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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  August 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm cat deeley. good night. questions about the death of a baby. baby.(baylor) "i have to find out hatthappened to him...." him...." what baltimore woman promised to her dying grandson. grandson. the bad news about sooe buttery-flavored popcorn. why it could be bad for your brain. an increasing threat of thunderstorms as we get closer to the weekend.when the worst storms could arrive and &pthe day when we'll finally se some great weather in my skywatch forecast. forecast. and outrage over a school lesson.... "and everyone was nervous aaout it why a teacher told students to write down curse words in class. 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. a 3-month old baby issdead.. ttnight, homicide detectives are investigating. keith daniels, live in east
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baltimore where some family pembers are raising questions a story you're seeing first on fox.. keith. keith. jennifer..... we're live on montpelier at robb street. paramedics and police found the baby in the home behind mm... and tonight... a amily is waiting ffr answers. 3 okema baylor is a grandmother grreving over the loss of her 3-month old grandson......kaiden bailey. (baylor) "he was a bright, heavy baby. i meannof course he was the first grandchild, so he was kissed on, he was loved, over loved...." kaiden was with his mother at her home on montpelier street..when police saa another family member found the boy not breathing and blood coming out of his nose. that was july 14.. the baby was in the hospital, in a coma.. before being taken off life support about a week ago. now baylor, kaiden's paternal grandmother.... (baylor) "i have toofind out what happened to him...." ........calls the child's death suspicious.. after
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getting vaaying storres from those who were inside the home on montpelier that day. (baylor) "before they took my grandson off life support, i whispered in his ear, i'm going to find out what happened.. ou didn't deserve to die. justice.. i believe he didn't just stop breathing, he just didn't have blood come out of his nose for nothing." (keith) "no one inside the home, including the baby's 16--ear-old mother is talking openly about what happened. but one family member did say she's surprised that someone is calling kaiden's death, suspicious.".........still, a grandmother's quest for answers....won't be stopped. (baylor) "the loss of kaiden has been unspeakable...." police are waiting for an autopsy report to determine the exact cause of death. so far, no charges ave been filed. keith daniels, fox 45 news at ten. baltimore city police are
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still looking for the person... who shot a man just west of downtown bbltimore this afternoon afternoonits breaking news we first brought to you on fox45 onnstoocton street... near west pratt... as police were still gathering evidence.about 3-30 today...a man was shot in the shoulder... and ranninto the social services building on west pratt.the man is a maryland man is accused of two separate abductions involving two very young girls.... karen parks sayy the father of one of thh girls says its a lesson for all paren. parents. 25 year old charles amofa of chhllum in prince georges county is being held without bond charged with kidnapping ans sexually abusing both girls.... although he has confessed to both of the assaults...police say they don't have evidence that he is a serial predator.... preddtor.... 3 the first incident happened july 9 when an 8 year old girl was abducted from the valley village thrift store in
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hyattsville and then luued into a vacant property nearby.....she managed to get away.... the second incident also happened at the valley village thrift store... yesterday.... police say....amofa lured a 6 year old girl away from her father shopping at the tore.....he took her to a nearby playground....and assaulted her near the swings.... that's when a police officer spotted the little girl n the park with amofa....he says when e approached the liitle girl she had tears in her eyes and appeared very desperate... desperate... " she seemed veey desperate and the only thing coming out of her mouth was i want my daddy i want my daddy..... the father of the six year old girl released this statement warning parents to wa reads in only takes 30 seconds for them to disappear....k.p. fox 45 news at ten. in tonight's waste watch report.... mayor stephanie rawlings blake.. facing scrutiny for getting tickets to some of the hottest shows in baltiiore... and giving them to friends and
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family. it's a story we first told you about on fox45 news at five yesterday. and joy lepola tells us tonight ... there are no rules governing how the mayor hands out these freebies.. freebies.. jay-z ... have all taken the - stage at first mariner arena in front of sold out or nearly sold out crowds.nat sound music the tickets hard to come byy.. unless you're mayor stephanie rawlings-blake.. stand-up 17:07:35 in somm cases the ayor received as many as 24 tickets per performance and that has some critics concerned because there are no polices or procedures on the books to goern how these tickets are handed out and who should get them(dedie) 14:18:39 when srb came into office she impliid it was going to be a neww ay and things were going to be fear mooe ethical and i think people are saying haven't we seen this rerun before. under
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an agreement... between the city owned arena and the company contracted to manage it... the mayor is entitled to the ttckets. as aaspokesman is quick toopoint out... rawlings blake isn't the firss. (dedie) 14:25:17 people like to say that's how we've always done it but that doesn't make it right. (mayor) 14:11:54 i &pthink when your outlet and other are focusing on practice that's been going on since 88 it tells me one thing.. that crime is gone down, are school's are getting bbtter, ouu neighborhoods are getting stronger. the things people so now you tart focusing on in city ethics tell fox 45 ... - this may not be that trivial. there's a chance the mayor violated the city code of ethics by using goverment property aka the tickets for personallgain. several family members received tickets... anddthey received more than one. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. a lobbyist was among those getting some free tickets from the mayor. things got a little teety at baltimore city hall this morning.
