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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  August 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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debra:ust for a little while. can we gwatch tv upai? marie: that was such a wonderful night. what's the big deal? was just dinner... and you peop. i'talking about robert's wonderful announcement. i am so happy you're back th amy. a "i'm pickingp the check." would have been, and guess what? that's in o to thasgiving, too. are you sure you can stay together th long? zing, zing, zing huh, cubby? ( laughing ) maybe we should go. it'setting kind of late. what time is it, marie? what's t tim it's, um... um...uh...
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it's time for dessert! it's such a wonderful nigh all right, dessert. les do that. wow...did you see that? yeah. it's gettin' really ba think it's worse than ever. what are you tking about? fran didn't you see marie having trouble with the cloc we, time has never been a friend to marie. she was squintg because she couldn't see it. same thing was hpening at the restaurant. yeah, i know. did you see her strainin' to read the specials? was that before or after she lked into the men's room? ma's blind. e's not blind, robert. we just have to tell her she needs glasses. chuckling ) oh, yeah, right. , yeah, yeah. why? what's the big deal? don't know if youe noticed, debra, but ma's pretty sensitive about her aparance. but your mom's not so lly that she gonna put vanity before h sight. ( laughing ) you know, you're rht, deb.
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you should tell her she needs glasses. yomight want to put your affairs in der first. why don't you tell her, frank? ah, not me. la time i told her to do something for her own good, itompletely bit me in the ass. what was that? i said, "marry me."
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uh, you know, cause we were, uh, tking and, um, we thought maybe you should look intogetting som. my es are fine. ll, we couldn't help but notice that you're having a little...troubleseeing. well, let me tell yothat my vision is perfect. tell tm, frank. frank? oh, i was hong you couldn't see me. mari what's the harm in just getting your eyes checked i am not wearing glasses. okay. contact lenses, th. what is the big deal? i'm--i'm not gonna stick the things in my eyes.
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d...i don't likehow i loo. if you're having trouble seeing, stick the things in my eyes. isn't correcting thatmore imporn anything else? you know me, dra. i'm not a vain woman. and ve been told that i havon a botticellicface.d ones i'say you have more of a "mr. potato head" i am not getting glasses, i'saanwe're notmore otalking about this just eat your dessert. okay. fork is dirty. what? there are no dirty forks in mhouse. let me see. oh, my god. what, ma? i shed this fork myself... by hand. ( sighs ) i guess i missed it.
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let's hi. ( cheering on tv ) i just came from the e doctor, and i want to show you something. ta-da! whato you think? you did it, ma! yeah. the door said i really only need to e them for reading and driving, but there were some people in t shop who id that i look so sophisticated in them, i might leave them on all the ti. at's the, uh, the style the kids areearing now? ray... they look great, marie! yeahno, they look good. oh, wow. whatid frank say?
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nothing. he wldn't notice anything new on me unless it was madeof saus. but i'll tell ya, on the drive he it was aif i was seeing the neighborhood for the first ti. that's great, ma. oh, marie, we are so proud of you! n't it wonderful? yes. oh, look. you know what else i can see? there's a bweb forming under the television. wow! that is just-- that is great! that's amazing.marie, that's te. i can see the rld! everything is a little more clear and vivid. oh! what's that? what? oh, nothing. it's jusan eyelash. oh, wow! those arhigh-powered, ma. make a wish. oh...
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what? oh, nothing. i just never noticed your eyelashes. what do you mean? i--i always thought th were a little fuller. oh! don't touch! you want to keep the ones you have. well, all right. i better be gog. good-bye, dear. okay. bye-e. oh, d i'll tell you another great thing about these new glasses. they let me ell tell you just how handsome you are! thanks, ma. maybe i should get bra a pair. and i love that little tou of gray you' getting around the sides. very distinguhed. at? i gotta go. oh, and debra, thank you for these. i'm nna show these to robbie. oh, i can't wait for anksgiving tomorrow. isn't that great? your mom can see
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yeah, i know. it like a blessing. oh, one more thing. i was wondering if i could me a pumpkin bundcake tomorrow. okay. okay. that would be eat. so we'll see you tomorrow. okay. okay. and i'll soyou tomorrow! [ male announcer ]'s guaranteed they'll go through a ot. at's why you get aranteed savings for back to school at staps. now get staples one-subject notebooks
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to get your family up tspeed with fios quantum -- call the vezon center for customers with disabilities how's it goin'? what did you do to your ha? nothing. what's with youryes? never mind. what is up with your sideburns? nothing. did a little touch-up, that's all. toucup? what is what is--our sideburns? nothing! what? is it noceable? no, not at a, elvis. ha ha ha. look at you. is is not the same thing at all. it's a holiday. oh. so what are u, the thanksgiving day hooker?
