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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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how he's bringing more than e..- just a new car to sinai hospital. on fox 45 news at five. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 free tickets to sold out's a perk mayyr stephanie rawlings-blake was receiving... that is now the center of an ethics probe. probe.for the ffrst time since baltimore's board of ethics announced plans to investigate... the mayor is speaking out.megan gilliland isshere with more on what happens if the board finds a violation. good morning guys,we revealed to you last week... that the mayor was receiving hundreds of free tickets to sold out concerts here at first mariner the city's board of ethics is investigating those tickets. and we're talking about big shows... like jay-z and rihanna.tickett she was either
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using herself... giving to her friendd and family or even staff.although the facility is city owned... it's operation is contracted.when we fiist talked to the mayor about it... she called the topic's what she's 13:11:15 having made ethics a prority of my administratioo i welcome the review of the long &pstanding policy regarding the baltimore arena. it's a practice thattgoes back several decades and several adm. administtations.whether it's right... is a now an issue for the board of ethics to determine.if members do find a violation... it could result in certain sanctions. as for certain regulations governing how these tickets should be doled out y the mayor... there are none.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a harford county man tries to save his dying neighbor but claims a
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pheriff's deputy cost the man his life... keith daaiels spoke with the's a ssory you're seeing first on fox. fox. michael johnson is a neighbor who tried saving the life of a neighbor.(johnsonn "i as saying in mind, lord please let him live....." ........johnson had &phim live....."........johnson had on magness court in belcamp, when just a few doors down.. he saw reverend bob tompkins, lying face down in his front yard.(johnson) "so, i reversed, jumped out..." ...........he jumped out.. called 9-1-1... with an operator instructing him.. he started performing c-p-r oo tompkins...........his efforts, caught on audio tape.... (audio) "one, two. one, twoo. come on buddy.." finally, tompkins took a breath.(johnson) "i'm more encouraged.. and then he took another breathe and i said, oh, thank you lord. and he took about 3 or 4 breathes and then when theeofficer came, it
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just went sideways..." johnson says.. when the harford county sheriff's deputy arrived, he ordered performing c-p-r.. and wait for an ambulance. (johnson) "i thought thht he was going to getton top of bob and continue.. that's what i thought.. and he dddnnt do that.." tompkins died. he was 57. all of this happened last november. johnson is sharing his story &pnow.. one day after tompkins' wife and children announced that they are filing a 22- million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against the harford county sherriffs office and one of its deputies.(mr. ellin/atty) "our experts who have reviewed the medical records pnd the death certificate have advised that had cpp continued that rev. tompkins would be with us ere today." ...........a shared sentiment by a neighbor, still baffled over the loss of aaneighbor. (johnson) "for the life of me,
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i couldn't understand wht would make him tell me to back up. a spokesperson from the harford county sheriff's department... says the pending litigation. many residents are back home this morning in port deposit following tuesday's propane tanker crash into a condominium building. this picture from the scene now been removed from the building.residents were evacuated from the town until emergency crews could empty 9- thousand gallons of propane. residents were then allowed back in to town... everyonee except for the people who live in the building it by the tanker. crrws will finish up work today on a road ddmaged bb another major water main break... this time in southwest baltimore. baltimore.the middle of tuesday's break near brunswick.- neighbors said the break sounded like someone's tire blew.... and say the breaks are happening all too frequently. kelly malone, baltimore: "they're putting band aids on it. that's all they're doing is just putting band aids on it. they're doing is just aids
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doing is just putting band aids onnit. and, then when they put one band aid, then another one's gonna open up a mile down the street. patch wo" workk"crews have repaired the 10- inch of last night... the city was working on seven active breaks.they averaae about three breaks a day. all eyes are on facebook today... the company's so-called "lock up" agrment with many shareholders is over.and because of that... shareholders will have the option to sell off about 277- million shares for the first time... which could leave he company battered and bruised. facebook's stock has lost nearly áhalfá its value since its debut in may. experts say stocks typically tank when their locked-up shares are set free... since supply usually tops demand. microsoft mastermind, bill gates is leaving computers behind..for now..and focusing on more... " immediate" issues. gates hosted a "re-invent the toilet fair" , this week in order to be in the running for the world's nexx toilet..entrants must opeate
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without running water, system.the foundation wants entries to capture energy or other resources on five cents a day. 115-125"the current design has a real problem. it uses a lot of water, requires a very expensive system to bring in make that water dirty."you dirty."370 mmllion dollars foundation money ... has been committed to reinventing the toile. an unique wedding proposal... is making headlines around the . country.kyll marston... a utah firefighter... rescued his girlfriend from an office meeting... using the fire station's ladder truck. truck.he climbed up the ladder... proposed... and she said yes. with a proposal like this... marston says the wedding might be hard to top. "i'm done. this is it. i reached my peak." the happy couple has not set a
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date yet. has not set a date the happy couple has not set a date yet. it's all clear now... but the showers will be rolling in. in.your skywatch weather forecast is next. next. ((break 1)) why don't we play a game of hide and seek? right now?
