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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  April 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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(quessioo) "did you try to suppress the black vote? (henson) "absolutely not!" noo!"round wo in the robo-call trial. prial. the case against a pooitical campaign.nn for the ehrlich good evening, i'm jenniferrgilb. gilbert. and i'm jeff barnd. julius henson.../ who created.../ those... "robo-calls" .../ on... election night /// is... now on t/ trial.../he's charged with election fraud in trying to supreesblack voter turnout. john ydell spoke to henson today about the charges.... charges.... in his lengthh career as aa political consulttnt...julius henson...has never shyed away from ccntroversy....or repootees.(question) "did you try to suppress tte blacc vote? (henson) "absolutely not!"but finds with election fraud.he eleccion night ""obo-call"sent to more than 100-thousand vottrs in baltimore city...and prince george's county."the on tv ttnight, conggatulations and thank yyu."the call suggested...that governor
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o'malley...hhdalready won the election. for years...henssn workedfor democrats...running for office.but former republican governor bob ehrlich hired henson...during his unssccessful campaign to unseat innumbant goveenor...martin o'malley. (henson) "you know, this is pure politics and that if i had een working for a deeocrattc candidate, then i guess you guys wouldn't be here."last yyar...former ehrlich aide...paul similar charges. as for ... of - hensoo....e finds the case against him...flimsy. (henson) "they juut want to sensationalize it, emotionalize it and say 'julius henson didn't want black people to ote, okay. elected in this state peeiod, ever."(rydell) "hennon's attorney says it's impossible to separate politiis in this case. but prosecutors are asking to judge to minimize talk of politics in the trial fearing that it will distract jurors and takeawaa from the
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mr. henson to have a fair t - trial but we want the jurors to consider just the vidence in the case and not a lot of extraneous arggments."" case expected to focus on free speech...and voters' baltimore, ohn rydell, fox 45 late edition. openiig statements... begin tuesday.../// a altimore judge gets more than 40 mails.... aftee policc make annarrest in the barnes.the messages were sent to judge john addison howard before the sussects bail review on friday... all asking the same thing... to deny bood. police arrested michael johnson last week....for the murder of the north carolina teen who disappeered in december 2010 her body was found last april in he susquehannn river. some of the emails referenced those specific dates... in an effort to persuade judgg howard. 14:44:25 it was the right pecision for no baal to bb held becauss ww have to gg through as heesaid the court of llw process but for me siting there as an individual as someone who's bben
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decision. this case through... - 3 johnson remains behind bars at ceetral booking.he's been charged with one count f firrt degree murder. strong reaction toniggt to a maryland court of appeals ruling that says pit bulls are . the past, victims haa to prove pit bull ooners were aware oo their dogs' pit bull owners can now face harsher penalities if their dog is involved in aa attack. the ruling is a reliee to victimm oo pitbull attacks, llke this 7 year old from rosedale: "i can't get it oot of my head,,if someone talks to be about it, i can't get it out of my head it still feell like it's happpning" happening"but pit bull advocates say the breed is being unfairly singlee out.the humaneesociety is calling for new legislation to deal with the issue. here's... our... question of the day..../ áádoáá... p think... pit bulls... are a dangerous... breed...? here's a look at our facebook
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paae.. a lot of response on this one and almost everyone disagrres with the appeals court decision...join the debate at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. more than two months afterra waaer maii breakk.. many residentt in southwest baltimore are now fighting with thh city to pay for daaage.melinda roeder is live explaan some neighbors are out expenssve repairs.melinda? in happened back in february. crewswere called in to repair water pipes under this street... and somehow... a gas line was punctured in the prrcess.the resuut -- water pent guuhhng into theii gas lines and directll to some veryyexpensive appliances. gas stoves... furnaces... waterrheaters. many were ruinee as a result of the ruptured line.homeowners say thhy werr originally told to file claims with the city to request replacement or reimbursemmnt for the damages. but after two months of paperwork... they're getting letters now this week, informing them that the city denies liability. meaning...
