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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the mayor's free tickets. tickets.mayor: 14:11:50 ... so now you start to focus on trivial things." things."why questions are being raised over they way she hands them out and her indignant response. texting while driving. driving.400 terriile. i hit a person, hit a car. the lessons learned when young drivers are put to the test. 3 heating up with an increasing threat of thunderstorms later in the week.when the worst storms could arrive and the part of the state where a tornado warninggwas issued tonight in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and the dangerous disease linked to county fairs. fairs.(mom)"i wasnt too worried about us the most important thing you can do to protest youself. 3
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hello i'm jennifer gilbert. imagine being able to get free tickets to any concert or sporting event you want! it's a perk baltimore's mayor enjoys. but now her office is under scrutiny for the freebies -- and how she shares . them.melinda roeder tried asking her about it today and has more on this wastewatch report. report. ((pkg))melinda standup: in my hands are hundreds of pages of e-mails and logs that list the people who received tickets from the mayor's office. tickets for events at first mariner arena.... events like sold out concerts and the circus. and we're not talking cheap seats - but high-priced ower-level tix. ((pkg)) we got the information after filing a freedom of information request. it all started a few months ago... when we found out the mayor was giving ravens and orioles tickkts to friends and family.dedie: 14:17:31 "i think it raises a lot of red flags." in the stack of papers released by the city.... lists of tickets to first mariner events... going to friends and family. political analyst john dedie says it's a
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tricky perk - and without a clear policy for giveaways... she sets herself up for scrutiny.dedie: 14:18:32 "it also reminds people of the days of sheila dixon. hen srb came into office, she implied this would be a new day - more ethical... we've seen this rerun before." the mayor also shares a lot of her tickets with charities - kids organizations - and school officials. some go unused. others go to her political allies and colleagues - like city council members. we should point out... giving tickets away is álegalá... but we asked the mayor if the scrutiny will change the way she hands them out.mayor: 14:11:50 include the question... "i think when your outlet... so now you start to focus on trivial things." dedie: 14:22:23 "when in
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doubt, blame the media!.... when all these other good things are appening.".but the mayor argues she hasn't handled her freebies - any differently than her predecessors.dedie: 14:25:15 "people like to say that's the way we've always done that.. but that doesn't make it right."melinda tag:: some of the shows the mayor got tickets for were sold out concerts.. including jay-z and rihanna.melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. &p do yyu think the mayor's friends and family should get free tickets to performances at 1st mariner arena? this question touched a exploded as soon as we posted it...about 400 comments so far......and a few pf you are comparing this situation... to former mayor shiela dixon's problems.join the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you have a story about government waste... call our hotline...410-662-1456
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you can also log onto our website fox baltimore dot com and click on waste watch. baltimore city police are fighitng back...trying to find the gunman who shot one person and left another one injured late last night nightinvestigators were sttll looking for evidence when we went to the scene on giles road this morningthe victims were walking down giles road when a gunman opened fire... anthony cureton was pronounced dead early this morning. the second victim was shot in the hip and is listed in good condition. no word on a human remains are found behind a shopping center in pas. pasadena.... karen parks is live at anne arundel county police headquarters wherr investigators are still looking or clues.... clues.... 3 this discovery has even baffled police....the remains were so decomposed.....the cause of death......and the identity will be difficull to f. find....... (9:22)just a pretty pretty quiet area.....monday thissquiet &pwooded area of pasadena..... human remains are found..... (12:22)its a pretty decent peighborhood in many places that you go but it still happens it really does..... this wooded area sits behind the ollies bargain outlet
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along ritccie hwy.....the discovery shocked shoppers.... (9:13)its crazy i never expect nothing like that around here.....police say......a walker stumbled upon a decomposed human skull in these woods and called police......(1:55)over several hours a good distance away they were able to locate some additional remains body partt looking into the possibility they may be connected to that word on identity.....race or gender......(12:04)it could have been there for 10 years if it was that decomposed so who knows.....pat murdock shops at this ollies.....and says the discooery has her on high alert.....(12:50)i wouldn't come during the night i would come during the day when its daylight and there's a lot of people around.....he unidentified remains were sent to the chief medical examiner in baltimore for identification and cause of death....(12:58)if its behind the ollies its hard to say how that person got back there were they dragged our the back door were they in a car and go losttand ended up back theee...there's many reasons..
