of closure cllsurejohnssn told his nothing o do with phylicia's disappearance and iim going to hhs attorney also tell uu... that police suspect barne's may have been strangled and in a large bag or conatiner.t i'm megan gilliland, fox45
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morninn news. the trial contiiues toddy for twoo brothers accuseddof beaaing baltimore teen ... deepite thh teen's refusal to c. werdesheim are charged with beatinn an african-american teenager while patroling a park heights neighhorhood.. wednesday the teen testified he never wanted to press charres. the defense then asked a judge yesteeday to strike the teen's testimony because of his refusal to this case say they're greed.3 confident juuticeewill prevail. " i think that'st the case... ... prrvail in this case." case." the werdesheims claim self--efense saying the teen the state comptroller joins forces with baltimore county in the fight against cigarrtte smuggling ii maryland. peter franchot praised baltimore conference thursday in towson. hh says a partnership with shellenberger led to the aaresttof 28 people accused of smuggling aatotal of 1-hundred
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thousand cartons of ntaxed cigarettes in maryland.he says more must be done. goong to continue to crackdown on his activity." activity." ccgarette smugglinggis a &pcarries a fine of fifty two years in prison.nd uu to - a pet ownnr ssts up a sting... to bust her dog walker or -&s it's all caught on camerr. aa dog owner in prince george's county says she grew concerned that her pooch wass't bbing ppoperly cared foo. so sse set up a baby monittr and a cell phone camera... ann caught the dog walker going into hhr house... eaving aa note ttat the dog had gone outside ... anddthen walking off... without ever wwlking thh dog.when she confronted the wommn, the walker admitted &psse hhdn't taken the dog
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outside.nowwthe owner just wants to warr otherssto watch out.
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tuition just sounds rediculous." rediculous."state lawmakees are expected to convene a special session in mid-may. key evidence surfaced in the candidate john edwards joe johns pxplains... prosecuttrs presented pictures, phone records and newwdetails on the messages edwards left his mistress rielle hunter. hunter. thursdayyfor the first time the court began releasiig some of the rosecutton xhibits entered iito evidence. pictures of one of the houses in north carolina where john edwards's mistress rielle hunter sayed after she moved from the new york areaato escape houndinggby the media. phone records, transcripts of phone calls, and there was more painful cross pxamination with pposecution star witness andrew young on phe stand: a former rightthand mmnnto edwards who helpedd raise mmney to conceal the wroteea book to tell about it. edwards deeense lawyer abbe lowell continuee trying to
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ccip aaay at young's credibility and his recollection of dates timess ppaces conversatiins he had witt edwards. young, often sparring with lowell, saying he was not ble to reeall certain specific ddaes and times, or even the seqqence of events, not able to rememberr whether he wrote a check to buy a car for edwards' mistrees rielle hunter, or paid or it some other way. lowell asked if he useddhunter as a way to get money for himseef..oung said no.most of given by a wealthh edwards benefactor, bunny mellon of northern virginia.mellon's checks- rrleased publicly had been endorsed by young'ss young family account.mellon -3 ended up giving 725-thousand dollars thougg the larger dispute. the edwardd defense team needs a clear time line to try to support its claim that young was enriching for llving and ttavel hunter and the baby girl fathered by was at one point, judge ination- have to exclude certain the confusinggtte time.a north carolina law proffssorrtrial defendee lowell's line of &pprof. michael rich: i think he's ddeling with a ostile, difficult witness to get answers oot of so it doesn't and 3 jury's time.wasting the court and jury's time. 3
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you could soon get a check in the mail... rom your ealth the health caae reform law... that's rewarding millions of people with 1277dollar checks. ccmpanies ave to spend 80 to &p85 percent of ppemium payment things like discounted gym n pn things like marketing or administrative coots... they custtmer.if your emplooer pays for all or part f your insurance premium... you may expected to arrive by august. -3
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some fox45 ladies took the stage thursday night... to belt ouu some tuues. tunes.10:32 what a way to mmke a living......10:50 ... crazy if you let 3it. this issmyranda stephens, melinda roeder and jennifer gilbert... singing a ittle dolly parton.they were out representing team fox45... at chhrm city karaoke.the event benefits jobs, housing and recovery... which helps peeple in baltimooe who are struggling with homelessness and addiction. &pit's riday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page abouu want.lee us know what's on pour mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook
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segment.just go tt faaebook dot com slash foxbaltimorr to become aafan and join the conversation. paying those high gas prices. prices.11:45::4 tremayne thomas "i have to et to worr and i need gas to get to work" miles out oo each gallon... re - myths.he methods... that aae mm. what'll it be?
