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available. >> laura: a very patient and kind joe flacco who waited that out with us. tell me about this new offense. you have talked about wanting to air it out more and get your wish and more no huddle and more sugar huddle. you're already smiling. when this offense does what it's designed to do what is it going to look like? >> what is was what? >> laura: what is it going to look like? >> hopefully, like tot and get in the red zone and finish it off. felt we were able to move the ball well and got a good tempo going and up at the line of scrimmage and kind of control the pace and get those guys off rhythm on the other side of the ball. but the important thing is when we get down to the red zone we have to make some plays and get in the end zone because kick field goals all day and still tough sledding in there. >> laura: would you be stunned if i ask you joe flacco does not get respect question? >> would i what? >> laura: you would be? you are used to everybody picking you apart and going into your if this year, i want you to do that to
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yourself. tell me where you are. tell me what your brain says as a quarterback. >> i'm working on getting us up and going as an offense and getting us over that hump. we feel like we got a talent here and, you know, it's my job to get this whole team going and running and in a fashion and way we want it to be. and, you know, it reflects on how many -- how much points we put on the board. i feel like i'm dolgin a good job of that and working towards that. i feel like, you know, so much of what quarterbacks do in this league, you know, it gets judged and looked at and, you know, it's all fair, because, you know, we are the guys that, you know, usually getting paid the most money so it comes with the territory. but, you know, so much of what we do is, you know, through hard work and practice and myself getting all of our guys that buy in and go out there and do the right thing and then when we get out here on gameday we have to be working together and those guys have to come up and ready to play and
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i have to show up and be ready to play. so much of how they play is relying on me and so much of how i play is relying on those guys and why, you know, when you look at offensive football you have to have 11 guys working in sink and if you don't if one guy is off then you usually don't have a good day. >> laura: joe, thanks so much for your time and have a great season. >> thank you. >> laura: back to you. >> thom: i tell you what, brian billick. you live in this area. obviously, you have called it home for, you know, over, what, 20 years almost now. you and i travel to a lot of cities around the national football league that would be celebrating with joe flacco and what john harbaugh have done here in baltimore. that onside kick is recovered by the ravens. that was beautifully done. the kick by justin tucker. again, there is omar brown. i mean, this is a guy
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now in two preseason games has an interception, three fumble recoveries, and now an onside kick. >> brian: this is beautiful. look at the bounce. it bounces beautifully. you got to come up and take out that initial wave but there has to be the next guy behind it to deal with it. he came up and got taken out early. that left nothing but the ravens in behind it. beautifully executed onside kick. >> brian: deonta thamps getting a hand in there. the rookie out of florida. four years for joe flacco. mighty tough picking to be picking that guy apart. >> brian: i think the way he played in the championship game in new england i think we are past that. lived in this area, the fans, they are always critical of the quarterback at certain times but i think they recognize what they have in joe flacco now and that second-guessing, i think, at a minimum this year. >> thom: 44 wins in four years.
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man. painer throws it away. brian, walk me through. you know, we get asked this. i asked you this question, because as a football fan and we're close to the two-minute warning so maybe we will save it until after this play. if you're a head football coach tonight and you're john harbaugh. it's a long time for both of these head coaches, especially jim schwartz having to travel. but for this ann arbor, michigan, native, john harbaugh, the rest tonight and tomorrow how is it different what happened in training camp and the preseason? everybody out there, hang on. normally, this is pretty interesting stuff when you talk about actually the hour-by-hour, day-by-day things.
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three weeks away from the season opener.
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>> thom: what is john harbaugh doing tonight? >> brian: it turns into quick evaluation mode. they are going to pick >> thom: you mean all night tonight?
