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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 1, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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you have just three more changes to win.we give away another 250 dollar giant gift card... tomorrow on fox45 morning news. 3vi ripken's kidnapper caught on camera.we'll show you the surveillance video police are hoping will help catch the most wanted man in harford county. we're here to mark a new day for women's health in america. the health care eight services millions of american women now have access to... for free. and... whh the end of this month... is the best time... to book your next vacation. 3 3 inner harbor 3 today is wednesday, august 1.
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we have a new look at the man police say kidnapped cal ripken's mother last this hour... he is still out there... and is considered to be armed and dangerous. dangerous.megan gilliland is here with surveillance video of the suspect you need to look out for. good morning guys,you're taking a look at roughly 40 seconds of video... of the most wanted man in harford county. watch as one camera after another tracks the suspect... you can see him walking into this glen burnie wal-mart. sources say he used 74-year old vi ripken's credit card to make a purchase here.the video was taken the night she was's believed during the 24 hours ripken was missing... she was driven
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around central maryland periodically making stops in neighboring counties. 7:35:56 someone may have seen him that night seen the vehicle had contact with him we need to know that.20:25 human intelligence is the number one way of solving cases despite all the technology :29 :29investigators say it's the people who saw this man that night... that will be key to this case. police have followed up on more than 50 tips... but they want to hear from you too... if you have any information please call harford county police right away.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a family dispute ...leads to police shooting and killing a man inside a home in north balt. baltimore.the whole thing unfolded abut 4:30, tuesday afternoon in this part of north weldon place.police were called for what they say was a family dispute...and while inside one officer called for help...another officer fired... after seeing a knife near the suspect. (guglielmi) "the officer who was being attacked did summons the other officer to assist him. that other officer fired
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at least one round to the suspect and he died as a result of those injuries."(ms. littles/neighbor) "i'm sure they could have handled it differently. they could have shot him somewhere else. he only had a knife, not a gun. it could have been a different " result."the suspect was killed. the officers were not hurt. a man hunt ends as police arrest the man they say stabbed his mother in the chest.21 year old james zito was arrested near the glen burnie mall tuesday morning. police found his mother with multiple stab wounds at their home on stacy oak way in millersville.she is expected to be word on why the fight started. b-g-e releases a 56-page report defending the company's response after last month's storm ... leaving almost eight hundred thousand customers without power for day. days. the company issued report to the public service commission as part of the panel's investigation into how the state's electric utilities responded to power outages. b-g-e officials say the lack of advance warning prevented the company from requesting the 1500 out of state crews
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needed to restore the outages. 3 3 we're not saying we did well we're not saying we didn't do well we're simply saying out of respect for the commission here's the report here are the facts we look forward to working in a constructive fashion to understand what went right and where we can improve...// //storms do come unexpected its nature but yo do serve a purpose and you serce the public you should be ready to do out at any cost and have your crews ready to go.... go.... the commission will hold a series of public hearings next month to hear testimony from customers... and a formal hearing will be held in september. starting today... all new health insurance plans must provide eight preventive health benefits to women for fr. mary ellen hopkins explains... for women already in plans with copays or deductibles for those services... they will also be free, starting at their plan's next renewal date. date. the department of health and human services estimates 47 million women are in health plans that must offer the new
5:07 am's a requirement of the health care reform law congress passed in 2010. the supreme court upheld most of the law in june.the secretary of health celebrated wednesday's milestone a day early.we're here to mark a new day for women's health in america. starting tomorrow, thanks to the new health care law, all insurance policies will be required to cover new vital care that women need to stay healthy and they'll have to cover the care without charging women anything out of pocket.the benefits include contraceptives, breast-feeding supplies and screenings for sexually transmitted infections and counseling for domestic violence. they also include routine check-ups for breast and pelvic exams, pap tests and prenatal care.too often, we put our own health last. and that's especially true when it comes to preventive care. the regular checkups and screenings that are so important to staying health but can be too easy to
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put off.fourteen free preventative service benefits for women have already taken effect under the affordable care act -- including mammograms to screen for breast cancer in women over 40. i'm mary ellen hopkins reporting. not all insured women will have access to the new services.certain insurance plans that existed before the passage of health care reform may have "grandfathered" status and may be exempt from offering the benefits.women can call their employers to ask whether they are in "grandfathered" health insurance plans. meanwhile... don't be surprised if you see a large group of hikers, carrying rosaries.... and making their way to baltimore over the next few days. the demonstrators were stepping through washington county tuesday.... calling it a pilgrimage for religious freedom. the marchers are catholics, who oppose obama's policy requiring private health insurance plans provide contraception. sot full (rev jack lombardi)((() (((sot))) the group hopes to walk all