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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. ((break 1))
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&p((bump in)) meteorologist)) 33 ad libs))map fiber map greenspring map liberty map
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getting the most miles... out of each alloo of . gas..he ways that work...and the methods that are myths... mmttss..and later n sports... the draft has begun.who ravees traded down with. ((bump out)) ((brrak 2))
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2)))- 3 thhre are lots of rumors about ways to save gas.but experts youu as saving tricks couldd actually be costing you big time.ii our cover storr... jennifer gilbert dispells the top gasoline myths ...ann tells you how you can really a. save. gas prices... still near four dollars aagallon.with ach fill-up.... drivvrs feel the pain.11:44:54 ttemayne thomas pi haveeto et to worr and i 11:58:55 gordon becker "i dont uue the car if i dont have to" since you can't save at the pump... many drivers are dding what they can to save on fuel.... trying anything to get your car to go that extra mile..9:55:47 jeff boone "a pot of peopleetry all kinds of
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fuel economy to save money and some of that can be detrimental to the vehicle, some of it can just be snake oil. and some of it &pcan be downnight uncomfortabb. 11:44:59 tremayne thomaa "ride with the windoos up"11:53:54 ann avis "don't use your air conditioner as much" myth number one... turn the air conditiiner off toosave on gas. its a blast with p past..."9:59:37 jeff oone the heavvesttdrag on a car"
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but ow xperts say your a-c won't buun you.9:59:44 peff boonee"you turn it on with the windows up, the aerodynamics of he car aae gonna help get better fuel economy without turning the air conditiooing off"there's plso a lot f hot airrabout áwhená it's cheapest to fill telllyou when its cool, not when it's hot. early n the morning or late at night"gas gallon expands when it heats up. it makes sense to think you actually get more gas if
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its ccolerroutside.this too... is just a myth.sst 10::3:43 &punderground egrees, you're at 10 oclock in the mooninggas you would at 2 oclock in the afternoon"myth number three.....keep your car running instead of turning it on and off.10:00:54 jeff boone"it more to sttrt a car runnnng. iffa store, shut it off"myyh number four wwll cost you once at the store... aad againnat the pump.they're mileage."magnets that are attempt to atomize the 9:57:00 "putting cetone in thh gas taak9:58:11 "theree a pill the ffct is... effective.never been ble to see ann studies that prove so, you know wwat doesn't help get as for what ddes?are a majorrthing to your ires are properly sure - inflated, ake suue when you fill up you way tight, make sure you drive sensibly 3 the pump? pay in cash. gas swipe... and many stations pass that cost onto credit ust. find the best gas prices near to onnpump patrol. coming up in our o'clock hour... bamboo ii invadinn many homeowners' lawns in maryland. is ausing a problemmand where theestate law puts thee responsibility to cut it down. down.but first in sports...the o's bring out he brooos against the blue jays.the plays that gave them ttier fouuth sttaight win. (((reek 3)) ccnningham has fox 45 morning s. sports. p ccming up in o [ glass clinks ] ay a few words. first of all, thank you for the lovely meal jane. mom. and let's hear it for sara's paper mache eiffel tower. it's the washington monument. and dad, i'll never forget what you said to me this morning.
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before 9am. all april long. 3&pcoming up in our o'clock
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hour... &pphe hiis keep coming for the seccet service agency.thh neww accusatioos, involving prostiiutes and wild parties at sttip clubs.
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