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morning. counnil president jack young said he wanted to get the reguuar meeting of the board of estimates going... but couldn't because the mayor was running late.when the mayor finally did arrive the two exchanged words...and a spokesman for young says the mayor called him a name we can't repeet on television. and here's what happened when we asked the mayor about it. " is there any sort of conflict betweeen you two any argument you are turning the b-o-e into a reality show i loveeit.... any questions?" and late this afternoon....a spokesman for the council president says its all waaer under the bridge now. coming up in less than 10 minutes...we'llltell you about the city employees...who make so much money because of overtime...that they make more than the mayor 3 a d.c. police captain who was demoted after actor charlie sheen got a police escort to a $12 million whistle-blower lawsuit against the department. department.
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officer hilton burton claims he was unfairly punished for saying that police escorts for celebrities were a common practice in the istrict. airport to his "torpedo of - truth" tour... last year.after the incident, the d-c police chief said the escort broke officers were re-assigned including burton. the walter reed medical center morning becaase of a bomb this - threat.police and explosive- detection dogs were brought in to search, but they didn't find anything.appointments at the hospital resumed just after two o'clock this afternoon. it could be the end of an era for sparrows point.the steel mill that opened 120 years ago - is probabll closing now - for good.melinda roeder explains the impact on the community - and why some vow to keep fighting for the mill. mill. (cover with exteriors)ken: 09:44:49 "it's a sad day for this plant and this community." &pin it's heyday - some
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the steel mill at sparrow's point.but jobs have faded ovee the years.ken: 09:45:50 "right, now there's probably less than 100 working there." ken iwanowskiiis one of the last workers there.and to himm - the mill - might as well be home.ken: 09:44:36 - 09:44:46 "my brother works there... it's a way of life."(nats of car driving by - 09:42:07) businesses - from bars tt barber shops - used to thrive here.but the cuts and layoffs at the mill have left them struggling to hold n.marvin: 09:39:46 "well i guess everybody's getting used to it now.""arvin widener worked there 33 years before retiring. marvvn: 09:40:09 "i was hoping &psomebody would start it up again."hope seemed to fade for good tuesday - when the mill was sold at auction.... to a liquidation company that deals in scrap metal.ken: 09:43:13 "i will be getting laid off." standup - 09:37:41 "it's unclear at this point when liquidation .... employees and families."kamenetz: 13:01 "the news is not obviously what we were looking for."county
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executive kevin kamenetz is block the sale - since he winning bid of 72 million dollars is far less than expected.he's also vowwng to fight for union jobs.kamenetz: 14:47 "steelmaking is still... it's not over yet."ken: 09:44:00 "there's still some hopes that maybe somebody will come in and purchase the plant and start it back up."while this could very well mark the end of an era ---workers hold out hope - f not for the mill - at least for thh community. 09:46:38 "i think these people are survivors."melinda roeder... fox 45 news at ten. the current owner - r-g steel bought the mill less than two years ago... but filed for bankruptcy back in may. 3 it's been 7 months since the last timeewe saw the baltimore ravens on a game field...tomorrow night that all chances...the ravens head
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to atlanta for their first preseason game.morgan adsit has more on that, morgan. there's one word you need to keep in mind for tomorrow...'s just a preseason game. game.affer tte first couple of after the first quarter... it's really going to be boring. that's when ravens starters will be on the sideline.and guys fighting for spots as backups and third stringgrs take the stage..but that doesn't mean these games aren't's another opportunity to knock off the rust before the reguuar season. and hit someone, other than teammate.the ravens ill take to atlanta.ntage of their trip it's art of the training camp process. it's not a regular season game so we don't treat it like one. but it's a big part of the training camp process and it's going to be fun to get down there and see where we are at. is there a comparison between &pjoe flacco and peyton manning...a common theme weighs in.and 's go for 5 straight.that's later in sports unlimited. two miles of high-speed racing on city streets requires
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preparattio and patience.paul gessler explains why this year's grand prix aims to be more convenient for drivers leadiig up to the race. race. camden street sure is a good spot to watch traffic.(nats: cars)at least, it certainly will be come labor day weekend, when it is transformed to turn 10.kieffer rittenhouse, coo: "it is definitely loud--gotta bring your ear plugs."(sot fromm katrina on race)all around the 2-mile course,kieffer rittenhouse, coo: "a lot of times when youre on those straight-aways, it goes zoom-zoom-zoom, &pzoom-zoom-zoom."the walls lining the route are going up. tim mayer, andretti sports marketing: "you'll see these being placed, but it doesn't happen during the day. all the streets are open. all the sidewalks are open, and everyone can get around."paul &pgessler, reporter: "race officials tell me duuing orioles home games, they are waiting for the traffic to clear efore crews can continue working to put up these fences."spencerr pumpelly, driver: "i think it's gonna be a better run event this year."drivers are ready.they greeted fans and media at fort mccenry