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the way to baltimore's bassilica, in time for mass on sunday. congress announces an agreement tuesday that will fund the federal government for six months. it eliminates the possibility of a government shutdown prior to the presidential election. current funding for federal agencies is set to expire at the end of september. the resolution covers the budget with more than a trillion dollars through march 2013. president obama is putting pressure on iran... to make sure the country doesn't have the means to make nuclear weapons. on tuesday... the white house announced new u-s sanctions... targeting iran's oil names specific banks in iraq and china that could be helping iran access the international financial system. the sanctions came with a warning... that tehran faces growing consequences for refusing to answer questions
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about its nuclear program. a tech savvy farm wants to turn it's harvest into a smartphone app. app. joel d. smith is live at the farm now in white hall, to see why the farmers are asking their customers to foot the 30 thousand dollar bill. good morning joel d. 3
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baltimore's hometown boy... michael phelps has made olympic history!with two swims in london.... he became the games all time medals leader. leader.phelps tied the record yesterday afternoon by getting a silver in the men's 200 meter butterfly... then picked up a gold as a member of the u-s 4 by 200 meter relay team. he passes a soviet gymnast for the all time lead with 19 career olympic medals.his fans at the meadowbrook swim club ...where he trains... are thrilled. 3 "it's total excitment...greatest it like some there you know." know." " i love that he comes back to his home pool to practice the kids are always so excited to see him." him." "go michael phelps go, go , go" " i think i would like to be like him a great swimmer like he is." phelps fans can still cheer him on.he has 3 more events in
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the games. taking advantage... of american heroes. heroes."i feel that he's dishonored the 343 firefighters firefightershow two men duped people into donating money to charities for septmeber 11th victims and their families... but instead... pocketed the mon. money.
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3 3 3 3 swindling 9-11 victims and thier families out of money... money...absolutely it's a betrayal, it's disgusting." the scam two new york men operated... and if they are facing criminal charges. charges.and later...holding out on booking a vacation?why you might want to take advantage of the lower prices... right now. ((bump out)) &pçia÷a÷
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life opens up when you do. 3 two men in new york are accused of running a phony 9-11 charity. as jessica schneider reports... the duo collected cash on behalf of 9-11 victims and their families, but pocketed the money. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- the memories of fdny firefighter george cain are abundant here on cedar street in massapequa. the street renamed in his honor. the pictures inside his childhood home. "he died a hero." but rosemary cain is now learning that her son's name and the memory of his heroics while
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responding with ladder 7 on 9/11...were used in an alleged scam. prosecutors say it was masterminded by convicted felon mark niemczyk, who falsely claimed he was a navy seal, and another ex-con thomas scalgione. they're accused of creating a fake 9/11 charity that raised tens of thousands of dollars....but never went to benefit victims. "i feel that he's dishonored the 343 firefighters, he's dishonored by putting their names on a truck and using it to scam people of their money. absolutely it's a betrayal, it's disgusting." (nats) we went to mark niemczyk's apartment at this senior independent living complex but got no answer. "people who lives in this community say mark niemczyk usually parks a bright red pick up truck in this lot. the lawsuit says that pickup truck is at the heart of this scam." it's emblazoned with the names of allegedly parades around...attending memorial events...and soliciting money from people. all under the guise that the cash would go to 9/11 victim's families. but
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a civil lawsuit filed friday states that the two men ...neither represent nor have any meaningful association with any of the victims of the 9/11 attack.. and the donations they collect are not used to benefit victims but instead are diverted for their own personal use. the men even said they were collecting to benefit the so-called cain foundation. "for him to be saying that i gave him permission to go and he whatever the documentation is for cain fund, is not true." now, the men are being sued by the state of new jersey to recover the money they took... "they should hang their heads in shame for tarnishing anything connected to september 11th." and criminal charges stemming from this alleged scam could also be on the horizon. thinking of a vacation soon? soon?the two best days to book tickets online...and when you can expect to see lower prices. ((break 3)) [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!don! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon,
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airfares next month. rick seaney - ceo of farecompare- dot-com - says ticket prices should drop between 10 and 20- percent. that would be a big relief for flyers because overall ticket prices rose over the past two years. you should see fares drop at the end of august. kids are going back to school, so that's a slower time for airlines. because of that, prices normally drop a little at that time of year. plus, rick seaney says that demand this summer hasn't been as strong as expected... so carriers aren't increasing prices because there isn't enough demand to support it. we took a look at some specific fares... a roundtrip ticket from newark to los angeles will cost 533-dollars for thursday to sunday travel in mid-august. but it drops almost 100-dollars if you go in mid-september instead. with that in mind, you should shop now for flights in september and october. sites tend to have their best deals if you buy between tuesday and thursday. maybe now's the time for your much-needed vacation.
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i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end-----cnn.script----- the f-b-i is investigating certain flights out of canada. canada.the dangerous thing people have found.. in thier meals. bth - chick fil athe mayors of boston,
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