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if you have any information you are asked to call police immediately... 3 the war on crime brought many people out of their homes and into the streets tonight. tonight. this was the 29'th year for the national night event that encourages neighbors to fight back against crime. one of the largest events here in baltimore was held at mondawmin mall where city police officers grilled hotdogs and helped educate residents about crime prevention. (13:56:20) "the actual percentage of people involved in crime is rrther low. what you have is, even though you have a small number of people doing crime, what you can do is create a sense of fear in others. national night out says you don't have to fear, you can come out. you can feel safe in your community." community." while some neighborhoods held block partys, others held front-porch vigils with hopes of heightening awareness of crime. 3 a randallstown woman used this natiinal night out to demand justice for her teenage . son. jeff abell is live in northwest baltimore where they just wrapped up a rally for chirs brown, jeff....
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jeff.... about a hundred people came to the empowerment temple here tonight to stand behind a randallstown mother whoolost her son to violence. 17-year old christopher brown died of asphyxiation two months ago after, investigators say he was chased by an off-duty police offiver and killed. the incident happened after teenagers threw rocks at the officers home. last month, a grand jury indicted county police officer james laboard of manslaughter..... but at a rally tonight, friends of the victims family insissed manslaughter is not good enough. (14:56:03) "the officer needs to be charged with murder, he murdered my son and needs to be immediately arrested. that's what the rally is all about as well as make sure this doesn't happen to another child. because we're seeing too many murders. we're seeing carelessness ongoing all across the bbard." 3 the family complains that the officer has been given special
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treatment during this ordeal. after being indicted for manslaughter, he was released on his own recognizance. live in northwest baltimore, jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. jared lee loughner pleads guilty today to the shooting rampage in tuscon, arizona last january. january.the shooting left six dead and wounded 13 others... including former congresswoman gabrielle giffords.loughner's guilty plea allows him to avoid the death penalty. federal judge larry burns ruled loughner competent to stand trial after undergoing months of therapy. loughner is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. ...and the man accused of scaring people at a movie theater in annapolis last week......will go through a full psychiatric evalusation. witnesses say kyle tanner took a front row seat at the "bow tie cinemas" a showing of "madagascar 3"......and began yelling explatives at thh screen and the audience... pretending he had a gun. a guilty plea from the former university of maryland
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student who threatened to go on a deadly shooting spree last spring. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola explains, the state still believes the 19-year-old could pose a threat... but they donnt believe jail is the place for him to be. be. ((pkg)) alexander song left court... flanked by family. since march he's been at the center of investigation that had police believing... he had every intention of going on a shooting rampage the threats that were posted on- line by the one time honor student.... 3 3 3 9:01:57 we believe overtime left untreated he could have gained the ability and could have realll hurt or killed people ;03 today song entered a plea deal with the state. he plead guilty to disturbing school activities on campus and telephone misuse since the threats were made on line. plead guilty to telephone misuse he will never legally be allowed to purchase a firearm and that was a key point for prosecutors :39 whether he had the ability at
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the time to carry out the threat or not we regard him as a dangerous person because of those threats.under the plea deal... song agrees to adhere to a 9 pm curfewcomplete 200 hours of community service3 years of supervised probation with two conddtions hew report monthly to mental health court and he continues taking his medication and going to treatment.(mix audio) 9:04:25 what do you think happened back in march :28 i think mr song was probably suffering a mental breakdown of some sorts it's my understanding one week prior to this particular incident he did experience a mental health breakdown :35 :35 3 joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. police never found any weapons in songs dorm room, car or home. we want to know how áyouá are fighting back. against crime? tell us... what yyu're doing in your community... to clean up the streets..../call 410-662-1456. at only two months old, a baby boy is found abandoned outside
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a church.janice park is live in severn tonight...and telll us, the baby was left in the sweltering heat, but discovered by a pastor just in time. janice? janice?jennifer, i'm here at the grace point church where the pastor says he pulled up in this parking lot yesterday...and probably would have missed the baby because of these flowers...but crying lead him to the infant here.a baby who will be okay tonight. "here, right here, yea my parental instinct was go fix it ya know" know"pastor joshua sillaman says what happened monday was divine intervention...beca useenormally on one is at this church.he came to prepare for a sermon.but instead found a baby abandoned, next to a broom and trash.the baby whh was crying loudly was left in a carseat with a little bottle of milk and blanket.police say the baby's mother was found all the way in a fredricksburg, virginia hotel...pettricia