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wednesdaa to unveil their shoocase car, a porsche 9-11 bluu.kieffer rittenhouse, coo: - "we're getting there. we are sponsorship." anticipation builds, with hope of a smooth track up until race weekend. tim mayer, andretti sports marketing: "our focus s to keep downtown baltimore open for business ight through until the day of the race."in downtown baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. with the exceptton of sharp street under the convention center,officials have assured us they don't expect to close any roads until the friday of race weekend. 3 --shock nats--- nats--- the painful device these guys added to ávideo 3 gamesá......and when it gets triggered......later on fox45 news at ten ...and the cityy workers... making more than 50- ttousand dollars... in overtime......some... even making more ttan the mayor... afttr the break 3
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hours...but numbers released today show hundreds of baltimore city employees making tens of thousands of dollars in overtime.janice park is at city hall, to explain these shocking numberss for us. 3 "jennifer i spoke to one council member here aa city -h numbers are put out by the one is trying to hide anything. he also says that when it comes to overtime...things have actualll gotten better than in previous years...but tonight some residents say no one should be making 90 thousand dollars in overtime"they're the salaries for more than 16 thousand baltimore city employees for the fiscal year ending in shows the salary of anyone from the a swimming pool
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attendant.but jarring some city residents how much gross pay...which is salary plus overtime and reimbursements, some employees are making.some prime examples pre one police lieutenant whose gross pay was an extra 73 thousand dollars. ffr one police officer it's an extra 89 thousand. city councilman brandon scott says many times...police overtime is necessary and justifiid.but we found other city employees are alsoomaking quite a bit of overtime. one transportation analyst made 50 thousand more than his annual salary: salary:"anytime you see thatt mmch it will raise concern....but public safety, there is a need for overtimm simply for safety" safety""you earned it, you earned it, my mom is a police officer, the amount she puts in is okay" okay""some undercover crooks, something not right going on" on""if you would like to see the numbers yourself, just head to our website, city hall tonight, janice park fox45 news at ten" the city's spending panel has voted doon a 150 thousand
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dollar settlement for the family of a baltimore teenager that police left in howard coun. county.15-year-old michael johnson was picked up by police in 2009 ii west baltimore, then dropped off in howard county without his shoes.two of the three officers were found guilty of misconduct. but today the city rejected a settlement... saying taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill for the officer'ssactions..he teen's lawyers say they'll now go forward with their 100 million dollar lawsuit against the 3 a developing story today...a leadership shakeup at the "susan b komen for the cure" foundation - the nation's largest breast cancer charity. it's founder - nancy brinker - will move to a new leadership role with the executive committee.its president - liz thompson - resigned.thompson announced plans to leave the organization in september.2 members of the board also resigned.this comes after the
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group's controversial decision in january... toocut breast screening grants to planned parenthood.brinker says the changes have nothing to do with that controversy. a new poll from quinnipiac university shows how close the race for the white house is... in wing states. challenger mitt romney leads president barack obama in colorado by 5 points...its a state the president won in 2008.obama leads rommey in virginia by 4 ppints...and in wisconsin by 6 . points....and the poll shows who have chosen a candidate in those states......say they've made their decision.just 8 percent say they might change their minds. we aae constantly updating our weebite with stories about the race for the white house... ...includung a story about the number of small campaign donations it would take... match the money from one ábigá that by going to fox-baltimorr dot com... and clicking on "vote 2012" in
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the news features section at the top of the screen. 3 maryland lawmakers will return to annapolis tomorrow to decide whether to expand gambling in the state. but just how special is tomorrows special session.....? as jeff abell shows us, some taxpayers believe lawmakers are gambling with the state's constitution. constitution. when lawmakers step into the statehouse thursday morning, they may find very little that's special....about (4:43) (brochin) "my question is why are you calling a special sessson if you don't have the votes.....?" (9:40) (frank) "its unfortunate. itssa waste of taxpayers money." it'll cost taxpayers about 24-thousand dollars for each day the legiilature is in sessionn lawmakers are set to decide whether to add table games and a sixth casino in maryland. the governor, who called the session, says it'll create 25-hundred jobs....and pump millions into the economy. but does it warrant a 'special legislative session'.....? (25:25) "ittseems that there are more important issues...."