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now anytime of the day can be delicious time. ♪ choosy moms choose jif. ♪ a horrifying scene...aa a camera captures flames surrounding a home on near clee-elum washington.the taylor-ridge fire southeast of seattle... has destroyed at least sixty homes and scroched 22-thousand acres. one
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resident who lost her home described her narrow escape this week. ((we were petrified, you could hear it, you could hear the swoosh of it and you could hear the crackling of it and you could hear the trees exploding and it was coming right down the ridge a couple hundred yards from us as we ran as fast as we could possibly run.)) run.))the wildfire is just one of several playing out aa ne of several the wildfire is just one of several playing out as thirteen statessbattle at least seventy wildfires. ((2-shot toss to wwather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map fiber map bel air map
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it's a number...that's supposed to help you. you.311 3111 but find out the problems some peopleeare having... with he city's number to rrport problems... and how some people...are taking matters into their oww hands. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) it's a city service the mayor
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says benefits baltimore .crime and justice reporter joy lepola shows us in this morning's cover story..." 3-1-1, can i help you?"... some resident's say... it's hot air. hey're getting, but sot man walking by couch saying ... this used to be a beautiful neighborhood. but it's not so much nowadays... and maay long time residents likeedward stanley blame the city for being in this mess.come cut .... 51:14 they didn't clean up and then somebody came
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behind that and threw all that junk you're gonna see over there.stanley's reported the problem to 3-1-1. 53:40 hhy hey hey walking... and, that would have been his one call to city hall if the telephone service had liied up to its slogan. 55:07 let me dial again 311 countless calls yyt the problem remains.56:21 i'm calling about an alley right behind port street 17 hundred block lanvale and port it's hard to believe that today was actually garbage day. when you look around... several sidewalks are still lined with trash some even tagged by city inspectors for pick up. in this case its been five days since this trash was inspected. it's now friday at 3 o'clock.1:00:17 it's always six to ten days they never come out right away always 6 to ten days1:00:25 it's the run around... a few blocks over... we find dean carter...37:41 little by little it'll get done among the boarded up homes that surround his.... carter can't help but take matters into his own hands.(deann 44:56 every place doesn't have to look crazy all the time look down there i can't sit around like
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that armed with just items he found around his house... (dean) 44:21 scraping the grass .. sot it don't take no time carter is getting the job done.(dean) 41:05 i do best job in the city laughs... when 311 was first introduced... city officials criticism because reporting that complaints had when in actuality they had not been. that has re-surfaced nowwthat the city has introduced a 311 app. mayor sot... ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá áá9:07 i want to know just as the public wants to know that when something is closed it's actually closed 10017 we can't make these errors so i'm dedicated and sure that when an issue comes up that were using the 311 in the way complaint and to close it out// and that's why i want to get to the bottom cases. 13:59:03 do we get it course we don't but to suggest there's some malicious intent to mislead the public i don't anything you've seen or is it warranted.15:14 there is nothing in the city we can't do better so when it comes to clean stat were working very hard to the missed picked ups when it's the city's fault. butt bitewant to make sure identifying the errors getting - behind the numbers finding out errors and fixing them.16:01 i think there are 16:05 that's why were talking about getting those before and after pictures to make sure were that there's better accountability and transparancy flaws in a system.... that's left certain
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areas of the city... feelinn forgotten.(nancy) 6:58 this part of town seems to be left out of the loop or(nancy)7:23 and nobody seems to care nancy mccormick has lived in southwest baltimore most of her life.(nancy/ showing tree) 15:28 when we had our window open it would go into our bedroom mccormick reportee to 311 that the tree needed trimmed.three years to get to it.(nancy) 8:58 i had my homeowners insurance cancelled because the tree was so overgrown and when i them they came out the next day and trimmed the tree. and it's not just the tree that's resulted in a complaint to 3-1-1.(nancy) 7:48 everytime i look at that i get disgusted nancy's called about ttis alley for weeks.... today a city crew is cleaning it up.... 4:41 and i like to make it look good like this for the kids and it makes me think of my child being out hhre having to be with the glass the other stuuf stuff that will likely pile up again... and led to to 3-1-1 to get the mess cleaned up. 5:03 we'll be back next week i hate to say it but we'll be fox 45 the city recieves 40 thousand call to 3-1-1 every month. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... find out where you can get an up close and personal look... at the life of late singer... whitney houston. houston.but first...the o's beat the tampa bay rays... where this win could place the birds... in the american league east. ((break 3)) 3 ((tom)) 3
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some devastating news for the maryland terrapins...they
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lost their starting quarterback for the season... season...returing starter c- j brown tore his acl on tuesday... and will play no more in 2012.a crucial low to the terps, because brown was the only quarterback on the roster with any game experience.right now, two freshmen are all they have. brown became the starter last year when coach andy edsel benched former starter danny o'brien, who transferred to wisconsin.brown set a maryland record last year wheh he rushed for 574 in his five starts. bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3
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coming p... a crash... unlike any other. other.crash nats nats the most startling thing about this video... you have to see
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to believe.
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i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is napthali bryant and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. an ethics probe into the
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mayor's administration.the investigation underway and how stephanie rawlings-blake is responding. enjoy summer while it asts. what a new report says about how much snow we could get this winter. gates says: "the current design has a real problem. problem.and... a computer mogul.. flushes out the toilet business.why bill gates is spending millions of dollars to re-invent the bathroom appliance. 3 3 thursday, august


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