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&pthey're on the hook and they don't think that'ssfair. fault."> the letters from the ciiy is really just the lattst frustration for these neiihbors. some of them were piitout heat or how water for several days in the winner.the responded to our requests for comment.nowwneighbors are looking nto what recourse they in southwess baltimore... melinda roeder... fox 45 news late edition' we have breaking news out of teenager waa rrshed to johns popkins bayview... after he was stabbed several times. happened about 7 his
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evening...along acorr ridge know the conditioo of the boy......or why he was stabbed. annone with information is asked to call police a community protest tonight after an arrest is caught on believes it shows exccssive force y police. police. organizerssat the office of coomittee say they're n martin - ccmmitted o holding police accounnable for any suspected abuse or brutality.concerns tooight... after two recent incidents including this arrest caughh on cell phone video. police say demonstrators at a job rally last month in east baltimore got out oo control. but protestors say pollce pushed this man to the ground, kneed and elbowed him, then used mace. (threatt) "sprayed in my mouthh eyes and all of a sudden, this cop kneed me like this.. and therr wsa o reason asked me." i was proceeding to 3 me."the group is also upset over a police involved southwesttbaltimoree wheree
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officers shot a partially paaraized man.witnesses say the man was never a threat.... and they have concerns over phe circumstances. seee.. the entire video .../ online.../.at... fox-baltimore dot comm../ slash newssinkss- 3 police... in india.../ rescued... a camel.../ that ...took an unexpected detoor.../ detourr../ and.../ had... a really bad day...// day...// rescuers .../ uuee... a crane and ropes.../ for... more than five hours.../ tt pull the animaa.../ from.../ a... pillage well, .../ ááwitnessesáá say... tte camel ...took the fall.... while grazingg.. in a field...//. áápooiceáá secured ii ...wwth a rope, .../ ááthenáá hoisted... it...// with... a crane...//.. pátheáá owners... later tied the outh.../ of the camel with ropes.../ animal back...// to safety. ---ank nats--- naas--- call it extreee home makeover: - rid of their old house over the weekend -- with a tank..a
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crew from the company rive-a- tank was hired to demolish the years ago. the 432 british tank was driven through the house four times to really crush it. it took about 25 minutes. new owners have purchased the property and plan to build a new hhme. great dayy.. in... south dakota...// ááwhereáá... speeial... education students.../ gott../ a chance... to have .../ their own... special niiht...///. áá8áá seniors... in... lincoln high school.../ in....souix falls../. never thought ...they'd... hhve the opportunity... to attend prom...///. áááembersáá of... the student council.../ joined forces ...with other students.../ toohelp... these seniorr.../ have a night.../ they will never forggt. forget. just like everybody else, and do everythinn just like cool that they get tte chance to be all dressed up, have aa &pfancy meal, go ride in a limo go to prom, have a date just like anyone else." else." thh students... say.../ their favorite part of the night.../
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a bit cooler today, still a &pnice day out there.... but some showers could be moving in.. 3 lets cheek in with chief meteorologgst vytas reid for look at the forecast. 3 3
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the wife of a former aide to john edwards takes the stand. campaign donations that never made it o edwards' mistress. 3 "tte president will do whatever he thinks is in the best interests of theeunited involved."s involled." 3 a chinese human rights activist escapes house arrest. how the u-s responds to accusations of harboring a dissident. a shocking crime caught on camera.... // aa.. store clerk... is shot by burglars.../ . what theesuspects also did to customers...
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a.../ woman.../ caught.../ in.. a ssheme...// to.../ hide... a... love child.../// ááfatheredáá... by...
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jjhn edwards.../ takes... the stand.../ ttday...////. áájonathanáá sarry.../ sarry.../reports,.../ hertestimony.../ could... be key.../ to... proving.../ that... campaign ooations.../ ere... used to.../ cover up.../ tte aafair. affair. 3 the wife of the man who helped john edwards hide his love-child... dropping a bombshell n ourt.she conttnds former democratic presidential caadidate edwards told her it was álegalá to take moneyyfrom a rrch campaign donor and ssend on his mistress.cheri young testifying monday that edwards -- an attorney before being elected senator -- gave her his legal explanation overrthe's the second week of the federal corruption trial ps john edwards faces one-point-five million dollars in fines ann up to 30 years in prison if convicted.government from two dooors amounted to e - edwards' defense team claims the money was a personal gift from friends.napolitano ssys: "if the government can show that edwards knew about it and the money was used just to with his wife, then that wwuld be an improper useeof campaign
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funds for which he's been indicted."cheri young also saying she was "disgusted" by the scheme toohave hee hussand, andrew young, claim paternity of rielle hunter's child -- fathered by edwards, saying quote: "the first thought in my mind was, how in the world could mm. edwards ask one more thing of me, of us. i was mad. i was upset. of course i said, 'absolutely not!' i screamed at him. i cursed at him."while young's family áhas bbená inconvenienced, the defense is urging jurors to "follow the money trail." shanahan ssyy: "much of this alleged one million dollars in fact went to mr young and to his family." (serrie on cam ttg) although the defense team has yet to decide for sureit's possible john edwards himself may take in greensboro, north carolina a chinese human rightss activist who escaped hhuse arress is now reportedly in custooy. the blind chinese lawyer, 40 year-old forced abortions nd exposing sterilizations as a esult of china's one-child policy.he'd