10:21 pm
(18:02) "they've been paid off by the mafia the gamblers, the casino owners how do you think donald trump made his billions....?" the maryland constitution allows the governor toocall a special session if there are extraordinary occasions. (3:14) "this is basically a special session for special interests. its hard to find where the emergency here is we're talking about hundreds of hundreds of millions of dollars going into the pockets of casiio operators...." political analyst blair lee believes taxpayers will be the real losers. (3:38) "its going to have zero accountability and zero scrutiny. it really is kind of a scandal....." its still unclear how long this session will last.....and whether measures to expand gambling will even pass. jeff abell, fox 45 news at tee. even if lawmakers pass the measure, it must still be approved by voters on the november ballot. hear everything blair lee had to say by going to fox-baltimore dot com slash raw news. we asked you... do you think the special session is more about helping the economy or
10:22 pm
special interests? interests?the conversation on our facebook page is lively tonight...many of you saying this is about special interestssjoin the discussion right now by going to facebook dot com slash fox-baltimore. the bill does more than just add a casinowe'll tell you the other things it does that could save the state money... ...and give more money to casino our cover just 5 minutes... stormy weather on the way pater this week. week. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 why a teacher told students to
10:23 pm 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten (franchot) "there is no crisis, this is not about jobs, this is not about revenue, revenues,...but next... tough questions about the plan to add a casinooin maryland... the specific changes that could save money......and put more in the pockets of casino operators...
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oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'. in just over 12-hours...
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maryland lawmakers returnto annapolis to convenetheir ásecondá specialsession this the most controversial bill toexpand gambling. in tonight's cover story...john rydell examines thehigh-stakes battle as lawmakers begin a "special session gamble"... gambll"... ((nats))by 20-16...maryland gamblers...could be rolling
10:27 pm
the up to six casinos. ((nats))the bill submitted by governor o'malley...calls for "lve" table black-jack and calls for another casino ii prince george's county. many supporters...would like to see it the national harbor...oo the potomac river. (governor) "it allows us to create jobs and it will allow us to realize almost immediately $100 million in revenue for our public schools."((commercial))but long before lawmakers have even begun their debate...advocatesson both sides of thh issue...have been saturrting the airwaves. now...speical interest grouops...and lawmakers are scrutinizing the legnthy bill. it would require most casino purchase their own gaming machines.they're currently purchased or the state of maryland.a gaming workgroup...predictssthe transition...could save the state...up to 80-million dollars a year. the
10:28 pm
state...currently receives 67-percent of revenue from each casino.but that amount would be reduced... to 56- percent...with more money going ack to casino operators. but that's not enough for the developer of maryland arundel mills. david still trying to block a casino at the national harbor.he fears it will undermine the health of the indussry...and wait...until after all other casinos are up and running. (cordish) "so therefore, you can see what their revenues are, you can see what effect, right now, it's all guesswork." the nee casino at arundel being blamed for a 32-percent drop in betting... at hollywood casino in cecil county. so much so...that operators there...plan to remove 500 of their slot machines...and return them to the state. (brochin) "i mean slot machines? i mean that's going to come into play for me as a public policy question." in response to those concerns...the bill adds other provisions to financially protect owners of existing casinos.and if the bill passes
10:29 pm
as is...all maryland asinos could stay open 24-hourssa day...7-days a week.but state comptroller peter franchot...believes the special a big mistake. (franchot) "there is no crisis, this is not about jobs, this is not about revvnues, this is simply about doing special favors for a special interest, the gambling company."but supporters say the addition of table games...will keep maryland casinos competitive...with those in other statts. and supporters say a casino at the national harbbr...would create fivv thousand construction jobs....and more than three thousand permanent jobs. thht's what we're talking about, the national harbor where people are going to come in spend monny but also shop and eat, those things are revenues for prince george's county and the state."if a majority of p.g. county voters say "no""to gambling...a casino at the national harborr ... would not be uilt. but if a majority of maryland voters approve...the ballot questton...table gameswould still be all other casinos. but that all general assembly. john
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rydell, fox 45 news at ten. lawmakers will also consider another billin the special overturn an appealscourt decision that declares all pit bulls inherently dangerous. 3 outrage over a school lesson.... why a teacher told students to write down curse words in class. foooball season may be just around the corner - but baseball is all the buzz here in downtown baltimore! i'm myranda stephens... more on orioles fever - coming up!
