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mayor also takes care of her friends and family --- her top aides - and other staff members. and sometimes she doesn't give the tickets to anyone.some of her critics have raised ethical questions about these ticket giveaways. the mayor came under scrutiny months go about her use of ravens tickets this the best use of the perks? is there a benefit to the city?i tried to ask the mayor today about her tickets - and if she had a clear policy for them. she made it clear she didn't want to talk about it. trivial. that's how the mayor sees her expensive freebies. tonight at ten - we'll talk &pwith a political analyst abou this perk ---how the mayor distributes her tickets- and whether it's reasonable to expect her to answer questions
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about them.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. and that brings us to our question of the you think the mayor's friends and famiiy should get free tickets to performances at 1st mariner arena? mary writes on facebook..."she should give them to underprivileged citizens of baltimore city." city." but spirit writes..."why not? sheila dixon got er fair share of per" perks." and big response on this question...and a lot of strong opnions. and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. a millersville woman is after police say she abandoned
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her baby outside a church monda. monday.the two-month-old boy was found strapped into a car seat, and left under a porch at grace point presbyterian church on donald avenue.the child was treated for exposure, and is expected to the mother...pettricia with a motel in fredericksburg, virginia. human remains are found behind a shopping center in pasadena. a decomposed human skull was found ccose to three o'clock yesterday afternoon by a person walking in the woods outlet along ritchie highway in pasadena.a short time later... a body was discovered a good distance away from the human skull. 3 3
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police don't know how long the remains had been there. 3 neighbors are joining neighbors tonight in the fight against crime. crime. jeff abell is live in park heights where national night out is getting underway, jeff.... fight back against
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prime. if you have a tip or have information on keeping our streets our "figgting back" hotline. 410-662-1456 a former university of maryllnd honor student pleads guilty after threats to go on a deadly shooting spree on camp. campus. 19 year old alexander song left court avoiding any jailtime. instead the state is closely monitoring his mental state. it's beleived
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song suffered sooe sort of episode back in march when he made thrrats online to kill enough people on campus to make national news. 3 9:01;33 i think this behavior was the beginning perhaps the beginning of behavior that would have escalated we take all threats very seriously :39 and whether he had the ability at the time to carry out the threat or not we regaad him as a dangerous person because of those threats :45 p as a result of song's guilty plea to telephone misuse, the howard county native will never be legally allowed to pwn a firearm. song's sentencing has been deferred for the time being. in two days...statelawmakers return toaanapolis for a specialsession to consider expanded gambling. gambling.but their squabbles overslot machines goes back nearly20-years.back in 2005...both thehouse and senate passedseparate bills to legalizeslots... without voter approval.but house and senate leaders never reached a compromise...and the bill
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failed. (frank) "and the democrats played politics for four long years, they did not want that republican governor to get a legislative victory so we're really behind the eight ball when it comes to our neighboring states." states." republican bob ehrlich was governor t the time. buttsome democrats...blamethe slots bill failure on a clashof egos involving house speaker michael busch...and senate pressdent mike miller. meanwhile, a strong showing of support for maryland's same- sex marriage supporters of gay marriage met today ... to raise awareness among voters, who will have their say in november. lawmakers passed legislation this year to allow same-sex marriage in the state. but opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot. "iq: in maryland this year we have an opportunity to make history.... oq: gay or staright, you can marry who you love." love."
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a recent hart research poll shows 54 percent of marylanders would vote in law, while 40 pprcent say they're opposed. a warning tonight: the swine flu has been blamed on visits to county fairs across the u.s. the centers for disease &pcontrrl reports 29 cases, in eight states. there have beee áno casesá reported in maryland... but as kathleen cairns reports... visitors at the howard county fair are taking precautions. (kc lead)"here at the howard county fair.... like marshmellows"------------------ (music box)"the howard county fair of course.."in barn nine: (she asks)"do you want to et em?"(fan nats) (casey)"this one is breakfast.. lunch..and dinner"16 year old casey ross is proud of her plump pigs.
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(casey)"this one weighs 265 pounds"visitors love to see the variety of livestock... (goat-- naaaaaa) pigs.. theyre really nice t my - pigs.. i just remind people to wash their hands afterwards." with good reason: (dr beilenson)"the only way to get this swine flu is touch a pig and touch the secretions and scare in other states, is not keeping anyone away from here. since there are been no cases of h-3-n-2 in maryland. (nats- washing pigs)-spray of water ("they keep themselves pretty clean") but health officials warn: use precautions.. (mom)"i wasnt too worried about us as long as we wash our hands and everyone has a healthy immune system i was just happy to see it was open for us to see the pigs." (little girl) "pigs..!"(nats real pig snort)(little girl)(girl immitates pig snort) there are plenty of wash stationn... which are busy: (kid)"cause of all the bacteria you can get from not washinn your hands you can eat something and get sick the next day"------------------(kc
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tag)"check this out...... 5:3o"- another important fact to note... you cannot get the swine flu from eating any kind of pig products.. like pork or bacon... the only way to get it.. is from direct contact with a sick pig... how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor has report. mapbelairfiberwilkens395map
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a raging fire in california is finally out... but the chaos is far from over..... why hundreds of people are noww showing up in hospitals. 3
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a shocking case of animal cruelty..... the cat witt an arrow through its skill.... and the stroke of luck that saved its life. 3 some of my grandchildren are going skydiving, so what they can do, i can do too. too. and a skydiving senior citizen.... why this great grandmother jumped out of a plane. 3 --adblib weather tz-- ♪
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♪ i'd do anything for you, dear ♪ ♪ anything 'cause you mean everything to me ♪ ♪ i'd know that i'd go anywhere ♪ ♪ for your smile ♪ anywhere ♪ yes, i'd do anything ♪ anything for you ♪ ♪ anything for you a raging fire at one oo the nation's largest refineries is finally out.... but hospitals are now dealing with more than
