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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  April 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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-tease tyllr perry tix 3 3 3 3
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3 the prime suspect in the phylicia barnes murder pase is waking p behinn bars this morning at central booking. booking.28-yyarrold michael johnson was arrested and charged with first degree johnson's apartment in ther at - northhest baltimore backkin december of apprtment that he was in the process f moving out of.johnson and pearly 0 years.johnson was considered family and a person phylicia trrsted.but suspicionssovee johnson grew after phylicia dissearred.with news of his arrest... tte barnes famiiy sayy they are
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one step closer to finding the closure they've been longing for. for this day.(phoner w/dda air &pspped) 22:23:02 ww wwre definiteey in disbblief we were in shock and we are reeoicing hat an arrest has maae::8but johnson maintains his innocence.he told his attorney...quote... i had nothing to do with phylicia's pdsappearance and i'm going to fight this. family members of a cockeysvvile native... ho was killed bb herrex-boyfriend... are now suinn her murrerer. yeardley ove's mother and sister are suing george pwreckless iidifffrence"... rs.- when shh was killed 2 years convicted of kklling love and - sentenced to 266yeers in prison. the trial continues today for beating a baltimore teen ... despite the teen's refusal to c. cooperate.eli and avii werdesheim are charged with beating an africaa-american
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park heights neighborhoodd a - wednesday the teen testified he never wanted to press ccarges. the ddfense then asked a judge yesterrdy to ssriie the teen's testimony because of his refusal to cooperate. the judge agreed. &pthe werdeshhims claim selffddfense saying the teen &pcame afterrthem. some area homeowners re &pasking for help in the fight against one fast gowing pllnt. plant.hhmeowners i upper marlboro say they are being invaded by bambbo from neerby parkland.the plann is one of the fassest growing pllntt in &pthe world. it can grow severa resiidnts havv complainee to the county for abouu a year now. the county came out a couple timessto cut it down ... but thh bamboo keeps commng back... frustrating homeowners. (("if i as to bring somebody coneice's - mrs. washington's housee or my house, and they see all these bamboo sproutt, that could beea turnoff.")) turnoff.")) a spokesman homeownnr's responsible for
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the "natural process" of growth on their land. from a problem with plants... you get good night's leep? sleep?((áááááad libáááááá)) libáááááá)) if you'reelike a third of didn't.the c-d-c says nearll 41-millloo workers sleep fewwr &pthan six hours a surprise here.... tteepeopll who work nights are more likely to sleep lesssthee national sleep foundation pecommenns adultsssleep seven tt nnne hours a night. if you don't have dinner plans
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tonight... we have an idea for . up the grill because it's "natiinal prime rib day!" day!"we aren't surr who decided ttday waa beef day... &pbut prime rib is one of america's favoritt steaks.if you don't feel like cooking, it's okay.if you google ... pou can fiid several steakk peetaurants having special &pdeals for the day. don't play with your food! that traditional parenting dvice is being mills. joel d. smith is live aa the jemicy school encouraged to jump, race, and play with their food, so others can have mooe offit. good orniig joel d. 3
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3 break up with your bad habits. habits..reat your food like &pyour rrlationships... nd mak the right choices in the behind the skinny jeans diet here to show us how... coming u. up. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)))- - sugarroaf crafts festival-
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fairgrounds in timonium-- ud scheffel rom mobile kinetic sculpturrs joins us live with
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- ssow us your crafts- hat plss will we see here? there? is at he fairgrounds today al - and tomorrow.. from 10 a-m to 6 p-m and sunday from 10 a-m from today and tomoorow.. from 10 a-m to 6 p-m and sunday from 10 a-m to 5 p-m.for more
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innormation goott oor website foxbaltimore dot com lash morninn. an 80's arcade gameelights up the game that was played... how it was done.. and who waa neet. you're 3&&pwatchi baltimore. ((bbeak 2))
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3massachusetts institute of technology turr one of tte sshool's buildings into a giant ame oo tetris.the tuntt the school says it had nothing tt do with the hack.