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wkk more about the gunmmn's final
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moments in the shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. investigators now say police ádidá take down the shooter -- wade michael page -- with a single shot to the stomach... but page himself finished the job with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. meanwhile, police have arrested page's ex-girlfriend on a weapons charge after learning she's a felon who illegally owns a gun. detectives made the discovery while questioning her, but they don't believe she's connected to the shooting.
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&pthe f-a-a is making changes t its policies... after last week's close-call near reagan national aiiport. airport.two "u-s airways" planes were taking off and one was landing... when their paths almost crrssed. "180, we were cleared back there. what happeeed? 3329, standby, we're trying to figure this out, too. stand by. by.the f-a-a says it won't allow "opposite direction" operations until there is a standard procedure in place. a strange lesson for some middle school students in india. indiana.teachers asked the students to write curse words on paper and the classroom whiteboord. then, they were asked to say the words out loud and explain why they were offensive. the teachers say it's a way to teach kids what not to say. "and everyone was nervous about it and uncomfortable about it, to write it in front of an adult, especially a teacher." school officials stand by the unusual lesson plan.they say in the past, it has helped cut
10:35 pm
down on the amount of bad llnguage students use. parents, if you're like me, legos right now, you know how maddening it is to keep track of all of those pieces.this is a horror story. story.this cute kid is 6- year-old isaak lasson.what he's holding in his hand....a lego tire.isaak had been having sinus problems since he was ttree.his parents took him finding the real problem.that leeo tire had been stuck in his nose for years.isaak doesn't remmmber ever putting the lego piece there.he's doing much better since doctors removed it. tomorrow marks the official start of pre-seasoo football... but for the first time in a long time - baltimore sports fans are still talking baseball! myranda stephens is live outside camden yards - with how orioles fever is still going strong! that's right, jennifer! it's been a long time since orioles
10:36 pm
fans were still excited about the team - this late in the season! but the birds are flying high - and many believe they couud go all the way! p3 4909 step right up! cheaper out here you take em in! 13 roger fawley has been selling drinks and snacks outside oriooes games for more than 20-years! 4914 peaauts! cashews! pistachios 16 but long time he's seen fans this nutty over the team! roger 49:39 well the crowds are starting to come back cause they're starting to win 42and that's an understatement. the the first time at this point in the season since 19-97. which means they're right in the thick of a playoff hunt! greg 4110 it's fantastic. it's all everybody's talking about at work, you know 134442 the history of excellence for he orioles especially terry scordo... who works at this t- there's still excitement over baseball ...even as we enter football season (show ravens
10:37 pm
shirt!!)terry 4602 between the ravens and the orioles this town's going to be crazy this year, cause i think we're both going to go both teams are going to go a long way 10but for now... the focus is all on baseball ...says longtime orioles greeter - luther miracle.. luther 5952 we're right in the thick of this thing right now. we play it cool, who knows we might have a miracle right here in camden yards 00 and hopes to end the season big! nats of girls or kids " go orioles!" the orioles were up against the seattle mariners tonight. we'll bring you the score and highlights in about 12-minutee in sports!live outside camden yards, ms, fox45 news at ten. asks the u-s department of agriculture for drought relief . funds.the governor wants a disaster designation for all &pmarylanddcounties affected by the severe dry weather and excessive heat during june and july.the state department of agriculture estimates that corn ffrmers in the state have loot a third to half of their crop. 3 3 p3
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3 nee evidence that buttered
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popcorn is bad for your brain trigger alzheimer's disease... ann the other foods it's found in. --shock nats--- nats--- and shock collars bring new meaning to extreme video gaming.... how these guys are raising the stakes to stay alive. here's a reason to say, hold
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10:43 pm
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the butter on that popcorn.the artificial flavoring that adds buttery taste....has been linked to's called diacetyl.and it's already been linked to lung pamage in people who work in microwave popcorn factories. many microwave popcorn makers stopped using researchers found that diacetyl causes brain proteins to miifold into the alzhhimer's-linked form.the flavoring is also found in some beverages, including homebrewed beer.
