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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 27, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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vi ripken's kidnapper. the role the f-b-i is taking in the
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3 3 3 3 a fire fighter is taken to the hospital after battling a two alarm fire in broke out around two it broke out randallstown.alarm fire in battling a two hospital after a fire fighter is
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3 a fire fighter is taken to the hospital after battling a two alarm fire in broke out around two o'clock this morning. morning.our crews have been on the scene all morning long. megan gilliland joins us live there now with a look at the damage left 3
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a baltimore county man faces charges accused of sexually assaulting a teenager and giving him h-i-v. h-i-v.police say back in february... steven podles and a 13 year old boy began talking through an app called ágrinder.áthe two agreed to meet up... and police say 36 year old podles... drove to essex and engaged in sexual activity with the boy... and
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according to the indictment... he infected the boy with hiv: "yea that's disguisting its like taking someone's life...i'm sure the older man knew" 3 "can consensual, it is a crime" crime" police are not sure if there are any other victims... but they are contacting other people on grinder he may have contacted. friends and family gather to remember two maryland students.. and best friends... killed in a car crash... in west virginia... over the weekend.hundreds showed up at the students former high school in middle river. close to 200 people... most of them students... gathered at eastern tech high to remember tavon frisby and cameron shields. the men were coming from orientation at the university of charleston saturday afternoon.both were
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starting classes there this fall. while frisby was driving along i-79... investigators say he somehow crossed the median into the southbound lanes. 3 i believe tavon was vp of student just shows how much they were loved at the school.... school.... details of the funeral arrangements can be found on our website at fox baltimore dot com. 3 the body of a navy officer... killld in the colorado movie massacre... returns home to ill. illinois.on thursday... motorcyclists with the illinois old guard were on hand to escort the hearse carrying petty officer john larimer... when it landed at the airport. larimer was stationed at buckley air force
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base in colorado. the 27-year-old was shot and killed as he shielded his girlfriend from gunfire in the theater. a public viewing for larimer is scheduled for today. the reverend jesse jackson pays a visit to the memorial site... of the colorado shooting victims.on thursday... he also spoke in front of the apartment complex... where suspect james holmes was living. he's the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others. jackson says criminals have easy access to weapons and called attention to holmes buying six-thousand rounds of ammunition, which was legal. a pair of fish at the santa monica aquarium... are caught kissing on camera. camera.take a look at this unusual sight.aquarium workers don't know why they were smooching... but say they do tend to spawn in the summer. several children squealed in delight... as they watched on. serving those who serve our cou. country.13:31:41- 13:31:48 rick: because i have him now, i feel like i wont be the burden on my family. family. how great danes
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are helping wounded warrioirs on the road to recovery...and what makes them different than other service dogs. dogs. ((break 1)) the car on the left was filled up with
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map bel air map fiber map
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wilkens map 3
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3 3 3 3 service dogs trained to saves l. lives.13:25:42- 13:25:50he will be able to sense that a seizure is coming on, in my mind thats magic. great danes are helping veterans cope with the side effects of war. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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♪ the profound effect of war can be seen in the veterans returning home.for many that's the hardest part... bridging the gap between a tour of duty and daily our cover story, this morning...we meet two friends who are doing it together ...a sailor and his sa. sargeent. on a quiet street in carroll county..... the sleepy peace of retirement.... but inside...... the buzz of new life.... ((nats))14:17:28- 30
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---barrett playing with ice cube----the kind of energy only found in youth. ((nats)) 14:30:54- 14:30:56barrett sniffing camera13:40:56- 13:41:10rose: he walked out of the kitchen the other day with a corn cob from the garbagea 7 month old great dane..... growing faster every day. 14:11:13- 14:11:20rick: this was his shoulder height, then we go right on up the tape, 11, 12, 13.//butt to/// 14:11:45-14:11:49rick: the feed bill has gone up a bithe weighs in at more than 90 pounds..... but this puppy, is bound for bigger things... 13:33:08- 13:33:14rick: my name is rick blizzard, this is my service dog barrett. barrett... as in sergeant major michael barrett, the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer in the united states marine corps.a namesake that reflects his purpose.... serving those who served our country.13:17:25- 13:17:30rick: from 62 untill 66, vietnam was my war.rick was just 18 when he joined the navy.... shipped off to boot camp 10 days out of highschool 14:40:04- 14:40:09 (cover with shots of him looking at photos) rick: brings back alot of memories, im dusting some cob webssoff as we go.5 thousand men..... and 22 mooths aboard the uss kitty hawk...
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14:44:01-14:44:04rick:met alot of guys from all over the countrythere's good memories.... 14:45:43-14:45:52 rick: the duty chief had us out on the grinder, we were drilling till 2 o clock in the morning because charles albert todd didnt know halt who goes there.and those he'd rather forget..... 13:30:27- 13:30:30 rick: before we even got to pearl harbor, we lost two men overboardit's those military ties that brought rick and barrett together .... through a group called paws.... a north carolina-based nonprofit that raises service dogs for traumatic injuries. 13:22:16-13:22:19last fall they've been increasing//butt to///13:24:57- 13;25:13 rick: i went out front got through a stop sign, drove up a one way street the wrong way and i hit a county maintence vehicle. with epilepsy... rick doesn't know when a seizure is coming, but next time, he'll have a warning. 13:25:42- 13:25:50 rick: he will be able to sense that a seizure is coming on, in my mind thats magic. barrett will learn how to call 911 by pressing a button 13:38:54- 13:39:01rose: that's all a big comfort to me, because i cant be with my husband 24 hours a day. //butt to///13:31:41- 13:31:48
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rick: because i have him now, i feel like i wont be the burden on my family, that i feel like i've been.rick isn't alone.... many veterans feel like a strain on their families.... 14:22:21- 14:22:30chris ronald: the veterans will come back and they dont want to bb they have alot of anger, they have alot of as a member of paws.....
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chris ronald has seen the side effects of war.... both physical and emotional. 14:23:25-14:23:37chris ronald: he would have nightmares and unfortantely, in the nightmare, he would end up with his hands around his wife's neckptsd can lead to nightmares and a fear of the dark... the dogs can be trained to turn on the lights and wake them up. with their unique set of skills ... paws service dogs are in high demand.... the group has just over 20 puppies in training... and a stack of applications. 14:25:41-14:25:54chris ronald: these are men that we still have to bring home that one final stepfor rick ...the world is already bigger with barrett by his side.... 13:31:57- 13:32:05rick: i have a little electric mobility scooter, and he and i work together on that, and he trots along side it pretty well. together they take it one step at a time.... a sailor and his seargant.... 13:32:06-13:32:09 rick: i think together, we make a heck of a team"come on heel" 3 next in sports. sports.a departure and an injury leave the ravens with two big holes to fill.the person they hope will step up... and fill one of them. ((break 3)) 3
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... ford is issuing a recall.the faulty part that's causing a problem.and how many models are affected.
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