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finch-miller has since beenn charged with neglect. finch-miller has two older daughters, and it's still unclear why she left the baby: "i ran up i found the baby, sitting there, my heart racing and i was so, confused and lot of emotios going on" police say all the suspects three children tonight are safe with family members.and phey say the woman may not have charged with a crime if she followed the maryland safe haven law which requires the baby to only be 10 days old...and to go to a church, hospital, and say this is my safe haven in severn, janice park fox45 news at ten. 3 training camp is all about balancing practice... preseason games... meetings... workouts...everything, to find the best 53-man roster.who's going to make it?that's to be
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determined.morgan adsit joins us now... morgan we know 1 of the 53...ravens quarterback joe flacco's a guar. guarantee.his background says it all... no n-f-l q-b has won more games in his first 4 seasons than flacco.which is why at some point this season... he'll get a hefty paycheck and new contract with baltimore..that doesn't mean he's perfect... and does mean the weight of this season lies on his's time for the ravens offense to be the talk of the toon...flacco's having a great camp.... has solid targets... and more freedom to call plays. 3 the ravens competition on the offensive line...and the orioles try to keep post season a possibility.that's in 50 on sports unlimited.
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3 3 a warning tonight...about the swine flu... and state and county fairs...the things you can to to protect yourself...later on fox45 news at ten ...and whyysome lawmakers say...the bill to expand gambling in maryland... may fail...after the break oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
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book all of our destinations online baltimore county settles that will pay a group of employees nearly a hhlf million dollars. dollars. keith daniels, live at the federal courthouse where u-s justice department made the announcement today.. k. keith. jennifer..... according to court documents, it's a lawsuit that began in 2000.. and culminates tonight with a big payout in compensatory damages to 10
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county employees. employees. kathleen cahill represents all of those employees in this case. cahill says the settlement resolves a lawsuit that accused baltimore county of forcing some employees, including police officers and firefighters, to undergo medical examinations that were unrelated to their jobs. cahill says the practice was used to fire or force the retirement of some employees. prosecutors say the county violated the american with disabilities act. (cahill) "it's just outrageous beeavior. these are veey brave, committed, hard working folks who had the misfortune of some medical condition, or illness or injury in their past and the county went after them." baltimore county attorney michael field said in a statement that although the county settled the case.. it's not an admission of guilt. he also says they settled to prevent a large expense to taxpayers. live at the
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federal courthouse in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. a baltimore county man was convicted of killing is girlfriend's boss bosswe were at the scene of the crime... back in june of 2008antoine reed ssot milton barnes to the management office of this apartment complex n woodlawn. barnes was having trouble with an employee... and that worker was dating reed.reed's sentencing has not been scheduled the baltimore's catholic community is moorning the death of a beloved priest. priest.monsignor damien nalepa the longtime pastor of st. gregory the great cathhlic found dead inside the parish rectory saturday. father damien was found slumped over a chhir in his bedroom,,but there is no evidence of foul play. intcue: great personal losss... outcue: nfluence on this cityt7 trt:17 throughout his ministry...
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father damien was active in improving the community wheee conducting anti-violence vigils and even confronting suspected drug dealers on street corners. within the last two hours...the governor's office released details of the gambling bill that will be the two days. the ppovisions made public tonight outline the changes that would come with the addition of table games like blackjack and a new casino site in prince george's county. as john rydell reports its the latest chapter in a long story that dates back more than ten years.. years.. ((slots))the maryland gambling debate maryland predates many of those who currently hold office. back in 2005...state lawmakersapproved two separate bills to legalize slots. bills that did not require voter approval. one... would have put slots in five locations...the other...called
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slots at seven locations. (frank) "there was the house bill and there was the senate bill and the two sides never even ttlked to one another." baltimore county delegate bill frank...remembers that debate. he blames democrats for the impasse.(frank) "and the democrats played politics for four long years, they did not want that republican governor to get a legislative victory so we're really behind the eight ball when it comes to our neighboring states."but some democrats blamethe slots impasse of 2005...on house speaker michael busch...ann senate presidentmike miller...who failed toreach a compromise on theirown bills. (rydell) "and for some lawmakers, the lessons of 2005 are just another reminder of the difficulties anticipated in eaching a consensus on the latest gambliig bill." (brochin) "you know in my ten years in the senate, this is the first time i can tell you i don't think they have the votes riiht now."state senator jim brochin...says he's focused on this week's debate...which calls for table games...and another casino...