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3 for more information about the spca oo to ur website oxbaltiiore dot com lash morning. yourrman. food like you love - man.coming up.. the authorrof the skinny jeans diet dishes food.((sirens... exxlossin)) explosion))and later... an
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drive--hru... whattcaused this truck toogo up in flames. drive--hru... whattcaused this truck toogo up in flames. you're watching fox 45 i found out he's a bad breaker-upper. first... but you know they're
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bad for whh do you keep we're not ttlking about men. - pe're talking about food. pegistered dietician and creator of the skinny jeans diet.. lyssa weiss... is here tt tell us how to have a good 11 what can we do to avoid our bad relationship
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with certain foods? 2) what arr some culprits we should avoid? substitute foods that are ggod for us and still feel satisfied? ccocolate chip uffin (660 calories, 24 grams fat)good guy: chocclatee(115 calories, 3 grams fatt all natural) plate of fries fat)good guy: gramssfat). fat))snackbad boy: apple pii (1 slice is 340 alories, 14 &pgrams fat)good guy: skinny, huge, baked apple fat, and 6 graas fiber) we are giving away fat, and 6 grams iber)(125 calorres, grams huge, baaed aaple gramssfat)slice is 344 calories, 14 bad boy: apple pie (1 fries (160 callries, 0 speedy bakee potato good guy: skknnn, (500 caloriee, 255 grams side dishfat, all natural) &pnatural)chip skinny muffin to good guy: chocolate grams fat) muffin (600 calories, 24 bad boy: chocooate chippsattsfiedd still feel 3) how can e avoid?culprits we shoulddavoid? 3) how can we substitute foods that are good for us and still feel satisffed? saaisfied? breakfastbad boy: chocolate grams fat)chip skinny muffin natural)side ish(500 calooies, 0 grams fat))(160 fat)..nackgramssffa). fat).snackbad boy: apppe pie (1 slice is 340 calories, 14 (125 calories, 0 grams fat,
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we are giving away tickets to see tyler pprry right heee in explosion)))lus... an on)))- explosion rocks a fast food caught on ccmera. t's all - &p you're watching fox 35 good day baltimore. aamcdonald's driie-thhu fire.a truckkwaittng in then eeplooes. ((sirens... explosion)) i was paying too much with cable.
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that's 1.866.685.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. &p--tease tyler perry tix p 3 3
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fiber map phe attorney for georgee zimmerman will drop a bombshell in courtttoday... and it could land zimmerman bbck in jjil. jail.zimmerman's aatorney says he found out zimmerran is sitting n mooe thhn 2-hhndred thousand dollars in donattons from his website.zimmerman is facing second ddgree murder charges for shooting... on bond.mark o'mara says zimmerman had told him he was broke.criminal efense attorney... arr geragos says
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this money disccvery could put zimmerman back behind bars. (( i knnw a lot of juddes who wouud remand the guy backkiito tell you why. beeauss one of going to flee and the bond not3 )))zmmerran's lawyyr sayssthe money's now in a secure account nn one can access.tte lawyer for treyvon'' paaents saysshe has asked the pudge revoke zimmerman's bail for not disclosing the monee at the originallbond hearing. a warning for eople using tide detergent. ddtergent.according to thee environmental protection agency... ii contains trace amounts of "dioxane"... whhch in the ppst... has caused procter-and-gammle... to de... &pchange its formula. procter-and- gamble says the amount of the chemical in tide is ell below the safety risk level. you could soon get a 127-dollar check in the &pinsurance comppny.aath -'s part of the
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health ccre reform law.the law says insurance companies have to spend 80 to 85 perceet of prrmium ppyments on actual patient care or on hings like discounted gyy memberrhips.if maaketing orraddmnistrative ke costs... they then have to refund the cuutomer.if your employer pays for all or part of your insurance premium... you may not get a refund. checks are expected to arrrve by august. a mcdonald's drive-thrr becomes the scene of a wicked f. fireea truck waiting in line... catches fire... and then exppodes. ((ssrens... 3eplosioo)) driver of that ruck heard e in the bed of his truckk the driver got out to turr the electricity caused the the two pne wwssseriously hurt ii thh
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fire. 3 3 3 a pee owner sets up a sting... to bust her dog walker foo slacking on the job... and &pproperly caree for. so she set up a aby monitor and a cell phone caaera... and caught the dog waller goiig into her house... leaaing a nnte that the dog had gone outside ... and then walking off... without ever walking the dog.whhn he confronted theewooann the walker admitted phe hadn't taken theedog the owner just wants to warr others to watcc oot. theeowner mmediitely fiied the walker... who she'd
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been paying tenndollarssa day. 3 drrve" has been turned upside p joel d..smith is live at thh jemicy school to see if more creativity equals more for chaaity. good mmrning joel d.. 3 p3
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one dad rraaly knowsshow to wake the ids up durrnn the family... reaks iitdown on the way to school. schooll((:03 singing)) siiging)) now that's one rockin' commute.every weekkday this family starts singing the bohemian rhapsodyy s they pull outtof theii driveway... ann the song ends just as they roll up to the school.
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3 problemmthe cat with theekish p- happened ... and how volunteers are working to ggt &phim back on all fours. fours.that's why thhre's madea s minuues wayyand we are just a few minutessaway from giving away tickets to see tyler perry right hhre in ballimore. stay tuned foo your ccance to . win. you're patching fox 45 3 peteorologistt)
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madea's bbck... and he's coming to baltimore. baltimorr.that's why therees paddaanats &pnatstyler perry will be hit play "madea gets a job." job."the play will be attfirst 4th.but we want to get you freeethe 10th callerrright now tiikeet to the play. hees got 9 lives.. and two strange legs. legs.a cat born with baakwarr paws gets a new lease onn &ptransformatioo.. neet. pluss.. i give away sscrets about norm mcdonald... and
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someone tells pptrice to suck in that belly... their hilarrous reactions.... till a. ahead. you're watccing fox 45 good day ((breaa ))
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>> a young family, stalked and tormented by a man they knew. >> you could look out my window, and see him pacing back and forth in front of our home -- >> plotting his next move. >> plotting his next move.
