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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 13, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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get ready...that repair work on the monument street sinkhole is going to last a lot longer.when it's expected to be done and why it's taking so long. "the hate movement hassbeen basically, rapidly rising now for over a decade." tte number of hate groups in america... is on the rise. three events that are behind the surge in hate. and... why the way president obama signs his name... is making headlines today. 3 3 3 today is monday, august 13. 3
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3 3 3 3 this morning... traffic is still backing up in east work on a broken pipeline along monument street was only supposed to take a couple weeks.but now city crews say it could be much, much longer.
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longer.megan gilliland is here with the new time frame and how business owners along that stretch are reacting. good morning guys,when that pipe broke underground... it created this huge sinkhole in the middle of the's been three weeks... and now nearby shops on monument - street have been watching... wondering when the city would get it they're being told... that three week time frame... will be more like three months.the patches of pavement are just a temporary fix. 12:10:32 "they said they''e just patching it up so trucks ... they're not gonna open the " street."the sinkhole is at least 40 feet deep in some spots... and the problem with fixing it fastt.. goes deeper than that. why the city is having so much trouble... coming up next half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. the trial of the man accused of killing north carolina teenager, phylicia barnes... is expected to start today. today.28-year-old michael
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johnson was arrested back in april...police say he is the last person to see barnes alive.she disappeared almost two years ago, and her body was found months later... in the susquehanna river.johnson was the boyfriend of barnes' sister and maintains his innocence. police are on the hunt for two suspects who shot two people... killing one of them... early friday morring near the belvedere hotel in mount vernon. police say the wounded man... lawrence peterson... is the owner of the "empire house inn"... and is known by many as the unofficial mayor of mount vernon. peterson is in critical but stable ondition this morning.the man who died has been identified as 40-year-old joseph ulrich. police are offering a cash reward to anyone with information. a 3-year-old boy remains in critical condition, this morning... after accidentally shooting himself.the boy and his 7-year-old sister were playing in the parking lot behind a building on west franklin street... in hagerstown.. friday morning when they found a loaded 22 caliber beretta in a bush. the boy started playing with the
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gun and accidentally shot himself in the chest. police say the gun was not stolen.... and they are still trying to track down the owner. baltimore city police are still searching, this morning... for a man they say shot another man at a party in west baltimore. happened on woodland avenue near pimlico road around 10 o'clock, saturday night.policc say the man was at a neighborhood block party when the suspect approached him...shooting him multiple times in the upper body. the suspect ran awayythe victim remains in critical condition. 3 after keeping it a tightly guarded secret... mitt romney announces hissvice preeidential pick over the week. explainss.. the pair then hit the campaign trail together... and sat down for their first joint media interview. 3 republican presidential candidate mitt romney announced congressman paul ryan as his running-mate at a
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rally in virginia sattrday. on sunday, they sat down for their first joint interview with c-b-s's "60 minutes," where they addressed their plans for medicare. what paul ryan and i have talked about is saving medicare, is providing peopll greater choice in medicare. making sure it's there for current seniors. our point is we need to preserve their benefits, because government made promises to them that they've organized their retirements around. in order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those of us who are younger. and we think these reforms are good reforms. natsot crowd chanting - mitt! mittt mitt! they also campaigned as a team in ryan's home state of wisconsin sunday. they'll campaign separately today (monday). ryan visits the iowa state fair while romney takes his bus tour to florida. natbreak cheering president obama and vice president biden will also be working the campaign trail today (monday). mister obama took a moment sunday to address his rival's vice presidential choice. i welcome him to the race. congressman ryan is a decent man. he is
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family man, he is an articulate spokesman for governor romney's vision. but it's a vision that i fundamentally disagree with. i'm andrew spencer reporting. also in that 60 minutes interview... ryan said he gave romney's vetting team "several years" of personal income tax returns. and he said he would release 2 yeers of those returns to the public... the same number that romney did. democrats and some republicans have called on romneyyto release more returns. romney has said he's gone beyond the legal requirement and that two years is a good reflection of his tax situation. sarah palin is making it official... she will not speak at this month's republican national convention in tampa. the 2008 vice presidential nominee released a statement... saying this year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak out. it's unclear whether palin will áattendá the convention. a year-and-a-half after being shot during a meet-and-greet in tucson... former
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congresswoman, gabrielle giffords is waking up back in arizona today.she and her husband... retiree astronaut maak kelly... bought a new home in tucson.for the past 19 months... giffords has een recovering at a medical facility in houston.giffords was one of 13 people injured in the shooting back in january 2011.6 others were killed. just last week... 23- year-old jared loughner pleaded guilty to 19 charges related to the incident. the wisconsin sikh temple opened its doors again as a service was held just one week after the deadly shooting. members walked past a bullet hole...thh only remaining physical scar left on the building. a gunman opened fire during last weeks service killing six people. a candle light vigil is planned for 7 o- clock this evening at layfayette park near the white house. 5 people are injured... when a ssagecoach flips over... during openinn ceremonies of the indiana state fair. happened sunday... just one day shy of today's one-year anniversary of the