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at the national harbor in prince george's county. (brochin) "if ou add a sixth casino, all of a sudden, what are you going to do with the business that arundel mills loses..a debate brochin predicts...will focus less on party politics...ann more on what's financially best... for each jurisdiction. john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the speccal session officially begins thursday morning in annapolis. meanwhile, a strong showing of support for maryland's same- sex marriage supporters of gay marriage met today ... to raise awareness among voters, who will have their ay in november. lawmakers passed leeislation this year to allow same-sex marriage in the state. but opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot. "iq: in maryland this year we have an opportunity to make history.... oq: gay or staright, you can marry who you love." love."
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a recent hart research poll shows 55 percent of marylanders would vote in favor of the marriage equality they're opposed. cent say anne arundel county is trying convicted of crimes. crimes.spurred by the indictmenn of county executive john leopold...county council memberssunanimously pushed forward the new voters will decide in november whether to approve the law that requires a vote of five council members to remove and strip that official of ce pension benefits. 3 3 3 3
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the weapons these fast food workers beat back armed robbers...later on fox45 news at ten but next...slick videos... inside the west wing...the questions... about who's making them...after the break
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you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students' faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile.
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when i earned my doctorate that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix. enroll in the program that's right for you. at the average of recent polls shows that the rrce for the very close. close.right now...president barack obama and republican challenger mitt romney are 3 and a half points apart. mitt romney launched a new attack on the president today......for a little noticed dministrative move last mooth...that romney says could gut welfare offits clinton era work requirements. romney's attacking in key swing states with ads aimed at moderate and independent voters who back workfare type programs.
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romney says: that is wrong. if i'm presidentt i'll put "the white house argues that romney signed a 2005 etter with feelow gop governors... ...urging congress to grant states ámoreá flexibility in providinggwelfare services than whaa the obama administration's has now proposed.rooney says he never supported ending timetables for welfare's work requirements. ...and the white house continues to give senattr haary reid a free pass... ...for using an anonymous claim romney did not pay any taxes for ten years. carney says: "... i'm not making a -- a judgment on it. i'm simply saying that this whole thing could be resolved in a minute." pinute." romney says: "... the obama team has done everything in attention from the issues people care mmst about which are related to getting good jobs with rising wages gain." again." romney says reid has lostt credibility.
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critics say the president is mxing propaganda with official business and taxpayers are possibly footing the bill. we teamed up with our media partner, the washington guardian, to show you who's making... "west wing week" week" [naturaa sound "west wing" ] sot in 100:08 "the president signed the u.s.-israeli enhanced security cooperation bill and the hearth act." trt=:05"west wing week" as the obama administration calls it, has been seen by tens of thousands of people every week on the official website of the white house, or on the president's youtube channel since its deeut in 2010.[sot in vatz interview ]in 9:00:46 "the republicans have to admit, there's a genuine attractivness o barack obama that mitt romney can not match."trt=:05obama uses the finely crafted production to illuminate his policies, perspective and accomplishments. there are &pquestions over election law and the money -- whose paying for it?[sot phil swarts washington guardian]sot in 36:10 "nonn of the staff that produces the videos are listed as staff of the white houue. they are not on official white house payrolls that are getting disclosed."trt=:08 the
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washington guardian's repeated requests for payroll information were ignored, we don't know if taxpayers are footing the bill for obama's white ouse viieographerror the cost to proouce "west wing week." and, what about the line separaaing official business from campaign propaganda? pete sepp with natiinal taxpayers union says [graphic "wingone"]"until you get the expenditures it's hard to know where the line is." [still picture of chaudry]arun çah-roonñ chaudhary çcha-dreeñ the first white house obama campaign worker is credited with creating west wing week. [graphic "wingtwo"] chaudhary, who has since beenn replaced aa the official white house ideographer, told the guardian the videos were never meant to be campaign ads.[take week -- viewers won't find - anyone that disagrees with the president's politics or policies.[soo in west wing week ]sot in 1:03:17 "on monday, the president demonstrated the lateet step in his committment to encourage eccnomic growth." trt=::4ww will continue to ask the obama adminnstration for answers to questions taxpayers have a right to know. tomorrow, you can read more
