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thousandsshere in 3 "what is t that is prompting them to just ask for more money" money?" seats.. snacks... now security?how much more you could soon be paying the next time you fly... to get screened by the t-s-a. and... a skydiving scare.what happens just moments after plane... hat left her fighting for suuvival. 3 3 3today is tuesday, may 29th. 3 3 - 3 3
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3 p3 3 a emorial day shooting lands 3 people in the hospital...... innluuing a ten year old boy. it happened in eass baltimore. jjel d..smithhis live theree now with their conditions and why there could have easily &pbeee.... even more victims. 3 good morning joel d. - good morning mmgan.
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around 9:30 last nighh this area ear east hoffman street near milton avenue was turned inno a shooting gallery. police were actually already in the 23 hundred block of hoffman treee when phey heard the shots, and you can see they were swarming the are in the minutessafter the shooting. take a look pt all the evidence markers clustered together theee. those usually mark shhll casings or locations wherr the bullets hit. three people were hit in the legs... tto men in their late 20's , and a ten year old boyy given the scenerio pollce are describing, there easily could have been more people shot. 3 3 2458 here we have a warm, memorial day night, the streets were crowded with gunman firing multiple shots, from what we believe was into a crowd, again, 3 people struck, and this investigation is on-going. all the victimm were taken to the hospital, and are expected to ssrvive.
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at this pointtpolice do ot have any suspects or a motive, but wiih so many people aaound, they are hoping some witnesses will come forward with more information. continue to follow this story, buu once again, 3 people shot last night in a crowd... all expected to survive. live in east altimore, joel d. smith fox 45 mornnng news. memorial ay turnsstragic for one man. body of david whittow hours after the boat he was on slammee into a concrete jetty people were taken to shock trauma. a 24-year-old man is emergency crews rescued him from theepretty boyy amn in par. parkton.these photos show a special operations team rescuiig thh swimmer around straps o secure him.....and hoist him into a helicopter. the swimmer has been charged the fire epartment saas .
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swimming is not allowed at any watershed in baltimore ounty. poliic now have a person-of- interest in a "peeping tom" case at the inner harbor. the suspect you see right herr, used his cell phooe camera to snnp photos of a 15 year old in a "harbor ppace" bathroom. the suspect put his camera underneath a stall.the viitim told police sheethought t was a joke at first....he guy was last seen unning out of the bathroom. pressdent obama remembered the men and women who serred nd those whoocontinue to serve this country for memmrial day. day.taps being played played he layed a wreath at the tomb of the's a day... honoriig those who gave country... but whhse identities may never be knoww. later.... the commander in chief spoke at the memoriil day observance errmony at arlington national emetery... the end of the civil war... but honors all veterans now.
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while theii stories might be separated by hundreds of years rest here together side by - of thhm loved this country ch republican presidential candidate mitt romney aatenddd a memorial day tribute in san diego....nd said the best way to honor veterans... is to ensure america as aastronn mmlitary. here at home the governor paad tribute to maryland's fallen hheoes during a ceremooy at the garrison forest veteran's cemetary, in owings mills.the govenor urged all marylanders now serving and those who paid - with the ultimate sacrifice. 1:12-1:28" to all who lay heee &pin resrt on this day especially we gather to remember. we remember their coorage, we rememebr thierr sacrifice, sacrifice and
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service which can enever be rep. repaid.the ceremonyyincluded a rifle salute and wreath laying ceremony. senator john mccain firrs back at protestors ... who interrupted his speech during a memorial day ceremony in san diego. --- prooesters booing---- 3 the senator paused when protesters from the crowd start shouting at him... yelling "take them doon!"a soldier is seen ushering prottsterr out of the evenn. but mccain had a few choice words for them. --cheering, "jerk", 3cl- ccapping""--- g-o-p... presidential candidate mitt seen laughing nd clapping as mccain continues his speech. authoriiies in canada are investigating reports that debris fell from a troubled airliner... damaging vehicles
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in ontario.the air canada toronto... heeded for okyo, monday afternoon.but as ed payne explains... one of the boeing 7-77 plane engines shut down after takeoff... prompting the light crew to -. airport. several places west of thee- aiiport, including this gas station paaking lot.some cars were hit, but luckiiy... no littered the ground.wwtnesses say the chunks -- about the initially too hot to touch, pnd smellld ike fuel.i came to the back, pretty shocked to pee this obviously. yeah, it's just really realll strange, not something i expected to &phappen today, having somethin strange, not obviously. yeah, it'ssjust really really eepected to happen today, having airplane debris fall through mm windshield.i was just surprised when i heard a noise, i got scared, i didn't really exxect it, i didn't know what was that could hhve been worse if
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people were walking, you know, yeah worse - good thing nothing happened, we're safe, onll the car.a passenger described what it was ike up abbvv -- after the plane seemed to lose some power as it climbed.well it was what, it was less than a minute and nobbdy heard anything clank or fall.. and then we're flying just a couple f thousand feet off the ground for a long time aad then makingga ight turn and a right turn and a right they're not tellinggus - something, but you know what, planes almost never all out of the sky so i didn't reelly worry about ii vvry uch.i'm ed payne eporting. the plane landed normally... and passengers returned to thh of last night... air canada said it had not confirmed debris had fallln said theee ill be a full investigation. an 80-yr old woman's skydiving experiennc in califfrnia... takes a scary turn!lavernn everette wanted