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two-hundred people complaining of reathing problems... a black cloud of smoke could be seen for miles after the chevron refinery went up in flames monday night in richmond.residents were told to stay inside and keep their doors shut tight.... but many still suffered symptoms of smoke inhalation.chevron says pll of its employees are safe and accouuted for ... but three people did suffer minor injuries. the fire was traced back to a leak in one of the diesel fuel tanks. and police in michigan are looking for the person who shot an arrow through a cat's skull.take aalook at these shocking photos...the owner says his cat... baby... came home like this. you can see the arrow weet through one side of his skull and came out the other.amazingly, it didn't hit any vital organs.vets removed the arrow and baby is expected to be o-k. southwest airlines normally raaks pretty high in customer satisfaction ratings... but over the weekend, the
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airline had a major setback when a promotion took advantage of fliers. as dionne anglin report, the company is now in overdrive cleaning up the mess. mess. it was anything but a smooth take--ff for southwest airlines' online "half-off" fare promotion. curtis says: "theyyre going to work it out wwth us, but right now its a mess." over the weekend thousands who bought tickets were hit with ajor turbulence in their bank and credit card accounts. duplicate chhrges -- people boooing one flight but discovering they were charged for -- innsome cases dozens of tickets... on s-w-a's facebook page, one woman complained southwest ddbited her account for more than 19-thousand dollars. &p this young man at love field, flying home to new mexico, says he was on the phone with southwest for to straighten out a double booking. mos says: "(was it frustrating?) it was because i
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and that was a long time, but they did say on the line their wait time would be about a two hour wait." southwest airlines says a "computer glitch" was the culprit. and the airline responded quickly to issues involving overdraft fees and other financial difficulties people experienced. it's latest statement today in part says... "our employees worked tirelessly to resolve the issue and have confirmee that the duplications are no longer occurring. by initiating an 'all hands oo deck' approach, we have identified all custtmers impacted and proactively initiated refunds back to their financial institutions for any rroneous bookings." meanwhile, travelers with american airlines now have the option of skipping baagage claim... the airline is teaming up with "bags v-i-p luggage delivery"... which delivers bags to homes or
5:47 pm using the service will get their bags fee for baggage delivery t.the - starts at 30-dollars... and is only avaalable in a few sellct 3 dispatcher says: "ok sir i can't take you to the store and get you a beer."mos says: "she had to figure out hatt the problem was or if there was a problem." a man calls 911.... with a bizarre request. what he offered to pay disptachers to do.... and the reason police didn't find it funny. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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it's an unusual request... one officials aren't taking lighhly... a man calls 9-1-1 asking for a ride to the liquor store. store.dispatcher says: "maury
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911 what is you emergency? ok wwat's goong oo sir?"caller says: "the store to get me a beer. i'll pay you."dispatcher says: "ok sir i can't take you to the store and get you a beer" beer."police in tennessee... received not one but two calls from the man.... who even offered to pay for the ride. apparenlty, dispatchers didnt see it as an emergency.... they were dealing with severe weather and a serious crash at the ime. he stunt landed him in big trouble with the police ddpartment.... but the man's brother is coming to his defense.... claiming he's deaf and didn't mean to call the cops... he was actually trying to dial á4-1-1. 3 3 33 some wet weather in store this week .... let's check back with chief meteorologist for a look at the forcast.
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3 -3 i'm morgan adsit live in
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owings mills with thh ravens...................... that's next on sports unlimited.
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live in owings mills with the ravens.welcome to sports was it... the ffnal practice before the ravens hold a walk through and head down to atlanta.the ravens will see the alcons thursday... in their first preseason game..finally we'll see some live football action...and get a better look at who's going to make this 53-man roster. this guy's a guarantee... ravens quarterback joe flacco. we know hissbackground... no n- f-l q-b has won more games in his first 4 seasons than his first 4... he's
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taken the ravens to the at least one post eason game... and twice made it to is why at some poont this ch season... he'll get a hefty paycheck and new contract with baltimoree.that doesn't mean he's perfect... and does mean the weight of this season lies on his's time for the ravens offense to be the talk of the town...flacco's having a great camp.... as ray rice... 5 solid targets in receivers and tight ends... and more freedom to calllplays. 3 quarterbacks are only as good as their line.there's o-line holes in camp... but the ravens have the bodies to find the best 5.right now it's been competition at right tackle,
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marshal yanda at guard, matt birk center, bobbie williamss guard... and competition at left tackle between michael oher and bryant mckinnie.. mckinnie started every ame at left tackle last season...but put himself back in the offseason with an injury that got him here a week late... and weight issues.that's why oher has once again jumped back and forth between right and left..not an ideal situation, john harbaugh says. you always want to be set at all your positions, but that's not always realistic. it's training camp, it's football, guys compete for spots. we have guys who love to compete and want to be on the field and those ttckles at no less. so it's our obligation to our team and those guys to let them go out there and compete. more from camp...can the o's get to the top of the wildcard chase.and we'll cceck in with a local in london..that's tonight on sports nlimited. i'm ma live at owings mills, back to you.
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get this.... a ninety year old great grandmother proves she's young at heart after she goes skydiving in minnesota! minnesota! "we are going to take you 2 miles high, and race you back down at 120 mph, how do you feel about that." that." angela jangula waa in forest lake for a family reunion, when she decided to go sky diving and invited cameras along to document the experience. 3 --cheering---"you want to go again.... not today."jangula says: "i wish some of the boys woull have did it. they all chicken out.. out." the boys may have backed out... but two of angela's daughters and three of her great granddaughters joined her. 3 that's all for fox45 nnws at
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5:30.we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.


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