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&pabout this story by goinggto fox-baltimore dot com...... and click n "washington guardian" in the hot topics" section at the top of the screen. casino magnate sheldon adelson is among the richesttmen in phe world. and tonight his company is under the watchful eye of the united state's department of justice. &padelson is a hhgh-profile republican donor, and the c-e- o of vegas sands.according to the wall street journal, federal investigaaors have reason to suspect the "vegas ssnds corporation" failed o report millions of dollars. the money is thought to have been laundered through adelson's casinos by two vegas high-rollers.investigators also have reason to suspect the money came from drugs and illegal kickbacks.the journal reports that adelson is not a target of the invessigation. there are a lot more stories about the race for the white hhuse on our website... including hhw new voter i-d laws... could delay the results of the election in that by gging to fox-baltimooe dot com... and
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click on ote-2012 in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen 3 pigs> nee warnings aboot the swinn flu......aad how it can spread... at state and county about 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten ...and the weapons these fast food workers beat back armed robbers...after the break 3 çia÷
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better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you.
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oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'. employees fight back during a robbery at a popeyes ii philadelphia.surveillance cameras show the workees wrestling with an armed robber...... slipping and sliding n the et floor.... the robber came in through an open kiichen door... cctching thh employees off guard as they were cleaning up.he leads employees to the safe. but before they can open it.... one worker makes a bold move. mos says: "all i felt was somebody put a gun right in &pthe back of my neck."mos says the plastic bag, then when he kept pointing with the gun like take all this money that's when i reached for the gun, his hand and wisted it." it." the workers are able to get hold of the gun, then beat the guy with anything they can get
10:35 pm
their hands on... including a broomstick. the robber fights his way to he back door, you can see here, losing his shirt and bandana.he got awaa with a few bruises and no money. two men are arrested after police say they triedd smuggling drugs.... in ádrinn boxesá through dulless airport. custoos agents searched the luggage of two men arrving from el salvador... and found almost four pounds of cocaine hidden inside chocolate drink boxes and a spice bottle.both men are from guatemala. they've been turned ver to the airport authority police to face charges. a close call for a ashington state teen ... ... take a look at thii.... a fence post came crashing through his windshield.... just missing it turns out... the teen was átextingá just before the crash. off drivers nd made a wild u-turn... that almost caused an accident before he went off the road.amazingly, the teen and cuts on his face. don't need
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to have an experience like that... to earn the dangers of texting and driving.joel d. ...and shows us a safer... .. convincing way to get teens to . stop. nat of simulator: a real car, real scenerio, and real confident teens thinking they can text and drive successfully. 5930 i should be alright i hope. 0000 above average. confident words for austin blair who says he doesn't text and drive, but understands why so many do.5914 theres deff lots of temptation, bk you want to know what s going on and you think thats more important than their safety. the allstate founddtion imulator tours the country giving kids the chance to put their money where their text is. 110 once you et going, we'll have you staat texting on the phone. this is happening during a leadership conferencee at reservoir high school. the idea is, if these kids can change their ways, maybe saae. crash/ 2330 reax mom 3745309 the lights off on the right, that's not how did austin do?406 terrible. i hit a person, hit a car. the
10:37 pm
rest don't do much better. vehicluar manslaughter...i id kill somebody. 7205526 think its a great idea, i think kids almost need it to happen for them to get inn their heads, its not ok to text and drive. we're concentrating so far on the danger of the driving.... what about the accuracy of the texts? that's terrible too. instead of writing i love favorite sport is lacrosse, ttis says i love kslsl;ldfsl ? 422 i only sent one or two of them that were correcc.5445 i take their phone, it is dangerous. 508 put it innthe trunk, put it in the back seat. make sure they don't have it. in fulton, joel d. smith, fox 45 news at ten 3 3 3 3 33 &p3
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fumes from cigarettes... left on yyur clothes...the health hazards it coold pose to children...nnxt on fox45 news at ten 3> > but nnxt...the spread... of the swine flu...hoo yoo should &pprotect yourself... at state and county fairs..after the break i'm candace dold with your traffic edge report. new road work will affect the commute on 95 tomorrow.crews will shut down one lane in the southbound direction from route 198 to the interrounty connector.expect to find the activity from 9am until 3 oclock in the could use route 29 or 295 instead. road maintenance operations will shut down ne lane of ánorthbound 95á near route 22 in will find crews in the area from 9ammuntil 3 o clock in the afternoon. you could use route 40 instead. iistead.