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>> brian: no, but they will be back at it early because they have to move on. the starters get a lion's share of the snaps in this next game. they will do more game planning for that and isolate who they want to look at and what situations they want to put them in. both in practice and in this third preseason game. >> thom: how close are you then to determining who is going to be a part of your football team, barring, of course, always barring injury? >> brian: i think if you were to put their hand to the flame on both coaches, they could probably tell you 50 of the 53 right now, they are going to makehe final 53-man roster. i would think. notwithstanding injury, obviously. they are going to have a pretty good idea. it's that 51 through 53rd player as you lament. both teams have depth particularly at the receiver position and baltimore always has depth at the defensive side of the ball. when you get a guy go typically in baltimore, someone
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else will pick them up. there is no skating them through the waivers because they are going to john harbaugh talked to us about, obviously, in indianapolis. chuck pagano, he is very intimately we're of these players. maybe we can seze them through on waivers and get them back on developmental? no, indianapolis will jump all over them. >> brian: roster to 80 plays on the 28th. down to 53 one week ahead of the season opener. you create the practice squad of eight players. regular season gets under way. that second sunday in september. intercepted. sliding on one knee to tie a ribbon around this one is carmen messina. congratulations, carmen messina.
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jim schwartz has to feel mighty good about his team's effort here tonight. his first team defense, twice slammed the door on potential touchdown drives by joe flacco and the ravens offense. stafford and the passing game looked great. penalties early. >> brian: i talked about the evaluation properties of the second game and jim schwartz was thrilled to play a good team like the baltimore ravens, because now that is going to be legitimate evaluation and all of the areas you just talked about that he is going to be able to draw on and say, you know what? this act or this play was against some pretty good people, we can draw on that. >> thom: you think back to jim schwartz's first training camp in 2009, lions franchise coming off an 0-16 season. they chose matthew stafford and decided to make him the number one pick, put him right in as a starter, but, of course, his first two years, he
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was hurt a lot. but schwartz won two games that first year. six games the second year. they go to the playoffs last year. certainly an off-season of some discontent but addressing the on-field issues they needed to address. this guy has really done a good job. >> brian: and and martin mayhew, the general manager, have done a great job. very few coaches and managers have had to go through the rebuilding process and overcome the hole that was dug as was that 0-16 season in detroit and they deserve a great deal of credit for bringing this team. there is martin mayhew there. he was part of the previous regime but now taking over as general manager and developing a partnership with jim schwartz. they have a unified vision for this team and we are seeing it. >> thom: into the open field! and nobody going to catch stephfon green.
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he will go to the end zone. 76 yards! >> brian: come on, jim, get a little excited. i don't care if it is in the fourth quarter of a preseason game. you can understand harbaugh not liking this. look at the jets on this guy. the defense collapsed down. he sees that a little bit of an alley and one-on-one and nice cut here and he is off to the races. he is looking up at the scoreboard. watch him. he wants to see is anybody going to catch me? look up, look up. everybody uses it. yeah, there you go. now he knows. he is looking right up at that scoreboard. use all of the resources you can. >> thom: rookie out of penn state. you see his career numbers with the nittany lions. the point after by dimke makes it a 27-12 game.
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>> brian: it's still football. i don't care what level it is. the excitement of scoring an nfl touchdown, your first. yeah, that's pretty special. that's a special time and it really doesn't matter that it's preseason. now you got to go down and cover the kick. that's the guy that sings for his supper and the definition of a guy that sings for his supper! go 70 some odd yards for a touchdown. by the way, son, you're still on the kickoff team and get out there. >> brian: and derek dimke, we got to get this out of the end zone. >> brian: yeah. come on, do me a favor. and we talked about it in the open. a lot to get out of these preseason games. you let it go very quick
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quickly. you want to win, make no mistake. the coaches can i get out healthy and get a chance to look at the people i need to on film and ten seconds after the game, you don't really care. john harbaugh will get a lot of out of this game. that is a competitive man there. nobody likes to fish but bigger fish to fry out in front of you. >> thom: 43 ticks in. that's not going to be banging one through the back of the end zone. rain rainey. it wasn't green who made the tackle. >> brian: i thought, please. let it be green. but he was there. >> thom: he is trying to keep from falling over before he gets to the sideline. >> brian: this is nfl is tough, man. in college, i would have been able to sit down. no way i was going to have to cover.