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this is not hooker, ray. this is what women do when they don't have the thicke eyelashes. you just don't always see me like this because i'm not someone who cares about ese things. boy,'d hate to see the eyes of somebody who does re. you're the one whoares. look what you did to your head! i had no idea you were so vain. me, vain? you're acoon i had notalkin' to me! so vain. hehappy thanksgiving! oh! hi, robert. hey, e'rydody. where do you wanme to hut this cranderry sauce? what did you say? cranderry sauce. it's hantastic!
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"hantaic"? at the hell happened to you? oh, yeah, yeah.i wents robert had ahprocedure. you? amy, come on! robert, did you have thosanti-wrinkle injections put inour face? terhats. "turd hats"? ( sighs ) your mother noticed a few wrinkles on him, so he goes to me doctor in the yellow pages and parazes his face! it's tentarary. ray, what did you do to ur hair? nothing! oh...i know. na nust'a noticed sothing adout his hair...
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and something adout her eyes. ha ha ha ha ha! that's hilarious! ha ha ha ha ha ha! yeah, ha ha ha. you need some oil, tin man? wo..marie's really noticing stuff, huh? what am i gonna do with this? here we are. hieverybody. hey, hi! , ma, dad. yeah, yeah. football. amy... marie... oh, it's so good to see you. yeah. it's been a while. i must look much older. oh, nonsense you look beautiful, sweetie. better with age, i say. thank you. of course. you don't want to be one of those women that gets althat work done.
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hi, na. robert? are you alright? sure. hahhy rkey day! tell her what you did to yourself, don't you? i didn't do anything touch his hair, na! touch his hair, na! all right. stop it,ou two! it a holiday! raymond... u look so nice. ank you. is this shoe polish? on if you put it on a shoe. that not the point. you said i looked nice. and i do! i look nice, and i feel nice. that's the most important ing. that you feel good about yourself i heel great adout nysel.
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robbie... stop talking that way now. it's anning. he can't stop,a, 'cause he put injectionsin his . raynond! who are you to say tha what i do th ny hace is ny dusiness! robert! no! i'm really tissed! did you t that stuff in your hair just because of someing i said? about how i like the touch of sver on the side? i don't like t silver. oh...raymond. noatter how old you get, you're still gonna be my boy. and, debra..
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you, uh-- andoh, my!.. you said iad skimpy eyelashes. oh, hoy... i didn't mean anything by th. you have such prettyyes. i've always said that that's your best fture. haven't i, frank? you've said plenty. but i also have toay that i am so flattered at just because i made a couple of little observatis, at my kids are willing to change things just to please me. or maybe it's easier to chge than to have to listen to you. really, frank? that's fny coming from you, because you don't do either.
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realfrank?ank? hey! let's not do this today. it's thasgiving. that's right, it's thanksgiving, and i'm thkful for football. give me that remote, lady! woulyou like to hear what i now notice about you, fran oh, boy. yeah, yeah. i'fat and bald. the remote. that's not what i was going say. i don't care about looks-- i'with you, aren't i? i'm talkg about what's inside, frank. oh, geez. that's right. the total lack of communication. the total disregard for me as a human being. it's been this way for 45 years. god forbid you should y any attention to me, or show me even inthe slightesty that you have any feelin for me at all. we, then, if i'm so terrible, why do you stick arod? maybe i won't. oh, ye?
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maybi won't, frank, now that i see i'm a loveless marriage. a veless marriage? a loveless marriage a loveless marriag nodody thinks i look younger?