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i will have up to the minutee traffic conditions for you tomorrow on ffx45 morring news starting at 5am.candace dold fox45 news at tee.
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we've heard a lot about the dangers of second hand smoke. and now scientists are raising a new concern... third hand smoke. third hand smoke refers to the fumes left behind by cigarettes on your hair and clothing... experts say the fumes can come off a smoker.... and have a negative them, especially chiidren. experts say --attleast --take the smoking outside, where the air ii less concentrated.... exercises in a daily routine... may help prevenn falls in older people. researchers tested ways to work balance and strength exercises into the daily routines of older people.then with a regular structured exercised program.they found the adults who did the balance and strength exercises .. such as walkinn or simply stepping over objects.... were nearly a third less likely to experience fallss. than those who did ánoá exercise at all. there was no significant reduction in fall risk in those who did átraditionalá exercises.
10:46 pm
while school systems crack down on allowing soda &psold on school grounds... sugary sports drinks are more &pprevalent than ever. ever. researcherr surveyed almost three thousand middle and high school students . they were asked to track bevvrages sold by their chools over four academic years, the team found the number of schools where you could buy high calorie ásodaá decreased.but 60 percent of schools still sold other high calorie drinks, like sporrssdrinks. a warning ttnight: the swine flu appears to be spreading... ...and state fairs may be to blame. the centers for disease control reports 29 cases, in eight states. there have been áno casesá reported in maryland... but as kathleen cairns reports... visitors at theehowarcounty fair aae being careful. careful. (music box)"the howard countyy fair of course.."in barn nine: (she asks)"do you want to pet em?"(fan nats) (caseyy"this one is breakfast.. lunch..and dinner"16 year old casey ross is proud of her plump pigs.
10:47 pm
(casey)"this one weighs 265 pounds"visitors love to seee the variety of livestock... (casey-closer)"i let em pee myy pigs.. theyre really nice pigs...i just remind people to wash their hands afterwards." beilenson)"the only way to get this swine flu is touch a pig and touch the secretionn and touch your mouth or nose."the scare in ooher states, is not keeping anyone away from here. since there are been no cases of h-3-n-2 in maryland. (nats- washing pigs)-spray of water ("they keep themselves pretty warn: use precautions.. (mom)"i wasnt too worried about us as long as we wash our hands and everyone has a healthy immune syytem i was just happy to see it waa open for ussto see the pigs." (little girl) "pigg..!"(nats real pig snort))little ggrl)(girl imitates pig snort) (((standup)))"there are hundreds of pigs... like marshmallows.. watth this..