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he worked his way up from harassing phone calls and threatening letters to the driveby shootings. >> how one man's obsession changed her life forever on "the 700 club" friday. a cat found on thh street is getttng the chance to turn his life around... thhnks tooa surgery that'ssliierally áturnedá his legg aaound. jeanne moos shows us... hhs family hopes that wwll help corky the at walk "purr-fectll." 3 wweve seen dogssmissing egs. look at that smile.andddogs whimper but a cat with his corky was 7-months-old when he was fouud draggiig himself down a ssdewalk. he ended up at the pound where he would 3wo shelter in fargo, northhdakota
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hadn't aken him in.i could just constantly hear his bones cracking against the tile floor. it was horrible.corky wws born ith a defect that caused is legs to be crossed.moos standup: and if yoo're wondeeing why thhy hintt his twwsted legs reeinded them of a corkscrew. there's corky.hh had a uman- like that ffrg on a bench that went viral thii week, with justtthinking about life and how one day we alllcroaa." but this month, heegot urgery to e- theee you go buddydr. dan m. burchill customizzd a surgery -rayss ou can sse thhedoctor basically turned he leg plates. with his legs no - underneath for the
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firrt time in his life e's aale to go tt the litter box like a nnrmal kitty. well that must e a relief. no pun intendeddcorky has his own faccbook page, hh's even another doggand the shelter has raised over 14-thoussnd dollarssin donattons that should more thhn cover corky's surgeries, hees needed 4. on thursday, due to complications, they had to ampptate the bottom quarter of hhs left leg, but he should still be able to walk on it. certified as a therapy certified asisit kiis in hospit had orrhopedic procedures.if he can do it, they can do it. he's already doing what passes for the limbo with his repooitioned limbs. jeanne moos, cnn.oh wow new york. 3 noom mcddnald was banned from a show... and
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he's talking abbut t. seen that show? it's jjst a bunch of ladies yappin'!)) pappin'!))what show norm ccn't thaa pptricc ill probablyy never want to haveeback.whaa he aid that hadd er going , "say what?!" next! nnxt! you're watchiin fox 45 ggod day baltimore. ((break 7))
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3 go toe to toe with comedian norm mcdonald... mcdonald...i bbat to the sound of my own rum... drum...i make an increeible obssrvation... &pit's all from the week thaa aa saying...say what?! wwat?! paywhat4/20((22:24:36 what? whaa?))saywhatthurs4/26 p(22:25:04 over, over, click click))saywhat4/20((22:22:28 i see norm mcdonald in tte studio, i'm already laughing)) videobomb guyy042611jwb--quickk expression!saywhat4/20 ((22:22:39 norm is hilarious!)) saywhat4/20 ((22:24448 arent you banned ffom the view? uh, hoo'd you knnw that?)) give mm ssmething a little more intermediate than this. step it up some))say wwat 4427 ((22:26:04 meg: check it with this one... remix it?? fun ch-ch-check it out!saywhat4/20 &p((22:25:05 haveeyou ever seenn that show? it's jjst a bunch of ladies yaapin'!))say what 4/27((22:23::4 a websiteeis &poofering one million dollars to anyone who cannprove they
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22:23:47))((22:24418 now all the kinds of lunatics are &comi and make up stories! 22:24:20)) ((22:24:299it'' aaful. don't like ii. 22:24430))22:24:23 &p((22:24:333tombstones are going interactive. i don't think i like this either. 22:24:35))saywhatthurs4/26 ((22:22:377women are going &punder the knife... ii's calle a toe job. going under the knife... it's called a toe ((22:22:24 it's horribbe!)) saywhatthurs4/26((22:30:199we have a groom that catches the fever during his wedding cerrmmny. ugh.. ieber fever that is!))clip of singing from &p042612jvzsayyhatthurs4/26 creatinn our own music here today. i heaa usic in my head &p((it's not unusual toobe love by anyone.))saywhatthurs4426 more difficult in heels. just a littlee 22:24::3)) saywhatthhrs4426((22:25:07 pull that belly in!)) joel back over to you... my gosh he just told me hadd a belly! 22:25:11))say what told me i had a ((22:25:09 h
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044612jwbvideobomm guy 66- 22:22:23))pause....hang onn back over to ou... ((22:23:16 megan, joel saywhat4/20 ((22:23:16 megan, oel back over to you... 22:23:23)) vvdeobomb guy 042612jwb saywhatthurs4/26((22:25:09 oh my gooh he just told me i had a belly! 22:25:11))sayywhat 4//7((22:32:36 ppt: ooh, look at that right there.)) was the sun ... wow! 22:32:54)) saywhatthurs4/26((22:25:11 and that's he end of this segment!)) 3 ((áááad lib wx tsááá)) tsááá)) youure 3oh saaycan you good day - draft.analyziig the raven''
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