10:45 pm
for some people, going to the dentist can be a nightmare... but thanks to a new medical product, many patients are experiencinn less pain and anxiety than ever before. before.the new medical device is callld ádental vibeá.it's applied to he gums during álidocaineá shots... elimmnating any pain associated with an injection. 40-58"it looks like an electric toothbbush, but what it does it it creates, oscolations or vibrations, patients mouth, that basically takes away the sensation of pain where the injection is delivered// you feel the vibration, you don't feel the p" pain.""xperts say the vibrations travel to the brain they take away the pain.... and hopefully the stress of going to the dentist. there's a new virus targeting computers... and experts say... it's easy to be fooled. fooled. the idea bbhind the "f-b-i ransom" virus... is to trick people into thinking they have done somethiig wrong. the virus locks down your
10:46 pm
pomputer with a message ---- supposedly from the f-b-i... telling you to pay 2- hundred-dollars to have it unlocked. colburn says: "the whole idea is to infect your machine give you a big scary warning the fbi is involved and then giving you a way to make sure nothing happens." happens."experts say removing this virus can be tricky... and you should ask for help if you thinkkyouumay have trouble doing it yyurself. some might ssy theeperks of playing video games are multiple lives, and a pain free virtual death. but that could soon change. change.carrie peirce explains in tonight's word on the web. web. 3 gamers beware... the stakes this youtube video was created by two frenchmen.... hackers who came up with a new gaming accessory.... the shock collar. the pair documented their project, which they've dubbed.... genezap with the catchphrase "there's no pity for bad gamers.they rigged a shock collar to a sega
10:47 pm
genesis... then wrote custom software so that certain conditions in the game will pctivate the collar. the result? when you get knocked down or blown up .... you get a couple hundred volts in the n. neck. we've ppsted a ink to the genezap project at foxbaltimore dot com slash news can find the instructions aad code to design your own shocking system -- though we don't advise it.i'm carrie peirce and thats your word on the web. police in utah make an unusual rescue... a moose with his antlers in a bind. check out this cell phone video... the moose got stuck in a swing set in a fammly's struggle to untangle its thought the phone call was a prank before they got there ... and saw the moose trying to break free. an officer calms it down, petting it on the head.. until the swings are untangled... and the moose walks off unharmed. and coming up in about 0
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mintues.... what this bear was caught doing on surveillance cameras.... 3 ike father like son....why today marks aaspecial ddy for the johnson family.ahead in sports unlimited. the latesttcraze in fitness... could also bee dangerous. why doctors say in serious injuries.r a spike - i'm candace dold with your traffic need to be prepared for new roadwork on 83 in northern baltimore county tomorrow.a barrier placement project will shut down one lane of sb 83 at mt carmel road in herefoor.expect to find the activity from 9am until 3pm. crews will also be inspecting a bridge on 83 near downes lane will be blooked from 9am until could use york road instead.
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i will have up to the minute traffic conditions for you tomorrow on fox45 morning news starting at 5am.candace dold fox45 news at ten. starting at 5am.candace dold fox45 news at ten. yoo-hoo! a tough day,i hear you're hg so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you. grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'. being a child of a pro
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athlete....can't be eaay. following in their footsteps by choosing the same sport.... those are big shoes to fill.. 23 years... to the date... after his father made his starting debut for baltimore...