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yikes!"there are plenty of wash stations... which are busy:(kid)"cause of all the bacteria you can get from not washing your hands you can eat something and get sick the next day"a quick wash of the hands.,. and it's off to have.. more fun! (kids)"i love roller coasters..! yeah"in howard co kc fox 45 news at 10 another impprtant fact to note... you caanot et the swine flu from eating any kind of pork product. the only way to get it.. is from direct contact with a sick pig... 3 the first live action for the ravens is thursdayy..john harbaugh's rundown for atlanta...and why joe flacco says pre-season games aren't that big of sports unlimited. ...and the things you pan to to make over your bathroom......without breaking the bank...after the break
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bth - ohio's ballot battleohio is a swing state. whatever happens thereeaffects us all. the obama campaign has sued ohio over early voting. the &parggment over military voting is politically convenient but essentially meaniigless. and nearly every political analyst has gotten this one rong. n 2008, in-person, early voting was allowed in the 35 days prior to the general election. that same year 66 ohio counties voted for john mccain. 22 voted for barack obama.but only six of the 88 &pcounties were open for voting the saturday and sunday before electioo day.last year ohio passed legislation to make it uniform and end early voting on friday giving everyone 32 days. with one xception. military could till early-vote in-perron through small number. overseas military are unaffected. obama's people argue they want
10:50 pm
ohioans through monddy. but remember - only six out of 88 counties were open that weekend. they were also the 6 moss populous. and all 6 voted for obama. blaak churches in those counties organized a "souls to the polls" campaign to drive obama voters straight froo church to vote. so the obama lawsuit is not about equal access. instead, it would give a votinggadvantaae to obama strongholds. in a swing state..or more on this story visit behind the headlines dot net. and follow us ttitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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the all-new multi-launch coaster. the ravens have a walk through tomorrow.then it's on the roadd to the a-t-l.ravens and falcons thursday night...for their first preseason game.'s prrseason... so take it with a rain of salt.john harbaugh said today he will conduct the ggme the same way he always has...starters will play a quarter... some less than that.bigger name vets might not even play..and any injured player who missed today's practice will not suut up...that inclldes jimmy smith and arthur jones.linebacker practtce... but harbs hinted - he probably won't play..those are his rules... joe flacco says he would like more snaps, but know it's a light scrimmage. sometimes you only play a handful of games and it doesn't give you an accurate reading of where you are. i'm pxcited to get back on the ffeld and play a football game. it's been a while. it's what we love to do so i'm excited, but as far as wheee we stack up, we are getting pretty good and making our way. this game will not affeet how we will play this seasoo.
10:54 pm
reality check's left in the regulaa season.and the o's are in the post season the start of baseball tonight....uut 5-and-a-half back from new york for the a-l the wildcarddlead. lead.can the o's keep this going... well not with zach britton on the mound.... against seattle tonight.o's defense keeps this inning serves it up... a three run homer... kyle seager finds the fence in rightcenter... 3-0 seattle..matt wieters starring the comeback... homered in the 2nd... here's number two on the night... both shots solo to dead center... and it's 77 3 in the 6th..the fifth homerun of the night... evens up the scoreboard... j.j. hardy's 16th of the year... scores omar keen-ta-knee-ah... and nick markakis... we'ree knotted up at the 7th.. same score in extras in the an update on the o's... and a coming up in the latt edition.
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3 bathroomm are one of the most but as patrice sanders del. - &pexplains in tonight's consume reports... there are ways to do a bathroom makeover without breaking the bank. 3 ((pat on cam))consumer reports says if you shop carefully, you can really spruce up your bathroom on a thousand-dollar budget.(v/o)updating this drab bathroom started with a new paint job... then replacing theesink and countertop. swapping the cabinet for sleek glass shelves rounded out the more modern look. (sot)"if your bathrrom has no major problems, like leaks r loose parts, but is in need of a facelift, there are some inexpensive things you can do that really go a long way." (v/o)a new vanity is a good place to start. a stone countertop can add some fllir. and putting in a new mirror is look. so is a new faucee. (sot: dan diilerico)"you can alsoodramatically improve the adding sconces around the mirror or medicine cabinet. put the sconces on either side, nottoverhead, to provide flattering lighting without casting shadows onto your face." (v/o)and switching out a standard showerhead for one with multiple settings will make for much more enjoyable showers. consumer reports top rated this 50- dollar moen showerhead. you also can jazz up the spaae by
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making low-cost improvements like getting new holders for your towees and toilet paper. (sot: dan diclerico)"you may not be able to get a glamorous space like you see on home- decoraaing shows. but little upgrades can go a long way and really brighten up your bathroom."((pat on cam)) consumer reports says another doesn't cost a lot of money is - adding a combination light and exhaust fan. it gives your bathroom better lighting and improves the ventilltion, too. patrice sanders, fox45 news at ten. on the roaa again.a man reunited with his motorcyle.... almost 40 years aftee it was stolle.the twist of fate... that brought the bike back. ...and coming p in just minutes on the late edition... edition..."we are going to
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take you 2 milee high, and how do you feel about that." that." a skydiving grandma....her great advvnture....and why she was disappointed in some other members of her famill. and baltimore 's batman gets a new car.why his new wheels are so special. &p i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you.
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