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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 8, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 sold out tickets to jay-z... rihanna... even ravens games. baltimore's mayor... hassthe hook up. up.but her office ii receiving criticism now for those preebies and how they hand them out.megan gilliland is here with more on this waste watch report. good morning guys,it all started a few months ago... when we found out the mayor was giving ravens and orioles tickets to friends and family. in this stack of papers...
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released by the city... we found lists of tickets to first mariner evenns... going to friends and family.and we're not talking about the cheap seats.somtimes... she gives them to her top aides... othhr times to charitt or even schools.political analyst john dedie says it's a tricky perk and without a clear policy for giveaways... she sets herself up for scrutiny. dedie: 14:18:32 "it also reminds peoppe of the days of sheila dixon. when srb came into office, she implied this would be a new day - moree ethical... e'vv seen this rerun before." before."giving tickets away is álegalá... but we asked the mayor f the scrutiny will change the way she hands them out. hear what she had to say... coming up next half hour.i'mm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. it's our duty to hold elected officials can do that by joining our fox45 waste watch.if you have a story about government wwste...
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call our hotline...410-662-1456 you can also log onto our website fox baltimore dot com and click on waste watch. questions are swirling this morning... aaout the discovery of an abandoned baby outside a church in severn... left in the sweltering heat. thankfully, a pastor found the child just in happened at grace point church , where pastor joshua sillman... says he pulled into the parking lot, monday...and heard the crying infant. infant."heree right here, yea my parental instinct was go fix it ya know" 3 know"pastor sillaman says it pas divine intervention... because normally on one is at the church.the baby... who was crying loudly was left in a carseat with a little bottle of milk and blanket.police say the baby's mother was found all the way in a fredricksburg, virginia hotel...pettricia finch-miller has since been charged with neglect.finch-miller has two
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older daughters, and it's still unclear why she left the baby. "so grateful, to come and find a child died because it was exposed would have been so horrible, and i'm so glad he's okay and this doesn't have a sad ending" ending"police say all the suspects three children are safe with family members.and they say the oman may not have been charged with a crime... if she followed the maryland safe haven law. 3 fighting back against crime... brought many people out of their homes... and into the streets for national night out. out. this was the 29'th year for the event ... that encourages neighbors to fight back against crime by getting to know one another. one of the largest events here in baltimore was held at mondawmin mall... where city police officers grilled hotdogs and helped educate residents about crime
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prevention. (13:56:20) "the actual percentage of people involved in crime is rather low. what you have is, even though you have a small number of people doing crime, what you can do is create a sense of fear in others. national night out says you don't have to fear, you can come out. you can feel safe in your 3community." community." while some neighborhoods held block partys, others held front-porch vigils with hopes of heightening awareness of crime. a randallstown woman is demanding justice for her teenage son. son. 17-year old chrrstopher brown died of asphyxiation two months ago after, investigators say he was chased by an off-duty police offiver and killed. the incident happened after teenagers threw rrcks at the officer's home. last month, a grand jury indicted county police officer james laboard of manslaughter..... but at a rally, last night... friends of the victims family insisted manslaughter is not (14:56:03) "the officer needs to be charged with murder, he murdered my son and needs to be immediately
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arrrsted. that's what the rally is all about as well as make sure this doesn't happen to another child. because we're seeing too many murders. we're seeing carelessness ongoing all across the 3board." board." the officer has been suspended until the outcome of the case. expect to keep paying more at the pump. the last 5 weeks... gas pricesshave climbed 30- cents... and analysts say... they're not stopping there.the rise is driven by refining and transportation problems in the midwest and on the west coast. purricane ernesto is also a key factor. five new speed cameras are ready to start clicking pictures and fining driiers in baltimore county. the county now has nearly 30 speed cameras up and running... .but that doesn't mean the public is getting used to them. joel d. smith is live in woodlawn to tell us why the new cameras might be new targets. good morning joel d. ((ad lib)) it's recent weeks patrice. this camera is brand new and in good shape, but the anger ovvr one has really turned up recently, and
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out. in pikesville, a car slammed into one out of the gro. spray painting done to two - different cameras near catonsville highhschool. from the school.... . vandals painting camera box.and just two miles away in arbutus-- message on the sidewalk, too. reckless and the there to help keep kids safer.... others can't stand the things. chuck hines, baltimore co.: 2.11.04 "i'd probably give them a reward. if i hadd the courage, i'd probably come down here with a saw and saw this thing down."17.32.10 "i just think time on their hands, not thinking about why they're there and what they're used for and the safety of it." it." we want to tell you where all the new locations are innbaltimore county. they are on johnnycake road academy.road near loch raven high school.near stoneleigh wise avenue near school. reisterstown road near owings mills elementary like all new cameras... for the first few weeks, speeders will only be getting mail... after that, the 40 dollar fine that comes with your car in woodlawn joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. & 3