10:52 pm
it's now steve johnson's turn. turn.first start in the bigs... and what a start... fans the first two mariners up to bat...dustin ack-ley swinging.and michael saunders &plooking..after a hit... johnson gets out of the first with another k... john jayso goes high... and dad, dave johnson loves it..bottom of 1... runners on the corners... matt wieters sends a liner to right-center... eric thames does everything right... just pops out of the glove... j.j hardy and adam jones score... 2-0 o's.... 5 r-b-i night for wiets..4th inning... one on for nick markakis... and there's a souvenir... markakis sends the homer to the flag court... 7-o orioles..o's get their 5th straight... 9-2. johnson went 6 innings... 2 earned runs... 9 strikeouts and wins his first major league start. in a conveesation with john harbaugh...he told me the ravens offense is going to surprise people this season. and ended it with... "who knows, we'll see."he's exactly right on both parts.this should be the year for the offe.'s harbb 5th season...along with q-b joe
10:53 pm
flacco and running ack ray rice.this is probably the most talented group of targets for flacco...dennis pitt and ed diccson at tight end.... another season with anquan boldin and torrey smithhthey plus flacco has a q-b coach... jim caldwell.former colts coach whooknows a thing or two about talent... he spent a decade with peyton manning. joe has his real strenghts and peyton has his. i wouldn't make any direct comparisons but i can tell you joe is a heck of a football playee. he's comfortable. he's comfortable in his own skin and i thinn that's a big plus in playing that position. he knnws his strengths and weaknesses and he tries to develop his strengths and improve onnhis weakness even more. ed reed breaks down the ravens secondary...and a london recap. that's coming up in the late edition. 3 parents doing back to school shopping can save some money next week.comptrollee peter franchot stopped by mondawmin mall today to announce plans for maryland's tax-free week. beginning sunday, clothing and
10:54 pm
shoes priced at 100 dollars or less will be exempt from the six percent sales tax. 3 "the main point is to get people out to these stores, these stores employ undrees of thousands of marylanders, our friends our neighbors, so lees shop local, lets save some tax money from the 12th to the 18th." 18th." a list of exempt and taxable items is available on our website at foxbaltimore dot com slash newslinks. 3 zumba is the latin dance-inspired fitness craze that's sweeping the world. its founders claim more than 12 million people take classes every week. but as tom rodgers explains in tonight's consumer reports... doing zumba can lead to serious injuries if you're not careful. 3 ((tom on cam))zumba classess are a great way to get fit and have ffn doing it. (mos #1)"i love zumba!"(mos #2) "it's addictive."(mos #3)"great exercise!"(v/o)but instructor kathy muglio developed severe foot pain after doing zumba on a ement ffoor.(sot: kathy muglio)"you could take a couple of steps, it became
10:55 pm
extremely painful and difficult." (v/o)and orthopedic surgeon dr. joel buccalter, has seen a slew of patients with zumba-related injuries to their knees, hips, and lower back. (sot: dr. joel buchalttr)"a lot of people get cauggt up with the music, and excitement of it and they lose track of what they're doing and they don't realize that they overdid it until long afterwards." (sot) "if you're older and out of for injury. and no matter what your age, you have to be sure you're doing these moves prrperly."(v/o)consumer reports' medical adviser, dr. orly avitzur, says there are steps you can take to avoid risks. first, don't wear shoes that grip the floor. (sot) "running shoes are made for forward, not lateral movements, so they're not appropriate. you want to get shoes that pivot, like these dance shoes." (v/o)also, find a high-quality instructor. (sot: dr. orly avitzur)"you can receive basic certificaaion to each zumba after taking only a one-day course. so you want to be sure that you find an experienced fitness instructor."(v/o)and, as kathy muglio learned the hard way, you should work out on the right kind of floor. avoid hard floorr like tile, and carpeted surfaces, which
10:56 pm
can catch your foot. a haadwood floor with some give is the best way to zumba tth day away!((tom on cam))because zumba involves a lot of dance moves, consumer reports says you might want to take a prep class to learn basic steps. and modify any moves you feel are too hard for you. tom rodgers, fox45 news at ten. a bear breaks in.... what it was caught on camera stealing from a store..... and the evidence left behind. ...and coming up in just 5 minutes on the late edition... edition... more on new and improved 3 locked up for fighting back against a president. the shocking loss of rights in russia and what the world is doing about it.
10:57 pm
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shop is surprised when a thief breaks in and only steals sweets.....but what she found on surveillance cameras was even more shocking. shocking.take a look at this footage from the rocky mountain chocolate factory.a young black bear.... somehow manages to open the door... and sneak inside aater closing. he props himself up on the counter to wolf down some chocolate.... then leaves the


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