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that's all right. at least he's in a safety mode. he had to run somebody down and if he had gone into the second level, it would have been a problem. >> thom: good for him. matthew stafford comes over to shake his hand. say congratulations. painter lays it off. out of the backfield. damien berry. under 30 seconds left to go. two more preseason games for each of these teams. we talked about the ravens will begin their season on a monday night at home against division rival cincinnati. lions open at home a game you can see here
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on fox, against the st. louis rams. but, boy, week two, things change in a hurry. we will revisit the san francisco 49ers against, of course, jim schwartz's lions. we remember what took place at the conclusion of that game last year in detroit. this time, they play in the bay area. i would imagine the handshake between schwartz and jim's brother john will be far less eventful. >> brian: absolutely. i can promise you that week, those coaches already tired of even thinking about all of the chatter that is going to go on during the week leading up to the game based on what happened last year. >> brian: i want to ask you something that you brought up earlier about jim schwartz and you talked about trying to rein in some of the mistakes and the lack of discipline at times. how does a coach do that? >> brian: first off you can tell with jim
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it's all behind closed doors and not do anything publicly. i can promise you he and martin mayhew had every opportunity. stress and what is acceptable and what not and the way they will be. letting go of berry was clear-cut and martin mayhew told us, no decision to be made and it was not a hard decision. >> thom: forgive me. i meant more specifically, not about the off the field stuff. i think they are trying to push through that now. they really pretty much laid it out there and shown that they are more than capable of turning somebody loose even a starter. >> referee: offside, defense. number 69. five-yard penalty. still second down. >> thom: i mean the penalties on the field. >> brian: they are connected. as i said earlier, the idea tha guys we cannot be undisciplined people off the field and then cross that white line of the sideline and, all of a sudden, okay, now we will be a disciplined football team. the number one thing you got to show them this is what it costs us.
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this is what the penalties cost us in terms of wins if we are going to get where we want to go. they have changed the culture of the detroit lions. it was a long, hard process and this will be the final step for them now to realize the dreams and goals and aspirations. >> thom: this is the handshake that caused all of the to do. jim schwartz coming out harbaugh and yelling, the two screaming at one another. >> brian: yeah, both wished it had gone differently. you knew that right from the get-go. i don't know that jim is thinking about that right now. he is feeling good about it right now. i promise you, he is thinking about already here the game is not even over, what he -- like you said what i do have to do tomorrow and who looked good and who didn't. >> thom: how much time did a head coach work now in the nfl? >> brian: you don't want to know.
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everybody works hard. >> thom: how many hours? >> brian: i tell you what, right now, there is easily you're talking about 18-hour days. and the hard part is between now and the end of the season, these coaches will not have a day off, not a day. once that first whistle in training camp begins all the way till hopefully, the super bowl in february, particularly as the head coach, there is not a day that you don't have to deal with being the head coach of that football team. >> thom: john harbaugh does not look all that happy tonight. we brought up earlier th that, you know, they have veteran guys and especially on offense and a quarterback who has led his team to the playoffs four years in a row, but even their starters now for a second straight week have not been very impressive. >> brian: remember the first quarter in atlanta did not go well. they felt like they moved the ball well enough but enough mistakes this week and last week that they have a lot of work to do and he knows that.
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>> thom: painter throws it up into the end zone and it's batted down and that is that. so the lions took up 27-12 victory. and the coaches will shake hands. john, not jim, harbaugh with jim schwartz. a baltimore native. of course, john harbaugh grew up in an arbor, michigan. we hope you've enjoyed it. there is still more to come. next, it's the directv postgame show. you're watching the nfl preseason for a second straight night on fox. wow. you look delicious today.