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to do it for her irttday.. but online video showw the woman falling out of her the plane.her insttuctor grabs - her feet and everette dangless hundreds of feettup in thh air. sot eeerette: "i just held on. (laughs) you do what i gotta dd, you know."sot everette: "put yourself in my positiin, i thiik you'd beeholding on too" poo." the f-a-a says, she may not have beee &pharnessed properly... or the harness may have been loosened inna struggle with her can you spell "prooiiy"?6-year-old lori anne madisoo is the youngest person &páeverá... to qualiff for the scripps national spelling bee. the littll girl is home-sshooled... and beat out 21 other kids in her virginia county... to advance to the
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national ompetition.she'll put her skills to the test tomorrow... against 277 otherr kids... kids wice her aae. llyola university.... are coming home champions!thh greyhounds won the n-c-a-a championship... making history! history!onnmonday affernoon, the grehounds dominaaed tte terps in an all maryland ... n-c-a-a- the fourth quarter... loyolaawas up by four...eric usby fires in his tying the reccrd with 16 &pgoaas... making loyola uu by . later in the fourth...lusby nnc-a-a record with 17 in the tournament.the greyhounds win over marrland... 9- 3.. 3 3 3
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the grryhounds finish the season 18 and 1.30 years ago... loyooa took it's athletic program to the n-c-a-a division one levve ... but they had never won a national championship untii yesterddy. the celebration started rightt after the game's a picture of the team... holding the trophy on the field in was sent to us by a loyola employee... and one of the team's biggest pans. really?more oney? money?what is it that s prompting them to just ask for mooe money?" money?"the agencc that's noww asking you.. .to help foot &psome of their ills bills 3
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((break )) storm nats nats they say love cannweather any
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&pstorm... and in this case.... that's exactly what hhppened.a tropical storm beeyl was approaching the shore.just listen to hat wind!a guest who shot this video saas the the couple said their "i then ran for cover as the rain started. ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))belair greensrpingliberty295895mta 3
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3&((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 3 3 there's good news...and bad new. news...gas prrces will ccntinue to go down... but not by much.the reason ehind the d. dip."i would say it's like using a toll road. if you uss a toll road you payythe toll." toll."and just add this to the list..he agency thatts assing for more money...and why you couud be payinn for it. ((bump ut)) ((break 2))
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3 ((break 2)) be paying for asking for more the agency t hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios at a time when airlines seee
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to be adding extra charges for everything from seats to snacks...ttere's another fee in the lizzie o'leary explains... this time, it's transportttion security officials who want you to pay m.
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more. --reporter pkg-as follows -- take two things thattmany tsa and ticcet fees. now dd them together."what is it thatt is prompting them to just aak for more money?"the agency - backed by democrats in the security fee everyone pays with a ticket. rom $2250 a flight, to $5 per one-way is kind of pushing it to a limit. iimean i ggess it's only 5 dollars more, but i'm wondering, you know, hoo that fitssin with-they already have a budget."tss'' budggt -- like maay in washington -- is set to be cut. and thh agency says boosting this fee would help cover the increasing price of security, like those costly hiked in 10 years.(nats)but a againnt it: iilines. they - don't want the cost hifted onto their customers."air security is a national security function and t's somethiig that all of ussneed to be behind as americans, and the government should be picking up the cost of ttat."
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many traaelers we talked to didn't mind. "i would saa if you use a toll road you pay - the toll.""as long as it makes it securee"but they want to secure.""as long as ii makes it toll."toll roaddyou pay thee a toll road. if you use a "i talked to didn't many travelers that."many travelers we taaked to didn't mind. a road you pay the toll."secure." money well spent. (reporter: "does increaaing the fee increase the levvl of security tsa can providd?")"it means that tsa's budget will be a little less likely to get ut just to save money in the overall deficit rrduction effort. so, in that regard it's useful. it's also useful if you can tell where the beneeits go for aaricular program hen the people who get the bennfits generalll republicans want to cut rom other social programs to cut from other reppblicans want pay for it."benefits gennrally shouldd pay for it." pepublicans want tt cut from other social progrrms to pay por the security fee increase. all of this has to be worked out ight now, so that the
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t-s-a can gettits funding for gas prices... are downn.. down...and they will conninne pp.and later...facebook goes - they've hired... and why ttey could be the perfect people for the job. ((break 3)) here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
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the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. --reporter pkg-as follows --
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gas prices have been moving lower and they most likely will move even lower than phere they are now but noo by much because what happens after memorial day s refineries switch to a summer-blend of gas. t's cleener but it's mooe expensive to produce.still- with the national average forr a gallon of gas sitting at $3.64 it is sttll 30 cents lower than where we were a year go.all right, so why are we seeing gas prices lower? well part of it is because tensions with iran have eased. year iran was threatening to
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close the straittof hormuz that's a main supply route for 20% of the world's oil. also supplies are ore plenttful. oil and gas supplies are &actua llvels since 1990.and finally, the third reason you're seeing gas prices lower, is because of the economy. ere in the u.s. you're seeing the momenttm for the jobs recovery slow downn also gdp econnmic also expected to slow down as pell, and it's not just ii the u.s. overseas in europe. at least 12 countries in europe are falling into a recession. so what you see is a trade-off.. lower gas prices alison kosik in new york.m - -----end-----cnn.script----- shot gunn... diiguised as waterguns.where ii maryland... police are on the lookout... for the dangerouu w. weapon. 3 33
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