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indiana state fair stage collapse.the collapse left 7 people dead... and dozens of others injured. the three-thousand people inside pepsi coliseum were asked to evacuate, and this weekends show was delayed. there's no word yet on what caused the accident. n-f-l star chad johnson is released on bond... after allegedly áhead-buttingá his wife.the former miami dolphins wide receiver was arrested saturday night at his florida home... and charged with domestic violence. his wife... evelyn lozada... is a cast member on the v-h-1 reality show "basketball wives," about 24 hours after the incident... the dolphins announced on their website that they had terminated johnson's contract. no reason was given for his release. the bourne movie series got a áre-birth this weekend as the latest release.... áthe bourne legacy á ...grossed 40 point 3 million at the box office. legacy movve goers voted áthh
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campaigná in at second spot as will ferrell and zach galifianakis ) pulled in 27 million for their political spoof.the two pushed "the darr knight risesá down to the third spot as the latest batman series swooped in little more than 19 million in ticket sales.but batman fans have shown their support.... since the release the movie franchise boasts 390 million dollars inntotal ticket sales. manny machado hits a two-run homer in the second inning... off royals starter, bruce chen was his third homer in four major league games.the o's went on to 5-3 over the kansas city royals. 20-year-old machado now joins frank robinson, ray knight and lee may... as the only players to get an extra-base hit in each of their first four games with the orioles. an alligator act at an ohio county fair takes a turn for the worse. an experienced trainer's quick thinking...
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helped save his life. life. 3 ((break 1))
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are you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our facebook page... and feature them on fox45 news at become a fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore. hate groups are on the rise. the innormation released... that could be a reason behind the spike. spike.and later..find out the state...that has the fastest internet connection.and a hint... it's not that far from here. ((bump out)) 3
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3 hate groups arr on the rise across the country. experts say several events have brought this on, including 9/11, the election of president obama, and changing demographics. susan candiotti takes a closer look. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- when wade page inexplicably targeted a sikh temple in wisconsin, the white supremacist not only claimed innocent lives, his actions highlighted a disturbing trend: hate groups are on the rise. "the hate movement has
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been basically, rapidly rising now for over a decade." in 2000, the southern poverty law center was tracking just over 600 hate groups... by 2011, that number dramatically increased to one-thousand eighteen. what changed? some say the changing face of america... starting with the 2000 census hich predictee by 2055, less than half of the if you're a white supremacist and you find that out, it's pretty terrifying because that's, puts an end to your dreams of creating a white nation in the united states." (nats) hate groups and hate crimes are mainly motivated by race and religion... (nats) supremacist is reed for fatally shooting a security guard at washington's hooocaust memorial. he died while awaiting trial. 2011--at a martin luther king parade in spokane, washington, the fbi
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finds a backpack loaded wwth &pexplosives and an anti-blood clotting agent. this man-- identified as a white supremacist- pleads guilty to a federal hate crime. this year, 14 alleged members of the anarchist group --american charges including anti-american paramilitary training and planning an attack in central florida. prosecutors say their ultimate aim is race war against jews, immigrants and other minorities. trials are scheduled for later this year. which brings us back to sikh temple shooter wade page. how do you stop an apparent lone wolf? "the sad fact is that wade page is just one of thousands of people, who look like him with the racist tattoos, who say vile things about kiiling jews or blacks or whatever the case might be. but he decided to step over to violence, and most people won't, and it's very very hard
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to know when that's going to happen." the fbi says unless there's a threat of violence, agents cannot arrest them, no matter how hateful the speech. susan candiottt, cnn, new york. -----end----- cnn.script----- warp speed! speed!the state with the fastest connection... that's not far. far.and later...a water fun fight... causes trouble for a small town.the major thing that was done... that has citizens upset! ((break 3)) you know what i love about this country?
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a new survey shows which states have the fastest internet connections. you may be surprised by who the winner is. alison kosik has the results. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- the big winner is one of the smallest states. delaware has the fastest internet connection sseed. according to the latest survey by internet provider akamai, deeaware had an average connection speee of 10-point-2 megabits per
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second. if you were expecting new york or california, home to silicon valley, to top the list, then the winner was probably a surprise. but akamai says delaware has always been a strong performer. some of that has to do with its size... delaware is the second-smallest state in the country, which makes it easier to bring higher speed connectivity to most of the population. runner-ups were new hampshire, vermont, utah, and rhode island. the slowest internet connection is found in arkansas. the good news is things are speeding up across the board. the average internet speed in all 50 states has increased since the end of last year. that's thanks to continued investment being made by both telecoms and the government. but even though the internet is getting faster, it still may not feel like it. that's because we're using more and more technology. with tablets, laptops, and smartphonns, many people connect to the internet anytime they want... putting greater strain on the network. i'm alison kosik in new york. -----end-----cnn.script----- --keyword tags-- an alligator... loses it at an indiana county fair...
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