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a kentucky school is completely destroyed by a tornado... and just into our newsroom... we have the shocking surveillance tapes of the storm. can see two maintenance employees standing in the doorway of a classroom as the tornado rages outside. then all of a sudden... one of them is sucked into the room!a
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camera in the stairwell shows a camera in the into the room! them is sucked into the room!a camera in the stairwell shows the power of the destroyed the school back in march... but students returned this week to a renovated warehouse for classes. some surprising news about people with type 2 diabetes. a new study... published in the "journal of american medical association"... says that obese people appear to live longer than normal body weight people when their disease was detected. this is due to a higher body mass index or b-m-i. people who have normal b-m-is are twice as likely to die. however... doctors are encouraging obese people to not abandon their weight loss efforts. childhood obesity is still a big problem in the u-s... but it turns out one of its side effects... high cholesterol... is actually down.a new study finds that the number of children and teens with high cholesterol has decreased over the past two decades... from 11 to 8 percent.the study was
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released in the journal of the american medical assocation. a new study finds more americans are walking to get in shape... but health experts say... we need to pick up the p. pace. according to the centers for disease control and prevention... 62-percent of adults walked at least 10 minutes or moreea week in 2010. that's up 6-percent from 2005. but even with the gains in walking... only 48-percent of u-s adults gets enough exerciseeto improve their health. the c-d-c recommends at least two-and-a-half hours of "moderate to intense aerobic physical activity" each week. target is out with a new line of "hunger games" products... aimed at fans who are ánotá starved for money. money.merchandise includes a replica leather hunting jacket... similar to the one katniss sports... for 3- hundred-49 dollars... and a 6- hundred-99-dollar lithograph poster signed by 10 "hunger
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games" actors. actors.the most expensive item? a 999-dollar mockingjay pin... just like the one heroine katniss wearssin the movie.the collectibles will go on sale leading up to the august 21st release of the "the hunger games" d-v-dd target says there will also be a wide range of items under 40-dollars. expect the heet as you walk out today. hot it will get... next in your skywatch weather f. forecast. ((break 1)) when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map wilkens map bel
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air map 3 3 3 3 slick videos... inside the west wing... wing...the questions... about who's making in our cover
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nastia liukin. making them...about who's the questions... about who's making in our cover story. ((bump outt) ((break 2)) 3 critics say the president is mixing propaganda with official business and taxpayers are possibly footing the bill. we teamed up with our media partner, the washington guardian, to show you who's making... "west wing " week" [natural sound "west wing" ] sot in 100:08 "the president signed the u.s.-israeli enhanced security cooperation bill and the hearth act." trt=:05"west wing week" as the obama adminiitration calls it, has been seen by tens of people every week on the official white house, or on the president'sssince its debut in 2010.[sot in vatz interview ] republicans have to attractivness to barack obama that mitt romney can not match."trt=:05obama uses the finely crafted production to policies, perspective nd accomplishments. questions over the money -- whose [sot phil swarts washington guardian]the staff that
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produces the videos are listed as staff of the white house. white house payrolls that are getting disclosed." the washington repeated requests for payroll information were know if taxpayers are footing the bill for obama's white house the cost to produce "west wing week." and, line separating official business from campaign sepp with national taxpayers union says [graphic "wingone"]"until you get the hard to know where the line is."chaudry]arun çah-roonñ chaudhary çcha-white house one time obama campaign worker is credited with wing week. [graphic "wingtwo"] chaudhary,,who has ince been replaced as the house videographer, the videos were campaign ads.[take video but in the west wing week -- viewers won't find disagrees with the president's politics or policies.[sot in west wing week ]sot in 1:03:17 "on demonstrated the latest step in his committment to encourage economroh.e pprenan ghtono tparsa ghtoto tparsa taxpayers have a right to
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know. ravens and orroles overlapping in october.... october....we haven't been able to say that in 14 years. how close are the o's to making this happen... next in sports. 3 sports.happen... next in o's to making this how close are the 14 to say thaa
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the orioles take down the seattle mariners 8 to 7 in extra innings at camden
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yards... aater rallying from a 5 run deficit. deficit.adam jones hit the winning run in the 14th.but the highlight of the game was matt wieters... who homered twice.. and they both landed center field.the o's have won 11 straight one- run games and a club record of 12 in a row in extra innings. bruce bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning s.
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sports. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... secretary of state hilary clinton... puts on her dancing shoes. shoes.dancing nats nats where clinton was when she busted a move...and what she
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