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at least put some butter onhat. no. someelly? no mustar i got brown mustard. i like it dry. have some milk or sothing, 'cause you're gonna choke to death. havewhat do you re?othing, is that why you broke my new glasses? because i sa we have a loveless marriage? you gonna keep say' it? it bothers you when do, doesn't it? didn't mean it. you knowi just get a little overdramatic sometimes. but look how everybody reacted ju because of something i said. it made meeel important.
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and i have never seen you react so strongly about anytng i said. you're a pig. you don't lk, you don't listen. but you love me, frank. frank? you don't need glasses for tt. ( emotiona) oh, frank... you love your little rum ball. we got any meat for a sandwich? yeah, i got hard salami! and i'll take some juice. okay! and, oh, i got the own mustard! and you know wt? i--i think maybe i'll justear the glasses for reading and driving like the doctor id. w-wait ainute. what are you doing?
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okay. so youeally think my eyes look okay this way? without all that stuff on them? all right,ueally think let me tell you something.s way? i have always thought your eyes are betiful. that's very sweet.
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but i want you toanswer t, and bear in mind that i amto have sex tonight. what does thatgot to do with an? i love your eyes. no, i mean it, ray. it's rlly not gonna happen tonight. all right. what do you want me to say? yo eyes were the first thing i noticed when i met you so why would i want anything different? are you trying to have sex wh me? i am. good night, ray. you know what? i wish i could say that i don't like your eyes, but sex or no sex,your eyes are. sweet dreams. still tryin'? yeah! come on! captioning made possible by talk productio and cbs, inc. captioned by captioneering your closed captioningesource captned by captioneeng your closed captioning resource
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ppy birthday. here you go. oh! this one's from me, rort, and dad. oh, a present from my sweet, sweet ys. and frank. gasps ) oh! my mother ha figurines like these, and i used to stare them, hoping that maybe, when i grew , they could be mine. but one day, theall broke. my mother fell into them but onewhen i tolherbroke. i was marrying frank. but w i have my very own set. oh, thank you so much. but ah, you're welcome. my very own set. oh, thank you.
11:31 pm
come her frank. let's not ruin the moment. oh, my... you spent so much. ma, don't worr about that, all right? but $240? those things cost $240? about that, all right? it's fin robert. no, no, no. well, wait a minute-- how come you tolde and dad at we only had to pay $30 each,ute-- while you paid one-- one hundred-- awhilyou paid the rest? to pay $30 each,ute-- robert, your mother doesn't care who paid what. sit down. fran you only paid $30... and raymond paid 180? 180! yes! i just paid what ray told me to. skimping on your wife's birthd present. myothewas right to fall down. so y had to pay more than us, huh? youad to hog all the glory? glory hog!
11:32 pm
no, it just- i can afford it, okay? i'm doing good. that all. it's no big deal. "i'm doing good. that's all. it's no big deal." you justad to show me up, right?! thanks a lot, ray. i'm paying 1/3, okay? so i owe... 80. 80. yes, 80. all right, just calm down. no. i already paid 30, so owe... 50. i know--50! fine. pame whatever. just stop being a jerk. maybe you should take these figurineback. they should be in a happyome. no. what are yo? 'cause every time i look at th now, i'll think of you boys fighting. takehem back. come o ma, i'm not taking them back. take them back. they're tainted. i'm notaking them back! u're spent weeks trying to and yfigure out what to get you weeks! u'reand then i remembered you and talkg about your momget you
11:33 pm
and her gurines. you thk it's a coincidence that i got the same ect ones? i remembered! then i went to ery antique shop in the city until i found the little bastards! i didn't carehow muchs beuse it's what you wanted. anthen you're telling me to take 'em back?! i won't! i juston't do it. so you two didn't even help pick them out? no, no, i--ielped. wrapped it. don't lie, robbie. erybody knows you can't work a tape dispenser with your giant fingers. nice job, ray. letting her know you paid more sn't enough? it was all part ohis plan to find the glory d then hog it. you know what? i'm sorry bought the damnhings. well, i'm sorry my birthdaywa. no, ma, i di't mean-- you take them back.i ca!
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