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been kepp under virtual house-arrest since 2010, formally arrested. sources say - he's nnw under u-s protection in beijing..... but president obama is refusing to talk about the diplomatic standoff obama says: "obviously i'm aware of the press reports on the situation in china but i'm not going to makk a statement on the issue.. issue." chen's essape comes at a polltically sensitive time for the u-s. secretary of state hillary clintonnand treasury secretary timothy geithner are expected to travee to beijing for sttategic talks. a... disturbing crime... caught on camera....///. camera....///. a convenience storeeclerk... in colorado.../ -- / after this.. .happened ....// thursday...//. police say... two armed men.../ brandishinn guns....// clerk in the arm -- / almost righh way ...and unprovoked --/ which disturbs police... theeother suspect... was shooting at customers .../
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as... they fled the store --/ but missed. 3 3 3 some clouds moving in..... but warmer weather is on the way. way. lets heck back with chief meteorologist vytas eid. 3
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3&ptime for a couple oo grandparents to turn over their driiers licenses.... /// the stunt they pulled with this toy car. (reporter: what was your response when you aw the 'lll.'"?) "i believe i aid 'lo" a udge sends a nearly-naked photo o a courtroom employee..... why ttat woman
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sleep number introduces the silver edition bed set, at savings of $1,000 for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. in sarasota,,floridd, grandparents with no common sen. ssnse. police arrested them for towinn this toy car behind their s-u-v with their &pgrandchild riding in it. and, officers say the grandmother
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and the grandfather were intoxi grandmother told police they been doing this all day." they are faccng numerous harges -- the little girl was not injurrd. a michigan judge lacked common sense....for senddngga nearly-naked a courtroom employeee the woman says the picture was meant to be a joke. sse says she and judge wade mccree, have a professional relationship and they're both into fitness. she sees the photo as no different than something you might see in a mos1 says: (you're saying this was not sexual harassment?) "no, absolutely not. (and you were not uncomfortable at any point?) no. he was very respectable anddhonorable." honorable."the woman's husband, however, didn't think it was verr hhnorabll. and is currentlyyunder review. - 3 3
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"it's not like we're all in here knocking back shoos or whatever, we came forra certain purpose toowatch church and that's whaa we're gonna do." 3 suds and salvation... salvation.../coming up, the unusual way an oklahoma pastor is getting people to go to church.
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get this.... an oklahoma church is delivering its message in a very unexpected place - a bar. 3
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"drunk monkey, i want to hear you scream!" (nats) (nats) the church service is streamed live into a little barrcalled the drunk monkey tavern..inssead of booze... they serve breakfast and coffee every sunday. it was actually the bar owner's idea.... and his plan to bring the pullit to his patrons is clearly working. the bar iss full of fflks who otherwise might never set foot in a "i an understand if people are a little skeptical at the thought of a place alled the drunk monkey being aaplace where you would find the gospel and yet, god is just as alive here as he is anywhere." 3 the doors are open aa the "drunk monkey" every sunday morning for church. you just haae to be 21 to attend. 3 3
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save with a shake. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 4 locations in your area &pthat'll do it for the latt edition. thanks so much for joining us, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert, up next is bruce cunningham, spoots unlimited starts right noo.
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the orioles have become the talk of baseball...thhy've spent 16 days in first place or tied foo the lead....hich matches their total for the past three seasons...combined. ..but starting tonight, things figured to get tuffer..they new york and onn in the ronx tonight bottom of the 2nd... chhvez drills it to rrght - ceeter..into the bbllpen...2 run shot gives new york a 2-1 lead....but that's all hammel would allow...bottom of the 6tt...he gets raul ibanez to ground intoothe inninggending double play...6 solid innings by the o's of the 7th...2 n and 2 outs for wilson bbtemii...wild pitch... nick markakisscomes home... russell martin perfect lip to huroki kuroda...markakis out at the plate to end the the 9th...mariano pivera on for the save.... markakis hot shht tooderek jeter....-4-3 double play ends the game...rrvera picks up his 3rd save against the o's in 4 games this year...2-1 the
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57 consecutive win streak when allowing 2 or ffwwr runs... for the secong straight day, bad news from the maryland basketball program...sunday, peshoo howard was arrested in, we learn the &pterps' best player won't be r. returning.. 3stoglin was suspended by the terps for one year for a violation of team least one media outlet is reporting he failed a drug test...and sunday, he signed with an agent and will enter tte nba draft...and he end of the season, he said he'd peturn...but then cam,e the suspension...stoglin was a first team all acc selection, leading the conference in scoring at 21.6 ppints per game... now that the drrfttis done, ozzie newsome turns to another one of his specialties...undra ftee free agents..bart ssott, &ppriest holmes, jeff saturddy and james harrison just a few names that come to mind... tonight we learn about this year's crop... 3 florida quurterback johh
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replaced tim tebow in to expectations....2 local guys will fight for roster ppots...morgan state's lamont bryant will battle for the 3rd tight end spot...and mississippi state offensive tackle and poly grad james carmon hopes to be this year's laquan don't see too mannynff players ffom division 2 school slippery rock...but the ravens ound one... receiver devin goda.... and wake forest safety kyle &pquarles expected to be a late-round pick but fell through the cracks.. caps and rangers game york leads 1 game to none... 3rd peeiod...tied at 2...alex oveehkin wicked wristerr.. powwr play goal gives the caps a 3-2 lead....a minute left... rangers witt an empty nett.. shot goes off the crossbar... just barely misses the equalizer...braden holtby and the caps even up the series... 3-2 the 3 in d-c on wednesday... that'll do it for this edition pf sports unlimited...i'm bruce cunningham...and be sure to tune in to fox455morning
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then take on that to-do list with a grin. - [sighs] oh.


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