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>> thom: the play of the game for tonight. the first of two. scoring throws by matthew stafford. first coming to, naturally, his number one man in this detroit offense, calvin johnson. and let's check in downstairs with laura okmin. >> laura: calvin, you've been talking all week finding the rhythm, five catches and 111 yards and a touchdown. are you good with that rhythm tonight? >> it's not too bad. good thing we got good things going in the second quarter. just takes a little spark and we going to be smooth on the
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offense. all it takes and we got a couple of touchdowns by the receiving corps and keep that up. >> laura: yours was the play of the game. one of the things that matthew said is the toughest thing about you was learning that one guy on you, two guys on you, that doesn't mean you're covered. so i'm wondering when are you not open? >> whenever he doesn't throw the ball to me. i feel like i'm always opened. a receiver mindset you got to have. >> laura: is there anybody when you look at other wide receivers around the league and say i wish i could do that? because they are all saying that about you? any wi receiver you look at and go i wish i could do that? >> oh, man. i see some catches made by larry one handed catch on a slant. who does stuff like that? that is a dream catch, one-handed diving catch. i got to get that. >> laura: matthew talks about your strike zone is higher and different than anybody else. show me where that is. >> all it is. >> laura: i had a feeling.
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thanks, calvin. great game. >> thank you. >> thom: we thank mike pereira tonight. coming up on fox except those on the west coast, your late, local news. and don't forget, tomorrow, we turn our attention to baseball presented by budweiser on fox. red sox and the yankees. others will see the pirates and the cardinals beginning at 3:30 eastern, 12:30. check local listings for the game in your area. next week, fox nfl preseason action returns. the 49ers will take on peyton manning and the broens. sunday, august 26th, 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific. our game tonight is produced by bob and produced by arty and bob mueller technical drirector and john and our entire crew, have a great weekend.
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we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us.
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start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here. 3 well, that didn't count. brought back for holding...but ravens rookie asa jackson returns the punt 85 yards for a touchdown...again, penalty on the play... undrafted rookie nigel carr nailed for holding..but the ravens
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coaching staff will take note of that play.that's what you want... for a draffed rookie taken in the 5th round... really no room for him at cornerback... so he has to make a name for hiiself with a roster spot on special teams. asa jackson... did that tonight. hey everyone....welcome to the fox 45 post game show.i'm morgan adsit..two preseason games in the books...two the regular two of preseason... always paints a more accurate's still no where close to where the ravens will be come september 10th...but starters played at least a quarter on both sides of the ball.we'll go out to m&t bank stadium in a moment to talk with sports director bruce cunningham. but first, the action... lions, ravenn.... preseason.. 1st score....3rd and 5 for the ravens...joe flacco hooks up with anquan boldin for 20 yards...add 15 for a roughing the passer... 1st down play... flacco hits laquan williams along the sideline for 12 yards...cceck out the toe- ttpping by thh 2nd year receiver...good for another 1st down....time for the picking battle...first up billy cundiff...from 33 yards
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out...right down broadway... ravens take a 3-0 lead....2nd's the rookie's turn...justin tucker out of texas...50-yard attempt... perfect...with plenty of room to spare...he was making 65 yarders during pregame... ravens on top 6-0....ensuing lions's matthew stafford airing it out for his favorite target...calvin johnson burns cary williams and sean considine for 57 yards....later in the drive... megatron embarrasses jimmy smith...unable to find the ball...easy t-ddfor joonson... 5 catches for 111 yards and a score...lions up 7-6....later in the quarter...more secondary concerns...stafford finds a wide open titus young...breaks a few tackles... into the endzoneefor six... detroit in front 14-6....less than a minute left in the half...lions kicking off takes it 6 yards deep...he's off tt the races...explodessdown the sideline...steps out around midfield...but that's not the only problem...holding on the return brings it back...ravens trail 17-9 at the break... .3rd quarter...asa jackson
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back to receive the the 15...finds a seam up the middle...bounces it to the outside...crosses midfield forced to cut baak at the 25... shakes a few tackles...shakes a few back at the 25...forced to cut crosses midfield outside...bounces it to the middle...finds a seam up the at the 15...receive the punt... asa jackson back to 3rd quarter....the break...ravens trail 17-9 at 3
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joining us now live at m&t bank 45 sports director bruce cunningham... and former ravens offensive lineman wally williams. williams.guys i know it's preseason...but for the 2nd straight game the ravens having trouble with receivers...julio jones in
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atlanta.and calvin johnson tonight with there a secondary issue?
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